A Tennis Betting Guide for Beginners Cover

A Tennis Betting Guide for Beginners

by Oddspedia Experts
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Tennis is among the sports most followed by fans worldwide. It means that thousands of sports bettors around the globe look for ways to bet on different matches across the year. If you are new to the sport, it can be hard to understand various unique markets and analyse games accurately. Read on to learn how to bet on tennis games and learn tips to increase your chances of winning.
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How Tennis Betting Works

Tennis betting differs slightly from other ball games as there is no draw. A tennis match consists of 3 to 5 games and is played on a rectangular court where one or two players are placed on different sides of a net. Each side focuses on winning the game by earning more points than the opponent.

Betting on a men's or women's tennis game involves placing a bet on the player that one thinks would win the game. Other options include the first to hit a certain number of points, margins and handicaps. If the prediction is correct, you win the potential win amount.

You will find tennis games arranged as per major tournaments or countries so that you can find the preferred one with ease. All you must do is select the game and market before determining the bet amount and placing your bet.

Tennis Odds Explained

The odds determine how much money you will win if your bet goes through. They vary widely from one sports betting market to another, depending on various variables. It would be best to read the odds clearly to make an informed gaming decision.

Most bookmakers offer odds in the form of fractions or decimals. The decimal odds are pretty straightforward, where you get the expected win by multiplying the odds with your cash. However, fractional odds show the probability of the player winning. Here is an example: if a player has odds of 10/1, the player has ten in one chance of winning the game. He is how to calculate the odds. (The formula is B (A+B) = Win %) Therefore, the win probability is 1 (10+1) = 11%.

Players with higher probabilities in the Moneyline market are usually the favourites.

Most Common Tennis Betting Types Explained

You can pick various markets to bet on tennis games. It is essential to understand each type of bet to choose the best market for your prediction. Here are some of the popular ones and how to bet on them.

Match Betting

A match bet is usually similar to a Moneyline or outright bet. However, in this case, you are not choosing the winner of the tennis tournament but the individual game you are looking at. As said earlier, there is no draw in the options, and you can only pick either of the players.

The odds for either side depend on the expected outcome. The favourites usually have lower odds than the underdogs. However, having lower odds does not mean either side has the upper hand in winning. Here is an example. In a game between James Belt (2.35) and Wallace Watson (3.21), you decide who among them would win and place your bet. It is the most straightforward type of bet.

Set Betting

In set betting, you predict the winner of the tennis match and the result of the tennis sets. In essence, you are enhancing the odds by betting on two outcomes in a tennis set. Here is an example: if Albert Montana is playing Santiago Giraldo, your set bets may look like this:

  • Albert Montana to win 2-1
  • Albert Montana to win 2-0
  • Santiago Giraldo wins 2-1
  • Santiago Giraldo wins 2-0

Bookmakers provide a line for any possible outcome in the two of the three best outcomes in a three-set match. This type of betting has better odds than betting for a win or the outcome of a set alone.


A scorecast bet usually involves wagering on the exact score of a set along with the expected winner. However, since you are betting on two outcomes, the odds for the option are usually higher than in many tennis markets. However, it also has a higher risk than other markets.

Scorecast markets usually list options for each set. Therefore, you can bet on one or more sets at once. Here is an example: Guido Pella is playing with Santiago Giraldo. These are the scorecast options, including exact scores and winners as follows.

  • Santiago Giraldo 6-0 2.5 Guido Pella 6-1 3.04
  • Santiago Giraldo 6-1 2.01 Guido Pella 6-2 3.45
  • Santiago Giraldo 6-2 2.62 Guido Pella 6-3 4.01

Over/Under Betting

In most cases, the over/under betting involves a bet on the number of sets each game will take to complete. In this case, you are not picking a winner but rather the duration of the match. The popular market in this section is usually over/under 2.5.

If you believe the tennis match will take two straight sets, you bet for under 2.5. However, if you feel the match will take more than the straight sets, you go for the over-market. The odds for either selection are usually skewed and not even.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting or spread betting usually improves the odds of the outrights or match betting. If you expect a player to win, such as when a strong player meets a weaker one, you can instead bet on the margin of the win or loss.

As the name suggests, in handicap betting, you are giving one player a handicap or boosting the odds of the weaker ones to provide them with a level playing field before the start of the match. Here is an example. The odds of a game may be:

  • Player 1 +2.5
  • Player 2 -2.5

In this case, you will be betting that player one will lose by three sets and player 2 will win by a similar number of sets. If player one loses by a single set, you lose the bet. Similarly, if the player two wins by just two sets, it is a loss.

Tennis Accumulators

Tennis accumulators are multiple bets. You combine several bets to increase your odds and enjoy higher payouts. However, this also increases the risks. However, if you do a thorough analysis, you can still win reasonable amounts. Many players go for the match bets to include in their tennis accumulators, but you can pick any tennis market for your selections.

Accumulator bets are settled once all the games on the bet slip are concluded. A single loss means that you lose your entire stake. However, some bookmakers offer insurance promotions such as free bets or cashback options to refund some of the cash they lose in selected accumulator bets. Others give cash-out options to get your winnings before all the selections are concluded.

Long-Term and Special bets

You place long-term bets for games that will take a long period to be concluded. For example, you may bet on the winner of a tournament. This means that your bet will be settled after the last game of the said tournament. In this case, the outcome of the individual matches does not affect the prediction as long as your selected player makes it to the final game.

Other special bets do not rely on a player winning or losing in the game but rather something happening. You bet on whether the said event would occur or not. Some options include the number of games to be played, the round a player will be eliminated in, and whether there will be a tiebreak.

How Does Live Betting on Tennis Work?

You have an option of betting on a tennis game before it starts and during the game. Betting during the game is called live betting. Once the game begins, bookmakers transfer it to the live or the in-play betting section of the sportsbook.

If you wish to bet on such a game, you will visit the live betting section, choose the game, and then choose the preferred market. The markets that were in the pre-match are also available in the live betting section. However, some may disappear during the game due to the performance or elapse of time. Bookmakers provide real-time results and event reporting to enable you to make informed decisions.

How to Place a Tennis Bet: Step-By-Step Guide

Placing a tennis bet is similar to betting on any other game. They include steps new players can take to get started with the bookmaker if they do not have a betting account. You can apply the steps discussed below on any gambling platform.

Choose A Tennis Betting Site

If you do not have a betting account, look for a reputable gambling platform. Such a platform should offer extensive coverage of tennis matches worldwide and not just concentrate on major leagues. You should also pick a platform that accepts players from your region to make it easy to transact.

Check if the bookmaker's website is easy to navigate and uses various features. If you are a regular player, check if there is an app for your mobile platform or a responsive mobile site.

Create Your Betting Account

Visit the selected bookmaker's site and look for the signup link on the homepage. You will be taken to the signup form to fill in the required information by clicking the link. Such information includes your contacts, biodata, and choice of currency.

It would be best if you did not take more than a few minutes to complete the registration process. The bookmaker will send you a link or code to confirm your contact method. Use it to verify the account before logging in.

Choose a Payment Method and Make a Deposit

Log into your account using the username and password you created during registration. Head to the banking or cashier section of the website under 'My Account.' Select one of the methods from the available options. It is recommended that you pick a method you usually use in your online transactions.
Then, locate the deposit section within the cashier and click the method you just added. Add the amount you wish to deposit and complete the transaction with your service provider.

Make your Bets

Placing bets involves selecting the markets and bets that you wish to wager on. Start by visiting the tennis section of the sportsbook and move down to the game you want to play. Then select a market and click it. Repeat the same with all the selections that you want to make.

Then, head to the bet slip you created and enter the amount you wish to wager. Complete the bet by clicking the 'place bet' button.

How To Start Betting?

Everything You Need To Know In 5 Easy Steps!

How To Start Betting?
Pick A Highly Rated Bookie

Find the right bookmaker for you and sign up.

Fund Your Account

Make a deposit with the payment method you prefer. Consider responsible gambling features and bankroll management.

Claim Your Bonus

Many betting sites have a welcome bonus or free bet, which you can claim after making the first deposit. *never forget to read the small print!

Choose An Event To Bet On

Find an event you are interested in, select a betting market that appeals to you the most and "click" on the odds.

Start Betting

Go to the bet slip and input the details of your desired bet and confirm the wager.

Tips and Strategies For Betting On Tennis

The chances of winning when betting on tennis depend on making accurate predictions and using a good tennis betting strategy. Below are a few tennis betting tips to increase your chances of making the correct predictions and enhancing your profitability in the long run.

It is essential to treat tennis betting like a business and look for ways to make it profitable. This section provides some practical tips you can put in place to increase your chances of a win and long-term profitability. You can apply more than one tip at a time.

Look out For the Best Available Odds

Tennis has several markets that you can bet on. Odds vary from one market to another. You may find a prediction that fits more than one market.
In this case, check the market with the highest odds and use them for all your tennis bets. This increases your potential win without increasing your stake or betting on several games. Many punters bet on match bets and fail to check other lucrative markets with higher payouts.

Here is an example. You could increase your potential win by using a handicap if you expect your player to win. In most cases, the handicap odds are usually higher than match betting.

Take Advantage of Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is where you back a position or a prediction and lay against it. In essence, you bet on all possible outcomes so that any result becomes a win. This type of bet eliminates the luck or prediction bit and relies purely on mathematical advantages.

Matched betting is similar to arbitrage, except that players use bookmaker bonuses for betting purposes. If a tennis game has opportunities for matched or arbitrage betting, take advantage of such openings to enjoy a guaranteed profit.

Follow Tennis Tipsters and Their Expert Predictions

Several tipsters on the internet offer varying predictions. Experts in the field also provide insights into the upcoming games and different players. It is recommended that you follow several tipsters and experts to have varying insights, data sources and predictions.

Pay Attention to The Surface a Game Is Played On

The surface on which a game is played affects the outcome. For example, a hard court makes the ball bounce low, keeping the rallies short. On the other hand, a clay court slows the ball down and allows for a robust bounce. This makes rallies longer.

Some players are good on particular surfaces and not others. It is good to see where they excel in ascertaining their performance in the upcoming match. Just check the statistics and look at the grounds on the internet.

Keep Track of Your Betting Record

As said earlier, make betting a business enterprise where you check the gains against the losses. Keeping a record of your betting progress allows you to determine mistakes that you have been making, markets that you are good at predicting, and manage your bankroll for a particular period. You can check your betting record in the history tab of your bookmaker's account.

Take the Small Wins and Profits

Most punters look for ways to increase their earnings and take home life-changing amounts. While this is good, it may only happen once if you are fortunate. However, you can make a steady stream of betting income by taking in small wins from average wagers and odds. You will be surprised that this amount proliferates and your gaming undertaking becomes profitable.

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Most Common Tennis Betting Mistakes

Tennis punters may make a few mistakes when managing their betting accounts or selecting markets that eventually lead to a loss. Here is a quick look at some common betting mistakes that many punters make and ways to avoid them to increase your chances of turning a profit.

Not Familiar with The Sport

It is a severe mistake to bet on a game that you are not conversant with. Knowing tennis means knowing the rules, how points are awarded, fouls, the ranking system, and telling that a player has better skill than the rival.

Game knowledge enables you to discover subtle features, facts and possible events that will likely happen during the game. Fortunately, you can use free materials from the internet to learn about tennis. Do not attempt to place a bet before learning about the game.

Ignoring Player Form and Injuries

The physical fitness of the players is as necessary as their skill. Unfortunately, most punters look at past performance and ignore any injuries or issues that negatively affect their physical fitness. Such problems may cause poor performance and lead to a loss to a weaker opponent.

Information about a player's physical fitness and injuries is readily available online. Do a quick search using the player's name and add the word 'form' or injuries. You can ascertain if the player is likely to play as expected in the next match using the information.

Mismanaging Your Bankroll

The first step to getting your finances in order is being disciplined with your funds. You should always set an amount to bet for a specific period. This saves you from overspending and ending up in financial distress.

Unfortunately, many players have difficulty establishing a bankroll and spending the cash as long as they have some. Others who have already set aside funds for betting usually spend it on a few games that are not informed by sound decisions. Always determine the amount you are willing to lose and spread it over a period so you are not tempted to deposit more and increase your chances of making a profit.

Avoid Betting on Your Favourite Tennis Player

Everyone who loves tennis has a favourite player. Unfortunately, we all expect the player to perform even when it is clear that they are likely to lose. This misplaced confidence invariably leads to a loss as punters fail to see obvious signs that their player is expected to lose.

Avoid betting on your favourite player if you can. If you go ahead and bet on them, subject them to the analysis and scrutiny level you subject to other players.


How Do You Place a Bet on Tennis?

If you wish to bet on tennis games, log into your sportsbook account and then trace the tennis section in the sports section. Scroll down to the league or country where the game is being played, and then click the game. Pick your preferred markets, enter your bet amount, and place the bet.

🏆 Which Is the Best Tennis Market?

No market can be said to be the best. A good market offers reasonable odds and matches your predictions. However, always look for markets with the highest odds when placing bets to increase your potential winnings.

💶 Can I Bet Live on Tennis Matches?

Yes. You can bet on live tennis matches. Just visit your bookmaker's live betting or in-play section and select the games you want to bet on from those currently playing. The bookmaker will give you real-time scores of each game.

💶 Which Are the Best Tournaments to Bet On?

Some of the famous tennis tournaments you can bet on are the Grand Slam events that include the Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, The Davis Cup, WTA Finals, Summer Olympics, and ATP Finals. Other popular leagues include the Miami Open and BNP Paribas.

Can I Cash out On Tennis Betting?

Some bookmakers allow you to cash out selected tennis bets. This option is not available to all bets. Check if your bet slip has the cashout option on the sportsbook. Remember, the opportunity may disappear as the game continues.

💳 Which Is the Best Tennis Betting Site?

Since there are hundreds of good betting sites on the internet, it is hard to pinpoint the best sites. However, the ideal bookmaker should provide reasonably high odds, fast payouts, accept a wide range of payment methods and have an easy-to-use website.

🤔 How Are Tennis Betting Odds Calculated?

Sportsbooks present the odds as either fractional or decimal odds. You can know the potential win for decimal odds by just multiplying the stake with the odds. However, for fractional odds, you divide the numerator by the denominator and add one before multiplying with the stake amount.
Here is an example 7/2 = 7 divide by 2= 3.5 + 1 = 4.5.

🏆 Can I Use an Accumulator for Tennis Bets?

Yes. You can use an accumulator for tennis betting. Select all the bets you want to place and click the bet button. The more bets you place on your accumulator, the higher the winning chances. However, they carry a greater risk of failure.

💳 What Does Over/under Mean in Tennis Betting?

Over and under tennis betting involves predicting that a match will not surpass/ or go above a given number of sets. Some bookmakers also allow you to bet that the scores will not exceed or will be more than the set number.
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This article was written by our team of betting experts, any contributing references are noted below.
Last updated 07/11/2023
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