Crypto Betting 2021 - Bookies That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that allows users to make anonymous digital transactions on the internet. Unlike fiat currencies, it uses a peer-to-peer system that enables users to send cash to anyone on the network without approval from any financial authority. It also has very low transaction fees, which makes it an ideal method for Bookmaker players who are looking to maximize the amount of cash they get in a payout. Besides, most Bookmakers process cryptocurrencies immediately, unlike other payment methods that sometimes take several days to be processed. Since it is a digital payment, users can access the cash and make payments fast with their smartphones and computers.

About Bitcoin  - What Makes it a Good Choice?

One of the benefits of Bitcoin is its security. Bookmaker players do not expose their personal details when making payments. Second, most bookmakers that accept the payment method allow for a wide range in the amount that you can deposit. Therefore, you can deposit very high or low amounts to the account without any restrictions. Besides, payments are instant. Consequently, you can start wagering as soon as you deposit or use cash as soon as you withdraw.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in a digital wallet app either on a computer or on a smartphone. You can send part of the Bitcoin to other digital wallets and receive the same from others. Every time you transact with your bookmaker, the transaction is captured in a public list called Blockchain. This is vital to prevent people from making copies of the digital file, using Bitcoins that they do not own or reversing the cash.

Bitcoin App

There are different wallets that store Bitcoin, just as many banks store the fiat currency. Most of these digital wallets have apps, which allow you to manage your Bitcoin from the smartphone. On the app, you can make payments, receive cash and check your transaction history. Some allow you to convert the digital currency into fiat currencies. It is good to check various apps and determine the one with the best features for your use.

Costs and Fees

In most cases, there are very low Bitcoin fees for any transaction. However, the fee may go high if there is network congestion, which, in turn, raises the fee. Even in this case, the fee is generally lower than what many methods charge. In fact, most Bitcoin bookmakers do not charge for transactions with customer accounts. This means that players get much of the cash to wager or use in the case of winnings.


How to Use Bitcoin for Betting

To use Bitcoin for betting, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet on which to store your cryptocurrency. You can open wallet free on your smartphone. Then, you need to but Bitcoin. Most of the wallets allow you to buy your Bitcoins with card or other payment methods. Once you have the Bitcoin, simply transfer it to your bookmaker’s wallet. You can then log into your account and start betting with the cryptocurrency.

Opening Bitcoin Account

A Bitcoin account is the crypto-currency wallet. Bitcoin sign up process only requires your name and a few other details. This information is not shared when you transact with your Bitcoin. Opening the account should not take more than a few minutes. It also does not require any approvals. You can purchase Bitcoin elsewhere and deposit it to your wallet to enable you to transact with your bookmaker.

Depositing To Your Sportsbook Balance

Check if your bookmaker is one of the betting sites that accept Bitcoin. Then, head to the cashier section of the account and select Bitcoin. The bookmaker will provide you with an address of its wallet. Copy it. Then, head to your wallet and click on sending section. Paste the Bitcoin address and amount you would like to send. Complete by authorizing the payment.

Withdrawing from Your Sportsbook Account

Part of the Bitcoin withdrawal process happens in your bookmaker. Head to the cashier section and choose Bitcoin. Then, head to your wallet and copy its address. Paste the same on the withdrawal address section provided by the bookmaker. Complete your transaction by specifying the withdrawal amount. Many sites do not impose Bitcoin limits for either deposits or withdrawals.

Which Countries Accept Online Betting with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency around the world. Given that it is a digital currency, it does not require approvals by most monetary authorities. Over time, most governments have also discovered the benefits of the cryptocurrency and have created legal frameworks to enable it to function effectively. The cryptocurrency is legal in much of Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Portugal.

It is also accepted across Africa and Isa except for a few countries such as Algeria, Nepal and Bangladesh. You may use it in the Americas such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile. You may find a few restrictions on the use in some of the countries. However, it is generally accepted for online transactions.

The Best Online Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Many bookmakers have now included Bitcoin as one of the payment methods on their accounts. Some of the popular Bitcoin sports betting sites include BetCoin, Nitrogen, Mbit, 1xBet, 22Bet, Pinnacle and Marathon Bet. A complete list of these bookmakers along with their ratings, are shown in the table below. Check it and pick an ideal bookmaker.


Crypto Betting Bonuses

Several bookmakers that accept the crypto-currency also offer bonuses that you can redeem with Bitcoin. These offers range from welcome bonuses, loyalty offers, reload bonuses and no deposit promotions. Many of the sites provide regular bonuses with an equivalent for Bitcoin customers. The general terms of Bitcoin bonuses are similar to those of other offers.

Conclusion: Finding Good Bookmaker That Accepts Crypto

Keep in mind a few things when choosing betting companies that accept Bitcoins. First, go for a reputable company that is known for fairness and fast payouts for winnings. Second, the company must be operating in your country. This makes it easy to use gambling authorities to seek assistance whenever there is a disputed. Besides, be keen to check the payment and withdrawal fees and limits for crypto payment. Compare the same with a few leading websites and determine if it is worth playing with the bookmaker.

Check if your choice bookmaker has bonuses and other offers that you can redeem with Bitcoin. This ensures that you are not at a disadvantage for going with the cryptocurrency. In addition, pick a site in which you can play on the go using your mobile device. You may want to check its app or mobile site before signing up.

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