Best Betting Odds 2024 - #1 Odds Comparison for CA Sporstbooks

Whether you are a casual bettor who enjoys a wager on their favorite sports and teams or takes sports betting more seriously, you must ensure you are getting the best odds available.

If you don’t, the reality is that you are leaving money on the table.

That’s where Oddspedia comes in handy. Our constantly-updated platform lets you check which sportsbooks are offering the best price on your picks, ensuring you get the maximum possible return on your bets if they win.

Many of us use price comparison websites when buying a new vehicle or insurance policy. Why not consult an odds comparison site for sports betting?

Compare Sports Betting Lines from Canadian Betting Sites in Real Time

One of the common mistakes that bettors make is to only have one sportsbook account, which they use exclusively, regardless of how generous the firm’s odds are - or are not.

The problem with that approach is that you could lose out on greater returns than if you had a suite of betting accounts at your disposal.

At Oddspedia, our mission is simple – to provide you with up-to-the-minute price updates on thousands of betting markets daily, enabling you to determine which sportsbook offers the most generous odds for the events you want to wager on.

We have developed our software to ensure updates are carried out continuously. So no matter whether you want to bet a few days before kick-off or just a few seconds, the price we present as the best will be exactly that.

Don’t forget that you can also use Oddspedia for your live bets. Our live score channel is updated in real-time, so you can see live betting odds that are accurate at all times – not all ‘odds comparison’ sites can say that.

And when you click on a set of odds, you will also be able to see how the price for your selection has changed over time. If the line is moving downwards, it’s generally a good sign that the betting community also believes that your pick is strong.

What is Odds Comparison and How Does It Work?

At Oddspedia, we are here to help you - the bettors - access the best value from every single wager you place. You can search through our database for your preferred sports and competitions and then compare the odds provided by dozens of sportsbooks that are accessible in Canada.

If you already have an account with that betting operator, then great – simply click on the odds you want to take, and you will be automatically redirected to their website.

If you don’t have an account with the sportsbook that has the best odds, you can tap our link and register instantly while taking advantage of the outstanding sign-up bonuses on offer.

You can search through our odds database by sport, time and date, pre-game and live prices. If you click on each event, you can browse the full range of bet types available, including moneyline, spreads, and totals.

How Odds Work

Accessing the best value odds is vital.

When the time comes for you to buy a new car or mobile phone, you probably already have a rough idea of the price you want to pay – and what constitutes ‘good value’ and what would be considered a rip-off.

But bettors often take the price that is available to them with their preferred sportsbook. Unfortunately, that means they rarely get the best odds within the market. That makes a 'rip-off' more likely than good value.

But what are sports betting odds? They are the probabilities that a sportsbook assigns to a certain event happening.

Let’s consider the example of an NHL contest - Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens. The Bruins might be priced at money line odds of +110 for the trip to Montreal, while the Canadiens is available at a price of -130.

A negative number typically reflects the sportsbook favorite, and in this case, if you wagered $10 on Montreal, you would score a return of $17.69 – a profit of $7.69 and your $10 stake returned.

A positive number in a two-way moneyline market generally reflects an underdog. A $10 wager on Boston would see you pocket $21 if they were to win – $11 in profit and your $10 stake returned.

Each sportsbook employs its own team of analysts and traders who may see a particular game differently. That's why you will often see each operator offering different odds to their rivals.

You should also consider vig – sometimes known as ‘juice’ – which legal CA sportsbooks add to their odds. This is a kind of profit margin or markup. Each operator has different levels of vig for the various sports and markets.

The takeaway is that if you take the best odds currently available for your picks, you will net a greater profit should they go on to win.

In Canada, sportsbooks generally opt for the + and – odds format explained above. But from time to time, you may see either fractional odds or decimal odds. These figures are effectively the same as the American odds format, albeit displayed differently.

Find the Best Odds with Oddspedia 

With so many online sportsbooks available in Canada, it would be dizzying trying to find the best odds manually for your chosen betting picks.

Oddspedia intends to act as your own personal price comparison service, locating the most generous CLS odds or MLB odds, for example, for your picks.

Our system is quick and easy to use, and all of the prices you see are updated on a continuous basis. The odds displayed are the ones you’ll get by tapping on our prices and wagering accordingly.

It really has never been simpler to get your hands on value-betting odds.

Why Getting the Best Odds Matters

Remember our Bruins vs. Canadiens example earlier? To showcase why using a price comparison service is important, here’s how your return would differ if you only took the moneyline odds available on a Montreal win at a specific sportsbook:

  • BetRivers -130 (a return of $17.69 on a $10 stake)
  • Caesars -130 (a return of $17.69 on a $10 stake)
  • BetMGM -133 (a return of $17.52 on a $10 stake)
  • FanDuel -135 (a return of $17.41 on a $10 stake)
  • DraftKings -140 (a return of $17.14 on a $10 stake)

In this scenario, the difference between each sportsbook may only be a matter of cents, but imagine what happens if you place multiple bets every weekend throughout the season. Soon enough, those cents rack up and become dollars. So you are throwing money down the drain.

Let’s consider the Super Bowl futures market. Below are the five market favorites, and in brackets are the best and lowest returns with the sportsbooks already mentioned:

  • Buffalo Bills ($60 -> $50)
  • Kansas City Chiefs ($90 -> $85)
  • Philadelphia Eagles ($100 -> $95)
  • Green Bay Packers ($110 -> $95)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($110 -> $100)

Taking the best odds available to a $10 stake, you can enjoy a considerably higher payout than accepting the first price you see.

Odds Comparison at a Glance

Imagine manually checking the odds at every Canadian betting site. It would take an eternity, and by the time you’ve finished, you might have missed out on the best value.

That’s why more and more bettors are turning to Oddspedia. Our software does all of the hard work for you. It takes seconds to find betting markets, source the best odds, and place your wagers, saving you so much time and hassle.

Betting Tools Helping You Win More 

It’s not just all about price comparison at Oddspedia – we have a range of other tools that add tangible value to your betting when applied correctly.

Value Odds

As you may know, gambling odds reflect the probability of an event occurring – at least in the eyes of the sportsbook.

In our Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets game, we learned that the sportsbook favor Nets with home-court advantage. In assigning the hosts odds of -130, they state that they believe Montreal will win relatively comfortably.

However, you may see the game differently. Your analysis (or gut instinct) might tell you that the Raptors are better than their +110 price. So, you would have identified a ‘value’ bet - in your opinion, at least.

At Oddspedia, we have our own value bets model. It uses stacks of different data points to determine when the sportsbooks have got their odds ‘wrong’ – that is, where the actual probability of a selection is greater than the price being supplied by the betting sites.

Members can access our value bet picks daily, and these cover a wide range of sports from around the world. We do the hard grind, so you don’t have to.

Dropping Odds

There are a number of reasons why odds drop suddenly – maybe a key player has suffered an injury and will miss a game, or maybe a team has sacked their coach.

These anomalies are happening all the time in various sports. A sportsbook might not change its odds quickly enough to reflect the general logic in the market.

That’s where Oddspedia comes in. You can check our dropping odds feed to see where such opportunities present themselves. While this isn’t a guaranteed way to win wagers time after time, if you can take prices that are greater than the closing line, you will often share a typical trait of a long-term ‘winning’ bettor.

Sure Bets

There is a technique that lets you lock in a small percentage of profit no matter what happens in a sporting event.

This is known as sure betting and usually combines the odds of two or more sportsbooks to ensure all bases are covered profitably.

As you can imagine, sure bets are rare and tend to go quickly as one of the books adjusts their odds to reflect the money coming in, but they do exist – and Oddspedia’s sure bets feed is the best way to find them before anybody else.

Oddspedia’s Sports and Betting Markets

As you would expect, the ‘big four’ of football, basketball, hockey, and baseball are covered in great detail here at Oddspedia, where you can check for real-time price changes in moneyline, spreads, and totals as a selection of other bet types.

We go beyond the NBA odds, NFL odds, and NHL odds to tap into other competitions being played around the globe, so if you have a particular interest in sports in Europe, Asia, or beyond, you will find plenty of stats, results, and other information here at Oddspedia.

It’s easy to browse for your favorite sports using our menu system, so you can simply scroll through until you find your preferred options. Remember, if you can’t see your sport at the top of the homepage, give the ‘more sports’ button a tap for more choice.

It’s not just pre-game prices and information you will find at Oddspedia. You can scan through our live hub to check for scores and updates in real-time, using our live odds changes to determine momentum swings during the action. This can be an excellent tool for bettors to exploit.

Aside from American football odds, basketball odds, and the other sports already mentioned, you can also browse for changes in soccer odds, tennis, golf, boxing, and MMA, to name just a few. Many of the betting tools available at Oddspedia, including dropping odds, sure bets, and value bets, apply to sports across the spectrum.

As an added bonus, there is plenty of demand for horse racing odds. Even though it’s not extensively covered by sportsbooks in Canada, you’ll be glad to hear that you can compare prices and keep your eyes peeled for dropping odds for horse races around the globe here at Oddspedia – vital in securing the very best value on your picks.

Our A-Z of sporting action is as comprehensive as it gets, so take a deep dive into Oddspedia today and see what betting insights you can gain.

Sportsbook Comparisons with Oddspedia 

Another tool we offer bettors here at Oddspedia is our in-house, impartial, unbiased sportsbook reviews.

Our team has been in the sports betting industry for decades, and the result of that experience is that we know exactly what you are looking for from a sportsbook.

You can filter our reviews and search for the best sportsbook for your favorite sport. You can browse the selection of sportsbooks that accept crypto or are available on mobile and various other filters.

Oddspedia’s Sportsbook Reviews

Our sportsbook reviews go hand-in-hand with our odds comparison service, allowing you to read more detail about the books that are offering the best prices for your wagers.

Everything you need to know is here under one roof at Oddspedia, where you can make the most informed decisions about your betting – that is, sourcing the best-value odds from the sportsbooks that pass our strict criteria.

Looking for mobile betting options? Find the best betting apps available in your province. Our teams leave no stone unturned in our sportsbook reviews, taking away the guesswork and providing you with the platform to improve your own betting experience.

Legal Sportsbooks in Canada

Of course, all of the sportsbooks you see on Oddspedia are licensed and approved in Canada.

These betting sites might be operators located in Canada or based overseas, and you can rest assured that we have vetted each to ensure that they offer robust security, protection, and customer support to go with the competitiveness of their odds.

In short, if they are well reviewed by the team here at Oddspedia, you can open an account with them with complete peace of mind.


By now, you have hopefully learned of the importance of odds comparison in your betting.

We came up with the idea for Oddspedia because we’re bettors too, and we wanted access to a resource that provided real-time updates on odds changes and line movements.

So be sure to bookmark Oddspedia on your computer or mobile device and look at the latest odds BEFORE placing your next bet(s).

It’s the only way to guarantee you are maximizing the potential of your wagers.

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