La Liga Results, Table, News and Betting Odds on Todays and Upcoming matches 

Check all live scores from La Liga in real-time and see what happens in each round of the First Division. Follow the action from La Liga pitches at all times and from all angles, including league standings, betting odds and detailed information on the statistics for each match. 
In addition to this information, we have all the news of the League, with detailed articles from specialized media, as well as the rumours and the live transfer market of the First Division. Oddspedia is also a specialist in betting, and brings you the highest odds. Find out which bookmaker is best to use for the Primera Division. Keep on reading to understand more about the League and the features that Oddspedia has in store.  

All about La Liga - Oddspedia

If you are one of the fans of Liga Santander, then Oddspedia is the right place to be. 

What makes Oddspedia different from other websites? Here you are guaranteed to find 100% of the information you are looking for. We are really passionate about the Spanish League, so you will see all the live scores and live statistics when the matches are played. All the info, both sport and betting related to La Liga, can be found on this page. Send us any suggestion or something you would like to see on our website and we will make sure to address it.

On this La Liga page, you will see other relevant information such as the best players in the League by goals scored, assists, cards, pass success rate and more. Check the league tables to see who got the most wins, point differentials, promotion and relegation outcomes.

To complete all the information you will see who won the last La Liga title or who has more trophies - in this case, Real Madrid. You will also be able to see who was the winner of the First Division last year or some curious facts about the championship. As you can see, you will not miss a single detail and novelty from the Spanish league.  

La Liga Live Scores 

Find all League results on this page updated instantly and automatically so you always know what's going on in the Spani. You will see the matches in order of play, with those in play being the first ones you see and then the next matches in the Liga division.  

If you want to be alerted to a certain First Division match, you will only need to hit the bell. We will then inform you of any changes to the score and when the match begins or ends. If you want to know more about a certain match, click on it.  

You will see the line-ups for each First Division match, as well as a preview with important data and betting odds. Once the game has started, you'll be able to see everything that's going on, with real-time statistics to keep you close to the action. You'll be able to see everything that's going on, with real-time statistics to keep you close to the action.  

To see yesterdays League results or any other date, simply click on the calendar and choose the exact day for which you want to watch matches. You will also be able to select a specific match day and see the results for that particular date.  

La Liga Fixtures 

Here you can also find the full Santander League fixtures. Choose the date you want to check and you will see the scheduled matches in the program. Moreover, as soon as the PFL (Professional Football League) makes La Liga schedules public, we will show them on this page. Use the calendar on the top to filter them out by round number, match week or by single date.

Remember that we show the League times according to the country you are in, and not the local time. So, if you are in Germany, you will see the timetables with one hour less than Spain. All this is to make it easier for you to follow the matches of the Santander League.  

To follow the League calendar, simply move over the matchdays you want to check or choose to watch the First Division matches by date. Either way, you will always see the schedule for the League match you want.

League Standings

See the instantly updated First Division league table. If a match is at stake, we will show you how the score is reflected in the League table. This way, you will always know in real-time the First Division ranking. 

The table offered by Oddspedia is interactive. This means that you can see the complete ranking of Primera or filter by home or away matches. This way you will know who is the best host in the championship or the best visitor in the league. You can also check the form of each team, that is, the recent streak of results to know if they are in a good moment or in a bad one. 

If you want to check the league table from past seasons, simply choose the year you want to check and we will show it to you. Oddspedia saves data from many years ago, so you can always know what happened in the past.

Primera Division News - Latest Headlines and Transfers

We present you the news section of the League that Oddspedia offers to all its users. Why choose a media when you can know all news updates of the First Division in real-time and by several sources? Our intention is to serve you the best information of the League, with the last news, previous of the teams, chronicles of the matches, information about injured people, referees appointments, controversies and much more. 
For this reason, we have reached agreements with the main media that cover the Liga Santander so that their news reaches our users. You will be able to share or comment on the news as you wish.  

If you want to see the news of Betis or of a certain team of the Santander League, you just have to visit their page or select the team in the menu. This way, you will only see the information related to that club and you will not miss any details about the First Division!

Live First Division Transfer Market 

The First Division transfer market is more turbulent in the summer when the transfer window opens, or during the winter break. However, the rumours in the League do not stop and every day there is news about possible transfers in the championship. And if they don't tell Barcelona and Leganes about the controversial transfer of Braithwaite, they will.  

Here we are going to tell you about the last hour of the transfer market in La Liga, with all the rumours and possible transfers. However, we give you the information of the most reliable media, so you won't see the classic unfounded rumours of Manolete or other confidential ones that then never come true.  

La Liga on social networks

If you want to be informed about what's going on in the Spanish League, you can't miss the social networks. Here we are going to offer you the official Twitter accounts of the LFP, the First Division teams or the players, so that you know first-hand what they are saying through their public channels.  

This way, if you want to know what is being said on social networks, and especially on Twitter, about the League you only have to go to this page to see all the relevant accounts. You will not lack any information about the current situation of the First Division.

La Liga Betting - Grab the best odds

Oddspedia wants to bring you all the relevant information about betting in the League so that you have all the possible means to win more money. Therefore, you will not lack any details about how to bet in the First Division or data that will help you to turn your betting sheet green.

The betting information we offer you at Oddspedia starts with an odds comparator, where we will show you the bookmakers that offer the most money. You will always see the operators that are legal in the country you are visiting. At first, you'll see the 1X2 market, but if you click on a match you'll see a whole series of markets, including handicap betting, plus/minus, rest/end, and many more.  

In this section, we also want to bring you closer to markets in the long term in the Spanish League. That is, we show you the best odds to win the Santander League or the odds for relegation. You will also see the odds on who will become the leading goal scorer.  

Finally, we would also like to suggest information about the best bookmakers for the First Division. You will see bonuses and special offers for League matches, as well as improved odds on the best matches. And, of course, we will offer you betting forecasts for the Santander League - all this information in one place!

Santander League Odds Comparison

Using the La Liga odds comparator is a breeze. The only thing you have to do on the web is to look for the sports section and, within it, access the football matches section. Once this is done, you will have a complete display of the main competitions of this sport discipline.

Now, you only have to look for the "Primera Division" section within the website and, from there, choose the odds you prefer in the different markets available for betting. You don't need anything else to enjoy the best odds in the Santander League, as the portal takes care of finding the best of the best so that you don't have to do anything.

It doesn't matter if it is a Barca - Real Madrid or an Atletico de Madrid - Real Betis if you want the best shares of La Liga, this is the website you were looking for. Here you will always find the bets with the highest values thanks to the comparative work of Oddspedia. This portal searches for you and makes sure that you always have the best odds in front of you.

This is the best way to make more money with your bets. You don't risk more, but you do squeeze more out of every penny invested in your bids. Whether you're betting on a winner or a runner-up, whether you're betting on the first goalkeeper or any other available market, well make sure you win more.

La Liga Live Betting 

One of the best things about placing your bets online is that you can place live bets on the League. And Oddspedia also offers you a live odds comparator, something that very few Internet portals offer you. This way, you can see in real-time which bookmaker offers you the most money for your League bets when the match is on.  

Simply click on the "Live" tab and we will only show you the live matches. From there you will be able to see all the updated odds as soon as the bookmakers themselves change this data. You'll have to be quick, though and place your bet quickly with the operator because odds change in seconds.  

Long-term bets in the First Division

You know you can place your bets on any First Division match, either before the start or live. But your options are not reduced here, you can make long-term bets on the League. The fact is that betting operators open up exciting markets that will keep you on your toes throughout the season. These markets are, of course, the league winner market, but you can also see others like the top scorer market or the relegation avoidance market, or even if the team will be relegated. Who will play the Champions League next season is also among the long-term bets we offer.  

Who will win the League - First Division Champion Betting

League winning bets are one of the most popular by all players. Without a doubt, it is usually one of the markets with the highest volume of bets, even though in the last few years FC Barcelona has been the favourite and the one that has taken the cat to the water.  

For the first time in years, Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid has won the La Liga ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Follow all the variations of the winning odds for La Liga and even take a chance and bet on the victory of Atletico Madrid, Valencia or Sevilla at crazy odds. Maybe you will be able to break the bank and take a lot of money.  


The bets on relegation in the First Division are also among the favourites of the general public. You can place your bets on both relegation and avoiding relegation. Sometimes you can even bet on the three teams that will be relegated to the Segunda Division. In any case, here you will also see the bookmakers that offer you this type of market and the best odds for it.  

Top scorer  

Now, with Leo Messi not representing FC Barcelona, who will grab the league's top scorer prize? Place your bets on Pichichi of the First Division in any of the bookmakers that we offer. Get more money for your bets and use this information offered by Oddspedia.  

Top 4 League Finish  

Who will play in the Champions League next season? Will Getafe be able to do place itself in the position to play for the first time in its history the Champions League? Will Atlético Madrid slide down the table and be skip playing on the grand stage of Europe? All these bets on who will play in the Champions League next year or what is the same in which teams will end up in the top 4 of La Liga are available at Oddspedia and at the best bookmakers. Simply place your bets on who will play the Champions League and find the best odds here.

Top Primera Division Bookmakers & Bonuses

You have the best odds for betting on the League, but now you must know where to make them. That is why in Oddspedia we have analyzed all the bookmakers and we bring you all their offers in a professional way, as well as the bonuses. As we are now interested in bookmakers for the League, here are some suggestions of which ones to use.  

Depending on the country you are in, we will suggest some bookmakers or others for the League, as some of our favourites will not be available. But don't worry, because of our geolocation system we will always advise you on which ones you can play.  

Besides giving you information about the best bookmaker for the Santander League, we will also offer you exclusive bonuses to use in the championship, as well as improved odds for the league and other types of offers or bonuses. This way, you can always get free bets on the league or more extra money - you have everything in your hand to win more money!

FAQ - First Division Betting

Can I find safe League bets?

To be honest, its not usual to find safe bets in the League. However, we advise you to visit our surebets tool where you will find all the events where there is a safe bet. You may be able to hunt for one for the Premier League, but it is normal to find them at less popular events.

Why compare League odds?

Generally, players who already have some experience in betting usually have several accounts registered with different online operators. In this way, they can make comparisons for any market and always find the option that best suits them because of the profitability it guarantees.

Thanks to Oddspedia, you don't have to do any of that, as she takes care of the comparison for you. By doing the comparison for you, it directly offers you the highest fees in La Liga, allowing you to earn more money without increasing your risk. More profit in return for the same sacrifice. Absolute advantage.

Which bookmaker to choose?

If you are wondering which bookmaker is the best to bet on La Liga, you should know that there is a huge range of huge TOP 1 candidates. Bwin, 888Sport and Bet365 are 3 bookmakers that offer a huge range of markets to bet on, as well as scoreboards with current results and many betting options available in this competition. 

888Sport, for example, covers all available teams and matches, as well as allowing you to access live matches to bet on how each match goes. Bwin does something similar, although with even more markets and odds that are generally higher than those of the rest of the competition. 

Live La Liga Betting - Where to do it?

In case you are looking to bet live on La Liga, the best place to do so is at Bwin. This bookmaker has a specific section aimed at this type of bidding which is done live and in person. In this way, it is especially concerned with offering the information at the moment and, on some occasions, even facilitates the visualization of the match.

Everything is easy for the one who prefers to live the intensity of the strongest game betting.

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