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2024 Tippeligaen (Norway) Previews and Live Scores

Find out everything you need to know about Tippeligaen football in Norway on Oddspedia. Check the latest standings, results, statistics and live-streaming information for all matches in the league. Furthermore, our odds comparison will show you the best odds for all the upcoming matches in the Tippeligaen, and which bookmakers you can make the most profit with your football bets.

To get you in the perfect mood for the next Tippeligaen matchday, we will now present you with our preview for the upcoming matches. So, you can astound your friends and hopefully turn a profit at the bookies with your newfound football knowledge. This is by using the interesting facts, the latest footballing news and the many useful statistics that we will now bestow upon you!

Eliteserien Round 30 Preview

The thirty rounds of the Eliteserien 23/23 in Norway will be played on Wednesday and Sunday, between 11/29/2023 and 12/03/2023. First game of round 30 will begin on 11/29/2023 and will end on 12/03/2023. The 30th round starts on Wednesday at 18:00 with a match between Kristiansund BK and Bryne FK. Last match of the round will have Vaalerenga IF and Tromsoe IL on 12/03/2023 at 16:00.

Already, last week we saw some interesting matches, for example when SK Brann played Bodoe/Glimt and defeated them 4-2. Furthermore, there was the match between Sarpsborg 08 vs. Molde FK, where Sarpsborg 08 got beaten 1-3. Yet another very enjoyable fixture was the 2-1 victory of Tromsoe IL over FK Haugesund. Here, on Oddspedia, we provide you with a detailed overview and statistics of the upcoming Eliteserien matchday in Norway– detailed statistics forall the games on the fixtures, the teams and their recent form.

Round 30 Highlights

Probably the most anticipated match will be Bodoe/Glimt vs Sarpsborg 08 on 12/03/2023 at 16:00. Bodoe/Glimt has the upper hand in this match, since they are currently on the first place in the table. However, they still want to make sure to keep their rank. And since neither of them won their last match, they should both be eager to fight for 3 points in their upcoming game. Bodoe/Glimt seems to have good chances, concidering they won most of their recent matches. Sarpsborg 08 on the other hand wasn't lucky lately, they've lost most of their recent games.

Another match fans are looking forward to takes place on 12/03/2023 at 16:00. Here, Stroemsgodset IF (currently in 8th place) will face SK Brann (2nd place). They both could overthrow their opponent in their last match (SK Brann played against Bodoe/Glimt and Stroemsgodset IF won against Rosenborg BK), so they will both be motivated to continue their winning streak. Looking at the teams' performance in their last matches can also be an indicator about their current form: Stroemsgodset IF played a great season lately, winning the majority of their games. SK Brannwas however also able to win 4 of their last five games.

People are also excited to see Viking FK fight against Rosenborg BK. They currently are in 4th place and 9th place, making their match interesting to watch. Viking FK is a strong opponent to fight for Rosenborg BK, especially since the latter lost their last match while Viking FK scored 3 points against Aalesunds FK. You can also look at their recent performance to get an idea of their chances in the upcoming match: Winning 2 and losing 2 of their last five games, Rosenborg BK had quite a mixed run lately, on which they will hopefully improve.

Round 30 Schedule

The following games of the current matchday are scheduled for this week:


  • Kristiansund BK - Bryne FK 18:00 UTC


  • Bodoe/Glimt - Sarpsborg 08 16:00 UTC
  • FK Haugesund - Stabaek IF 16:00 UTC
  • Molde FK - Hamarkameratene 16:00 UTC
  • Odds BK - Aalesunds FK 16:00 UTC
  • Sandefjord Fotball - Lillestrom SK 16:00 UTC
  • Stroemsgodset IF - SK Brann 16:00 UTC
  • Viking FK - Rosenborg BK 16:00 UTC
  • Vaalerenga IF - Tromsoe IL 16:00 UTC

Latest Eliteserien Table - Who has the Most Points?

Bodoe/Glimt are currently leading the table with 67 points and a goal differencial of 38 (76 scored and 38 received). So far, they have won 21 out of their 29 matches–and since they're leading by 6 points they don't have to worry too much about losing. SK Brann (8/61pts), however, could use their match against Stroemsgodset IF (8/39pts), to narrow the gap to the leader. In any case, players will give their best to help their team win. But not only the top of the table has some interesting matches to offer–teams in the lower half also have to fight hard to stay in their league and not finish the season in last place. The last place is currently occupied by Aalesunds FK (16/18pts) with only 18 points. Since they're already 11 points behind the last safe place, their only chance of staying in the Eliteserien would be to make it to the relegation playoffs. However, since they're 10 points behind Sandefjord Fotball, this task is already impossible for them. They won't be playing in the Eliteserien next season.

The biggest positive change in position, compared to the last matchday, has been made by Stabaek IF (14/28 points), who moved up one position and are now in 14th place in the league. On the other side, Sandefjord Fotball (13/29 points) made the biggest loss in positions, losing a total of one rank.

Norway's Eliteserien Progress So Far: 2023/23 Overview

16 teams are fighting for the title in the Eliteserien 2023. Of the total 252 matches the teams have to participate in this season, 241 matches have already been played, leaving 11 still to go. The current season started on 04/10/2023 and will have games played until 12/31/2023. Two teams will be demoted to a lower league where they will have to prove themselves in the next season, while one team will have the chance to fight for their stay in the league in a relegation match. Also, the first three teams will qualify to play in bigger tournaments.

The Best Players So Far in the Eliteserien

Currently, Amahl Pellegrino is dominating the league and leading the list of the best players by points with twenty-three goals and ten assists. On the 2nd place, Bard Finne is following with sixteen goals and nine assists. He's playing for SK Brann. Following, at the 3rd position, we find a player of Viking FK, who scored twelve goals since the beginning of the season and assisted his teammates in scoring 10: Viking FK.

At the moment, these are the best 10 players of the league by points:

RankPlayer nameTeamGoals/Assists
1Amahl PellegrinoBodoe/Glimt23/10
2Bard FinneSK Brann16/9
3Zlatko TripicViking FK12/10
4Faris Pemi MoumbagnaBodoe/Glimt15/3
5Akor AdamsLillestrom SK15/2
6Thomas Lehne OlsenLillestrom SK14/2
6Vegard ErlienTromsoe IL14/2
8Ramon Pascal LundqvistSarpsborg 086/9
8Albert GronbaekBodoe/Glimt9/6
10Gjermund AsenLillestrom SK4/10

Who are the top goalscorers in the league?

Looking at the list of the league's best goal scorers, a player of Bodoe/Glimt is leading the list with twenty-three goals: Amahl Pellegrino. He's followed by a player of SK Brann who so far managed to score sixteen goals in the Eliteserien 2023: Bard Finne. Will he be able to claim the title of the top goal scorer at the end of the season? Further down the list, players of Bodoe/Glimt and Lillestrom SK are also trying to work their way up the goal-getter list: Faris Pemi Moumbagna and Akor Adams are all hoping to be in the spotlight at the end of the Eliteserien 2023.

Counting only the goals scored, the following players are the best in the league:

RankPlayer nameTeamGoals
1Amahl PellegrinoBodoe/Glimt23
2Bard FinneSK Brann16
3Faris Pemi MoumbagnaBodoe/Glimt15
3Akor AdamsLillestrom SK15
5Thomas Lehne OlsenLillestrom SK14
5Vegard ErlienTromsoe IL14
7Zlatko TripicViking FK12
8Danilo Al-SaedSandefjord Fotball11
9Lars-Jorgen SalvesenViking FK10
10Albert GronbaekBodoe/Glimt9

Top Assists Leaders

Most goals can only be shot when at least two players work together and combine their forces to work their way around the opponent's defense. Therefore, it is also important to take a look at the top assisting players. Currently, in this season of the Eliteserien, three players are competing for the title of the top assisting player: Amahl Pellegrino, Zlatko Tripic and Gjermund Asen
Looking at the total assists per player, this is the current status of the list containing the best assisting players:

RankPlayer nameTeamAssists
1Amahl PellegrinoBodoe/Glimt10
1Zlatko TripicViking FK10
1Gjermund AsenLillestrom SK10
4Bard FinneSK Brann9
4Ramon Pascal LundqvistSarpsborg 089
6Sander SvendsenViking FK7
6Kristoffer HaugenMolde FK7
6Patrick BergBodoe/Glimt7
9Albert GronbaekBodoe/Glimt6
9Emil BreivikMolde FK6

Yellow and Red Cards Ranking

Fairness and sportsmanship are also very important when evaluating players and teams. Hence, it can be good to know which of the players aren't too particular about fairness.There's more than one player currently leading the list of players who received bookings. Playing for Odds BK and Lillestrom SK, Salomon Owusu and Espen Garnas have received warnings for their behaviour on the field. The following list shows the players in the league who received the most bookings:

RankPlayer nameTeamRed/Yellow
1Salomon OwusuOdds BK1/7
1Espen GarnasLillestrom SK0/8
3Espen RuudOdds BK0/7
4Patrick YazbekViking FK0/6
4Jostein GundersenTromsoe IL0/6
4Isak Snaer ThorvaldssonRosenborg BK0/6
4Conrad WallemOdds BK0/6
4Diogo TomasOdds BK0/6
4Fredrik JensenVaalerenga IF1/5
4Alexander MunksgaardAalesunds FK0/6

Statistics - Team, Player and Even Referee Stats

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