ComeOn Review and Rating - Is ComeOn Reliable?

When it comes to choosing a betting site and bookmarker, you should consider ComeOn. You get a lot of opportunities and Sportsbook services from ComeOn. Due to its popularity, you have so much to gain. From your desire to use the top bookmark for all punters, it brings many benefits to you.

The experience you get is enthralling with any betting service you choose from the platform. The more time you spend using the stage, the more you understand how to make winning decisions. You will need to take your time and use all the advantages ComeOn is offering you. The bonus offers you get to the games and comprehensive information; you are sure to continue using ComeOn.

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Ranked 23 of 116 bookies
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Average Payouts
Ranked 29 of 56 bookies

Payout percentage represents the quality of odds a bookmaker offers. As a rule: the closer the payout percentage to 100%, the better odds you receive from a bookmaker!

ComeOn  •  Rank 29 94.28%
GG.BET  •  Rank 1 95.91%
Average of 56 bookmakers
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Country coverage
Ranked 4 of 116 bookies
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Ranked 65 of 116 bookies
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ComeOn Details
  • Date Founded 01 Jan 2009
  • Brand Owner -
  • World Market Share -
  • Alexa Ranking 80,805
  • HQ Country Malta
  • HQ Address Ground Floor and 1st Floor, TaXbiex Sea Front, Ta Xbiex, XBX 1027

ComeOn Expert review from Oddspedia

You also get a lot of expert reviews from platforms like Oddspedia on ComeOn bookmarker. From their reviews, you get significantly high margins on the odds for your selections on ComeOn. As a user, the platform gives you the best experience you have ever gained from a bookmarker.

The transformation that ComeOn has achieved has given it more traction giving you more reasons to use it. From what you may have seen, it is prevalent for a lot of punters globally. You get a wide selection of services from this Sportsbook when you choose it as your option. You can use the platform from any geolocation that you may be. This is because the platform allows you to get services from many countries in the world. It only exempts a few countries.

The good reputation will ensure you are impressed by all the options available to you. You get a bookmarker that is straightforward for all your betting needs. With ComeOn, you also have an effortless time navigating through the site. Anything you need is within reach, as well as all information you need on any topic. You get a simple site with all the options for making your betting choices since that is the main focus. There is a vast market that ComeOn has reached, so you can be sure you are among so many other people using it as their main Sportsbook.

The available features enable you to have higher chances of winning since you have a lot more information. The features available to you are also not complicated, which means you can understand and use them. You have some of the lowest betting margins you can get from a bookmarker. With just a 5-6% margin, you are sure to have it better within the standard range of the betting industry.

You do get a high maximum amount for your daily wins. With this, you can make as much as you want, up to £100,000 within a day. Compared to other sportsbooks rankings, you have a high advantage of taking home a lot more than you had.

Account registration and verification

In a few minutes, an account with ComeOn. You will find the process very easy, as well as convenient. To use the services, you will need to create an ID for your account. You can do this by first going to the site. On the website, click the button indicated as "bet now." Then you can follow the three steps listed, which will include providing your details. These details are crucial to ensuring your account is legit to play the games available and make your wins. Make sure you agree with the terms and conditions, then you are set to use all the services within the bookmarker platform.

Verifying your registered account takes a short time. This part is essential to ensure you receive all the benefits from being part of the ComeOn sportsbook. You will have to upload a couple of documents for the verification process to be successful. It would help if you first went to the "my account" tab under your ComeOn account. Choose the send document menu and click then choose to send the required documents. Send your Customer's ID, driving license, and your bank account details. After this, you can wait for 1-2 days for your account to be verified.

Markets and Odds

You will find a lot of betting markets that are localized from ComeOn. You can take part in major sporting events globally. You can access more than 25 different sporting events. This includes tennis, football, basketball, golf, American football, ice hockey, rugby, MMA, darts, and baseball. You get endless entertainment options for all your betting needs.

The market that you get involved in is also inclusive of significant leagues and other global competitions. The involvement of more than 50 countries allows you to be competitive and get as many winnings as possible from the odds you have.

With, ComeOn provides you with strategic odds that you can always count on. You have odds from all sports and sporting events that you can think of. The site links you where you can access all the odds for every sport for you to choose. The odds you use are developed from many platforms, giving you the top probabilities you can get.

You can utilize the odds you have on both pre-matches as well as betting games that are live. You are sure to be on the winning side with the odds you use to bet your games.

Live betting, live streaming & cash out

You can bet on live games within your ComeOn account. You can do this in as many ongoing games as you can. You can access this from the "In-Play" tab from the navigation bar.

You can't cash out on your qualifying bet as early as you may think. For both combo bets and single bets, you can cash out on the selected sports. If you have a coming in a chance, you can cash out the profit there instead of waiting for the unknown.

Unfortunately, live streaming is currently not available for you on the platform. You may have this in the future since players like you most definitely need live streaming. As much as you don't have live streaming, ComeOn has a way to keep you updated. You get a digital representation of the games that you wish to see and bet.

Licences and coverage

You should not worry that you may be using a platform that is not licensed. For ComeOn, you get these bookmarking services since its license is legit enough. The permit from different countries enables you to use the platform legally without any restrictions. ComeOn also had permission from Malta Gaming Authority to access it from various countries apart from Malta.

You can use ComeOn bookmarker if you are from the following countries; Sweden, United Kingdom, Malta, Poland, Germany, and India. States that you cannot be able to get the services to include the United States. You can check if the platform is available in your country before registering. You can check this as you navigate through the site.

Customer Support

You have reliable customer support once you have an account in ComeOn. They do take care of all your queries anytime you have them. There are different avenues that customer support can be contacted.

You can do this either through their live chat, and you can leave a message or even through their email. To contact them through live chat, there is a tap on the menu that you can click. If you prefer email, you can reach them through You can also leave a message. The live chat box will appear, and you can type your query there. You can get to the customer service between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. CET, which is available daily.

ComeOn Mobile - Android & iOS apps reviewed

You can bet on the ComeOn site using your mobile phone. You may find this way more comfortable to use compared to the desktop version on your computer. You don't necessarily have any limitations when you use the mobile version. You get all the features you would have on the desktop version.

Your experience even gets better with the mobile versions. Android and iOS apps are available, but you can still access the site straight from your phone's browser. The mobile version enables you to access the platform anywhere you are. You just need to have internet connectivity, then log in to the website and place your bets anytime.

Mobile browser

Mobile browser


iOS Devices

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Mobile Version - How does it perform?

You can entertain yourself as much as you want with the mobile version. The site is still faster on your phone anytime you prefer using it. You can easily navigate through all the options and access any information you have on the markets available. You can play all casino games and more betting selections in your comfort zone from the mobile version.

Using the mobile site, you can even place a wager on your lunch break on any match, such as a football match. You have real-time odds and gameplay information, which you can use from time to time. Any mobile phone allows you to use the mobile version of ComeOn. From an Android phone or a tablet or an iOS device, you are covered by ComeOn.

From your mobile, just use the same login information. For mobile version bookmarkers, it is surprisingly fast. Opening your ComeOn bookmaker account is also possible just on your mobile version of the site. You can access everything you need from only using your phone whenever you feel your luck is around.

Android App - How to download APK?

Using your browser, you can download the file to install the app on your phone. Search major search engines from your phone or go to the ComeOn website. Click the download button from here. You can even get the apk file from a different platform as if you see the option to download it. You should then click the unblock unknown sources on your phone to allow the apk file to download. After the download is complete, run the file and follow the installation instructions.

After complete installation, you will have an icon on your phone home screen. You can click this to access all the ComeOn platform services. Make sure you check your device compatibility with the app.

iOS App - How to download on an Apple device?

For you to download the ComeOn app on your iOS device, consider using the following guide. You can do this is an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad. You can download and install the app on your iOS device successfully by:

Get your account registered and verified first. Log in with your details after your registration. Look for your iOS app store on your device and select it. After it has opened up, search "ComeOn" on the search bar. You will then see the ComeOn icon. Click on the download and install button and wait for the app to install.


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How to close my ComeOn account?

It is okay to close your account after you are done gambling. You can find a way to close it from the menu. You have to consider all the terms and conditions that apply when closing your account. You get the freedom to close your account from clause section 3.2. Closing your account limits you to use the bookmaker.

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Does ComeOn offer bet insurance?

ComeOn doesn't currently offer betting insurance for its players that are known. This will probably be an offer you will get in the future. You can seek other forms of insurance for some of your unique bets. You can also inquire about ComeOn's customer care just if they have an insurance cover coming.

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How to withdraw money from ComeOn ?

To withdraw your earned money from your ComeOn account, you can decide on the options available. You can withdraw money using different methods that are available to you. You can do this in the "My Account" section after you are logged in. You can then select the type of card you are using since you have several ways. Enter the amount you need to withdraw then confirm.

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Can I cancel my bet at ComeOn ?

You are not necessarily able to cancel your bet once you have confirmed placing it. This is within the terms you have after placing your bet. Due to this, you need more time when placing your bets and make sure everything is as you need before confirming. Always check your bets beforehand.

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How do I create accumulator bets at ComeOn ?

 You can build the same game accumulator within your ComeOn account. This is a top feature you have using ComeOn. Choose your game, place the minimum wager, and wait for your luck. You can hit the jackpot by creating this accumulator, which can be more than 100 times your wager amount.

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