Best Basketball Odds - Find the Top Basketball Betting Markets & Bets 

Basketball is one of the most competitive sports, with a massive following in North and South America. The game, originating in 1891, provides fans with multiple betting opportunities. This explains the rise of top basketball betting sites that give the bettors quality basketball odds and exciting markets. Read on to learn how basketball odds work and the leading bookmakers to consider for the best gambling experience.

How Basketball Odds Work 

Basketball betting starts with punters understanding how odds work. That said, you should know that odds are values you find on every basketball market a bookmaker provides. Using the numerals, you can quickly tell the favourite and the underdog. This information will give you a head start when doing research.

After that, the odds will help you find the total amount you will likely earn for a particular bet. This is whether you are placing the NBA MVP winners bet or predicting the team to win the NBA Finals.

Odds Comparison - Get the Best Basketball Betting Odds 

Here, you can check our real-time basketball odds comparator and see which bookmaker offers you the best prices for your basketball bets. The first thing you will see is the Moneyline or Match Winner market, with the bookmaker icon offering you the highest betting odds. However, if you click on the event, you will see all the markets for that game with the betting sites. So you can also compare odds on basketball handicap bets, for example.

Use the filters to select whether you want to watch live matches, a particular competition, and the market. You can also see the odds of more than 302 bookmakers for a specific market. Finally, you only need to choose the one you want and go to the bookie to place your basketball bets.

We have to mention that Oddspedia's website is geolocated. So we will only show you operators available in the same geographical area you are in. This way, you will know you can register and get the bonus from the bookmakers we show you.

Make the Most Out Of Great Odds - Basketball Betting Tips and Tipsters 

Choosing Oddspedia as your default betting resource is a brilliant idea if you want to make the most out of your bets. After all, you get to enjoy pertinent basketball tips at Oddspedia that you can use to place correct bets on various NCAA tournament matches, among other competitions. With the forecast, you will enjoy significant payouts for every bet you make, and this will see you make good use of the great odds.

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Types of Basketball Bets 

Basketball has multiple bet types, making it one of the most entertaining sports for bettors. Some of the main types of basketball bets that you should know include:

  • Spread Bets
  • Total Bets
  • Acca Bets

You can also place futures bets by predicting the team winning the NCAA men's division if you want competitive basketball odds. However, like any other sport, you must do adequate research before you proceed to wager on any bet type.

For instance, find out the most successful team for a particular tournament and whether the defending champions are in shape to triumph, like in the case of defending champions CSKA Moscow.

Basketball Betting Markets 

You will encounter various markets when placing basketball bets, which you must know.

These include:

  • Over/Under
  • Race To Points
  • Odds/Even market

If the match-up comprises a superior team like the Boston Celtics, who won their 17th NBA title in 2008 and the Pistons, the bookmaker will introduce a handicap market to level the playing field.

The same may apply to a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets of the Western Conference Southwest division. Betting markets guide punters on the kind of bets they can place. Other key aspects to note when dealing with basketball markets include:

In-play betting

Bookmakers offer clients in-play betting options, which you should consider if you wish to wager on continuing Swedish Women's Basketligan International or NBA matches if you are a fan of teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences. But remember, live betting matches are not always open for betting; some options close as the game/match progresses.

Prop Bets

You can place multiple proposition bets during the regular NBA season. These markets allow you to predict events that will not affect the game's outcome. Some of the most common basketball player prop bets you should look forward to include the first player to score a three-pointer and whether a player from the Los Angeles Lakers will score last.

Thanks to prop bets, you can also bet on whether the NBA Champion will come from the Central Division, Pacific Division, Northwest Division, or Southeast Division. In most cases, the player prop bets don't need you to know the NBA league format to wager correctly. Furthermore, the markets remain the same across different professional basketball competitions.

Betting on Professional Basketball Leagues @ Oddspedia 

Oddspedia has established itself as one of the most acclaimed gambling resources for bettors who want to enjoy wagering on professional basketball contests such as the NCAA men's European Competitions, popularly known as the March Madness, as well as the following leagues:

NBA Betting

Punters who want to bet on who will win the Larry O'Brien Trophy should make Oddspedia their default gambling platform. The website offers users valuable statistics on different NBA teams, such as Miami Heat and Philadelphia Warriors, the club to win the first NBA Championship. You will also find high odds on markets such as the Championship Winner, not to mention names of bookies that provide NBA Draft betting solutions.

BBL Bets 

Oddspedia perfectly covers the British Basketball League, popularly known as BBL. At the site, you will find reviews of bookmakers who offer fantastic BBL betting services and BBL betting tips. You will also come across statistics of various BBL teams. All these aspects will help you place winning BBL bets with ease.

Liga ACB

If you are searching for the best Liga ACB odds, look no further than Oddspedia. The website keeps its users up-to-date by providing updated Liga ACB odds and betting markets. It also gives bettors links to sportsbooks to watch Liga ACB events live.


Make Oddspedia your go-to sports betting resource if you want tools that will help you to bet effortlessly on EuroLeague matches. In-play bettors get live statistics and scores for ongoing EuroLeague games, whereas pre-match bettors are served high odds for various markets.


Oddspedia allows bettors to access high NCAA odds to enjoy significant payouts. The site also has links to the best NCAA betting sites with multiple markets for the tournament's matches. You can be sure you will have a fantastic time placing Annual NCAA division bets.

Other Basketball Tournaments

Besides the tournaments discussed above, Oddspedia covers college basketball tournaments in case you want to bet on college basketball champions for the men's or women's tournaments.

With our platform, you will find bookmakers with multiple matches sourced from national and international basketball competitions worldwide, for instance, Eurobasket, WABA Championship, and MABA IBI tournaments.

Best Basketball Betting Sites

The number of betting sites that offer punters access to a wide range of basketball matches continues to increase daily. At Oddspedia, you will find a list of all top Basketball betting sites with some main options, including, Bet365, Betway, and 1xBet. These bookies are legitimate (regulated by recognised bodies/authorities), provide bettors with great odds, and have regular basketball betting bonuses. Your only job is sifting through the betting site reviews and selecting one that matches your preferences. That said, we provide a shortcut below of top sites with their reviews and links to current offers.

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Professional Basketball League Odds FAQ

Where Can I Get the Best Basketball Odds?

You can get the best basketball odds at Oddspedia. The site allows you to compare odds for different matches, for instance, games played by Atlantic division teams.

What Are the Most Profitable Basketball Betting Markets?

Outright Winner and Correct Score are the most profitable basketball betting markets. Any club, including the most and least successful teams, can win a basketball tournament. On the other hand, predicting the exact outcome of a match is difficult, so both options come with high odds.

Where Can I Find Odds for the Australian National Basketball League?

You can find the odds for the Australian National Basketball League at Oddspedia. The betting resource covers different leagues, including some of the most popular competitions in Australia.

Can You Make Money Betting on Basketball?

Yes, you can make money betting on basketball. All you need is Oddspedia to give you bookmakers with high odds and provide you with basketball sure-bets from expert tipsters.

What Does +1.5 Mean when Betting on Basketball?

+1.5 is a handicap bet that requires the winning team to beat the loser by at least two or more points for your bet to be successful. 

Which Are the Best Bookmakers for Basketball?

Most bookmakers give excellent coverage to basketball, as it is one of the world's most followed sports, especially in the NBA. However, some offer live basketball streaming, enough to win us over. Some of the best basketball betting sites are bet365, Stake and Bwin.  

How to Win with Basketball Betting?

There is no magic formula to win at basketball betting. But you can follow a series of tips to bring you closer to winning more money. We suggest you be well-informed about the sport and consult the statistics before placing your bets. You can also rely on our basketball betting forecasts, where experts give their opinions. Finally, the best option will always be to use basketball safe-bets. You have a guaranteed bet and win every time when you see these options.  

What Is the Handicap in Basketball Betting?

On many occasions, the scales are unbalanced in basketball bets, with a clear favourite team over another. Thus, with Asian handicap betting, the weaker team is given an advantage of some points. Therefore, this makes the bets more interesting and the odds higher. In basketball, you can also make 3 Way Handicap Bets. These also include the option of a draw, which will be another way to win money. For example, we see the following handicaps:

  • Boston Celtics - 10.5
  • New York Knicks +10.5

That means the Boston Celtics are picked as a clear favourite for the game. And your handicap bet on the NY Knicks will win even if they lose the game by 10 points.

What Does Over Mean in Basketball Betting?

You can make over or under-bets on basketball, which means betting on one team scoring more or less than a certain amount of points. This can also be done in betting markets differently from points, such as rebounds. In the case of basketball, +162.5 is usually the most popular over-bet.

What Are the Best Markets to Bet On?

The most popular market to bet on basketball is the Moneyline, or the game-winner market. You can also bet on the total number of points or points per quarter. As well as on the winner of each quarter.

Will there be overtime, handicap bets and rebounds totals are the other most popular markets in basketball.

Are There Any Special Rules that Apply to Basketball Betting?

For the most part, basketball follows the classic rules for betting, but some tips can help:

  • Overtime: Unless otherwise stated, bets are valid for overtime.
    Abandoned Game: If the game is abandoned, the bets are void. Unless there are less than 5 minutes left and some houses take the result into account.
  • New NBA Schedule: If the game has been rescheduled on a different date in the NBA.  Most bookmakers will return your money, and the bet will be voided.
  • HT/FT bets: Only regular time is considered, not overtime.
  • The Quarter with The Most Points: All quarters must have ended, and carryover does not count.
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