Volleyball Schedule, Odds & Live scores

Volleyball betting is popular with many punters across the globe. Given that the game is available around the year, there are volley matches today, tomorrow and all month long.

On Oddspedia.com one will find the best volleyball odds/ betting odds with a little research. It is recommended that users check the volleyball odds comparison to know which betting sites offer the best odds. Below is a detailed look at volleyball fixtures/ schedule, betting tips and odds selection to help improve the chances of winning. 

Oddspedia Volleyball: Тhe Best Odds for Volleyball and All Competitions 

Oddspedia is an all-round game-betting information platform. It provides information about all games that are available for betting across different leagues. We are not a bookmaker but a platform that compares offers from different bookmakers across the internet. Players can use the information to determine where to bet. In addition to the information, Oddspedia has different tools available. Players can view games with the highest returns in the sure bets section. There is also an overview of dropping odds, which shows that a particular team is likely to perform well. One can also tell what odds were blocked or games cancelled by different bookmakers.

Finally, there is the Sports Almanac tab, which gives a historical odds record of the past bets and results for specific teams. Using this tool, punters can evaluate the performance of a team over time and determine the most likely performance in the upcoming games. This tool increases the odds of making the right prediction. 

One can view volleyball sores/live scores in real time as the game continues. Moreover, Oddspedia provides the movement of volleyball prices and odds over time since bookmakers posted the games online. There is also a section where one can view the upcoming volleyball fixtures/schedule, and if one plans on betting he can visit the surebets tool page where a sure bet can guarantee profitable bets. Oddspedia is available across UK and countries around the globe. It is free to use. One can have betting information sent to their email on signing up at the site.

How to bet on Volleyball Explained: Tips & Guide

How Volleyball Odds work?

Bookmakers provide volleyball odds dependent on their performance, profit margins and the general opinion of the strengths of the teams in question. There are three ways to present the odds, which is mainly depend on the market that the site is targeting. However, most of the bookmakers have several types of odds on one site. 

The most common odd types are the decimal or the European odds. With the odds, you get the win by multiplying the figure with the amount you bet. Most UK punters are familiar with fractional odds. The denominator shows the amount that one should bet to get the amounts indicated in the numerator. Finally, there are US odds, which are indicated by the amount required to win 100 dollars. 

Why Compare Volleyball Betting Odds 

It is good to compare volleyball betting odds as it helps one determine which bookmaker has the best odds to increase the winning potential. Secondly, with volleyball odds comparison, a punter can tell the movement of the odds over time. It shows the general opinion of which team is likely to win. With tens of bookmakers out there that offer volleyball betting odds, it is advisable that one picks the bookmaker with the best returns on the bet. 

Which Types of Volleyball Bets are Available? 

Players can bet on a variety of betting markets available in volleyball. The most popular one is the 1X2 or moneyline market where one predicts a win on points for either team. One can also bet on the possible scores in the correct score market or just determine whether the scores would be more or fewer than a given number in the Over/ under markets.

Asian Handicap is also a common market where punters bet on a team that has been given a headstart or a disadvantage. This market is ideal when betting between a weak and a very strong team. One can also go for even or odd markets where he or she predicts whether the total number of points would be an odd or even figure.

What are Some Viable Volleyball Betting Strategies? 

Do not Always Go for the Moneyline 

There are other exciting and less risky markets than the moneyline, depending on the game at hand. One should consider other markets as explained above depending on the risk. 

Come Up with Accumulator Bets Strategy 

Accumulator betting involves betting on various games to increase potential wins. One can try a few games together. However, one should not put many as it lowers the probability of winning drastically.

Live Betting Is Also Advisable 

With live betting, one can see the performance of either team and make the right prediction. One can give the teams a few minutes to make up his or her mind on which team to place the money, depending on the performance.

Are There Any Special Volleyball Betting Rules? 

Yes. There are a few volleyball betting rules that apply across various bookmakers. One, when one places a bet on a full-time game, the bets are settled after the end of the official playing time. As for the handicap betting on in-play, the results are based on the scores that each team makes after the stake is placed. This means that the final scores may differ with the settled bet scores in live betting. Any scores that are disallowed due to a foul do not count towards the settlement of the bets.

Which Are the Best Sites for Volleyball Betting?

When choosing a bookmaker onto which to place a bet, it is good to check on several things. First, the bookmaker should offer high odds on the matches to help increase your winning potential. Moreover, one should pick a bookmaker with several available markets to offer a wide choice for markets to bet on. It is also good to check for promotions such as boosted odds and other monetary offers. Sportsbooks such as 1XBet offer several promotions from time to time. 

Where To Bet Live On Volleyball? 

When choosing a bookmaker for live volleyball betting, one should check for the number of leagues available on the live betting platform. Moreover, he or she should compare live volleyball odds between various sites and pick the one that offers the highest. It is also good to check for other features such as the availability of a livestream if he would like to view the games. One can tell the games available for live betting by looking at the schedule. For example volleyball on tonight games at 888 Sports are already available in the upcoming games section.

How to Predict Volleyball Results?

Check the Rank of the Game 

Different teams approach the game with various goals in mind, depending on their position in the ranking. Teams playing for survival may put lots of efforts compared to early-stage group matches. This can affect the results. 

Check Previous Meetings and Positions on the Table 

A look at the previous meetings and the positions of the teams on the table helps give a good picture of what the results may be. If the past the team has always beaten an opponent and the winning team is currently several points ahead, the chances are it will beat the opponent again. 

Look at Injuries and Player Qualities 

If a key player is missing in a game, this may affect the performance of a team, especially when playing against a strong team.

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Russia Liberty League Women
10:30Panthers WomenFoxes Women
World Club Friendlies Women12
World Club Friendlies Women
12:00Foxes WomenPanthers Women
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World Kung-volleyball
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