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Oddspedia is the home of sports betting, thanks to its user-friendly mechanisms, and Snooker does not miss out. With all sorts of information ranging from results, snooker live scores, matches and news. There is a snooker calendar that explains in detail all events and timelines for the game.

Today's Snooker Live Scores - 20 September

You can count on oddspedia for snooker live scores, and you do not even need to refresh the page for updates! We cover all snooker tournaments around the world ranking and non-ranking. So you will not miss any live scores or snooker results! 

Snooker Calendar - Matches and Results

Bettors access the information in real time with all pointers factored in. The arrangement of Snooker fixtures is by the governing federation and released to the public for preparations. Designing metrics and graphs takes shape, awaiting the commencement of the games. Oddspedia has a complete map out of this information, including:

  • The Championship’s Best Player
  • Individual Match Status - Frame Live Score, Player Frames Score
  • Participating Tournament Players

The snooker playing format allows individual players to battle for the honours. Each match has a total number of frames to determine the winner. How good a player is, determines how he or she will fare in the competition. Unlike other sports, The chronology of scoring ranks from the highest valued ball (7 - Black Ball) to the lowest (1 - Red Ball).

You can follow snooker results from previous games using our database from which analyses for betting emanate. It captures the timelines, winning streak, points scored, and world snooker tournament standings. Furthermore, we have a results archive so you can get scores from old snooker matches as well as tournament standings. 

Consistency over time improves a player’s chance of winning. Thus, a significant factor in upcoming snooker matches, and the resultant odds. After all, bookmakers have calculated their odds, and Oddspedia ranks them to help you get the best snooker odds for your bet.

Snooker fixtures happen though out the week with the final during the weekend, with popular leagues scattered all over the world.

Oddspedia Snooker Tournament Coverage

Here at Oddspedia, we cater to all the ranking snooker tournaments (17). And other competitions with odds, statistics and of course, the tournament standings. Some of the ranking tournaments include:

Also, you will find Non-Ranking team events such as the World Cup, an annual invitational team snooker tournament. Which features teams of two players representing their country against other national teams.

The three most prestigious snooker tournaments (referred to as the Triple Crown) are the:

  1. World Snooker Championship
  2. UK Championship
  3. The Invitational Masters

Players who win all three of the above tournaments during the course of their careers are said to have won the Triple Crown.

Follow the snooker matches on Oddspedia and benefit from the odds and offers available on different online betting sites.

Live Streams - Do Not Miss That 147 Break!

We also provide links to bookmakers live streaming the match to accompany our frame-by-frame coverage of live scores and the best odds for live games. So you can watch your favourite players such as Ronnie the Rocket O'Sullivan or John Higgins but place your bets simultaneously. 

To find the links to the live streams at bookmakers go to the game (event) page and click on the watch button or the live stream viewer box. Either of these will take you to a bookmaker live streaming the snooker match which offers live betting markets and options to enhance your snooker betting experience.

Snooker News

All the latest Snooker news updates happen in real-time. The Oddspedia system mirrors reputable news organisations and the Snooker governing federation. Also, the player’s social media sites are rich sources of information, as they can directly or indirectly infer tips that bookies can use to create odds. Some of the snooker news that you can find include a player’s mindset, recent form and head-to-head histories.

For more snooker news and rumours, the contemporary media also plays a pivotal role. Such as tournament dates and venues, sponsorships, and other weighty snooker news. Rumours may be unsubstantiated, but they create a line of thought that can lead to game-changing information if followed.

All this information on Oddspedia is at the bottom of the games page. This page has a brief explanation of the players, their history, and possible outcome with the average odds value. This is besides the odds ranking by bookmakers. In essence, all the latest Snooker updates, from the snooker table or outside of the game, have a home on Oddspedia.


Where to Check Today's Live Snooker Scores?

Currently, live <sport> scores are visible via the "live" button on this and the Homepage and include all the matches currently in play. Also, you can visit a specific match page to view the score with in-play details and follow the match with our live event tracker.

How Often Are the Live Scores Updated?

Live scores on Oddspedia are real-time scores, with a delay of only several seconds. So there is no need to refresh the page to see the latest scores. This is the same for all Live data including snooker results, breaks, tournament standings and live odds. So you will not miss a thing or a betting opportunity.

How to Find Popular Competitions Like the World Snooker Championship?

Snooker matches from the top domestic and international tournaments will always appear on top of our match listings. So you can expect to find upcoming matches for today and follow snooker results from the biggest tournaments such as the World Snooker Championship and the UK Championship. You can also search for competitions by their exact name or by country where they are held. To accompany tournament listings we supply odds from top bookmakers for you to compare as well as their available bonuses, including free bets.

Where to Check Today's Snooker Results?

Oddspedia is the place for all your snooker results and statistics. You can find Today's listing of snooker matches above at the top of this page. This list includes all the snooker matches scheduled for today, from any tournament with their starting time. These will also be updated with live scores and then results for each of them.

Also, by using the calendar, you can view snooker results for the week by clicking on the weekdays' Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri. Or by choosing the first date on the left. But that is not all, you can check our Snooker results archive which goes back six years by using the year drop-down menu at the top of the page.,  

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