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Special Bets - Get the latest non-sports Novelty, TV & Political bets online

We list the top bookies with quality odds for betting on specials or exotics. Find strategies you can use to increase your success when placing all kinds of special bets. Keep reading to discover what special bets are, how to place special bets, and more!

What are Special Bets?

Specials, also known as exotics, is a class of bets that allow you to wager on non-sports events. These betting options appeal to bettors who don't understand, are uninterested, or want to bet on something other than regular sports, such as soccer.

With special bets, you can stake on various things, including politics, your favorite TV show, or the weather. Over the past few decades, special bets have become popular among gamblers, with the following being the most common types of specials at sportsbooks.


Novelty is a unique type of special bets that entails wagering on current affairs or events, generating some thrill across the globe. Due to their rising popularity, gamblers spend hundreds of millions yearly betting on these markets at different sportsbooks. Novelty bets can be very unpredictable compared to regular sports bets. As a result, they tend to carry better odds.

Even though Novelties are often non-sports related, sometimes sportsbooks intertwine the two to come up with exciting betting options. For instance, during the football season that ran between 2012 and 2013, Luis Suarez became popular for biting players.

Some sportsbooks added a betting option on whether he would bite again during the FIFA World Cup 2014. Suarez ended up biting Giorgio Chiellini during the competition. Also, thanks to novelty, people have been able to bet on things such as Alien existence.


Politics is one of the most popular topics across the globe. Its volatility has seen sportsbooks offer gamblers a chance to bet on various political events in different countries. For example, you can bet on the next prime minister of Canada or the UK. You can also bet on presidential elections of nations such as the USA, the Philippines, and Nigeria.

To increase your chances of placing winning political bets, you need to keep up with the current legislation. Do so by watching the news, researching online, checking social media, and reading the newspaper. At Oddspedia, we offer recommendations for betting sites with the best political odds. All you need to do is go through our options, click a link, and get redirected to the sportsbook.

TV Shows

Betting on top TV shows, scripted and unscripted, is also one of the most popular wagering activities at top betting sites. This type of special saw gamblers bet on Game of Thrones, one of the most iconic works of art in TV history. Fans of the show could bet on the next character to claim the Iron Throne. They could also bet on the next king to die during a particular season.

Other TV shows that have offered bettors multiple wagering opportunities include Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, and Eurovision Song Contest. To maximize your chances of placing winning bets, you need to do adequate research and follow the TV show closely.


Over the years, the interest in awards betting has been building up among bettors and fans alike. In this category of specials, you can freely bet on the Golden Globes and the Oscars. On the other hand, music fans can wager on BET awards and the Grammys. Some of the betting options you will find include Best Actress of the Year, Best RAP Album, and Best Actor.

Watching the awards individuals scoop during a ceremony is always exhilarating. However, staking some cash puts you on the edge of your seat, increasing the anticipation and making the experience more memorable. In addition to betting on main categories, some sites have Awards props. With this option, you can bet on aspects like who will be unavailable to accept their awards in person.

Betting on celebrities

Top online betting sites make wagering interesting by allowing bettors to wager on various celebrities. The betting markets on this special rotate around celebrity relationships and social lives. For instance, you can find a betting market on the next celebrity to announce their divorce.

Besides, some reputable sportsbooks allow you to wager on the celebrity that will wed in a certain year. To place winning bets on such specials, you must keep up with the celebrities' social media pages. Moreover, you have to read articles on the stars from reputable sources.

National events

You will find this novelty bet exciting if you are always keen on national events. With this betting option, you can wager on various events in a country, for example, the next country to legalize gambling. You can also wager on the next US state to decriminalize Marijuana.

A lot goes into national events betting, so you need Oddspedia to help place these wagers. We also offer recommendations of sportsbooks that come with quality betting odds and a wide range of national events markets. Your only task will be choosing the ideal national events bets to place.

Current events

Wagering on current events, such as gas prices and the weather, can be a nice pastime for bettors in Canada. Under this category of specials, you can bet on the minimum and maximum temperature of a city. This may fall under total betting. Also, you can bet on the gas price margin.

Besides these two, betting on current events may also entail wagering on financial markets, such as the stock of crude oil. The number of current events is endless, making it possible to bet on this type of special all year round.

Best Betting Sites for Special Bets

The number of betting sites offering specials keeps growing by the day. This may leave you stranded on the right sportsbook to pick for an unmatched experience. At Oddspedia, we simplify the selection process by providing you with a list of top online betting sites offering specials.

We also include reviews from current and previous users to erase any doubts regarding the brands. Our special criterion involves analyzing the following factors to come up with the list of best betting sites for special bets: 

  • Betting Variety

We always check the types of special bets offered by the betting sites. Our recommendations offer a wide variety of specials, including reality TV shows, politics, and awards, among others.

  • Attractive Betting Lines

All the betting sites we recommend have quality odds on different special markets. This ensures you enjoy big wins every time you place the winning bet.

  • Special bonuses

Bonuses make special wagering exciting. Our recommendations comprise betting sites with amazing promotions that you can use to place special bets.

  • Banking Options

Sportsbooks recommended at our site offer bettors different payment methods for quick and secure banking. These include e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers, among other reliable banking solutions.

  • User Interface

At Oddspedia, we recommend sportsbooks whose user interface is simple to operate. We only suggest betting sites that are fast loading with a straightforward layout that is visually pleasing.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Betting on the move is becoming increasingly popular in online wagering. We ensure the betting sites we suggest are fully optimized for mobile with downloadable betting apps and fully functional in-browser websites.

  • Reliability

Trustworthiness is key in the world of sports betting. To guarantee reliability, we always confirm the sites' license, sponsorships, security, and responsible gambling programs.

  • Reputation

What are existing and pre-existing users saying about the online sportsbook? We must review the site's reputation from the users' perspective to understand its suitability.

Betting Sites for Special Bets to Avoid

Not every betting site is out to provide you with the best specials! Others only want to collect your data or even steal your money. Our solemn duty is to warn you about fake and fraudulent betting sites. To avoid falling victim to such sites, you must first confirm the sportsbook's licensing and legality in your country. At Oddspedia, we also thoroughly review the platform by checking its reliability and reputation before making any recommendations.

How to Place Special Bets?

Placing special bets at any sports betting site should be a breeze now that you are conversant with this type of wagering. But if you have yet to wrap your head around sports betting specials, here are steps to take:

Create Sportsbooks account

The first step you need to take is to load the betting site and sign up for an account. Do so by providing the necessary details on the account registration page, such as your email, full name, and address. Depending on your chosen sportsbook, this should take less than two minutes.

Deposit Money

After successfully registering for an account, open the cashier page and make a deposit. You can use any acceptable payment option, provided you adhere to the betting limits. Simply navigate to the deposit section, pick the banking method, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and submit your deposit request.

Browse through the available betting options

The next step is going through the sports betting specials. Decide whether to bet on political events or any particular reality TV show. Once you decide, pick the event and browse the available betting options or markets. The number of betting markets you will get per event depends on the betting site you pick.

Create your betslip and wager some money

Creating your bet slip is a two-step process. First, add the betting option to the bet slip; this may be reality TV or novelty betting markets. At this point, you can decide to place single or accumulator special bets depending on your preference. After that, enter the amount you wish to stake and submit the bet slip.

Wait for the events to unfold

Once you complete the above steps, sit back and relax while waiting for the outcome. Only after the bet is settled will you know whether you will receive a payout. Also, your wait time is based on the sports betting specials you place and the specific event. For instance, awards and elections can take a year or more before the event is settled.

The number of specials betting markets is quite extensive. However, not every special bet is receiving broad attention from gamblers. We have compiled a detailed list of the most popular specials betting markets that will appeal to you. These include:

TV Betting Options 

Betting sites offer a full range of wagering options for TV shows. For example, you can find markets on who will win a particular season of Survivors, a reality TV show on CBS in the US, and Paramount Plus in Canada. You can also bet on scripted TV shows. Some of the top markets in this category include who will replace Henry Cavil as the next Superman. 

Political Betting Markets

The main political betting option is who will win the presidential election in a country like the USA. You can also bet on the next prime minister of Canada. Political betting may also include wagering on the next Lieutenant Governor of a particular province in Canada.

Betting on Awards

Awards provide multiple betting opportunities, including Best Actor and Actress options. These markets are popular in awards such as the Oscars and the Golden Globe. You can also bet on the Grammy under Best Rap Album and Best Pop Artist. Another awards market you will find at online betting sites include the winner of The Northern Star Award.

Betting on Celebrities

Will Canadian singer Justin Bieber and Hailey break up, and who will be Drake's next girlfriend? These are some of the markets you will find when betting on celebrities. This category offers bettors a chance to wager on their favorite celebrities. Betting on celebrities covers all the hottest topics in showbiz and music. Celebrity betting also comes with prop bets, such as the color of the suit a particular celebrity will wear to the red carpet.

Novelty Betting 

The number of gamblers placing Novelty bets continues to rise. Popular novelty bets you will not miss at sportsbooks include the next Pope and the end of the world. You can also bet on alien existence if you feel extraterrestrials live amongst humans. The list of Novelty bets is long and exciting, so you will always find something that intrigues you.

Available Bet Types

You will never run out of bet types when wagering on specials. Some of the available types of bets you can wager at top online betting sites include:


Win is the most common bet type that entails predicting who will triumph in an award or contest. For instance, you can bet on David Corenswet to win as the next Superman or Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman movie.


This broad special bet type does not limit you to wager on the event's winner. Instead, it lets you bet on an option to cover one of the top 5 slots. For example, you can bet on Brendan Fraser, a Canadian actor, to occupy any of the top two slots for best male actor during the Oscars.


Each-Way bet involves a single wager with two separate bets, mostly win and place. For example, you can bet on a celebrity to win a specific award or to rank in the top 3. 


Specials have forecast bet types where you wager on the winner and runner-up of a particular event or contest. For example, you can bet on The Weekend to win the Juno Awards for Artist of the Year and Michael Bublé to become the runner-up.


Accumulators or Parlay bets entail combining multiple selections in one bet. This bet type allows you to enjoy significant odds, increasing your chances of winning big. However, to enjoy a payout, each selection on the accumulator must be correct.

Why Should you bet on Specials?

Betting on specials has several perks that gamblers can enjoy regardless of their betting site. Similar to other forms of wagering, there are a few disadvantages associated with special betting. Here, we outline the merits and risks involved so that you can easily weigh whether or not it is beneficial to wager on specials:

Advantages associated with Special Bets

Offers several betting options: One of the main advantages of specials is that you get to enjoy a full range of markets. Top options like entertainment and politics will always have something worth wagering on. 

Come with high odds: Special markets are very volatile and thus hard to predict. As a result, the betting options often come with quality odds that will see you enjoy big wins every time you place winning bets.

You get to pick the category you are most conversant with: Unlike sports events. Specials don't tie to track-and-field events. You can pick a category you are well versed in. For example, you can bet on celebrities or awards if you are conversant with the entertainment industry.

Acts as a nice way to break the monotony: Specials or exotic bets offer you an avenue to break the monotony from the usual sports bets. This will help you rejuvenate and relax your mind.


Available at a couple of sportsbooks: Despite their overgrowing popularity, the number of bookmakers that offer non-sports or novelty bets is few. This is if compared to betting sites that provide sports events.

Very hard to predict: Making the correct novelty bets is not easy, considering the dynamics of the events. The unpredictability increases your chances of making a loss.

Some specials run for a short period: A good number of specials, for instance, awards, elections, and TV shows, run for a short period. This means there is no room to do extensive research that will help you place a winning novelty bet.

Be Successful when Betting on Specials with Oddspedia

Placing winning special bets is not always a guarantee. However, with the following tricks, you can increase your chances of your bets punning out when wagering on specials:

Grab the best odds

With Oddspedia as your resource, you can grab the best special odds for different markets, including head-to-head bets. We compare odds from over 200 sportsbooks and avail the best betting lines. With our odds comparison tool, you will always have access to the highest odds, whether you want to bet on entertainment, novelty, or political specials.

See full odds history and movement

Tracking odds history and movement for a particular special market is one of the best ways of increasing your chances of winning. We offer graphs for your chosen specials so you can easily follow the odds movement. You can, after that, use the information to predict the outcome of a particular special.

Get the latest news

We collect all the current news from leading and reputable media outlets and news agencies. The details are available on a single page, so you won't waste time looking for information all over the Internet. Our news section has information that you can use to bet on specials such as politics, entertainment, and current events such as the weather and gas prices.

Read betting tips and analysis

In addition to offering quality betting information for different specials, we have important betting tips and analyses. Read the betting tips and analyses keenly before considering placing special bets. We have betting strategies and tips that apply solely to specific specials. All you need to do is use the information to increase your probability of placing winning bets.

Check statistics and public opinion

We urge you to check statistics and public opinion during your research. Going through the internet chatter can play a massive role in opening your eyes to a particular market. That said, verify the public opinions and see whether they apply. For instance, how many Canadian actors have won the Oscars? You can then use the information to predict the chances of a Canadian actor winning one.


Can betting on specials be profitable?

Yes, betting on specials can be profitable, especially with the right betting site. Specials often have quality odds on political, awards, and novelty events. Every winning bet can earn you a significant payout.

Do all sites offer Special Bets?

No, not all sites offer special bets. Despite the popularity of special betting, only a few online betting sites offer special markets to punters. You can check Oddspedia to find the list of reputable sites that cover specials.

Can I use my sports welcome bonus for special betting?

Yes, you can use your sports welcome bonus for special betting. However, you confirm the bonus terms and conditions to ascertain that special betting applies. This is because some sportsbooks have restrictions on the kind of bets you can place with your bonus.

What is the difference between the special bet and other types of bets?

While regular types of bets entail wagering on sports events such as football, specials involve betting on non-sports events. Specials cover entertainment, politics, awards, and TV shows. You can also bet on current events, such as the weather.

What type of entertainment events can you bet on?

You can bet on almost all entertainment events, including awards such as the Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Grammys. Besides, you can bet on reality TV shows like Ice Road Truckers and The Real Housewives of Toronto, among others.

Are there special apps for Special Bets?

There are no special apps for placing special bets. However, if the betting site you are using has an app, you can download the application and place special bets. On the other hand, if the site lacks an app, you have no choice but to opt for the in-browser website.

Do sportsbooks give bonuses for Special Bets?

Yes, some sportsbooks give bonuses that you can use to place special bets. You can use our resource to find some of the top betting sites offering the best bonuses for special wagering.

Can I join more than one sportsbook for entertainment betting?

Yes, you can join more than a single sportsbook for entertainment betting. We provide gamblers with a list of all betting sites you can sign up on and place special bets. All the sites are reputable and offer a wide coverage of specials.

What are some strange things you can bet on?

Some of the strange things you can bet on courtesy of special bets include the presence of aliens on Earth. You can also bet on the meteorites destroying civilization and Coronavirus making a massive comeback.

How can Oddspedia help with Special Bets?

We can provide you with a list of betting strategies and tips that you can use to increase your chances of placing winning specials bets. Besides, we offer the best news and statistics that are useful when placing special bets such as entertainment and politics.

What are the safest online betting sites for Special Bets?

The safest online betting sites for special bets include Bet365 and Betway. These sportsbooks have valid licenses and guarantee the best security to customers. They also have impressive coverage of special bets.

What are the most popular Special bets in Canada?

The most popular special bets in Canada include politics and entertainment. These two specials attract millions of Canadians compared to the other specials combined. This is because the two are topics most bettors are conversant with.

To whom are Special Bets suitable?

Special bets are suitable for bettors who are not big fans of sports. They also appeal to gamblers with vast knowledge of politics, entertainment awards, TV shows, and current events.

Can I place live bets on entertainment events?

Yes, you can place live bets on entertainment events. For example, you can bet on the season finale of Amazing Race Canada and other top reality TV shows while they are airing.

Are parlays available for Special Bets?

Yes, Parlays are available for special bets. Most sportsbooks allow bettors to stake on multiple bets as one wager. All you need to do is add three or more selections on the bet slip, wager, and submit the bet.

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