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Erovnuli Liga Round 22 Preview

The twenty-two round of the Erovnuli Liga 22/22 in Georgia will be played on Monday, Saturday and Sunday, between 08/15/2022 and 08/21/2022. First game of round 22 will begin on 08/15/2022 and will end on 08/21/2022. The 22nd round starts on Monday at 16:00 with a match between FC Saburtalo Tbilisi and FC Torpedo Kutaisi. Last match of the round will be between FC Dinamo Batumi and FC Saburtalo Tbilisi will be competing for the three points on 08/21/2022 at 17:00.

Last week we saw some interesting matches, for example when FC Dila Gori faced FC Dinamo Batumi and lost 0-1. Furthermore, there was the match between FC Telavi vs. FC Samgurali Tskaltubo, which finally ended in a draw. Yet another very enjoyable fixture was the 3-1 victory of FC Dinamo Tbilisi over Sioni Bolnisi. Here, on Oddspedia, we provide you with a detailed overview and statistics of the upcoming Erovnuli Liga matchday in Georgia– detailed information forall upcoming games, the teams and their current form.

The most interesting clashes from Round 22

Probably the most anticipated match will be FC Dinamo Batumi vs FC Saburtalo Tbilisi on 08/21/2022 at 17:00. FC Dinamo Batumi has the upper hand in this match, since they're currently on the first place in the table. However, they still want to make sure to keep their rank.

Another match fans are looking forward to takes place on 08/20/2022 at 16:00. Here, FC Dinamo Tbilisi (currently in 2nd place) will face FC Dila Gori (4th place). In their last match, FC Dinamo Tbilisi managed to beat their opponent Sioni Bolnisi and scored 3 points. FC Dila Gori, however, wasn't as lucky and lost against FC Dinamo Batumi. So, it will be interesting to see if they can step up their game and beat FC Dinamo Tbilisi in the upcoming match. Looking at the teams' performance in their last matches can also be an indicator about their current form: FC Dinamo Tbilisi played a great season lately, winning the majority of their games.. FC Dila Gori performed a bit worse–they won 1 and lost 2 of their last 5 matches.

People are also excited to see Sioni Bolnisi fight against FC Samgurali Tskaltubo. They currently are in 9th place and 3rd place, making their match interesting to watch. Both will have to step up their game and show their fans what they're made of, since none of them won their last match. You can also look at their recent performance to get an idea of their chances in the upcoming match: Winning 2 and losing 2 of their last five games, FC Samgurali Tskaltubo had quite a mixed run lately, on which they will hopefully improve.

Scheduled Matches

The following games of the current matchday are scheduled for this week:


  • FC Saburtalo Tbilisi - FC Torpedo Kutaisi 16:00 UTC


  • Sioni Bolnisi - FC Samgurali Tskaltubo 13:30 UTC
  • FC Dinamo Tbilisi - FC Dila Gori 16:00 UTC


  • FC Gagra - FC Telavi 13:30 UTC
  • FC Torpedo Kutaisi - FC Lokomotivi Tbilisi 13:30 UTC
  • FC Dinamo Batumi - FC Saburtalo Tbilisi 17:00 UTC

League Table - Current Season Performance

FC Dinamo Batumi are currently leading the table with 50 points and a goal differencial of 42 (56 scored and 14 received). So far, they have won 15 out of their 21 matches–and since they're leading by 9 points they don't have to worry too much about losing. FC Dinamo Tbilisi (4/41pts), however, could use their match against FC Dila Gori (4/34pts), to narrow the gap to the leader. In any case, players will give their best to help their team win. But not only the top of the table has some interesting matches to offer–teams in the lower half also have to fight hard to stay in their league and not finish the season in last place. At the last place, there are FC Lokomotivi Tbilisi (10/3pts) with 3 points–and since they're already 21 points away from the last safe place, there's unfortunately no way they're going to be staying in the league after this season.

The biggest positive change in position, compared to the last matchday, has been made by FC Gagra (9/21 points), who moved up one position and are now in 9th place in the league. On the other side, Sioni Bolnisi (8/22 points) made the biggest loss in positions, losing a total of one rank.

Erovnuli Liga Progress So Far: Latest 2022/22 Details

10 teams are fighting for the title in the Erovnuli Liga 2022. Of the total 186 matches the teams have to participate in this season, 110 matches have already been played, leaving 76 still to go. The current season started on 02/25/2022 and will have games played until 12/31/2022. One team will be demoted to a lower league where they will have to prove themselves in the next season, while two teams will have the chance to fight for their stay in the league in a relegation match. Also, the first three teams will qualify to play in bigger tournaments.

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