Soccer Schedule and Live Soccer Scores Today 

Keeping up with soccer live scores and schedules can significantly boost your chances of winning when betting on sports. Oddspedia makes it very easy to follow the live scores as it updates the results automatically in real time. It covers lots of different leagues and matches, so you don't need to watch all soccer games to know how the teams performed.

Soccer in Canada - Facts and Figures

Soccer is the most popular sport in Canada in terms of participation rate and match attendance. According to the Canada Soccer Yearbook 2012, the country had 847,616 registered players in 2012, and 59% of these were male players. Lots of other people play the sport casually and semi-professionally.

The country's annual professional soccer competition is the Canadian Championship. This tournament involves all Canadian Premier League clubs, as well as Toronto FC, CF Montreal, and Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Major League Soccer (MLS) is also popular among Canadians. While this league is organized in the USA, it involves several Canadian teams. In 2017, Toronto FC became the first Canadian club to win the MLS.

The Canadian Premier League sits at the top of the Canadian soccer league system, and it is the primary national soccer tournament in the country. This league consists of eight teams, including Atletico Ottawa, Cavalry FC, FC Edmonton, Forge FC, Pacific FC, and Valour FC. Kyle Bekker has made the most appearances in this tournament, but the top scorer is Easton Ongaro.

National soccer teams of Canada also participate in CONCACAF, a tournament that involves North American countries, Caribbean countries, and Central American countries. The national A team of Canada has won this league twice.

Soccer Scores  

Oddspedia displays the results of past and ongoing soccer matches. Some of the leagues featured on the site include Major League Soccer, the Premier League, CONCACAF Nations League, Leagues Cup, La Liga, and Gold Cup. To view the results of specific tournaments, you should click the 'Scores' tab at the top of the website and navigate to 'Soccer'. The results are organized based on the date of the games, so you can click on specific dates to see the available matches. All these results are updated in real-time, and you won't even need to refresh the page to see the current scores.

On the site, you will also see the goalscorers, as well as the exact minute they scored the goals. Oddspedia indicates the match status, as well as some facts about the games. This information will help you make better-informed wagers.

Since soccer is extremely popular, you will find a list of more than 200 matches on a daily basis, and every week, Oddspedia displays the results of more than 1000 soccer games together with soccer odds and picks. Given the large number of matches played every day, you should consider filtering the matches by the league. You can use the search function on the left side of the website to find specific soccer leagues.

Soccer Schedule and Latest Results

You can check Oddspedia for the soccer schedules of top leagues like Major League Soccer (MLS), La Liga, OFC Champions League, and the Europa League. The site lists the schedules of the tournaments long before they start, so you can use this information to plan your bets. You will also see the soccer results on the site. Oddspedia updates its results in real-time, meaning you will get access to the information as it happens. Bettors who like placing in-play wagers will find this feature extremely useful as it can help them determine the path the match will follow.

Live Soccer Games Today

When you click the 'Scores' link on the upper right corner of Oddspedia, you will see the live soccer games for today. The site lists the matches based on the schedules, meaning the last match of the day will be displayed first. You can scroll down the page to see all the other matches in the season. Alternatively, you can search for the sports tournament or event using the function on the left side of the website.

Soccer Live Streaming

Live streaming is probably the most exciting feature you can find on the best sports betting sites in Canada. It allows you to watch the games on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you don't have to stay glued to your couch for the entire match. Still, it can be challenging to find online betting sites or CA sportsbook apps that offer live streaming services. This is where Oddspedia comes in. Once you click a particular soccer event, the website will display betting platforms that offer live streams for that match. For example, you can click a match between York United FC and Pacific FC to see which sites offer live streams for the event.

This information will be displayed on the right side of the screen, and you can click the registration button to get redirected to the betting site. If you already have an account on the betting site, you should simply click the play symbol, and Oddspedia will redirect you to the live streaming page of the betting platform.

It is worth noting that live streams usually have a small lag, so you won't always get the information as it happens. However, live streams can still help you evaluate the players and clubs as you place wagers on the games. You can use the live results feature of Oddspedia to get timely details on the goals scored.

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Soccer Stats 

Soccer stats are extremely useful in sports betting. You can determine the chances of one team winning just by studying the relevant stats. Oddspedia displays all the relevant match stats. You can see the top performers in the events by the number of goals scored, and this information can help you gauge the skill levels of the players. At the same time, the site displays the soccer league tables from the regular season, and this will help you see how the teams have been performing in the season. This quick access information is important as it helps you see the current skill levels of the players.

Another thing you will see on the site is the head-to-head stats of the event. You can see the number of games the two teams have played, as well as the overall outcome of these meetings. For example, Oddspedia can show you how many times Atletico FC has played against Cavalry FC. You will also see the number of matches each team has won, as well as the number of games that have ended in a draw. A team that has historically won more matches is more likely to win the current game.

Soccer News 

Oddspedia is a great resource for soccer news. It features news stories on Major League Soccer, the EPL, and other soccer leagues in Canada and abroad. In addition to today's sports headlines, you will be able to access details on transfers and other soccer rumours. All these stories are obtained from trustworthy publications like the BBC and Sky Sports. You will also find stories from social media posts of notable players and team accounts. You can click the news posts to see the source of the information, and this will also allow you to make comments on the story as you discuss the topics with other sports fans.

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