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Hot Bets is a unique tool, which lets you explore predictions based on a team's form and performance in previous matches. With 74% Hit Rate it is the ultimate destination for stats heads looking to find valuable bets through statistical trends. Learn more
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Oddspedia Hot Bets Tool- What Is It & How Does The Tool Work?

Oddspedia's revolutionary tool "Hot Bets" is Here! It uses comprehensive game statistics to improve your football betting results. By analysing historical data and identifying patterns, it highlights matches with high probabilities of certain outcomes. Thus, providing you with valuable insights and percentage probabilities. So, you can make informed betting decisions. Experience the power of Hot Bets today and unlock your betting potential!

The Hot Bets tool shows statistics for each team, based on the results of recent matches to help bettors make the right choices in football betting. Below we explain in detail how our unique assistant works.

Data Collection And Analysis

Data is collected, compiled and analysed by our Hot Bets tool from a variety of reliable and trusted sources. Some of this data includes:

  • Team Points
  • Historical Match Results
  • Goals Scored
  • Cards Received
  • Corners Earned
  • Head To Head Stats

Match Filtering

The tool applies strict criteria to filter matches and display only the most relevant data. To fulfil the criteria both teams must have played at least 5 games and have a cumulative success rate of at least 50% in a particular market.

Calculation of Cumulative Success Rates

Hot Bets calculates the combined success rates of both teams for a particular market. These success rates reflect the team's historical performances for the market in question. The higher the success rate of the teams, the higher the probability of a prediction.

Percentage Probability and Match Analysis

Based on the collated data, the tool assigns a percentage probability to each potential outcome.

Comparison of Statistical Probability and Bookmakers' Odds

The Hot Bets tool allows you to compare the statistical probabilities generated by the tool with the odds provided by the bookmakers. By identifying discrepancies between the two, you can identify favourable betting opportunities.

Informed Betting Decisions

Armed with our tool, you will be able to make better-informed betting decisions. Hot Bets provides you with the data and analysis you need to develop your betting strategy. And potentially improve your chances of making a profit.

Betting Markets And Leagues

Hot Bets monitors and analyses several popular markets to suit a variety of football betting preferences. The tool provides information and statistics for the following markets:

  • Total Over/Under Goals
  • Total Over/Under Cards
  • Total Over/Under Corners
  • Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

These markets cover a wide range of options. Thus allowing you to diversify your betting strategies and explore different betting options. And Oddspedia's extensive coverage of football leagues will provide you with a variety of match choices. We have all the top football tournaments as well as the lesser-known national leagues.

User Settings

To make it as easy as possible for you to use our unique tool, we have developed a convenient filtering system. This allows you to sift out unnecessary items and concentrate on the essentials. 

You can use the following criteria to customise the tool:

  • Betting Markets - Select the market that interests you to only view the options for this market.
  • Percentage of Probability (51% - 100%) - Move the slider left and right to adjust the criteria to the one that you desire.
  • Number of Matches Played (5 to 20) -  adjust the slider to the number of matches that you want to include.
  • Betting Odds (0.05/1 to 2/1+)
  • Time Line - Tips are available for upcoming matches in the next 24  or 48 hours, just select an option.
  • Bookmakers - You can search for a bookmaker by starting to type its name in the search box. Or you can scroll down the list and check the box next to the desired bookmaker.

Profit with Our Hot Bets Today!

The Hot Bets tool helps you say goodbye to guesswork in football betting, and make predictions based on real data. With its user-friendly interface, extensive information base and constantly updated information. Our tool gives you a competitive edge, increases your chance of a winning bet and takes your betting to the next level. However, it is important to remember that sports betting always carries an element of risk. 

Factors such as injuries, team form and unexpected events can affect the outcome of a match.  So, it is advisable to use Hot Bets as a complementary tool alongside your research and analysis.

Hot Bets Tool FAQ

How Does the Hot Bets Tool Determine Which Matches to Display?

Our Hot Bets tool determines which matches to display based on certain criteria. This being

  • Only matches in which both teams have played at least 5 games
  • A combined success rate of at least 50% for a given market

These criteria guarantee that you will only see the matches with a higher success rate.

Should I Only Use The Hot Bets Predictions For My Betting?

No, you should only use our Hot Bets predictions to complement your research and assist your decision-making. 

Although our Hot Bets Tool provides you with valuable insights and statistical probabilities. It is important to research other factors such as team news, injuries and recent form.

Which Markets Do The Hot Bets Tool Track?

Hot Bets currently tracks the following four betting markets

  1. Total Over/Under Goals
  2. Corners
  3. Cards
  4. BTTS (Both Teams To Score)

These markets cover a wide range of possibilities and give you a variety of betting options to explore.

How Accurate Are The Statistical Probabilities Provided By Hot Bets?

The statistical probabilities provided by our Hot Bets tool are as accurate as they can be. It is important to remember that in sports betting no 100% prediction. Due to the uncertainty in sports, which is one reason why we love them so much. All our statistical probability calculations are based on historical data and team performances. Thus giving you the best betting scenarios. So use our Hot Bets probabilities as a valuable guide when analysing bets.

Can I Compare The Hot Bets Statistical Probabilities With Different Bookmakers?

Yes, Hot Bets allows you to compare its statistical probabilities with different bookmakers. This feature allows you to identify discrepancies between statistical odds and those of the bookmaker. So, it can potentially open up valuable betting opportunities for you.

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