Baseball Schedule and Live Baseball Scores Today 

Given the popularity of baseball all over the globe, it’s no surprise that the sport is now played at an elite level all year round.

And so baseball fans and bettors are never short of action to enjoy, and at Oddspedia our mission is to keep you in the loop with the latest baseball scores, results, stats and news.

Our members also have a chance to live stream the best baseball competitions in the world on their devices… read on for more details.

Baseball in Canada – Facts and Figures

The Toronto Blue Jays continue to fly the flag for Major League Baseball in Canada, although the hope is that the two-time World Series champions are one day joined by another Canadian franchise in North America’s premier baseball competition.

Minor League Baseball also plays host to Canadian affiliates, and several outfits compete in various independent competitions including the Frontier League and American Association.

There is definitely a demand for elite-level baseball in Canada. During the 2022 MLB season, the Blue Jays had a total attendance at the Rogers Centre of some 2.65 million, with an average attendance of 32,763 and 32 sell-outs (defined as games with more than 40,000 people present).

It has also been reported that an average of 900,000 viewers tune into the Blue Jays’ games on the Sportsnet TV channel, and those are strong numbers for a sport in Canada that isn’t hockey.

Maybe baseball in Canada needs another bona fide star in the MLB like Larry Walker or Ferguson Jenkins. There are certainly some candidates for the role, with Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Jordan Romano and Freddie Freeman all impressing in Major League Baseball.

Perhaps if one of that trio becomes a global ambassador for baseball, the MLB will have to consider handing out another expansion franchise to Canada.

Baseball Scores 

To give you a taste of the depth of baseball coverage here at Oddspedia, just some of the competitions we cover include the MLB, independent leagues in Canada and the United States, Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball, South Korea’s KBO League, Taiwan’s CPBL, Mexico’s LMB and other events in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and beyond.

So, as you can imagine, there’s no shortage of baseball scores that you can access via our site each and every week. Simply head to the baseball page on the menu at the top of the screen, and then click on the calendar icon to see the games that are taking place today and in the days ahead. You can also check on the latest results by clicking on the relevant dates on our calendar.

One of the perks of our baseball live scores feed is that this is updated in real-time, and so you can analyze how a game is progressing and keep an eye on any momentum shifts… crucial for those interested in wagering in-play.

Click on a game and you will have access to a wealth of useful information, including league standings and head-to-head records, and you can also check the action's status as it unfolds one run at a time.

Each team in the MLB, Japanese Nippon and KBO League play well over 100 games every season, and so clearly the global baseball schedule is packed to say the least. It would be easy to forget about games here and there, but thanks to Oddspedia’s live scores feed you don’t need to miss a single home run or strike out.

Baseball Schedule and Latest Results

If you are planning a day in front of the TV, or you’re plotting your next baseball bets, be sure to use our invaluable baseball schedule.

This calendar shows all of the games that are coming up in the days ahead, including the MLB, KBO and LMB, and you can see the start time for each as well and add those that interest you to your list by clicking the star icon.

With so many baseball games today and in the days ahead, Oddspedia is a vital tool in ensuring that you’re informed of the latest baseball results and fixtures for the leagues that interest you worldwide.

Live Baseball Games Today

So, there are plenty of baseball games today but you are busy doing other things… what will you do?

Make sure the Oddspedia website is open on your smartphone or tablet because as mentioned our live scores feed is updated every minute. You can check the innings score at a glance and see how the baseball betting lines are moving based on the action out in the middle.

Simply click on the calendar to scroll through the baseball game list today, tomorrow and in the week ahead.

Baseball Live Streaming

There’s nothing quite like watching a big game in real-time, and with Oddspedia you can enjoy hours of baseball live streaming.

Use our calendar to browse the scheduled baseball tonight, or tap the live tab to see which games are already underway around the globe. Click on the game you want to watch to see if the live-streaming option is available.

At Oddspedia, we work with dozens of sportsbook partners and have an extensive arsenal of live-streaming options. Enjoy some of the finest pitching and hitting that world baseball offers with a few taps of your screen.

Baseball Stats 

Whether you simply love trawling through baseball stats or you want to crunch the numbers ahead of placing your bets, you’ll find everything you need right here at Oddspedia.

You can browse the current standings for baseball leagues around the world, and you can also analyze the brackets once a competition has reached its playoff phase. You can peruse the future odds for many baseball tournaments as well and see which of the best Canada sportsbooks is offering the best value prices on your teams.

We offer statistics for individual games as well. You can view the head-to-head record of one team against another, revealing who tends to have the upper hand and how many runs are generally scored – again, this is vital information for bettors to use. Add each team’s most recent form into the mix, and you have plenty of content to work with.

You can also dial down further into team and player stats for some baseball competitions. Check out runs scored, strikeouts accomplished, on-base percentages and various other metrics that will help to heighten your knowledge of the sport.

Baseball News 

With so much going on in the world of baseball, it would be easy to miss out on a major news story or impactful interview.

So be sure to stay tuned to the news feed here at Oddspedia, where we have aggregated the latest headlines and stories from stacks of reliable sources online. You can read previews and game reports, analysis pieces, interviews, trade rumors, and so much more on one dedicated channel curated for baseball fans – your days of scanning through your cluttered Twitter feed are over!

We’ve also included the social media channels of the key teams, players and competitions in our news feed, so whenever anything interesting or controversial has been posted you can read it right here at Oddspedia.

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