UEFA Euro 2021 Betting Odds, Fixtures & Winner Predictions

This Euro 2020 guide from Oddspedia.com aims to be the ultimate guide to our customers and visitors to ensure that it includes everything you need to know about this very exciting football tournament which differs from previous tournaments in many aspects.

The UEFA European Championship or Euro 2020 is one of the biggest sports events in the world and European football. It is only the FIFA World Cup that generates more interest in the sport. There is no other continental competition that can compare with it in respect of attendance, number of viewers and top athletes on the field competing. We take a look at the history of the football tournament, previous winners, and the format of EURO 2020.

We discuss the changed format that will see for the first time 11 cities in 11 different countries hosting the tournament in 11 iconic stadiums across Europe, in which all 55 participating countries participated in the group playoffs, with no country automatically qualifying being the host country.

Furthermore, we look at the different groups and the fixtures of the group stage before the elimination rounds start with the Round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. We discuss the different groups and how we think they will do in this tough competition.

Our aim is to ensure that you have the knowledge and information to be able to enjoy your Euro 2020 Betting and to grasp the opportunity to make use of different types of bets, Euro 2020 Welcome Bonus, other bonuses, free bets, and special offers from Bookmakers Euro 2020 to increase your stakes.

We discuss the different bets available and the unique betting tool and other great features offered by Oddspedia.com to ensure that you make the most profitable bet at the best available Euro 2020 Odds. We also share where you can enjoy live streaming of the tournament fixtures and live betting with Euro 2020 Live scores.

Betting on Euro 2021 

To get the best available Euro 2020 Odds it is advisable to use an odds comparison betting site like Oddspedia.com with their ability to provide bettors at any time with a selection of the best odds, statistics, live scores and the recommended betting sites.

It is further useful to open in advance bookmaker accounts and download their apps to make use of all the special Euro 2020 Offers, bonuses, free bets and high odds for Euro 2020, read newsletters and articles for Euro 2020 Tips to keep yourself informed of what’s happening during Euro 2020.

Bet on Winner: Outright odds and favourites

An interesting question for every bettor is: “Who can I back as the outright Euro 2020 Winner?” With some of the strongest national teams in the world participating in the tournament who are past winners of the World Cup and the UEFA Championships, there are many talented players in the different squads with huge experience when it comes to winning in knock-out competitions.

Speculation is rife but many Euro 2020 tipsters view France as the current favourite to be the outright winner and any odds above 5.50 can be regarded as good. Based on a review by Oddspedia.com of the best odds offered by more than 60 bookies the 8 top-ranked teams based on the views of the bookmakers is England 6.00, Belgium 7.00, Germany 8.0, Spain 8.50, Portugal 9.00, Italy 12.00, and Netherlands 13.00.

European Championship: Past Winners

Since the competition started in 1960, only 10 countries succeeded in lifting the cup, There are only 3 countries playing who succeeded in winning more than one European Championships, Spain and Germany with 3 European Championships each and France who has won it twice. The only country that managed to win the tournament back to back was Spain in 2008 and 2012. Portugal won the previous UEFA Euro tournament that was held in 2016 and is back to try and defend their title with betting sites offering good odds on them doing it again.

Euro 2021 Group Stage Betting 

After the group qualifying stage finished in November 2019, 20 teams qualified outright for the 6 groups under being group winners and runner-up’s with 8 teams to battle it out for the 4 remaining spots during the qualifying rounds that are taking place during March 2020. Once finished the 24 squads participating in 6 groups will be finalized and will compete in the Group Stage matches where after 16 teams will advance to the knockout phase of the competition.

The favorites in the different groups according to analysts and current odds is:

Group A with Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Wales as outright qualifiers, with Italy 12.00 currently the favourite, Turkey and Switzerland will be in a battle to advance to the knockout stages.

Group B with Belgium, Russia, Denmark, and Finland as outright qualifiers with Belgium 7.00 the current favourite. Russia and Denmark will battle it out to advance to the next stage of the competition.

Group C with Ukraine, Netherlands, and Austria as outright qualifiers to be joined by Play off winner North Macedonia with Netherlands 13.0 the favourite to top the group.

Group D consisting of England, Croatia, and the Czech Republic as outright qualifiers with Play off winner Scotland to join the group. Favorites to advance is England 6.00 and Croatia 34.00 with England also one of the favorites to possibly win UEFA Euro 2020.

Group E with Spain, Poland, and Sweden as outright qualifiers with Play off winner Slovakia to join the group. Currently, Spain 8.50 is the favourite to win the group. With Poland and Sweden battling it out for the runner up honours.

Group F with Germany, France, and Portugal as outright qualifiers with Play off winner Hungary to join them. France 5.50 and Germany 8.00 are the favorites to win the group. Portugal 9.00 is backed to advance as one of the four highest-ranked third-placed teams.

Most common betting markets 

Under this heading, we will introduce some of the most common betting markets available when embarking on your Euro 2020 Betting to ensure that you don’t miss out on any available opportunity to enjoy yourself and make some money in the process. These are the most common and popular markets but it must be noted that there are other betting markets available as well which we didn’t discuss. The majority of bookies will offer you Euro 2020 Odds on the popular markets which we discuss below.

1x2 betting

The 1x2bet also known as 3-Way betting is a popular type of betting and refers to the different outcomes in a game on which a bet can be placed. The 1 refers to a home win, the x to a draw, and the 2 to an away win. This provides a simple way of betting where a draw is a possible result. The aim of the bet is based on the possibility of every outcome with the odds reflecting just that.

The bet can also be called match betting or full-time result betting. You can back your team for a home win, draw or away win. It is important to establish the home and away status of the hosting stadiums and the teams during the UEFA 2020 Fixtures before placing your 1x2 bets.

Over/Under betting

The Over/Under betting refers to the type of betting where a bookmaker will offer odds on events in a match like the number of goals, yellow cards, corners, or other events during a match. The sportsbook will place odds for a match based on statistics and the punter can then decide whether the final number will be over or under the number set by the bookmaker. The correct number doesn’t have to be guessed by the punter. The most popular market in football matches is over/under 2.5 goals which means that you can bet that either more or fewer goals will be scored during the match. There are just two possible results which increase the chances of a winning bet.

Asian Handicap betting

The term “Asian Handicap” originated in 1998 when an Indonesian bookmaker asked a journalist Joe Smith to give a translation of a popular Asian betting method known as ”hang cheng” betting. Today it is known all over as Asian Handicap betting. This type of betting is a form of spread betting which eliminates the draw as an outcome which is typical of 1x2 betting discussed above. The system works on the basis that stronger teams are handicapped based on their form. The handicap system ensures that the stronger team in a match must win with more goals before a punter placing bets on them will win. This provides two betting outcomes with both having a 50% possibility of realising. This bets offers generally low margins but helps to reduce the risk of the bet when one of the Euro 2020 Dark horses clashes with one of the Euro 2020 Favourites.

BTTS betting

The term ‘BTTS” betting is an acronym of the term “Both Teams to Score” betting a popular betting market that offers the unique opportunity to bet whether both teams will score a goal or goals in a particular match. It is quite popular with punters because you don’t have to place a bet on the number of goals scored, who the winner of the match will be, or lose your bet when it ends in a draw but only if both teams will score in the match. You can also bet that no team will score a goal to have a winning bet. Looks simple but it can ensure an enjoyable betting experience with Euro 2020 Offers.

Live Betting 

Live betting, also referred to as in-play betting, is when you are allowed to place a bet after an event has already started. Live streaming of events made this type of betting very popular amongst punters. The greatest benefit is that the punter is involved in the action and has the opportunity to change a bet or place new bets as the match progress.

It is wise not to place too many in-play bets simultaneously but rather focus and wait for the opportune moment when you detect a certain momentum in the game. This allows adapting as the game flows and to either back their original view of the outcome or to change it. In football, bets can be placed on the halftime score, which team will score next, who will score the next goal, next corner, match-winner and a variety of other markets. This type of betting allows punters to place bets with more information at their disposal than when they place pre-game bets. During Euro 2020 Betting, it can help punters to first see how the teams are playing, their tactics, the referee and his handling of the match before placing their bets. Technology advances like smartphones and bookmaker apps all contributed to the popularity of live betting.

Odds comparison - Compare odds to find the best bets

Any person that wants to successfully bet on any event and in particular the UEFA Euro 2020 must be able to get the best available odds on any market in real-time. To do this you must be able to compare as many odds from as many betting sites as possible and that is exactly where Oddspedia.com fills the void with its odds comparison service and their odds comparison tool.

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The tool can also mathematically calculate value bets to increase your winning chances. They also show dropping odds where betting sites are slow to lower their odds per market odds. It also shows blocked odds and blocked matches that offer opportunities to make a profit.

Best Betting Sites and Offers for Euro 2021

The first thing to keep in mind when looking at the best betting sites and offers for Euro 2020 is to keep in mind that with any event of this magnitude there is always the opportunists and scammers who will try and make a quick buck out of some unsuspecting person. That is why Oddspedia.com strongly recommends that you only use licensed and vetted bookmakers when betting on Euro 2020. Stay away from unknown betting sites with exceptionally high bonuses and promotions which is far above that offered by the well-known and reliable bookies. The possibility that it might be a scam is quite possible.

Oddspedia.com won’t place odds of unlicensed or unverified bookies on their webpage and any bookmaker whose odds are displayed on the page can be used with confidence. Depending on your country of residence Oddspedia.com will recommend betting sites in your country that you can use. In the run-up to Euro 2020 bookmakers will come up with a variety of special Euro 2020 offers and it will be important to read all terms and conditions to fully understand the restrictions and more. The following are examples of what to expect.

  • Increased Welcome Bonuses for new customers registering accounts.
  • Deposit bonuses with high matching values.
  • Odds boosts, free bets, accumulator insurance, cashback offers and more.

As with any great sports event, there will be excellent promotions on offer to ensure that you study newsletters and the different sites to keep abreast of it.

The following reputable betting sites offer the following bonuses on their sites and we expect more bonus offers to become available before the 12th of June 2020. We will keep you informed.

  • 888 Sport offer- Bet £10 Get £40 In Free Bets
  • MoPlay with their- Bet £10 Get £30
  • Bet365 with their Up To £100 In Bet Credits
  • Tonybet bonus of Up To £/€ 200 Welcome Bonus
  • Betsson offers a 100% Bonus Up To £/€ 125
  • PaddyPower offers a £30 Risk-Free Bet.

Bonuses and free bets

The reason why betting sites offer different football bonuses to customers is to retain the loyalty of their existing customers and to attract new customers who will join and open accounts. With a hugely popular event like EURO 2020 coming up it can be expected that betting sites will up their ante and offer a variety of innovative football bonuses to their existing and the new customers they hope to attract. This can take the form of new customer bonuses being enhanced to increase the value of their bonuses. Generally, bookies offer the following bonuses:

Deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses normally used when a customer opens a new account and the bookmaker offers a bonus that will match the customer’s first deposit up to a maximum amount. Many times betting sites express the bonus as a % of the first deposit up to a maximum amount, for instance, 100% up to £150. If the punter deposits £150 the bookmaker will increase the deposit value to £300 which the punter can use to place his bets with. Free bets are when you receive money in your account which cannot be withdrawn as cash but can be used to place bets under certain conditions, you will be allowed to withdraw your winnings but not the free bet stake.

Cashback covers you if you lose your stake and will refund you back part of your bet. Some offers include Bet365 offers up to £100 in bet credits, 888Sport with their bet £10 and get £40 in free bets and Paddy Power with a £30 cashback bet.

Enhanced odds & Price boosts

The growing popularity of enhanced odds or bets amongst online bookmakers ensured that punters have more enhanced odds that they can use to their advantage. It is simply short-term with vastly increased odds to such an extent that you will even find odds-on favorites as high as 5/1 or even higher. The offer might be restricted to new customers or the maximum bet can be limited. This still offers good value for your bet.

Price boosts are when you find that a bookmaker runs a promotion offering higher odds than what is the normal odds to their customers. In many instances, their back price offered can exceed the lay price on the exchange allowing punters to profit in a risk-free manner. Price boosts generally don’t have the same restraints on the maximum stake that you find with enhanced odds but in all other aspects, they can be viewed as the same.

About Euro 2021

Under this heading, we will provide you with all the information needed to understand the format of the championship and how the tournament will progress to ultimately reach the final match that will be played on July 11 in London.

We will discuss the different cities and the stadiums in which the different matches will be played in the group and knockout stages of the tournament. The tournament structure and the championship format will be discussed to ensure that everybody understands it. We look at the different groups in the group stage and how they were drawn to compete.

The Euro 2020 Fixtures of both the group and knockout stages will be discussed to ensure that everybody will be able to do their planning for the different matches. To top it off we discuss how the tournament can be watched in particular the live streaming of the tournament with Euro 2020 Live scores by betting sites and how it can be accessed.

host cities and venues

To celebrate the 60th birthday of the UEFA European Championship, it wasn’t awarded to a single country but was originally spread across the continent with 12 host cities in different countries, with no automatic qualification by country. However, due to the Covid pandemic, some of the cities were changed and eventually reduced to 11.

The 16th UEFA Championships will take place from June 11 up to July 11, 2021, with 11 cities using 11 different venues to host the matches during this period. The opening match will take place in Stadio Olimpico, Rome and both the semi-final and the final match will be played in the Wembley Stadium, London.

With group-stage matches, taking place from June 11 to June 23 the host cities have been paired off into the following groups, with each stadium to host 3 group matches with the exception of Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg which will host 6.

Group A:

Rome (Italy) - Stadio Olimpico with Baku (Azerbaijan) - Olympic Stadium

Group B:

Saint Petersburg (Russia) - Krestovsky Stadium with Copenhagen (Denmark) - Parken Stadium

Group C:

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Johan Cruyff Arena with Bucharest (Romania) - Arena Nationala

Group D:

London (England) - Wembley Stadium with Glasgow (Scotland) - Hampden Park

Group E:

Seville (Spain) - Estadio de La Cartuja with Saint Petersburg (Russia) - Krestovsky Stadium

Group F:

Munich (Germany) - Allianz Arena with Budapest (Hungary)- Puskas Arena

Tournament structure and championship format

As part of the 60th Birthday celebrations of the tournament, it was decided not to award it to one host country who would have automatically qualified for the group stage of the tournament but rather to have all 55 countries participating in the two-stage qualifying process.

The group tournament stage was from March 2019 up to November 2019 with countries divided into 10 groups with the group winners and runner ups qualifying for Euro 2020 Fixtures. A further 16 teams participated in the qualifying playoffs during March 2020 and decided the final 4 qualifying teams to participate in the group-stage matches of EURO 2020 Finals in June 2021.

The 24 teams are divided into 6 Euro 2020 Qualifying groups consisting of 4 teams who will participate in the Group stage matches starting from Friday 11 June to June 23, 2021, with the first match to be played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

The Group Stage matches will determine the 16 qualifying teams that will advance to the knockout stages of the tournament. The knockout stages will start with the Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Final on July 11, 2020. The Semi-Finals and Final will be held at the Wembley Stadium in London.

Draw Results & Fixtures per Group

UEFA Euro 2020 will consist of twenty-four teams who will challenge each other for the title of UEFA 2020 winner from June 11 up to July 11. Twenty teams directly qualified after the draw on 30 November in Bucharest and will play in six groups with four teams each. To complete the participants eight teams played Euro 2020 play off games in March 2020 where four teams advanced and have been added to the six groups to complete the line-up for the Group stage of EURO 2020.

The group stage schedule with venues and group draws are included as well as the match schedule and venues for the knockout stage of UEFA 2020. The European championship ensures excellent football that will be hosted across Europe in 11 cities with 11 iconic stadiums as the host venues.

Group A

Group A consists of Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Wales who all qualified directly for the Group stage matches. Group A is paired with the two hosts of Rome in Italy and Baku in Azerbaijan and will play their matches in the Stadio Olimpico, Rome and the Olympic Stadium in Baku.

The opening game of Euro 2020 between Italy and Turkey will be on June 11 in Rome with the other fixtures:

Group B

Group B consists of Belgium, Russia, Denmark, and Finland who all qualified directly for the group stage matches. The two cities of Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Copenhagen (Denmark) are paired with the group and their matches will be played in the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg and the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen. Here is the Group B games schedule:

Group C

Group C consists of Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria and North Macedonia. The two cities that will host the games are Amsterdam and Bucharest. Matches will be in the Johan Cruyff Arena and the Arena Nationala. Group C game schedule is as follows:

Group D

Group D has direct qualifiers England, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the Playoff C winner Scotland. The cities that will host the games are London and Glasgow with matches in the Wembley Stadium and Hampden Park. Group D game schedule is as follows:

Group E

Group E includes direct qualifiers Spain, Poland, Sweden and the Playoff winner Slovakia. Host cities to the group stage games will be Seville and Saint Petersburg hosting matches at Estadio de La Cartuja and the Krestovsky Stadium. Group E game schedule is as follows:

Group F

Group F with direct qualifiers Germany, France, Portugal and the Playoff A winner Hungary has Munich and Budapest as host cities with the Allianz Arena and Puskas Arena as the venues. Opening group round matches start on June 16 and here is the full group F schedule:

Full Schedule and Match Dates for the Elimination Rounds

The elimination rounds of Euro 2020 bring us to the business part of the tournament, with the last 16 teams determined and the margin for error very slim. With no second chances and so much riding on every game, expect outstanding performances from all teams and players trying to reach the final.

Any team who wants the title must win their next 4 matches, one in the Round of 16, the Quarterfinal, the Semi-final and the final. Anytime you lose and you are out. There is no match scheduled to determine the third-place winner.

Round of 16

The Round of 16, Saturday June 26 as a starting date and June 29 as the end date, takes place over 8 matches in 8 host cities between the group winners, runners-up and the 4 top-ranked, third-placed sides from the group phase. Matches are with kick-off times at either 5 pm or 8 pm.

June 26

Game 1: Group A runners-up vs Group B runners-up; Amsterdam

Game 2: Group A winners vs Group C runners-up; London

June 27

Game 3: Group C winner vs third-placed side from Group D/E/F; Budapest

Game 4: Group B winner vs third-placed side from Group A/D/E/F; Seville

June 28

Game 5: Group D runners-up vs Group E runners-up; Copenhagen

Game 6: Group F winner vs third-placed side from Group A/B/C; Bucharest

June 29

Game 7: Group D winner vs Group F runners-up; London

Game 8: Group E winner vs third-placed side Group A/B/C/D; Glasgow


The quarter finals, Friday July 2 as a starting date, is an elimination round of 4 matches that takes place between the winners of the Round of 16. The games will be played on July 2 and July 3 in the 4 cities that didn’t host a Round 16 match. Kick-off will be either at 5 pm or 8 pm.

July 2

Quarter-final 1: Game 6 winner vs Game 5 winner; St Petersburg

Quarter-final 2: Game 4 winner vs Game 2 winner; Munich

July 3

Quarter-final 3: Game 3 winner vs Game 1 winner; Baku

Quarter-final 4: Game 8 winner vs Game 7 winner; Rome


The tournament is drawing to a close with the last four teams left standing in the Euro 2020 Standings competing to determine who will play in the final. Both Semi-finals, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 6 and July 7 respectively, will be played in London’s Wembley Stadium with kick-off times at 8 pm.

Tuesday, July 6

Semi-final 1: Quarter-final 2 winner vs Quarter-final 1 winner; Wembley, London

Wednesday, July 7

Semi-final 2: Quarter-final 4 winner vs Quarter-final 3 winner; Wembley, London


The final match of the 16th UEFA Euro 2020 Championship is scheduled to take place on Sunday 11 July in London’s Wembley Stadium with kick-off at 8 pm local time. The final will bring to close a tournament that started with 55 teams in 2019 when the final whistle will culminate in crowning the winning team of EURO 2020.

How to watch the European Championship - Live Streaming

With the rapid advances in technology that gave us the smartphone, internet and online connectivity the face of bookmaking has changed forever. Today, it is unthinkable that a bookmaker won’t have an app and an online presence. This opened the door for live streaming of matches which can be watched by punters on their mobile devices where ever they might be. It also paved the way for live gambling during the match.

All the top online bookmakers provide live streams to their customers with many requiring a positive balance on your account, some only require a registered account and some stream it for free. Oddspedia.com will suggest matches with a live stream on any Euro 2020 matchday. It is recommended that you ensure that you register with one of the Euro 2020 betting sites so that you don’t miss out on any live streamed game.

Top 5 contenders 

Euro 2020 in its exciting new format is widely expected to be one of the most intriguing European Championships ever held, with the addition of 11 hosting cities and 11 stadiums to take place from June 11 to July 11 after 55 teams started the journey to qualify. The draw for the group's stage has been done and with many teams believing they have what it takes to be crowned as the winner let’s consider some of the favorites at this early stage.

England at the Euro 2020 - Fixtures, squad & odds to win

England also fondly referred to as the Three Lions are one of the early Euro 2020 Favourites to lift the trophy on July 11 in the Wembley Stadium, London after their heartbreak during the 2018 World Cup in Russia after losing in the semis against Croatia.

The team did well in the qualifiers having won 7 of their 8 games before losing against the Czech Republic 2-1. They were drawn in Group D alongside Croatia, the Czech Republic and Scotland.

England scored 37 goals and will have home advantage with their group games scheduled to be played in London as well as the play offs games. They are expected to be the Euro 2020 group winner of their group. Their star performers Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Jordan Pickford, Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling were in the 25 players group in Russia and much is expected from future stars like Jadon Sancho, Phil Foden and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

England currently struggles with injuries to key performers and their probabilities have drifted out to 6.00 on becoming the Euro 2020 Winner. Coach Gareth Southgate will play a crucial role in his team’s success.

Spain at the Euro 2020 - Fixtures, squad & odds to win 

Spain or La Roja struggled to repeat their 2012 success when they won the tournament back-to-back to become the only team to have done so. They did well in their qualifying matches being undefeated in their group with 8 wins and two away draws, scoring 31 goals. They have an experienced captain in Sergio Busquets who can inspire them to great heights possibly to achieve some of their former glory as one of the Euro 2020 Dark horses despite struggling with managerial difficulties.

They will play their matches in Group E with Poland, Sweden, and Slovakia. Spain is expected to win their group matches with 2 taking place in Seville and one in St Petersburg to give them a home ground advantage with a player like Thiago and Captain Sergio Busquets there to unsettle their opposition. Their current odds came down to 8.50 from 10.00. Spain can be backed to win their group but it remains to be seen if they can advance all the way but they can surely cause an upset along the way.

Germany at the Euro 2020 - Fixtures, squad & odds to win

Germany or also known as Die Mannschaft have signalled that they are on their way back after a string of humiliating results during 2018. They have a proud record and to record, just one win out of seven fixtures didn’t go down well, Joachim Low was under severe pressure to turn things positive again in particular after leaving experienced players out of his group. They did well in their qualifying matched winning 7 from their 8 matches with 30 goals but their 4-2 defeat to the Netherlands in Hamburg won’t please them.

Their track record of three wins in the Finals and reaching the semi-finals 9 times must be considered. They are drawn in what is viewed as the Group of Death with France, the defending champion Portugal and Hungary. They will have a home advantage as they will play all their group games in Munich. Their current odds is 8.00 down from 12.00 their draw in their group makes it very difficult to back them as group winner but they have a good chance of reaching the knockout stage of the championship.

Much is expected of individuals like llkay Gündogan, Serge Gnabry and Timo Werner.

France at the Euro 2020 - Fixtures, squad & odds to win

France or also known as Les Bleus comes into the tournament as the runners-up in the previous tournament held in 2016 and Russia 2018 World Cup world champions, with Didier Deschamps in charge of the well-disciplined team. France look set to achieve success as Euro 2020 Outrights winner.

The team is well established with many of their star performers still under 30 years of age and at the peak of their playing careers, this includes players like Paul Pogba, Raphael Varane and Antoine Griezmann. Blended into the mix are exciting young rising stars like Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele who ensures that France’s feature looks great. Les Bleus has won the competition twice and their manager Didier Deschamps is himself a winner during the European Championship in 2000.

France is drawn with Germany, Portugal and Hungary, the so-called Group of Death. They won’t have any home advantage and will play their group games in Munich and Budapest. Their qualifying went relatively smooth with 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss with 25 goals being scored. Their current odds of being crowned Euro 2020 Group winner looks good at 5.50 down from 6.00 and also to achieve success as UEFA Euro 2020 winner.

Belgium at the Euro 2020 - Fixtures, squad & odds to win

Belgium or also known as the “Red Devils” have been knocking at the door in their quest to be crowned as the winner of a major tournament coming close during 2018 when they lost in the World Cup semi-finals. They have experienced players in their team with Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne doing well for their respective clubs and with experienced manager Roberto Martinez to guide them can continue to claim the Euro 2020 Winner title.

Belgium is drawn in Group B with Euro 2020 Outrights Russia, Denmark and Finland with their matches taking place at St. Petersburg and Copenhagen. Their qualification went very well and they scored 40 goals with only 3 being conceded. They are the favourite to finish as the Euro 2020 Group Winner and are alongside France the current Euro 2020 Favourites to win the tournament. Their current odds stand at 7.00 up from 5.50.

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