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Maybe you want to find out about which are the upcoming hockey games and the latest results. Or maybe you are looking for the latest hockey news, game previews and betting forecasts. Whatever the case - welcome to Oddspedia, because we have the answers to all your questions!

Or are you perhaps wondering which betting provider offers the best odds for ice hockey? Or if a bookmaker regularly offers free bets on ice hockey? Oddspedia provides you with the offers of all reputable licensed and regulated bookmakers for numerous ice hockey events and betting markets!

In addition, Oddspedia offers an ice hockey live ticker, tables and schedules, ice hockey statistics as well as odds comparisons and forecasts for ice hockey betting.

All this together makes Oddspedia without a doubt the best online portal for ice hockey fans!

Ice Hockey live scores and results with live streams for all games in the fixtures

If you want to get the latest ice hockey news and results at a glance, then Oddspedia is the place to be! Just select Ice Hockey from the list of sports, and you will see the most popular games worldwide at the top of the list. Of course, all live and pre-match data is provided for the leagues like North America's NHL as well as many other European leagues. And of course, big events like the Ice Hockey World Championship, the Ice Hockey European Championship as well as Ice Hockey at the Olympic Games are here too.

Oddspedia updates the live score data in real-time. Goalscorers, time-outs and maps, time-offs, substitutions, and other events are automatically updated within seconds.

Although most betting providers also provide a live ticker, Oddspedia's ice hockey coverage is unrivalled. Convince yourself of this - we are sure you won't want to miss Oddspedia anymore!

Stay up to date by activating notifications and simply selecting your favourite leagues and teams be it Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Calgary flames, Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals or Toronto Maple Leafs. You can tailor the notifications to your personal interests and only get informed about things that are relevant to you. For example, if the start time changes. 

Oddspedia Ice Hockey Scores Guide:

How do I find the latest ice hockey results?

You can find the ice hockey results of the previous day or a specific date using the calendar. The results of over 2.000 teams from over 180 leagues are available. Not only the most recent results, but also the results of previous seasons are archived. For example, not only the results of the NHL season 2020/2021 can be retrieved, but also the results of the 2012/2013 season, to name just one example. And the same applies to all other supported ice hockey leagues and tournaments.

Where can I find the live ticker for matches of today and yesterday?

You can find the live ticker for todays ice hockey games under the tab "Today" and the tab "Schedules" below. There you can find all DEL matches, KHL matches or USA NHL games of today as well as the game schedules of all other supported leagues with their respective kick-off times. The tab "Live", which is located to the right of the tab "Schedules", allows you to follow the current matches in the live ticker. For yesterdays results, simply select the "Yesterday" option in the menu above.

When will the ice hockey game schedules be announced?

This depends on the respective league or competition. Most leagues have fixed dates on which the game schedules for all matches are announced. The NHL’s game schedule is mostly announced before the start of the season for the whole regular season. The play-off dates are then published in February or March. The match dates of the Champions Hockey League are also announced at the beginning of the season. However, as with all knockout tournaments, there will be draw dates at a later point in time to determine the teams that will play against each other in the further rounds. Oddspedia will provide all hockey game schedules as soon as the betting companies have published their opening odds for the events.

How often is the live ticker updated?

The Ice Hockey Live Ticker is updated on Oddspedia - like all other sports by the way - in real-time with a delay of only a few seconds. To update the results you dont have to refresh the page because all game events are updated on the fly.

Where can I check live ice hockey results?

The live ice hockey results can be found in the match list at the top of Oddspedia's ice hockey section. In today's Ice Hockey Live Results you will find all matches of the current day. We provide you with a separate live ticker for each match, which is fed with a variety of data.

Where is the data of the live ticker for ice hockey games from yesterday available?

Just click on the tab "Yesterday" in the menu bar in the area above. Alternatively, you can also click on the calendar on the right side of the menu bar in question and select the previous day.

Ice Hockey News & Transfers

The hockey news section of Oddspedia is the place to go to keep up with the latest events from the world of hockey. The reason is simple: Oddspedia's Ice Hockey News is not just one of many websites where you can find ice hockey news, but the website that brings together all the relevant news from the world of ice hockey in one place!

On Oddspedia you will find the reports of almost all established news portals for ice hockey as well as the latest news from a number of other top sources. You are already convinced or? To make it even more appealing, we would like to present you with a few more advantages which will definitely convince you why you only need to visit Oddspedia to stay up-to-date.

Oddspedia brings the latest headlines from the leading news portals for ice hockey to your screen. Through the most comprehensive aggregation of ice hockey news, we provide you with the latest news from more than 10,000 sports portals. Since the Oddspedia News Algorithm is programmed to recognize and evaluate the relevance and quality of the headlines, you will, by the way, be presented with the most important and latest news at the top. And if ice hockey is not your cup of tea, don't worry! We've got news for esports matches, basketball matches, basically for all sports available on our platform.

That's why we at Oddspedia present the top headlines of the sports world even before the leading sports news sites. Oddspedia's crawler constantly scans all relevant ice hockey news portals in the world, which means that the reports appear on Oddspedia within minutes of their international initial publication. 

It will hardly surprise you that Oddspedia is also the sports portal where you will be the first and most detailed to learn about the latest events and rumours of the hockey transfer market. And the Transfer News is also based on many well-informed international sources. As an Oddspedia user, you are always the first to know about upcoming transfers and realistic transfer speculations. This way you are always up to date on what is happening and with a little skill, you can capitalize on it.

Ice Hockey Odds

Oddspedia sees itself as the most innovative platform for online betting odds. On Oddspedia you will find the live and pre-match odds including odds history of all serious online betting providers worldwide.

However, it is not only the odds that distinguish Oddspedia from other platforms, because the scope of reporting on the odds, including the ice hockey, is absolutely unique. Because we see it as our mission to provide ice hockey fans with the best and most comprehensive betting information from the world of ice hockey. And when we talk about sports betting, odds certainly play a decisive role.

By comparing the ice hockey odds at a number of betting companies, it is, therefore, possible to optimize the returns from successful bets. By comparing the ice hockey odds, Oddspedia helps ice hockey bettors to first identify valuable bets and then place them, thus becoming successful sports bettors!

Oddspedia's odds checker continuously checks the ice hockey betting odds of numerous reputable betting sites so that you are always provided with the most attractive online odds for ice hockey betting on Oddspedia. The only thing you need to check for yourself is the games of the current day. Just take a quick look at the match list of all games and see which betting provider has the best available odds. To see the odds of all bookmakers in detail, you can also call up a game and see all odds. You can also check the odds history of all bookmakers at the same place.


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