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18 Feb - 25 Feb
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 Kevin Denkey
Kevin Denkey
 Mohamed El Amine Amoura
Mohamed El Amine Amoura
 Igor Thiago Nascimento Rodrigues
Igor Thiago Nascimento Rodrigues
 Anders Dreyer
Anders Dreyer
 Aboubakary Koita
Aboubakary Koita
 Kasper Dolberg
Kasper Dolberg
 Nicolas Madsen
Nicolas Madsen
 Vincent Janssen
Vincent Janssen
 Tarik Tissoudali
Tarik Tissoudali

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2023/2024 Pro League (Belgium) Previews, Stats and Live Scores

Find out everything you need to know about Pro League football in Belgium on Oddspedia. Check the latest standings, results, statistics and live-streaming information for all matches in the league. Furthermore, our odds comparison will show you the best odds for all the upcoming matches in the Pro League, and which bookmakers you can make the most profit with your football bets.

To get you in the perfect mood for the next Pro League matchday, we will now present you with our preview for the upcoming matches. So, you can astound your friends and hopefully turn a profit at the bookies with your newfound football knowledge. This is by using the interesting facts, the latest footballing news and the many useful statistics that we will now bestow upon you!

The Pro League in Belgium: Matchweek 27 Predictions

Eight matches are scheduled for the 27th matchday of the current Pro League season in Belgium. The fixtures will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. First game of round 27 will begin on 02/23/2024 and will end on 02/25/2024. The 27th round starts on Friday at 19:45 with a match between Royal Charleroi SC and KRC Genk. Last match of the round will have KAS Eupen and Cercle Brugge on 02/25/2024 at 18:15.

Last week we saw some interesting matches, for example when Cercle Brugge faced Club Brugge and both teams were only able to achieve a draw. Furthermore, there was the match between RSC Anderlecht vs. St. Truidense VV. Here, RSC Anderlecht was the winner, defeating St. Truidense VV 4-1. Yet another very excting football game was Yellow-Red KV Mechelen's game where they managed to beat Royal Antwerp FC 0-1. Here, on Oddspedia, we provide you with a detailed overview and statistics of the upcoming Pro League matchday in Belgium– detailed statistics forall the games on the fixtures, the teams and their recent form.

Round 27 Highlights

A highly anticipated match will be Club Brugge vs RSC Anderlecht on 02/25/2024 at 12:30. RSC Anderlecht has the upper hand in this match, since they are currently on the second place in the table. However, they still want to make sure to keep their rank. RSC Anderlecht won their last match against St. Truidense VV, while Club Brugge didn't manage to score 3 points. So it will be exciting to see if they'll take this match as a chance to compensate for this. With two wins and one loss out of their last five games Club Brugge also had a quite mixed performance lately on which they could now improve. RSC Anderlecht, on the other hand, performed better: They managed to win most of their last games.

Another match fans are looking forward to takes place on 02/25/2024 at 15:00. Here, KAA Gent (currently in 5th place) will face Royal Antwerp FC (4th place). In their last match, KAA Gent managed to beat their opponent KAS Eupen and scored 3 points. Royal Antwerp FC, however, wasn't as lucky and lost against Yellow-Red KV Mechelen. So, it will be interesting to see if they can step up their game and beat KAA Gent in the upcoming match. Looking at the teams' performance in their last matches can also be an indicator about their current form: KAA Gent didn't perform well in the latest matches and lost the majority of them, while Royal Antwerp FC played a lot better, winning 3 of their last five games.

People are also excited to see Union Saint-Gilloise fight against Standard Liege. They currently are in 1st place and 11th place, making their match interesting to watch. Union Saint-Gilloise is a strong opponent to fight for Standard Liege, especially since the latter lost their last match while Union Saint-Gilloise scored 3 points against KV Kortrijk. You can also look at their recent performance to get an idea of their chances in the upcoming match: Winning 1 and losing 2 of their last five games, Standard Liege had quite a mixed run lately, on which they will hopefully improve.

Round 27 Schedule

The following games of the current matchday are scheduled for this week:


  • Royal Charleroi SC - KRC Genk 19:45 UTC


  • RWD Molenbeek 47 - Oud-Heverlee Leuven 15:00 UTC
  • St. Truidense VV - KVC Westerlo 17:15 UTC
  • Yellow-Red KV Mechelen - KV Kortrijk 19:45 UTC


  • Club Brugge - RSC Anderlecht 12:30 UTC
  • KAA Gent - Royal Antwerp FC 15:00 UTC
  • Union Saint-Gilloise - Standard Liege 17:30 UTC
  • KAS Eupen - Cercle Brugge 18:15 UTC

Latest Pro League Standings

Union Saint-Gilloise are currently leading the table with 62 points and a goal differencial of 29 (57 scored and 28 received). So far, they have won 19 out of their 26 matches–and since they're leading by 11 points they don't have to worry too much about losing. RSC Anderlecht (3/51pts), however, could use their match against Club Brugge (3/45pts), to narrow the gap to the leader. In any case, players will give their best to help their team win. But not only the top of the table has some interesting matches to offer–teams in the lower half also have to fight hard to stay in their league and not finish the season in last place. At the last position, having eighteen points, KV Kortrijk (16/18pts) are currently fighting for more points and a better position in the Pro League. But since there's no relegation process, at least they will stay in the league, even if they can't improve their rank.

The biggest positive change in position, compared to the last matchday, has been made by KVC Westerlo (6/40 points), who moved up one position and are now in sixth place in the league. On the other side, Cercle Brugge (10/29 points) made the biggest loss in positions, losing a total of one rank.

Belgium's Pro League Season Summary: Start and End dates

16 teams are fighting for the title in the Pro League 23/24. Of the total 246 matches the teams have to participate in this season, 212 matches have already been played, leaving 34 still to go. The current season started on 07/28/2023 and will have games played until 06/10/2024. Also, the first ten teams will qualify to play in bigger tournaments.

The Top Players so far

Multiple players are currently leading the league. Anders Dreyer and Kevin Denkey are currently fighting for the top position. Not only one, but two players are competing for rank 3 of the league's best players: Cameron Puertas Castro and Mohamed El Amine Amoura of Union Saint-Gilloise are all fighting to rank up or even lead the list.

At the moment, these are the best 10 players of the league by points:

RankPlayer nameTeamGoals/Assists
1Anders DreyerRSC Anderlecht14/6
1Kevin DenkeyCercle Brugge20/0
3Cameron Puertas CastroUnion Saint-Gilloise5/14
3Mohamed El Amine AmouraUnion Saint-Gilloise17/2
5Igor ThiagoClub Brugge16/2
6Aboubakary KoitaSt. Truidense VV13/2
7Kasper DolbergRSC Anderlecht12/2
7Andreas OlsenClub Brugge9/5
9Vincent JanssenRoyal Antwerp FC10/3
10Philip ZinckernagelClub Brugge6/6

The top goal scorers of Pro League 23/24

Looking at the list of the league's best goal scorers, a player of Cercle Brugge is leading the list with twenty goals: Kevin Denkey. He's followed by a player of Union Saint-Gilloise who so far managed to score seventeen goals in the Pro League 23/24: Mohamed El Amine Amoura. Will he be able to claim the title of the top goal scorer at the end of the season? Further down the list, Igor Thiago of Club Brugge, having scored sixteen goals so far, is also trying to work his way up to the top of the goal-getter list.

Counting only the goals scored, the following players are the best in the league:

RankPlayer nameTeamGoals
1Kevin DenkeyCercle Brugge20
2Mohamed El Amine AmouraUnion Saint-Gilloise17
3Igor ThiagoClub Brugge16
4Anders DreyerRSC Anderlecht14
5Aboubakary KoitaSt. Truidense VV13
6Kasper DolbergRSC Anderlecht12
6Nicolas MadsenKVC Westerlo12
8Vincent JanssenRoyal Antwerp FC10
8Gustaf NilssonUnion Saint-Gilloise10
10Andreas OlsenClub Brugge9

Assists Rankings

Most goals can only be shot when at least two players work together and combine their forces to work their way around the opponent's defense. Therefore, it is also important to take a look at the top assisting players. In the Pro League 23/24, the player that assisted his teammates the most to score a goal is Cameron Puertas Castro–he assisted a total of 14 times. Following him, two players of RSC Anderlecht and Club Brugge are also trying to reach the top of the best assisting players list: Theo Leoni and Maxime De Cuyper are all competing to take the lead.
Looking at the total assists per player, this is the current status of the list containing the best assisting players:

RankPlayer nameTeamAssists
1Cameron Puertas CastroUnion Saint-Gilloise14
2Theo LeoniRSC Anderlecht7
2Maxime De CuyperClub Brugge7
4Anders DreyerRSC Anderlecht6
4Philip ZinckernagelClub Brugge6
4Jarne SteuckersSt. Truidense VV6
7Andreas OlsenClub Brugge5
7Hans VanakenClub Brugge5
7Bilal El KhannoussKRC Genk5
10Joseph PaintsilKRC Genk4

Most Cards Given to Players

Fairness and sportsmanship are also very important when evaluating players and teams. Hence, it can be good to know which of the players aren't too particular about fairness.There's more than one player currently leading the list of players who received bookings. Playing for Oud-Heverlee Leuven and Cercle Brugge, Hamza Mendyl and Hannes Van Der Bruggen have received warnings for their behaviour on the field. The following list shows the players in the league who received the most bookings:

RankPlayer nameTeamRed/Yellow
1Hamza MendylOud-Heverlee Leuven0/8
1Hannes Van Der BruggenCercle Brugge0/9
3Marco IlaimaharitraRoyal Charleroi SC1/7
3Siebe SchrijversOud-Heverlee Leuven0/8
3Charles VanhoutteUnion Saint-Gilloise0/8
6Gustaf NilssonUnion Saint-Gilloise0/7
6Edgaras UtkusCercle Brugge0/7
6Christian BurgessUnion Saint-Gilloise0/7
6Nathan NgoyStandard Liege1/6
6Zeno DebastRSC Anderlecht1/6

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