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All about the Europa League


The UEFA Europa League as we know it today was founded in September 1971, the result of a decision by European football's top body to make room for those clubs not taking part in the UEFA Champions League or the now-defunct UEFA Cup Winners Cup. 11 different nations have seen their teams lift the UEFA Europa League, which in 2010 took its current name by abandoning the UEFA Cup and also integrating the Intertoto Cup. Sevilla FC, with five titles, is the most successful club in the competition, followed by Juventus, Inter Milan, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, all with three titles.

The Europa League champion, once he lifts his trophy, has a place to play the European Super Cup against the winner of the Champions League of the same season. Also, since 2014, the Europa League champion plays the following year's Champions League.

After the Champions League, the Europa League is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, mainly because there are seasons when world footballs classics have the chance to win a continental title after a bad experience in the Champions League or in their domestic league. As with the Champions League, the Europa League is home to the second, third, and fourth place finishers in some domestic leagues with fewer places per coefficient for the Champions League.


In its early days, the Europa League, once known as the UEFA Cup, was played in a very different way to the current Europa League format. In the beginning, and as a good fan of the Fair Cup, the UEFA Cup was played through a system of direct elimination between the clubs that disputed it, until a final where the champion was decided. However, unlike the Champions League, all matches were played in both legs, including the final, until 1998.

After the disappearance of the Cup Winners Cup in 2000, the UEFA Cup increased the number of teams considerably, which led in 2005 to a group stage with 40 teams, which increased to the current 48 already in the Europa League model.

Since then, 213 teams have played in the Europa League since the first of the four previous rounds that begin in June and end in May with the champion. A champion who gets a place to play the European Super Cup and the next edition of the Champions League.

League Records - Which teams have the most titles

Spain's supremacy in recent years in the Europa League has been truly overwhelming, although we could even give it a name of its own: Sevilla FC. In the 21st century, Seville has won all their titles (5), surpassing their pursuers in the number of titles in a short period of time, including Atletico Madrid, who have also won three in recent seasons. 28 different clubs have lifted the UEFA Europa League or UEFA Cup in their history, some of which are very well known and others that have never managed to lift it. See the complete list of the winners of the Europa League in its history:

  • 1. Seville - 5 titles
  • 2. Juventus - 3 titles (1 runner-up)
  • 3. Inter Milan - 3 titles (1 runner-up)
  • 4. Liverpool - 3 titles (1 runner-up)
  • 5. Atlético de Madrid - 3 titles
  • 6. Borussia Mönchengladbach - 2 titles (2 runner-ups)
  • 7. Tottenham Hotspur - 2 titles (1 runner-up)
  • 8. Real Madrid - 2 titles
  • 9. IFK Göteborg - 2 titles
  • 10. Parma - 2 titles
  • 11. Feyenoord - 2 titles
  • 12. Porto - 2 titles
  • 13. Chelsea - 2 titles
  • 14. Anderlecht - 1 title (1 runner-up)
  • 15. Ajax - 1 title (1 runner-up)
  • 16. PSV Eindhoven - 1 title
  • 17. Eintracht Frankfurt - 1 title
  • 18. Ipswich Town - 1 title
  • 19. Bayer Leverkusen - 1 title
  • 20. Naples - 1 title
  • 21. Bayern Munich - 1 title
  • 22. Schalke 04 - 1 title
  • 23. Galatasaray - 1 title
  • 24. Valencia CF - 1 title
  • 25. CSKA Moscow - 1 title
  • 26. Zenit - 1 title
  • 27. Shakthar Donetsk - 1 title
  • 28. Manchester United - 1 title
  • 29. Villareal - 1 title

All-time Top Goalscorers

Many of the great players in history have also left their mark on the Europa League or UEFA Cup. Many of them are also on the list of the top scorers in the Europa League and European Championship, in its history. Players as classic as Henrik Larsson, who holds the record for the number of goals scored in this competition with 40. And far behind is the second, albeit still active, player, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (34). Among the top scorers in the UEFA Europa League is a coach who also holds Champions League titles, such as Jupp Heynckes, who has the best goal average in the competition, with 1.1 goals per game for Borussia Möenchengladbach. The list of the top 10 scorers in the Europa League as of 2021 is:

  • 1. Henrik Larsson - 40 goals
  • 2. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar - 34 goals (active)
  • 3. Radamel Falcao - 31 goals (active)
  • 4. Aritz Adúriz - 31 goals
  • 5. Dieter Müller - 29 goals
  • 6. Shota Arveladze - 27 goals
  • 7. Kevin Gameiro - 26 goals (active)
  • 8. Alessandro Altobelli - 25 goals
  • 9. Mladen Petric - 25 goals
  • 10. Claudio Pizarro - 24 goals (active)

Best Coaches

There are many legendary coaches who have gone through the Europa League, formerly UEFA Cup. Two shine above the rest and are on the podium of the best coaches in the Europa League: Giovanni Trapattoni and Unai Emery. Both have won three continental titles and are the ones who have more than the rest, where Diego Simeone, Jose Mourinho, Rafa Benitez, Luis Molowny or Juande Ramos stand out.

The truth is that Spain and Italy are the countries that have the most successful coaches, in a list where we must not forget names like Bobby Robson, Louis Van Gaal, Franz Beckenbauer, Dino Zoff, Sven-Goran Eriksson, etc.

Participating Teams

With so many UEFA teams, and precisely the Europa League, with more than 213 participants, the list of participating teams in the Europa League is immense, but there are classics that year and year also do not want to miss this competition. All these teams include European football classics, some of which have disappeared or been rebuilt. Those have given, year after year, the shine of the Europa League to a competition that covers that small nucleus of teams that do not have access, or have it only very rarely, to the Champions League.

Sporting Club de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon) is the club with the most appearances in the Europa League/UEFA Cup with 32, followed by Bruges with 30 and Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) with 28. The fourth-placed team with the most appearances is Inter Milan (27), who have three strikes to their name.

The teams in the Europa League with the most appearances are:

  • 1. Sporting Club de Portugal - 34 times
  • 2. Club Brugge - 32 times
  • 3. Red Star - 29 times
  • 4. Inter Milan - 28 times
  • 5. Feyenoord - 28 times
  • 6. PAOK Thessaloniki - 28 times
  • 7. Ajax - 28 times
  • 8. PSV - 25 times
  • 9. Bordeaux - 22 times
  • 10. Benfica - 22 times

Europa League Fixtures & Live Scores today

Discover on this page all the upcoming matches and results of the Europa League. Football scores are updated instantly so that you know everything that happens at the moment it happens on the field. The matches will be ordered by starting time and grouped by round, so you will see matches across groups of playing on the same matchday.  

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Upcoming Europa League matches

In this tab, you can see all the matches of the UEFA Europa League. Check the calendar of the preliminary phase of access to the Europa League, as well as the group phase with all the matches. Don't miss the next matches of the Europa League that will be played until the big final. From June to May of the following year, the Europa League does not stop. 213 teams play in the Europa League on behalf of the UEFA member federations.

The Europa League starts in June, with the draw for the first preliminary round, which will be followed by two more rounds before reaching the draw for the Group Stage at the end of August. The teams from the Federations with the lowest UEFA coefficient are those that need to go through more preliminary rounds to reach the Europa League group stage draw. Subsequently, 12 groups of 4 teams play as a league, where only the top two teams go through to the next round of play-offs, where the 8 teams of the Champions League Group Stage are also added. Double-header play-offs until the grand final, which will see the champion of the competition crowned.

Live Europa League results

You can check here the live Europa League results, updated up to the minute. But that's not all, as we also have the results of previous matches and past seasons of European competition. All available on Oddspedia. Move through the existing calendar on our page to go day by day discovering what the different teams in the Europa League are doing. You can filter by season or exact date to see the games you need. The results of the Europa League will be available to you to remind you of legendary matches. But that's not all, thanks to the Europa League statistics you will be able to know the goal scorers, assistants, different variables and of course the comments of our Oddspedia community.

Europa League Calendar

You can also check the Europa League calendar here. Choose the date and you will have the complete program for the day at your disposal. The Europa League has fixed dates for upcoming fixtures of the Group Stage. If there is any change, Oddspedia will be one of the first to inform you about it.  

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Latest News and Headlines

Check out all the news from the Europa League to find out what's happening in the second continental competition of European football. 

The news about the UEL will be available in our Europa League news section, with headlines from numerous media and information sources. Everything that is happening around the league will be available as soon as it is published.  So if something happens to any team in the Europa League, Oddspedia will be one of the first to inform about it. You will also find previews and rumours from the critics as well as official announcements from the Europa League and other major football leagues and tournaments like the European Championship.

Betting - Odds Comparison & Promotions 

Do you like betting on the Europa League? Oddspedia has everything ready for you to get what you need to make the most of your money here.  
In our bookmaker section you will find the best odds for the Europa League. You will simply have to find each match to see the odds offered on "Winner of the Match", "Total Goals", "Total Corners", "Both teams to score" or any other market. You can do this with really easy navigation and really useful and accurate information.

If you like to bet on Europa League matches in a specific way, select the match you like best and in no time you can be making money on your bets. You will be able to see the comparative odds of the Champions League games with the different bookmakers, all of them available in your region. 

Odds Comparison - Get the most out of your bets

One of the great tools that Oddspedia offers to Europa League fans is the Odds Comparison, where you can see the best odds for the Europa League. Here you will find a great portfolio of betting markets across many bookmakers. Europes second-largest continental club competition is also one of the most closely followed in the world alongside the Champions League. With odds mirroring the bookies’ listings you can compare and find some valuable bets before kickoff.

Outright Betting - Picking up the Europa League winner

Europa League winning bets will be available from the start of the competition at the best bookmakers in the market. Each operator will give you the odds for each team to lift the trophy at the end of the competition. To do this, you can use the statistics that we offer at Oddspedia to get an informed opinion on who will be the winner. The favourites will always be on the agenda, with Sevilla FC looking for their sixth title, although Manchester United also want to savour the honeys of European success again. Will there be any surprise teams to lift the trophy?

Of course, the group stage, your champions or team positions will be available to invest your money. Oddspedia offers you all the long-term betting options for Europes second-largest international club competition, the Europa League.

Betting on Match Winner

The most classic bet made by the Oddspedia community is "Winner of the Game". It is also known as 1X2 and it is simply to predict who will be the winner of the match or if there will be a draw. Three possible outcomes that give you a 33.3% probability on each of them to get your money back. Each bookmaker in the Europa League will show you a different odds for this market thanks to our betting comparator, so you can find the odds that suit you best.

Accumulator betting on the Europa League

The large number of Europa League matches that exist means that the combined or parlays are one of the best ways to make money from the tournament. Europa League combo can allow you to bet on several match teams and the winnings will be calculated according to the value of each match. Also, many Europa League bookmakers have promotions that link this competition with the Champions League. This will allow you to see 4x3 or 3x2 offers, where a lost selection can be returned to the user, so you wont see your betting budget shrink.

Best bookmakers and promotions for Europa League

The UEFA Europa League matches are really exciting, as the equality of the lesser teams is tremendous. This makes betting on the Europa League really famous all over the world. Here at Oddspedia, we will offer you the best bookmakers for the Europa League, so along with our information, you will be able to answer the question of Which is the best bookmaker for me? We make a comparison of bookmakers, classifying them by different criteria. For example, the best odds for teams or matches in the Europa League, as well as special promotions for the competition. In the review of each bookmaker, you will have relevant information, in addition to the opinions of our Oddspedia community, as well as the different payment methods, bonuses and offers they have.

In Oddspedia you will have the best bet comparator for you, besides seeing the local operators so you can always find your best option whether you are in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia or Spain. Our location system will adapt our website so you can invest your money safely. Of course, our reviews are honest and real, reviewed by our team, and with the opinions of our community. They will always be there to give their opinion and advice about the different sports events.


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