Football Schedule and Live Football Scores Today

From the bright lights of the NFL to the all-action Canadian Football League and NCAA, football is in great health right now.

At Oddspedia, our aim is to be your number one resource for football betting. And by the end of this article, you’ll know the huge range of tools and content we offer that will add genuine value to your wagering.

Football in Canada – Facts and Figures

It's disappointing that there’s no current NFL franchise based in Canada, and while talks are ongoing about bringing a team back to Toronto, any plans could likely take years to happen.

It’s surprising when you consider just how popular football is in Canada. The list of the 20 most-watched TV broadcasts in Canadian history features six different editions of the Super Bowl, and the audience for Super Bowl LIV saw a peak of 11.17 million viewers – more than a quarter of the entire population!

The NFL is not the only football organization vying for the hearts and minds of Canada. The Canadian Football League, while not enjoying the same financial backing as the NFL, still attracts sizable live audiences to its games, as an estimated four million tickets are sold each season.

The Grey Cup, which is effectively the CFL’s answer to the Super Bowl, remains one of the most popular one-off sporting events in Canada.

There is a scarcity of Canadian colleges competing in the NCAA football championship, but many bettors in Canada still follow the competition closely. The good news is that several sportsbooks operating in the country offer odds for college football.

Football Scores

With so many football games occurring every week – and often at similar times, especially on a Sunday, it's difficult to stay up-to-date with all the latest football scores.

But thanks to Oddspedia, you have a solution to the issue with our calendar, which displays all the football live scores on any given day of the week.

With a quick scroll of your screen, you can see football scores across the NFL, CFL, and NCAA, as well as European competitions. The information is located on a single page, saving you the time and hassle of having multiple tabs open on your computer or mobile device.

All of our American football scores are updated in real-time, so you can stay ahead of the game every single time a point is scored. You can even see how the game has flip-flopped thanks to our quarterly scores, which shows how much the momentum has shifted, if at all, during the contest.

Our football odds comparison feed also reveals the best value with the sportsbooks and CA sports betting apps, from moneyline to spreads and totals.

Not only that, you can take a deep dive into any NFL game featured on Oddspedia and find out player stats on touchdowns, passing/receiving/rushing yards, and sacks in play. This really is the best way to follow football when you can’t get to a TV screen.

Football Schedule and Latest Results

Whether you are a sports bettor, fantasy gamer or just a football fan, you need to know exactly who is playing who and when.

Our football schedule keeps you in the loop about the games that are coming in the days ahead – you won’t have to miss a minute of NFL, NCAA or CFL action.

You can also browse the most recent football results, accessing all the data points available from our live scores feed.

Live Football Games Today

Next to all the football games today featured on Oddspedia, you will see a little star icon.

If you click on this, the game will be added to your own personal favorites folder, so you can easily follow the action – whether you are on the couch or on the go.

Simply use our calendar to find the football schedule today, star each game that interests you, and enjoy the updates and stats that Oddspedia provides.

Football Live Streaming

As you navigate around the Oddspedia site, you will notice a tab called "Live," and it’s here where you can access our live streaming feeds and trackers.

Simply scroll through the list of live sports and games, and tap those that capture your interest from the football schedule.

Toggle between the tracker and live stream as you wish on our live display screen. With live streaming, you can watch the action for free on your device, with buffering and glitches kept to an absolute minimum! (depending upon our streaming partners, of course).

Our platform presents a list of the best Canada sportsbooks that provide hours upon hours of action across football, hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more every single day – will be yours to enjoy as you please. Usually, all you need to access the live streams is a funded account with the sportsbook or to have placed a wager within the last 24 hours.

There’s surely no easier way to catch football tonight, especially for those games that aren’t televised by the major TV networks.

Football Stats

Football is a sport that is, by its very nature, dedicated to stats and data. Many head coaches and offensive/defensive decision-makers base their decisions on the field on stats, while back-office staff will often recruit new players based on their performance in desired statistical categories.

Bettors should utilize data in researching their wagers, so you might find the football stats freely available here at Oddspedia helpful.

These numbers add context to your bets. You may have an instinct about how a particular football game will play out, but if that isn’t supported by the data, then maybe it’s time for a rethink.

At Oddspedia, we offer a range of team and player stats that enable you to make these better, more informed betting decisions. You can access the latest standings and learn how two competing teams have been performing. Both in terms of their most recent results (split between home and away games if you want) and in their head-to-head records against one another.

You can also find out key stats about each team's betting performances. How often do they clear their spread? How often do they go over/under specific total points lines?

We also offer our own ‘match review’ service, which offers a theoretical probability of who will win on any given game day.

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Football News

When it comes to making football predictions and placing value bets, you really need every morsel of information you can get your hands on.

So you may just find plenty of worth in the news section of Oddspedia. You can browse the latest headlines from around the globe from a huge range of sports, or if you prefer, dial down into professional and college football by clicking through those categories.

We’ll also let you know all the team news, so you’ll read about who is injured, who is suspended, and who has been dropped from the team here at Oddspedia – all in one, easy-to-navigate website.

You’ll never miss a trade, you’ll never miss the hype of trade rumors, and you’ll get all the details you need ahead of the NFL Draft too.

And if social media is your thing, then forget scrolling through reams of unwanted posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Oddspedia has aggregated the feeds of all of football’s key teams, players, and influencers in one place.

There’s no easier way to feed your need for football news and updates!

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