English Football Overview - National Leagues and Domestic Cups  

Football is the most popular sport in England, with the English Football Association playing a major role in the development of the game. With more than 30,000clubs, millions of fans worldwide, and hundreds of competitions, the country sees tremendous football activity on a daily basis. On our page, you can explore all upcoming matches from England, including live scores and results, from the full list of competitions played in the country.  

All England Fixtures - Upcoming Matches Today

At Oddspedia, you can see all upcoming football games with the push of a button. With the fast live scores, one can track the progress of any ongoing match in the country. From Premier League, Community Shield, and Championship games to women’s Super League - there are countless options to choose from. If it so happens that there are no events today, try selecting a different date on the calendar. Find all English results from previous days on our England live score football page by selecting a previous date from the dropdown menu. England scores are available for past seasons as well. 

If you wish to see the fixtures or results for a particular competition, you can do so by going to the corresponding league page from the list above.  

English Leagues - Full List of Competitions

The list of available competitions shown on Oddspedia makes it easy to navigate and understand the league system in England. Leagues are sorted by popularity and include only the ones that have active seasons. In the past several years, governing bodies of English football have been coming up with ideas to combine all those competitions under a pyramid structure, allowing for promotion and relegation between different levels. 

Today’s leading domestic league - the English Premier League - is not only the top league in England, but is also one of the most famous and respected football competitions around the globe. Featuring some of the best players and five out of the ten richest teams in the world, the level of play and competitiveness in the league is of the highest level. 

The second-ranking league - the English Football League - also offers high-level play and is split into three divisions on its own. The Championship ranks the highest, with the top 3 teams there being promoted to the Premier League. 

The other two divisions tied to the pyramid are League One and League Two. But England’s football has a lot more to offer, including amateur football and youth leagues, with competitions including all age groups and genders. Take a look at our list on this page to find out more!    

Best Players in England Ranked - Top Goalscorers & More

The Top Players table will give you an overview of the best performers across all of English football. Explore quickly and conveniently who the leading goal scorers, assist leaders and best defenders in the country are. These are the players that regularly top the rankings in their respective categories, the bread and butter of the sport not only domestically, but on the world stage. Here you can find stats for various categories (such as bookings) to find which players are most likely to commit fouls in the next games. Armed with this information, you can take advantage of plenty of betting opportunities, and your over/under bet on cards has a much higher chance of netting you profits.

 If you are looking for the best players for each criterion for a specific competition - just visit the corresponding league page to narrow down results and see the best XI on a weekly basis.

England Football History and National Team Facts

Football in England dates as far back as the Middle Ages, but it was the 19th century that saw the game explode in popularity. The first official clubs and organized tournaments were seen in the first half of the century, with the second expanding to independently owned football clubs and participation in various national competitions. It held 4 divisions up to 1992 when the Premier League was founded and formed as a separate division. Since then there have been other small changes, like reducing the teams in the EPL from 22 to 20 after the 1994/95 season and a complete rebranding in 2016. England hosts different cup competitions at different levels of the football pyramid, with the most famous ones being the FA cup and the EFL CUP, with their winners earning a qualifying spot for the UEFA Europa League.  

The England national team is the second oldest team in the world and is one of the eight national teams to have won the World Cup. The England team is currently among FIFA’s top 5 men’s ranking, currently sitting at 4th place with young talent on the team. And speaking of talent - the England national team has seen some legendary players amongst its squad. Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Alan Shearer, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole, Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville, Peter Shilton, and David Seaman - just to name a few of the legends that made their mark in football history. Visit the England national football profile page on Oddspedia to see the upcoming fixtures, current squad and stats for the team.  

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