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Basketball is one of the most followed sports worldwide, only behind football. At Oddspedia, we are very aware of the massive support for this sport and we have created a page for all basketball fans to find the best information and also help each other be better informed. 

Therefore, at Oddspedia we want to create a community where basketball fans can find the best information, news, and all the updates of the sport. Moreover, you will be able to follow all the live basketball results, as well as the statistics of each game. 

As sport is inevitably linked to sports betting, you will also find the best basketball odds for bookmakers available in your country thanks to our comparator. You can also make your own basketball predictions and win great prizes with our tipster competitions! 

Basketball Live Scores & Streams Today - Find all basketball results 

On this page, you can find all the live basketball results for today and also search for the day you want to know the past scores for, in addition to the future calendar. Just choose the date you want and check the basketball livescore to not miss any results! 

On the website, we constantly update the results so that our user always knows what is happening in any court in the world. It is really easy to keep up to date with all the live basketball scores anywhere, with live scores being updated within 5 seconds as of things happening on the court. If you want to search for a certain country, all you need to do is select it from the menu to see all the leagues.

For example, if you want to check the NBA results, go directly to the USA category and look for the NBA to see all the matches of the best league in the country. This applies to any competition in the world because you can find all professional competitions on this page. 

You can simply choose between the live basketball games that are currently being played or those that are scheduled later to follow the action on the spot. If you want to receive alerts for a certain game, just click on the bell and you will receive instant updates. All so you dont miss out on any live basketball results! 

Basketball Calendar 2021 - Schedules, tournament list, and rankings

You have the option to view the instantly updated basketball calendar on these pages. If you want to know the games scheduled for a certain day, simply go to the date indicated to see the schedule. By default, we show you today's basketball games. 

In addition, Oddspedia uses an automatic geolocation function, always showing you the most interesting leagues according to the country you are in. This means we will always show the NBA because it is the most important competition, but if you are in Argentina you will see the Argentinian league, while if you are in Italy you will receive information about Italian Lega A basketball matches

The list of competitions that we offer at Oddspedia is beyond impressive. You can choose any country in the world and you will see all of its basketball competitions, with the results updated moment to moment, as well as the classification of each tournament or how the play-offs will be at a certain point. You can also check schedules and fixtures from recurring events such as the Summer Olympics. Everything you need to make sure you don't miss a single detail about the sport! 

NBA - Check the latest team results for Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers and more

On the website, you will find absolutely all major basketball competitions and, of course, you will not miss any detail of the NBA results and all the information related to the American basketball league.

Get to know here first the results for all teams in the league. The matches for all teams can be followed live, with real-time match visualization.

In the page dedicated to the championship, for example, you will be able to see forecasts from tipsters, as well as the best statistics for the NBA, all live. Follow up to the minute everything that happens in the best league in the world! 

Euroleague - Fixtures for leading European teams like CSKA, Barcelona and more

Among the most outstanding competitions we have at Oddspedia, the one we want to highlight is the Euroleague, the best European basketball competition. You will be able to see all the results, classifications, statistics, odds, bets and forecasts of the Euroleague. Of course, you will also see all the information about the Final Four, the decisive matches of the competition. 

Latest basketball news and rumours

Dont miss out on all the basketball news from around the world so that you are always aware of what is happening in the sport! In this section, you will be able to see the most prestigious media with their basketball news so you can always see the latest developments in the sport. 

You will also be able to keep up with all the rumours and transfers of basketball, so the market will not be elusive and you will always know what moves are happening. Our intention is to show you the best sources, so we will only offer you media that are specialized in basketball and offer relevant news for our users. And if by any chance you run out of basketball news, you can also find news for upcoming tennis matches, ice hockey results and many other sports.

Basketball Betting Odds - Compare odds on NBA

Basketball betting is very popular, with hundreds of games every day and dozens of markets to choose from. Once you have all the information about live basketball scores and statistics, why not place your bets? Here you will see the best information to have more chances to place successful bets on basketball. 

Therefore, in this section, you will find a basketball odds comparator, where we will tell you which bookmaker pays you more for a certain result. You will also be able to check basketball bets and see the best tipsters that have been registered at Oddspedia. In short, you will have everything in your hand to make the most profitable basketball bets.

Here you can check our real-time basketball odds comparator and see which bookmaker offers you the most money for your basketball bets. The first thing you'll see is the Moneyline or Match Winner market, with the bookmaker icon offering you the highest betting odds for it. However, if you click on the event, you'll see all the markets for that game with the betting sites, so you can also compare odds on basketball handicap bets, for example. 

Use the filters to select whether you want to watch live matches or a particular competition, as well as the market. You can also see the odds of more than 80 bookmakers for a certain market. Finally, you only need to choose the one you want and go to the bookie to place your basketball bets.

We have to mention that Oddspedia's website is geolocated, so we will only show you operators that are available in the geographical area you are in. This way you will always know that you can register and get the bonus from the bookmakers we show you. 

Basketball betting FAQ  

Which are the best bookmakers for basketball?

Most bookmakers give very good coverage to basketball, as it is one of the most followed sports in the world, especially, the NBA games. However, there are some that offer live basketball streaming, which is enough to win us over. Among our favourites are bet365, William Hill and Bwin.  

How to watch free basketball online?

You can collect sports bets and watch basketball online for free at the same time. Some operators offer live streaming of major competitions, which you can use on your side to watch the games for free. You simply need to have a money account with that operator. Bet365, for example, offers you the ability to watch free basketball games on the Internet.  

How to win in basketball betting?

There is no magic formula to win at basketball betting, but you can follow a series of tips that will bring you closer to winning more money. Among other things, we suggest you to be well informed about the sport and consult the statistics before placing your bets. You can also rely on our basketball betting forecasts where experts give their opinion. Finally, the best option will always be to use the basketball safe bets where you will see the options you have for a pretty much-guaranteed bet and win every time.  

Are NBA team results updated in real time?

Yes, all scores are updated, from match start to finish. It doesn't matter if the games starts 18:00 or 19:15 - we will show it in your local time zone. Check the latest basket results for teams such as  Los Angelis Lakers  Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat  

What is the handicap in basketball betting?

On many occasions, the scales are very unbalanced in basketball bets, with a clear favorite team over another one. Thus, with the handicap tool or the Asian handicap, the weaker team is given an advantage of some points, making the bets more interesting and the odds higher. In basketball, you can also make 3 Way Handicap Bets, which also includes the option of a draw, which will be another way to win money.  For example, we see the following handicap:

  • Boston Celtics - 10.5
  • New York Knicks +10.5

That means that the Boston Celtics are picked as a clear favourite for the game, and your handicap bet on NY Knicks will win even if they lose the game by 10 points.

What does Over mean in basketball betting?

You can make Over or Under bets on basketball, which means to bet on one team scoring more or less than a certain amount of points. This can also be done in betting markets different from points, such as rebounds for example. In the case of basketball, +162.5 is usually the most popular over bet.  

What are the best markets to bet on?

The most popular market to bet on basketball is the Moneyline, or the game-winner market. You can also bet on the total number of points or per quarter, as well as on the winner of each quarter. Will there be overtime, handicap bets and rebounds totals are the other most popular markets you will find in basketball.  

Are there any special rules that apply to basketball betting?

For the most part, basketball follows the classic rules for betting, but there are some tips that can help:

  • Overtime: Unless otherwise stated, bets are valid for overtime.
  • Abandoned game: If the game is abandoned, the bets are void. Unless there are less than 5 minutes left and some houses take the result into account.
  • New NBA schedule: If the game has been rescheduled on a different date in the NBA, most houses will give your money back and the bet will be void.
  • HT/FT bets: Only regular time is taken into account and not overtime.
  • Quarter with the most points: All quarters must have ended and carryover does not count.

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