Circus Review and Rating - Is Circus Reliable?

Last update: 21 Feb 22 is for sure one of the best platforms to get access to all your punters’ needs. The platform has grown to be one of the biggest in the Belgium casino market. It has dominated the market due to its ergonomic optimization, which has been employed in just about every platform aspect. The entire platform has been designed and set for players to access all the benefits reachable from only a few clicks. Read this Circus review to find out more!


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  • Circus  •  Rank 52 92.51%
  • Pinnacle  •  Rank 1 96.53%
  • Average of 85 bookmakers
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  • Football
  • Tennis
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    • Don't Accept Players from Many Countries


Circus Details
  • Date Founded 01 Jan 2011
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Circus Expert Review - July 2022

If you might have heard about and not sure where to start from, and if you should opt to try it out, this is the right place to get all your information. As an online bookmaker, it is 100% Belgian, with offers on both casino games and sports betting for customers in many countries within Europe. The site’s development makes it appealing through its distinctive design and feel. It is designed to catch the user’s attention; it is also optimized with easy-to-use interface navigation that ensures players remember the entire site and return for a better play than its competitors within the same region.

The game category has all the options available with quick access to any of the categories that players prefer. Accessing any section within the platform is fast, adding to the user-friendliness of the platform, which keeps it reliable both for new users and users already benefiting from using the platform. The forum's interface is modern and streamlined for any user to easily access anything they need with no struggles of deep searches.

There are no short of bonuses in It gives players additional room to have higher winning chances, which is an excellent strategy that has developed to retain its customers for a long time as it improves its services with time. The promotions are as reliable as it gets for any players, both existing and new ones, with everyone having a balanced chance for winning in every part of the casino games and available esports.

The promotions' formats are as innovative as it gets for a bookmaker from the system's overall structure. Whichever sport you like, there are both major sports and other smaller sports and events to cover the market needs within its legal geolocations. The betting markets are diverse, with all odds reasonable enough for mainstream sports and minor sports.

All in all, has managed to stand out from a lot of other popular bookmakers, which is a vital element for its future growth. Once you get started, you will see the positive difference between Circus and other platforms you may have already used. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to get a professional experience, whether you are a professional sports punter or just starting to taste the waters and try your luck.

Account Registration and Verification

Account creation and verification is a free process in The registration process is relatively easy since you will need to provide a couple of personal information to get started. First things first, head over to the webpage and get an idea of what the interface looks like. Click on the ‘sign-up’ option and wait to be redirected to a form you will need to fill in with your information. Provide your first and last name and email address. Once you are done with this, please enter a password and then reenter it for verification. Check the box for agreeing to the terms and conditions of and click on complete registration.

The verification process is not challenging, too, and you only need to be keen on the information provided. First of all, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on a link through an email sent to your inbox. The link will redirect you to the platform and confirm your contact details. To verify and secure your account, you will have to provide additional documentation. You will have to make transparent uploads of documents such as your national identification card or driving license. Information about your payment details is necessary for verification.

You can set up your payment preference during the registrations and verification process to avoid future problems as you start using your account. It is important to note that your documents should have the same information provided during the registration process to verify your identity to be successful. The information includes precise names, contact information, and also geolocation. The verification time varies, so you will need to wait to get a notification for successful registration and verification before you start using the platform.

Markets and Odds

The sportsbook has a more diverse market than you can imagine. The markets are included in catering to as many tastes as possible worldwide and include betting options for the needs. Mainstream sports like football, tennis, golf, boxing, and major American sports are included. Within these markets, players have the freedom to place both single and multi and even system bests while taking advantage of the Acca winnings.

The only sporting event not included is horse racing but is bound to be part of the platform in the near future. bets are some of the most lucrative bets for players on the market today. For any market on the platform, the odds are available for players to review and use as they like. The odds provided are based on analysis from information on different games, mainly on performance history. The odds are a great way to place promising bets and get more wins than losses at the end of each match from the markets you have chosen. The stakes come in all forms, but one of the unique aspects about them is that they are lower than other online betting platforms competing in the industry. So, you are more likely to get more wins than losses even if the payout is lower. Higher odds pose more risks of losses, and is optimized to avoid unnecessary risk of losses to players using the platform, which makes your chances of earning much higher than using other bookmakers.

Live Betting, Live Streaming and Cash Out has a well-optimized live betting service that you can get straight within the platform. To access, check the Live Betting section from the sub-tool bar located at the website’s top side. You can filter the options to get the same sporting event you would like to bet on within the Multiplex Dashboard.

Though the platform hasn’t integrated live streams yet, live betting is also straightforward when following the progress of the sports event you are counting on. The in-game visuals are appealing, and you can bet they are way better than the average online bookmakers that promise you a seamless live stream experience. Through the live betting progress, customers are always engaged, enjoying every aspect of the sporting events as they wait for their wins.

The cash-out option accommodated bets up to £25k, which you don’t see every day in other bookmakers. So, you can decide to take out your winnings early and celebrate or even use them to make other lucrative bets. It is all up to the player to determine which is a good option since no one likes to have stringent limitations on winning made. The lack of a live stream at the moment is not a huge complaint about customers, but its addition in the future will attract more customers to the platform.

Licences and Coverage

Licensing of is relatively straightforward since it is based in one country. The license is issued directly from the Belgian Gambling Commission, a stringent regulatory body within Europe. The regulatory commission’s main target is online gambling platforms that need to provide gambling services to players within Belgium. Due to the strict regulations, licensing is quite costly, and receiving a comprehensive permit for gambling services. is at the moment only available in a few selected countries. The primary market is within Belgium, and so the platform mainly targets Belgian players. There are a lot of countries restricted due to policies and other factors. Some of these countries include players living in Asia, the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Romania, Ireland, Italy, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Spain, Syria, Turkey, Sweden, Portugal, Panama, France, and Israel.

It is essential to check the gambling rules and regulations in your country before creating an account with to avoid any liabilities in the future, especially when you start making your winnings.

Customer Support has professional customer service that caters to the needs of players. There are two ways in which customers can reach customer service; these are through email or direct chat to the administrators. If you have an urgent inquiry about your account or the services offered, then live chat is the best option to take. Any technical questions are also good asked during the live chat. Accessibility to the live chat is only available after logging in to your account. Hence, it is not available for players who haven’t signed up for a new account yet.

If your inquiry is not as urgent, contacting customer support directly through their email is recommended. Usually, you will get a response from the support team within 24 hours from the time the inquiry is submitted. Note that the service is mostly available in countries with no restrictions to using the platform.

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Circus Mobile - Android and iOS Apps Review

Just like other bookmakers, has not been left behind in integrating mobile versions of the platform. It is accessible through the website on a desktop, Android and iOS applications on mobile phones.

Downloading the apps from both operating systems is cost-free, but there are processes involved to get it running as it is supposed to. There are no hidden fees that you will be prompted to pay right after downloading, and installation so beware of any scams that may offer lucrative deals from essential downloads into your phone.

Both Android and iOS app versions have similarities, so you can comfortably choose which phone you would like to access the platform. They are easy to get straight from searching for them on the internet. Since you don’t always have your phone, using the app versions is the best strategy to avoid missing out on the offers and promising games to bet on.

  • Mobile browser

    Mobile browser

  • iOS Devices

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  • Android

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Mobile Version - How Does It Perform?

If you doubt the Circus’s mobile version’s performance, you should experience it for yourself. Most players who already use the mobile version get to make it their primary way to make bets and enjoy other services. The mobile understanding is as good as the standard desktop version but better since you have it within reach anytime you feel lucky to win. You can do every function on the desktop version available on your mobile with just a few finger taps needed.

The navigation is also seamless, with everything you need within the menu section and the app’s landing page. All the sporting events and casino games are available to play and bet on and live betting, among others. There are no limitations to the market even though the mobile phone.

Logins are fast and straightforward, and all you need is to have the application installed and have an active internet connection anywhere you are. Even with the mobile version, you can easily register an account and get it verified to get started as fast as you can and enjoy the platform’s betting benefits without necessarily using a desktop computer if you don’t have access to it. The more you use the mobile version, the more you will get used to it faster than you can imagine.

Android App - How to Download the APK?

Downloading the Android Apps on your mobile phone is not a complicated process. Unfortunately, it is possible, that it is not available to download in your region straight from the Google Play store. Since they have many country restrictions for betting and casino apps in their system. Downloading the app is indirect though using an APK file format. The APK file is always available online, so you can search it in one of your phone browsers using the necessary keywords such as ‘ Android APK file’. You can choose any of the top results options and navigate the website to see the download APK file option. The download will start automatically, and all you need to do is sit down and wait for the download process to complete.

After the download is complete, first head over to the setting section on your android phone since you will need to change some of the settings to allow the app to install on your phone successfully.

Choose the’ Security’ section and click on the ‘unknown sources activation’ section, which lifts the prohibition on installing the downloaded APK file. Click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions to download it to your device successfully.

iOS App - How to Download on An Apple Device?

You can use the the application on any Apple device such as an iPhone and even an iPad. Unlike the Google Play store, the iOS app store accommodates betting apps downloaded directly from the platform. It is vital to have an active and reliable internet connection, whether it is data or Wi-Fi from any internet or cellular service provider.

Click on the app store icon and tap into the search bar to search for the application. The easiest way to search is to type the word’’ and check the top search results. Check for the ‘download’ option after selecting the application’s icon and wait for the download to start. It usually begins immediately if no pending applications are downloading too. With fast internet, the app will download for only a few seconds and automatically go to your mobile screen. You can select it and login or sign up to get started.

How to Start Betting on A Mobile Device

Download the App

Visit the app store or the bookmaker's mobile site and download the app.

App store icon
Download at App Store
Google Play icon
Download at Google Play
Ready to bet
In less than 3 Minutes


How Do I Close My Circus Account?

Players have the freedom to delete their accounts but not as directly as you would have accepted. The process is relatively simple but necessary to close your account successfully. If you no longer wish to continue using your account, you will first need to contact customer support for this service. You can contact them through live chat or send an email requesting your account’s closure together with vital information. They will get back to you to facilitate the process.

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Does Circus Offer Bet Insurance?

The Currently known bet insurance is the Acca Insurance. The insurance is only available to its existing customers, which is a great way to keep them using the platform for as long as possible. For customers who have not yet qualified for the insurance, there are a lot more benefits they can enjoy betting through them. Through future developments will issue other lucrative insurance options for existing customers so that they can benefit in all their punter decisions and avoid significant losses from not well-thought-placed bets.

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How Do I Withdraw Money from Circus Account?

To withdraw your money from winnings made in you will first need to log in to your account to access the funds. Look for the ‘Money’ section and click on the ‘withdraw’ option. You will be prompted to choose the method you wish to use to make your withdrawals. There are several options, and you can select the one you had set initially or choose a different one. Follow the rest of the instructions and wait to receive your money.

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Can I Cancel My Bet at Circus?

At the moment, cancelling a bet after placing it is not possible within your account, but it is possible to make some changes. It is more like editing the best that can still make you win just because your initial bet made wasn’t thought of very well. The bets can only be edited if they are unsettled. You can also apply this to pre-matches but directly cancelling the bet is not lucrative for the system and not fair for all the players using the platform.

Was This Helpful? offers a chance to create accumulator bets depending on the types of events chosen. The process is straightforward, but players have to be careful on the bets to avoid significant losses. The first step is to select the exact sports and the gaming events you’d like to add to your accumulator. This is how you build your accumulator bets. After all the choices are made, add them to the bet slip of your account. The accumulator bet is mostly for football, but other sports are allowed to.

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