Hockey Schedule and Live Hockey Scores Today

 In the midst of the all-action NHL season, it can be easy to lose track of exactly what is going on.

At Oddspedia, we deliver your one-stop shop for everything NHL-related. You can check live hockey scores, read up on the latest news stories and stay ahead of the game with our continuously updated hockey schedule.

Hockey in Canada – Facts and Figures

Although no official title is available or declared, it would be difficult to contest the notion that ice hockey is Canada's national sport.

There are around 350,000 registered hockey players in the country, all wanting to emulate the achievements of arguably the greatest to ever lace up his skates - Wayne Gretzky. Nearly 1,000 of them are contracted to an NHL team. During the 2021-22 season, the total attendance of Montreal Canadiens’ home games exceeded 635,000, so to say ice hockey is a big deal in Canada would be an understatement.

Combined, the Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs have won 37 Stanley Cup editions, which is why the trophy has taken up permanent residence in Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame.

Despite the gulf in size between Canada and the United States and the former Soviet Union, no country has won more Olympic gold medals in hockey than Canada – the competition that is, arguably, the pinnacle of the sport. If you needed any more convincing, eight of the ten most-watched TV moments in Canada are related to the hockey team at the Olympic Games.

The National Hockey League remains the competition where the best in the business go to strut their stuff on the big stage.

Hockey Scores

With the NHL expanding to 32 teams and resulting in an 82-game regular season schedule, not to mention the playoffs, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest hockey scores and results.

But help is at hand. Oddspedia is more than a price comparison service: we also offer you betting tools and sportsbook reviews, plus a dedicated hockey channel that ensures you won’t miss a single goal, tackle or foul.

Our live hockey scores are updated in real-time, meaning that you can access to-the-minute updates on your devices from all NHL games in one place.

As well as keeping up with the latest scores, our hockey stats module fills in all the other details. Find out who scored the goals and who assisted the scorer, who led the way in points, how many saves the goaltender made and much more besides.

You can find out about hockey today and games that have happened already or are scheduled for the coming days and weeks via our calendar, which offers a rundown of the scores and schedule for that particular day.

Of course, the action is focused on the NHL, but we also cater to fans of many of Europe’s biggest competitions, such as the Kontinental Hockey League and the Finnish Liiga.

If it’s hockey scores that you are after, Oddspedia is the place to get them - and in real-time, too!

Hockey Schedule and Latest Results

For an at-a-glance look at the hockey schedule, make sure you bookmark Oddspedia.

You’ll find a rundown of the daily fixtures as well as the latest hockey results. So whether you are planning your bets or which games to watch on TV this weekend, you will know the who’s and when’s in an instant.

Live Hockey Games Today

Want to know about the live hockey games today? Again, you will love our calendar tool.

This features all of the hockey today that you can watch and/or wager on, from the NHL to the stacked European schedule.

It can be incredibly annoying when you miss a game simply because you didn’t know it was on – the NHL in particular has a habit of throwing random midweek games into the mix.

Well, worry no more with our guide to live hockey tonight and in the days ahead.

Hockey Live Streaming

Do you want to watch live streaming coverage of hockey games and other sports?

Here at Oddspedia, we offer a comprehensive live streaming feed that features the top Canada sportsbooks providing sporting action from all over the globe, and it could not be easier for you to watch your chosen games from the NHL network.

Simply browse through the list of sportsbooks providing a live stream for the event you desire to watch and click on the link. It will lead you to the event page on the betting site where you can watch.

You can also check out the latest hockey odds movements and browse the statistics from the game you are watching on one screen, so you won’t have to keep a number of tabs open in order to watch and bet simultaneously.

At Oddspedia, we list sportsbooks and CA sports betting apps that offer live streaming for hockey, tennis, soccer, basketball and a number of other sports as well. So if you want to enjoy the latest action, sign into your account and head to our ‘live’ menu at the top of your screen.

Discover enticing sportsbook bonuses tailored for Canada players on our site. Explore our comprehensive list of trusted Ontario sportsbooks, providing up-to-date and verified information. Additionally, enhance your betting experience with the best Ontario betting apps, offering convenience and a wide range of betting options. Get the most out of your Ontario sports betting journey with our platform.

Hockey Stats

Our hockey stats module is jam-packed with all the statistics and data you need to make the most informed decisions for your bets. Without context, you’re simply wagering on gut instinct alone.

Tap on any NHL game to see the selection of data points available before face-off. These include goal and shot averages, shooting percentages, shutouts and penalty minutes to name just a few. You can also learn about each team’s current form and head-to-head record. You can take a deep dive into a team’s key performers – who leads the way in goals, points and assists?

A lot of betting-centric data is provided as well. Oddspedia will show you how often a team clears their spread and how often their games go over/under each goal total.

Once the game is underway, you can see all of the key stats updated in real time. As well as the current scoreline and NHL odds, you’ll learn about puck possession, penalties and penalty minutes, goaltender stats and more – basically, all the data you need to determine the flow of a hockey game at times when you are unable to watch the action live.

Stats are a key weapon in a bettor's arsenal, so make sure you fully research your wagers at Oddspedia.

Hockey News

Whether it’s to pass the time of day or get the updates you need before placing your bets, you may find our hockey news feed to be a great help.

At Oddspedia, we have built our own curated news feed, with stories aggregated from all key sources around the web. You can read the latest hockey headlines (and those for other sports too) and learn more about trade rumors and if they have any substance. You can find out about the NHL Draft, the latest team news, head coach sackings, anything related to your favorite sports.

Often, the most telling updates are those delivered by the players themselves. That’s why we also aggregate the most interesting and insightful content that they share on their social media channels.

You can easily browse our news feed by selecting your preferred sports from the menu. We add new stories as and when they happen.

This is just another of the many varied tools and resources Oddspedia offers, so why not come and improve your betting with us?

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