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Blocked Odds indicates bet offer types that have been removed from bookmakers' listings.

31% Blocked Odds

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What are Blocked Odds

Blocked odds are suspended markets from bookmakers offering. It happens because betting sites have full control of what happens on their site, and that includes the odds they offer. On the off chance that a bookie does not care for the manner in which the wagering is going on, or they are getting too much money from bets on a single outcome - they can suspend the market from their entire book. As a punter, there is no other option for you. If you placed your bet before a market closes, it will be accepted and valid - unless the selection is marked as highly suspicious - then bookmakers can void your bets. If you are late, however - you won’t be able to benefit from it. Our blocked odds tool will show you markets that are closed at some bookmakers, but still available for betting in others.  

Betting markets could be blocked for a couple of reasons. There might be new data that changes the probabilities, like news that a certain key player won’t be participating or that the team will play with its reserves. There might be other updates that can affect the closing of a market, such as we mentioned earlier with too much of the money going in one direction, thus making it a liability for the bookmaker.  

In-play markets are suspended constantly during dangerous situations. For example, if there is a penalty, the next goal market can be closed for a while. The same is when there is VAR assistance or a potential red card. You should be patient and attempt to out your bets before those key moments of play.  

How Our Blocked Odds Tool Works  

Blocked odds show the offers that are no longer accepted by bookmakers and often suggest public activity on those markets. By observing the odd movements in such cases a punter can use the information as an advantage to place a bet on a bookmaker that still offers the market and has not caught up to the latest trend.

The ”Blocked” row shows bookmakers that have removed the market as well as the percentage ratio with bookmakers that have this offer available. Check the odds for the closed selections and the current highest ones in just one glance.  

Use the various filter options to better define the results you seek. Define sports, define the time period and the percentage of bookmakers that still offer the market for betting.  

Utilize this information by checking the last active odds and available odds for bookmakers that are still offering the market. You might also want to check our Blocked Matches.

Why Are Bets No Longer Accepted for A Market?

Bookmakers can pull out a certain market if there is a big liability for it. It is natural that for example in Basketball, the odds for “Team to score the last point” are closed a few minutes before the end of the match. Even though nowadays bookmakers try to keep their markets open as much as possible, liability comes in different forms. Sometimes it could be a VAR decision, uneven money placement or even suspicious betting market activity. Exploit a situation where a bookmaker is not aware of the trends or factors at other betting sites.

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