Tennis Odds and Betting Lines

When betting on sports, paying attention to the quality of tennis odds and betting lines is important because it determines whether you will get significant value from the wager. This guide will help you understand how to use Oddspedia to compare the odds on sports betting platforms.

The Basics of Tennis Odds and Bets

Before you start betting on tennis, you need to understand how to read tennis odds and tennis lines. You should also be able to calculate the expected winnings so that you determine whether certain risks are worth taking. The following sections will look at the basics of tennis odds and bets.

Reading Tennis Betting Lines

In Canada and the USA, tennis betting lines are commonly presented in American format. That means the favourite will have a negative symbol in front of it, while the underdog will have a positive sign. If you see Wimbledon odds of -185, you would need to wager $185 to win $100. On the other hand, American odds of +165 indicate that you would get a profit of $165 if you wager $100.

How are winnings calculated?

With positive odds, you will calculate the winnings by dividing the stake by 100, and then you can multiply the product by the odds. When betting on the favourite, you will have to divide 100 by the negative odds, and then you can multiply the product by your stake. If Roger Federer was taking on Rafael Nadal with odds of -107 and +120 respectively, the potential returns for a $30 wager on Roger would be $28.04 and $36 for Rafael.

Important things to consider when Betting on Tennis in Canada

When betting on a tennis player, you should always use a licensed and reputable gambling site that should adhere to the rules of your jurisdiction. Betting laws will vary depending on your province or territory, so you should familiarize yourself with your local rules.

Another thing to consider is the rules of the bookmaker. Make a point of checking the deposit limits, withdrawal limits, and terms of cashing out. Most sites require punters to wager their deposits at least once before they can withdraw funds. Also, you will likely have to verify your details before you can withdraw any winnings.

Types of bets you can find

It is always better to pick betting sites that offer a wide variety of tennis markets. Some of the best tennis markets include moneyline, spreads, totals, prop bets, futures bets, and parlays. Let's look at each of these markets in detail.


The most popular way of betting on tennis and other sports is through the moneyline. This simply involves choosing the outright winner of a match. The tennis odds for the favourite are presented with a negative sign, while the prices for the underdog are presented with a plus symbol.


With point spreads, the bookmaker will set a handicap on sets and games to even the playing field. For example, in a particular tournament, Rafael Nadal may have game spread odds of -4.5, meaning he has to win five more games than his opponent.

Totals (25-50)

This market involves betting on the total games that will be played in a match. Betting sites display this market in the under/over format, where punters have to predict whether the total games will be more or less than a specific number.

Prop bets

You can spice up your tennis betting experience by placing wagers on proposition markets. These markets are commonly offered in major tennis tournaments or matches such as the US Open, French Open, and Australian Open. Common prop bets include the winner of the first games and the total number of aces.

Future bets

In tennis betting, future bets refer to odds placed on longer-term events such as the tournament winner. For example, betting that Novak Djokovic will win the US Open is a future bet. The sportsbook will settle these wagers once the final match in the tournament is played.


With parlay betting, you have to back several tennis players to win, and they must all be successful for you to win the wager. For example, your parlay bet can include Naomi Osaka winning the Roland Garros or the Australian Open. If she loses, your entire bet will be marked as lost, regardless of the performance of the other bets.

Comparing Tennis Odds on Oddspedia will Benefit You

Oddspedia is a crucial resource for tennis bettors. The website compares tennis odds on different betting sites and updates these details in real time. With Oddspedia, you can conveniently find the tennis betting sites with the highest odds to place wagers. The platform ranks the tennis betting sites based on the quality of the odds, so you can easily find the best bookies for certain tennis matches.

Odds Comparison increases your winnings

By comparing odds for tournaments like the French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon, you will be able to win more money for every dollar spent. Andy Murray may have Australian Open odds of -103 on 888Sport and -109 on LeoVegas. In this case, a $30 bet on 888Sport would return a profit of $29.13, while a similar wager on LeoVegas would give you a profit of $30.

Oddspedia provides the best tennis odds for Today

The tennis odds on this site are updated constantly, so you can monitor the movement of the prices to determine which bookies would give you the highest winning. You should make a point of signing up on several top-rated bookies as this will make it easier to place wagers on their sites or sports betting apps.

Track betting lines movement

Another reason why bettors need to visit Oddspedia is to track the movement of tennis betting lines. The line movement will help you find the best possible tennis match odds and can give you an idea of which player more people are backing.

Find the Best Tennis Sportsbooks

Since its inception, Oddspedia has solidified its position as the go-to gambling resource for individuals looking for the finest tennis betting platforms and top sports betting mobile apps. We have prepared for you the best sportsbooks in Canada that are suitable for betting on tennis:

In addition, Oddspedia offers a section that allows you to compare tennis odds and easily access relevant links to sportsbooks bonuses for bettors from Canada. We have also created a special section with Ontario betting sites and reliable Ontario sports betting apps. Below we have prepared for you the top 5 bookmakers for tennis betting legal in Canada:


What are moneylines?

Moneyline ATP Tour bets allow punters to back a specific player winning. For example, a bet on Novak Djokovic winning the Wimbledon tournament would be considered a moneyline. Unlike football, tennis doesn't have a 'draw' bet, so the moneyline only has two options.

Which are the best tennis markets to bet on?

The most common market in tennis matches is the moneyline. If you have a high risk tolerance, you can place parlay bets and enjoy higher odds. Totals and tennis spreads are great for reducing risk. Futures bets are also becoming popular among Canadian punters.

Are there tennis markets I should avoid?

You don't necessarily need to avoid any tennis betting markets, but you should follow some tennis betting tips when picking the wagers. Also, take into account your risk tolerance as some markets are extremely risky. For example, correct scores can be hard to predict.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

The plus sign indicates that this is the underdog, and you could win $200 if you wager $100. If the odds used a negative symbol, you would have to wager $200 in order to win $100.

Which bookie has the best odds for tennis?

As you can see from Oddspedia, 888Sport has the highest tennis open odds. LeoVegas, Unibet, and William Hill also have extremely high odds. Oddspedia updates details on the sportsbooks odds continually in real-time.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

To compare tennis odds, you can head to Oddspedia, where you will click a particular tennis match to see the bookies with the highest odds. You can even choose the betting market from the drop-down menu.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on tennis?

You should only place a bet on tennis matches when there is significant value in the odds. Also, make sure you open accounts with different ATP tour betting platforms so that you always get the best odds.

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