Handball Odds and Betting Lines

If you like placing bets on handball fixtures, it is essential to understand how handball odds and betting lines work. These odds are usually presented in American format, but many sportsbooks will allow you to switch the odds to decimal or fractional formats. Let's learn more about handball odds in this guide.

The Basics of Handball Odds and Bets

Handball odds can either use the minus sign or plus sign. If the sports betting odds have a minus sign, it means the handball team is the favorite team. On the other hand, handball betting odds with the plus sign are used for the underdog.

Important things to consider when Betting on Handball in Canada

Sports betting is a legal and regulated activity in Canada. You can even use offshore betting sites to place wagers on handball, but you should remember that these paltforms are unregulated by Canadian authorities.

Depending on your province, the legal gambling age may either be 18 or 19. Sports betting can lead to the development of a gambling problem, which is why the government protects minors and vulnerable people from the activity. Online sportsbooks in Canada have to encourage their users to play responsibly and use features like self-exclusion when necessary.

As a sports bettor, you need to spend time reading the bookmaker rules as these can affect your experience on the site.

Types of bets you can find

Handball fans can enjoy using many different bet types. The main betting markets are the moneyline, spreads, and total points. Some less popular handball bets are the European handicap, Asian handicap, and odd/even points.


Moneyline bets are available in all popular handball leagues, and they simply require you to choose the winning team. For example, in the EHF European Championship, you can predict that Barcelona will beat VFL Gummersbach.


Spreads betting is also popular in handball games. These bets have a margin or spread. If you bet on the favorite team, they have to beat the underdog by the spread or more. For example, if Handball Club Toronto has a spread of -4.5, they have to win the match by at least 5 goals.


In total goals betting, you place a bet on the number of goals you expect to see in the event. Since the game is high-scoring in nature, the total goals options may be within certain frames. Still, many sportsbooks will use the over/under format for handball totals betting.

How to use Handball data on Oddspedia to increase your chances of success

Oddspedia is the go-to resource for handball betting data. It features all sorts of handball news, all of which are obtained from reputable sources. You will also see odds comparisons of different handball betting sites, as well as the line movements. Another essential detail you can check on Oddspedia is the match stats.

Compare odds for higher bet payouts

Oddspedia displays odds from more than 80 bookmakers, thus showing the highest available ones at any moment. You can compare handball betting odds live as they are refreshed in real-time, and more than 100 betting markets are supported.

It is interesting to note that Oddspedia lists the odds of multiple handball betting markets, including the total goals (over/under) and moneyline. All betting sites featured on this platform are licensed and reputable. Since you will always be able to see the sportsbooks with higher odds, the odds comparison service will ensure that you always make more money from your bets.

Get the best Handball lines and odds for Today

You can use Oddspedia to find the best handball odds for the day. You should go to the handball section of the website, where you will click a date on the calendar. Here, you will see all the highest odds for the handball matches of the day.

Track betting lines movement

Your betting strategy should involve tracking the betting lines movement. This information is available on Oddspedia and can give you a clue that new information on the matches has been revealed. It is also possible for betting sites to simply adjust odds to manipulate gambling behavior.

Utilize Betting Stats

To become successful at handball betting, you have to learn how to run statistical analyses of the matches. One detail you will find on Oddspedia is the leagues' standings. With these statistics, you will see the number of games the teams have played in handball competitions like the Champions League.

In addition, you will see the number of games won and lost. Oddspedia also features head-to-head stats, and this shows the comparative strength of the participating teams.

Find the Best Handball Sportsbooks

You can use Oddspedia to find the best handball sportsbooks. The site makes it easier for bettors to compare odds on different bookmakers, so you can always sign up on platforms that have high odds. Our team has prepared for you the top sportsbooks in Canada that are suitable for betting on handball:

Another benefit of Oddspedia is that it gives bettors details on the new customers' bonuses and access links to sportsbook bonuses We have also created a special section with Ontario betting sites and reliable Ontario sports betting apps. Another benefit of Oddspedia is that it gives bettors details on the new customers' bonuses. Here is a list of the top 5 legal bookmakers for handball betting in Canada that we have prepared for you:


What are moneylines?

Moneylines are bets placed on the possible winner of a handball match. American odds with the plus sign are the underdog, while those with the negative sign are the favorites.

Which are the best Handball markets to bet on?

Experienced bettors prefer moneyline and spreads betting markets. The odds for these markets are not usually very good, but you can use them to make steady and consistent profits.

Are there Handball markets I should avoid?

There aren't any handball markets you should avoid, but it is advisable to be careful when placing parlays or ACCA wagers. This is because a single loss in the bet slip will lead to the loss of the entire parlay.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

A +200 moneyline means that the team is the underdog, and if you bet $100, you will make a profit of $200. In this case, you would get a total payout of $300.

Which bookie has the best odds for Handball?

There are many online sports betting apps for handball betting, and an easy way to find platforms with high odds is to check the odds comparisons on Oddspedia. Some sites that offer excellent handball betting odds are LeoVegas, Unibet, and 888Sport.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

The handball odds comparison service on Oddspedia features more than 80 bookmakers, and it obtains the real time odds of these sportsbooks. You don't need to refresh the page at any point as it always updates the odds automatically.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on Handball?

There is no way to guarantee winnings when betting on handball, so you should consider using a money management strategy to increase your chances of making profits. One strategy you can use is the Martingale system.

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