Water Polo Schedule, Odds and Live Scores

Although Water Polo started as a ‘water rugby’ game, it has over time developed into a professional game across several countries, including the United States. Its dominance led to the inception of Water Polo World Cup championship among other levels of competitions. 

The outlook of the game is a typical handball game but one played in the water.

Oddspedia has made Water Polo betting easier. Interested bettors can now get statistical information about Water Polo fixtures, results and live scores. They can also see the highly competitive Water Polo betting odds and compare them among popular bookmakers. Oddspedia is a Water Polo odds comparison portal that gives them valuable information about Water Polo leagues.

Oddspedia Water Polo: The Best Odds for Water Polo and all the Competitions

There are greater chances that every bettor will get away with a good win in Water Polo betting. Every bet placed on a wide range of Water Polo betting markets is a chance to win. Odds from different bookmakers vary. Having a variety of choices, therefore, increase the chances of earning bigger payouts and even sure betting opportunities by choosing bookmarks with the best odds.

Oddspedia has analysed all the statistics in different sports events. On the Water Polo page at Oddspedia, bettors get to choose the available matches on each league and they will find the Water Polo odds comparison table, which will give the best Water Polo prices on selected bookmakers.

Clicking on the teams on any match will give all the statistical information on about the teams. Bettors can find out the last time a Water Polo team played and the results of the previous matches. They also get to find out about the matches standings in a league.

Water Polo fixtures and schedules categorised on the basis of the available leagues such as the Fina Water Polo World league. For live Water Polo events, Oddspedia gives fans live scores in real time and for punters, they have a choice of comparing live odds for different bookmakers. The odds provided in real time changes with every change made by a bookmaker. Punters can simply click on the impressive odd, and they will be redirected to the bookmaker for betting. Water Polo matches today are all available on Oddspedia, therefore punters can find out the Water Polo matches on tonight and compare the odds.

How to Bet on Water Polo Explained: Tips and Guide

How Water Polo Odds Work?

There are fractional and decimal Water Polo odds. For every Water Polo betting market, players can choose any betting odds format of their choice. Decimal odds are much easier to interpret. To know the possible winning from a bet, punters only need to multiply their stake with a decimal odd. For instance, a betting market with an odd of 1.80, punters with a stake of £30, can multiply the stake, £30, with the odd of 1.80 to get a possible win of £54. When the stake is subtracted from the winnings, punters remain with a profit of £24. That is how Water Polo odds are used to calculate possible winnings. For fractional odds, punters need to multiply the fractional odd with the stake to get the total possible winning.

Why Compare Water Polo Betting Odds

Water Polo betting, just like any other sports betting, requires selection of the best markets with the best odds punters want to maximise on their pay-outs. Comparison of odds across different sportsbooks is the way to go. Comparing water polo betting odds enables punters to maximize on bets any time they place a bet. This comparison enables bettors to evaluate which bookmaker has odds that are likely to offer the highest pay-out.

Which Types of Water Polo Bets are Available?

There are several types of Water Polo bets available on Oddspedia.com. These include the 1×2 Full-time bet, Over/Under bet, Asian Handicap, and the Odd/Even bet.
The 1×2 Full-time bet is a choice to the bettor to predict which team wins in the full match or whether the match will end up in a tie.
The Over/Under bet, on the other hand, is a choice to predict whether the total number of goals in the full-time match will fall below or above the given threshold by the bookmakers.
The odd/even bet allows bettors to predict whether the total number of goals in the game will be an odd or an even number.
The Asian Handicap is a bet where the bookmakers give the team considered to be the underdog an advantage of goals.

Which Water Polo Betting Strategies to Consider?

There are some basic strategies that every punter needs to consider while placing their bets. Having knowledge of the playing teams is important for your win. Bettors who know much about the playing teams have higher chances of winning. Even if the team playing is your favourite or it happens to be from your home country, analysing the statistics of the two playing teams is important for a proper decision making when betting. Important information to know include;
•    Possible injuries among the players.
•    Previous clashes between the playing teams, if any.
•    Presence of key players for the playing teams. 

It is also recommendable to bet on the team with the best goalkeeper. Water Polo goalkeepers have a greater influence on the team that wins due to the roles they play. Oddspedia's Water Polo live scores can also help in placing live bets.


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