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Which are the safest payment options? Read below to see which methods bookmakers usually offer and understand to most important aspects of deciding which one to use. 

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The first thing we need to do when betting is to register with an operator and then make a deposit and fund our account and start playing. In this article, you will find the majority of payment methods offered at bookmakers, and you will also see which ones are available for withdrawal. You can also get more information out on details such as withdrawal times or fees making transactions to bookmakers. On this page, we will also cover some of the problems you may encounter when withdrawing your money and how to solve them. With that knowledge, you will be able to choose the method best suited to you.


Accepted Payment Methods - Complete list for convenient betting

The list of payment and withdrawal methods of each bookmaker is generally quite extensive. However, it usually varies greatly from operator to operator, depending on the quality of each. Below we will list the most popular payment and withdrawal methods. You can expand the information on each payment method and see which bookmakers accept it.

Credit and Debit cards

Undoubtedly, credit and debit cards are the preferred method of payment and withdrawal for the general public. Most bookmakers accept Visa and Mastercard, and some can even accept Maestro. They give you great reliability, although the withdrawal times are generally longer than those of electronic wallets. American Express is another card that many bookmakers accept. The best thing about credit cards is that they are accepted by any operator and at the time of deposit is immediate. In addition, you will have no commissions during payments.


  PayPal is the most well-known and accepted e-wallet in the world. Bookmakers are aware of this and therefore it is always a method accepted by the vast majority of betting sites. The good thing is that it is an absolutely instant payment method and if you also choose it to make your withdrawals, you should know that it is also the fastest. In addition, PayPal is a very easy to use payment method and creating an account is very simple. Without a doubt, you will have no problem if you decide to play using this payment method.


 Neteller is another e-wallet, very similar to PayPal and Skrill, and a gambler's favourite. Payment and withdrawal times are also very short and there are no commissions. So it is one of the most recommended methods for all players. Generally, they will ask you to deposit a minimum of €10, but this is usually not a problem.



With Skrill, you can't go wrong when you decide to use it as a payment or withdrawal method. It's another of the most widely used e-wallets. You just need to have a look because some welcome bonuses are not compatible with your Skrill deposit or do not allow you to access certain promotions.


Paysafecard is also very popular. It consists of a prepaid card that can be obtained from tobacconists, bars or shops of various kinds. You can put a minimum of €10 on the card and you can use it for betting. It is also one of the fastest and most convenient payment methods to use.

Bank Transfer

Here we simply make a bank transfer from our bank to the bookmaker. Online banking offers us many services and comfort when it comes to depositing our money. However, the process is a little slower and it will take longer for our money to reach the bookmaker.


It is also an online account for secure online transactions, somewhat similar to PayPal. This payment method is much less widespread, but it is still good to consider. It has no commissions and the opening of an account takes a few minutes. Without a doubt, ecoPayz is a good option to consider.

Bitcoin and cryptocurreny

Maybe in the future, it will be one of the most used payment methods, but at the moment only popular bookmakers already accept the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Choosing a Banking Method - Important Factors to Consider  

Most users already know which method they will use once registered with the bookmaker. However, for those who have doubts, there are some points that need to be taken into account, such as the time or commission they may charge. See the full list:

Transaction Time

  Payment and withdrawal times vary greatly depending on the method you wish to use. This way, if you are in a hurry and want to have quick money in your bookmaker or wallet, it's something you should look at carefully. In general, e-wallets like PayPal are the fastest in terms of time, while bank transfers can take several days. You can consult our table to find out exactly how long it takes each payment method to process transactions.


Some payment methods may charge you a fee during transactions. However, we must say that this is an unusual practice and that, in general, all your transactions will be free of charge and you should not lose money on the road. However, always make sure you do not pay any commission, which nobody wants to do at all.


When you talk about money, you have to talk about privacy. If you play with AAMS approved bookmakers, you won't have any problems in this regard as the data is stored in secure environments. However, make sure you also choose secure payment and withdrawal methods. You should also make sure that your connection is secure and you are not using a public WIFI network where your data may be at risk.


When you enter your bank or card data on any Internet platform, you need to make sure that the environment is completely safe. If you use an licensed betting site you will know that the environment is safe, as well as the payment platforms, when you enter your e-wallet, bank card or bank account details. In addition, you must also make sure that you operate in an absolutely safe environment. It is very important to know that your Internet connection is secure and that you are not on a public network. In most cases, when data theft occurs, this is due to this point.


Some bookmakers may offer you a bonus if you make a deposit using a certain payment method. However, sometimes we are not able to access promotions if we make our deposit using a certain method. For example, if you make your deposit with Neteller or Skrill, some bookmakers prevent you from getting certain promotions as improved odds. If you want to get this type of promotion, make sure before you can get these bonuses with the payment method you make.


Deposit and withdrawal limits

In all bookmakers, you will find limits for both deposits and withdrawals. All of them are based on different methods and each bookmaker can handle them at will. The maximum deposit limits will allow you to control how much you can deposit. In fact, most bookmakers you can find on Oddspedia will allow you to arrange your deposits by daily, weekly or monthly maximums.

Some governments also force bookmakers to impose daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits on players to protect them from gambling. However, these methods can be changed in most operators. If you are one of those who bet big, you should consider these limits because they can affect the way you play. In addition, you can inform each operator of each of the limits they have, so you can always play with complete freedom.

This is because the deposit amounts are related to responsible gambling by gamblers, hence many of the bookmakers give freedom, within a wide range for players to be able to even deposit more than 10,000 ($/£) at one time with any available payment method.


Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I deposit at an online sportsbook?

To make a deposit with a bookmaker you need to visit it and search the section to make a deposit. Next, you must choose the payment method you wish to use and the amount. You will then go directly to the payment gateway and there you can enter your personal details to complete the transaction.

How to withdraw money from a bookmaker?

To withdraw money from a bookmaker simply go to the main menu and click on withdraw my money. Choose the withdrawal method you want and withdraw money from the bookmaker. In most cases they may ask you for a set of documents to certify your details, your age or address. Once all this information is completed, your money will arrive in your account.

Can I use Bitcoin for online betting?

Bitcoin is not a widely used payment method in bookmakers. However, there are some operators that already offer cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin.

Do you have to pay a commission when withdrawing?

You should not pay any kind of commission when you withdraw money from a bookmaker. Everyone publishes the commissions they charge according to the chosen collection method, however, we can already tell you that they usually do not charge any commission. This is good news for all players.

How long do betting sites take to pay?

It depends on the payment method chosen. Electronic wallets like PayPal take a few days to receive money, probably 1 or 2 days. However, if you use bank transfer you could wait almost a week to receive your money. Please note that they will ask you for proof of age and identity to receive your money.

What is the fastest payment method to use?

The fastest payment methods are electronic wallets or e-wallets. In this group we can include PayPal, Neteller or Skrill. These three methods are always the fastest when it comes to processing your money. Credit or debit cards are also relatively fast, even if they take a little more time.

Does the payment method have to be the same as the one I withdraw?

Not always. Many bookmakers can withdraw your money using a different method from the one you deposited. However, this is something you should consult with your bookmaker, as in some cases they force you to withdraw your money using the same method you used at the beginning.

What is the minimum deposit on betting sites?

Generally the minimum deposit you have to make at a bookmaker is €5. However, depending on the operator, this minimum deposit can reach €10. You need to check with each operator to know exactly what this money is.

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