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It's our mission to help find the best online bookmaker for you. Our bookies list is constantly being updated, with the latest promotions and user ratings. 

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We have thoroughly checked and evaluated all the major online betting sites. Our expert reviews and bookmaker ratings will assess in detail each bookmaker and can help betting enthusiasts find the best one for them. 


How the Oddspedia bookmaker rating works

First of all, Oddspedia pre-selects bookmakers shown on the site in such a way that betting providers known to act fraudulently are not even included in the test, and the ones that have issues with the quality of their service may end up on our black list. Oddspedia then examines the other betting providers for various factors such as the odds quality (i.e. the price-performance ratio of the odds), the availability and competence of the customer support service, the time it takes for winnings to be paid out, the bonus offer, the scope of the betting offer and the legal situation of the respective bookmaker.


What needs to be considered when you choose a new betting site

Online sports betting enjoys great popularity worldwide.  On Oddspedia you will find numerous expert reviews and the user ratings of various online betting sites, all of which can generally be considered serious, as scammy bookmakers have already been sorted out in advance. Of course, it is important to do some research beforehand in order to avoid falling for an unreliable bookmaker. However, it should be noted that it is often the case that people complain about a provider because he does not act as they hoped or expected. In most cases, however, this is because the users have not read the bookmaker's general terms and conditions and/or bonus conditions. In addition, a telephone number, an e-mail address, the place of jurisdiction including the commercial register number, and the managing director of the company should be mentioned. Another important aspect is the users' reviews, which have already been mentioned. Make sure that the one betting provider has received positive ratings and this over a longer period of time.

Secure Online Gambling Sites

Of course, it would be great if you just had to choose the right website to reduce your risk. Unfortunately, it does not work quite so simply. You have to find trustworthy and reputable bookmakers, with proven track records.

Licensed Bookmakers

Gaming authorities are taking care to ensure reliability and payment security at online bookmakers. Each bookmaker has to be licensed by at least one of the following gambling commissions: United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Isle of Man Supervision Commission, Gibraltar Licensing Authority, Curacao Internet Gambling Association, or  Estonia Gambling Regulation. Bookmakers have to comply with many rules in order to get a license.

Betting Sites with Player Friendly T&C

Of course, it is of great importance that you place your bets on a betting provider whose general terms and conditions, terms of use and, if applicable, bonus conditions are to be evaluated as user-friendly. However, as the terms and conditions of serious betting providers are very similar, it would be presumptuous in the opinion of our editorial team to highlight individual bookmakers here. Instead, we would like to point out that we have carefully checked all betting providers listed on our website with regard to their terms and conditions and you can therefore trust that bookmakers that we rate as positive have fair terms and conditions, while those betting providers that do not do so have been blacklisted by Oddspedia.

What Do You Want from Your New Betting Site?

The bottom line is, of course, what you place particular emphasis on. For example, whether you place more value on fast and particularly competent support or whether you place more value on comprehensive sports betting offering. Or whether you see bigger importance to the bonus package or put more importance to higher odds. In principle, the positive characteristics of the betting sites can also be combined, and this is where Oddspedia comes in as your reliable and independent comparison platform. Because our comprehensive odds and bonus comparisons allow you to always get the best out of your bets and thus earn more money via better odds. On the other hand, it is of course convenient to always place your bets with the same bookmaker. At the end of the day, however, it is usually those sports betting operators who act flexibly and do not give anything away to the betting providers, who then also bet profitably in the long run. In this respect, every sports bettor should definitely consider whether comfort or profit is more important to him.


How a bookmaker can achieve a high rating at Oddspedia

Oddspedia takes various factors into account when evaluating betting providers, including the quality of the odds offered(i.e. the price-performance ratio of the odds), the customer service, the reliability, the bonus offer, the scope of the betting section and, of course, the bookmakers' licensing situation. In order to receive a high overall rating, a betting provider must have scored well to very good in all these points (and several more) in the Oddspedia test.


Why some online bookmakers are badly rated by Oddspedia

If Oddspedia gives a bookmaker a bad rating, this is always in the interest of the users of our platform. Oddspedia is not paid by the bookmakers for positive ratings and can therefore rate the bookmakers 100% objectively. This is of the utmost importance to us, because if we did not present our users with authentic ratings and the users had bad experiences with a bookmaker, then the user would rightly attribute this to our rating and Oddspedia would probably be dead to them. In order to prevent this from happening, we do not get paid for good reviews and even blacklist betting providers who try to do this. You can therefore be sure that the Oddspedia ratings are 100% in line with the real test results. In addition to possible dubious offers from individual bookmakers, there are various other reasons why Oddspedia may give a betting provider a bad rating. These include factors such as the odds level (i.e. the price-performance ratio of the odds), the availability and competence of the customer service, the period until the betting account balance is paid out, the scope and transparency of the bonus offer, the scope of the betting markets and sports offered and the licensing situation of a betting provider. If a bookmaker performs poorly in at least one of these areas, he will not receive a positive overall assessment from Oddspedia. If he performs badly in two of these areas, he will receive a rather negative overall assessment, and if he performs badly in more than two of these areas, the overall assessment will definitely be negative.


Things to consider when creating a new betting account

Before you open an account with a betting provider, you should of course first make sure that the bookmaker is a reputable provider. Oddspedia is of course the perfect platform to check this. In addition, you should first check whether the provider in question offers the sports, competitions and/or betting markets you want to bet on. You can also find this information on Oddspedia by filtering the bets according to the options available, so that only those betting providers that meet all your criteria are left. It is also worth comparing the current bonus offers to see which of the bookmakers that meet your criteria has the most attractive offer for you. Last but not least, the odds level of the various betting providers should also be included in the equation to check which of the remaining providers will pay you the highest winnings in case of a successful bet.


Depositing Money at Online Bookmakers

As a rule, deposits with betting providers are easy to make. Almost all bookmakers offer various popular payment methods such as PayPal, credit card (at least Visa Card and MasterCard), Skrill, Neteller or Bitcoin, to name but a few. Simply choose the payment method that seems most suitable to you and make a deposit after registration - optionally via a bonus link. All bookmakers rated positively by Oddspedia will then immediately credit your customer account with the balance. The process is generally very simple and can be repeated as often as required. Tip: Because of this simplicity, consider opening accounts with a number of betting companies and distributing your betting capital among the various accounts. You can then book guaranteed winnings through arbitrage betting.


How to Choose The Best Betting Offers

To get the best betting deals, be sure to follow the betting tips from our worldwide tipster community. Tipsters are professional sports bettors who comprehensively analyse a large number of bets and act as tipsters for the Oddspedia community. Not only can you find out the best odds for a particular match, you can also get a free professional analysis of the likely outcome of a match. Of course, no tipster can always be right, but if you have found a tipster who is right with an above-average frequency (this can also be checked on Oddspedia), you can benefit from this by placing the same bets frequently. Of course you should not blindly follow a tipster, but always consider whether you can follow the analysis of the tipster. If this is not the case, it is better to check further expert opinions until you have found an analysis that you can follow. Once this is the case, you should also check the various betting companies for the odds on the bet in question. You can do this right here by using the filters on the left to find the event you want to bet on and then clicking on it in the next step. There you will then be shown the pre-match odds and, if applicable, the live odds if the event has already started.



Helpful Betting Tips to Get Regular Wins and Beat the Bookmaker

You know the old saying, "The bank always wins," don't you? But is that really true? Well, by and large, it certainly is true, which is because most customers - in the betting industry, that is, sports fans - do not have a clear strategy, while companies on the other hand do, of course. However, there are various strategies by means of which you, as an individual sports bettor, are very likely to beat the betting provider over a longer period of time. These include betting strategies such as Value Bets or betting with tools such as Dropping Odds and Blocked Matches, which Oddspedia provides you with free of charge.

If you choose a betting strategy based on one of our tools, you have a very high chance of betting profitably in the long run, as you will definitely benefit from better odds. Of course, you still need to place the right bet often enough in order to bet profitably on the bottom line. This is where our tipsters come into play, who provide you with very detailed analyses of the probable results and are therefore more often correct than the average sports weather.

If you want to play it safe, you can also use the Sure Bets tool to pursue an arbitrage strategy, which makes losses impossible. On the other hand, the margins on arbitrage bets are usually not very high, so that it is guaranteed to be the safest, but not necessarily the most profitable betting strategy. In the end, every sports betting player must find the strategy that suits his personal preferences. It is clear, however, that a sports bettor who wants to bet profitably at the end of the day should follow a clear strategy and then essentially stick to it in order not to run the risk of losing his winnings through spontaneous "emotional betting". 


Frequently asked questions about bookmakers

In the following we would like to go into more detail about a number of questions that we receive frequently from our users. The following is Oddspedia's FAQ (short form for frequently asked questions) for betting providers & sports betting:

What is a bookmaker?

  A bookmaker or betting company is a provider of sports betting services. Bookmakers always set odds at which they calculate that they will always be profitable overall. However, since the estimates and expectations regarding the distribution of bets on possible outcomes differ from one betting provider to another, betting providers sometimes offer significantly different odds for the same event. 
Bookmakers have been around as long as professional sports have existed, probably even longer. The oldest bookmakers still active today have been on the market for over 130 years, as of 2020. Ladbrokes, for example, was founded in 1886, but the betting industry has shifted more and more to the internet since the late 1990s. Initially driven by new companies such as bwin, all betting providers today offer online betting at least optionally if not exclusively. This only has advantages for customers, because on the one hand the odds of the various bookmakers can be compared with offers like ours much better than offline, and on the other hand the online odds are also more attractive than offline odds, because the betting providers simply add their costs for personnel and shop rent to the odds, so that they have to pay out less profits to successful sports betting companies due to poorer offline odds, thus compensating for their higher costs in the offline sector.

What is a sports bet?

A sports bet is a bet on a specific event during an event or the outcome of a sports event. The range of different betting options - the so-called betting markets - is very extensive. For example, many betting providers offer not only the traditional win bet (on the winner of a sporting event or a draw between two teams), but also many other bets such as BTTS (both teams to score), over/under 2.5 goals, bets on goals scored by a team in the first or second half of the season, which player scores, or bets on the exact result, to name but a few of the countless betting markets. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the risk taken, the higher the potential win on a successful bet.

Where can I place a bet?

While Oddspedia itself is not a betting provider, we see our mission in helping you to choose the best betting provider for your personal needs. There are a large number of betting companies that will gladly accept your bets, and it is not difficult to find them on the Internet. The challenge is rather to find the right bookmaker(s) with regard to the odds offered and the sports and competitions supported. Of course, other factors also play a role in choosing the right bookmaker, such as the quality and accessibility of customer service, the deposit and withdrawal options offered, the duration of the withdrawal, the bonus offer and the bookmaker's licence. Oddspedia has examined all betting providers in Europe for you and, depending on the legislation you are subject to, will help you find the best bookmakers according to your individual preferences.

How can I be successful in betting?

Well, the easiest way is to listen to your gut feeling and place some bets. Maybe you are a natural and don't need to follow any particular strategy. However, the vast majority of sports betting will not be successful over a long period of time if you bet according to your gut feeling. Therefore, Oddspedia recommends its users to use the Oddspedia tools Sure Bets, Value Bets, Dropping Odds, Blocked Matches and Blocked Odds to gain significant advantages, which will most likely determine whether or not they bet profitably over a longer period of time.

Can I make a living by betting on sports?

This question can probably only be answered with a "yes" or a "yes, but...". Because although this is definitely possible, it is certainly not easy. In most cases, this requires not only a very analytical way of thinking and procedures, but also a certain amount of experience. And betting experience naturally includes negative betting experiences, from which an ambitious sports bettor can learn his lessons. As in other areas of life, it is important not to make the same mistake twice. Therefore, it is crucial for an ambitious sports bettor not only to optimise his strategy and analyse upcoming events, but also to reflect on lost bets to see if he has overlooked anything. Because often one only recognises one's mistakes in retrospect, i.e. in retrospect. In order not to repeat these mistakes, it is important to think about the lost bets again. Of course, this is no guarantee that you will bet more successfully in the future. However, it can help to continuously reduce the error rate, which in turn leads to even better analysed bets and therefore higher chances of higher profits in the future. All in all, it can be said that it is quite possible to make a living from sports betting, but on the other hand this is not child's play and requires not only an analytical way of thinking and acting but also a lot of time and usually experience.

Which bookers can I trust?

As Oddspedia has, as described above, already closely examined all listed betting providers, this question can basically be answered by saying that this applies to all bookmakers on Oddspedia's positive list. Nevertheless, with the many millions of sports bettors, it is of course impossible to completely avoid the occasional disagreement between serious bookmakers and individual customers. In our experience, however, this is usually due to the fact that users have not read the terms and conditions, terms of use or bonus conditions carefully and have then not fulfilled their expectations. 
Regardless of this - and unfortunately even the best company is not immune to this - it can of course also happen from time to time that an individual member of the customer service staff does not process a case in the way he or she should according to the company's articles of association.  Disappointed customers deny the seriousness of the company even in such rather rare cases. In fact, legitimate concerns of serious bookmakers can usually be resolved at the latest with a second contact at customer service. 
As the Oddspedia editorial team is 100% neutral and objective, we do not refer you to a specific bookmaker at this point, but let you decide which of the numerous reputable betting providers you feel is best.

How to register at an online bookmaker?

Registering online with a betting provider is very easy. After you have decided on a betting provider via the odds or bookmaker comparison on Oddspedia, you can click on a corresponding link to go directly to the registration on the website of the respective bookmaker. It will then guide you through the registration process in a few small steps, which shouldn't take more than a few mins. You have to fill in your personal details and payment information. Once you have completed registration and made your first deposit, you can start betting immediately.  

Which bookmaker has the best odds?

This question is of course also justified, but unfortunately there is no clear answer to this question either. In reality, it is rather the case that it varies greatly which betting provider offers the best odds for an event. In this respect we can only refer you to our odds comparison, which always provides you with the best pre-match odds and live odds for events of all conceivable sports, competitions and betting markets.

How do I deposit money?

Making a deposit with a bookmaker is a very simple process. The bookmakers do not all do this in exactly the same way, but you can be sure that all bookmakers have made it so simple that you will have no difficulty in finding the deposit option on the betting platform. If you register, you will usually even be taken directly to the deposit option, where you can choose your preferred payment method from a range of popular payment options. Usually you can choose between PayPal, credit card (at least Visa Card and MasterCard, sometimes also American Express) and a SEPA direct debit, among other things, as to how you wish to make the deposit. In addition or alternatively, many betting providers also offer other means of payment such as Skrill, Neteller, Klarna/immediate bank transfer and some even offer payment by Bitcoins.


When making a deposit, you should also make sure that the website is SSL-encrypted so that the transmission of your payment data is 100% secure. You can recognise this by the lock to the left of the browser address of the relevant website in the browser search bar. If the padlock is not locked or if instead of the padlock an "i" is displayed to the left of the browser address and if clicking on the "i" you are informed that the website is not completely secure, you should better refrain from providing your payment details on the website, as in this case there is a residual risk that your payment details may be intercepted by hackers during transmission to the website's server. If, on the other hand, a locked padlock is visible in the aforementioned place, you can send your payment details to the website with complete peace of mind; in this case, the protection of your data is 100% guaranteed.

Which bookmaker should I avoid?

This question can basically be answered very simply by saying that this includes all those providers that Oddspedia considers fraudulent. This includes all those websites that Oddspedia has listed under the “Black List” tab.

Which bookmaker is the biggest worldwide?

Usually, most people are interested in the following stats: betting turnover and number of customers. However, as no company is leading in both figures, and as the top bookmakers generally all have impressive figures to show. If there can be only one winner, bet365 is still the king among kings.  
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