MMA Schedule and Live Scores Today 

With millions of fans around the world, MMA is quickly gaining popularity amongst sports fans. MMA might not be the biggest fighting sport, not as big as boxing at least, but it sure is a great fun to watch and bet on.

Doing research is the most time consuming part of the preparations for your next bet. Oddspedia could be of great help with that. The platform offers full UFC and MMA schedule, scores, news, useful statistics and even live streaming to watch the games you bet on.

MMA in Canada - Facts and Figures

MMA is a sport that has gained huge popularity in Canada over the years. In particular, it is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which attracts the most attention and featuring the best fighters across the world. Several fight teams, gyms, and mixed martial arts organizations have sprung up in Canada as the popularity of the sport continues to soar. In 2013 a major bill was passed by Canada's House of Commons that allowed MMA to take a huge step forward. Prior to that, the area of the criminal code which mentions combat sports stated that any kind of prize fighting besides boxing was deemed illegal.

Despite the harsh laws, there have been many MMA fighters from Canada that ruled the sport for years, whether they competed in the UFC, Bellator, MFC, BFL, or other organization. Fighters like Georges St-Pierre, TJ Grant and Rory MacDonald contribute a lot to popularizing the sport. Patrick Cote, a retired MMA legend from Montreal, is among the best mixed martial arts fighters in history. Back in 2008 he stood up against Anderson Silva, taking the reigning champion to the 3rd round. The competitive fight ended prematurely when Cote blew out his knee in the third round, awarding the bout to Silva via TKO.

2021 saw the return of several MMA promotions since the start of the pandemic. Throughout the year, there were plenty of noteworthy performances and highlights with many Canadian fighters finding success even outside of Canada.

Fans are still waiting for UFC to come back. This however might not happen until Canada lifts the extensive measures for fighters entering the country. To date, the UFC has hosted 31 total events in Canada across eight provinces. Last one being in September 2019 when UFC Fight Night 158 drew more than 15 000 fans to the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Seeing how popular the sport is, it is no wonder that MMA betting is huge in Canada. Canadians can legally bet on MMA and UFC betting has become one of the most popular markets at the sportsbooks.

MMA Scores 

Like any other sport, MMA has judges, which score fights in case a match goes the full distance. MMA judges score fights on a standard 10-9 point system. This means one fighter is awarded 10 points for winning the round, while the other is awarded 9 points or less for losing it. These figures change through damage dealt or fouls. If a fight goes the full distance, the three judges` scorecards are announced and with them the outcome of the fight. Such complex scoring system is the reason why MMA fights almost never end in a draw. It also makes it harder for the bettor to check up on all the bets they've made and follow their progress.

One MMA fighter fights around 4 times per year on average. With plenty of fighters and promotions though, you can find MMA betting markets almost daily. UFC alone features more than 500 fights per year. A week without a UFC fight is rather rare. With so many MMA fights happening around the world you might find it hard to follow every match and figure out those that you want to bet on.

Oddspedia is a platform that gathers all the information you need in one place. MMA scores are updated in real time and you are presented with the scorecards and results as they happen. You will always know how the fight you bet on is going even if you are not watching it.

When it comes to planning your next MMA bets, Oddspedia will help you greatly. With all the fights added in one place, you will never miss a potential bet again. Via the included calendar, you can plan your bets way ahead of time or check results from events around the globe. Simply select the date you want and you will be presented with all the fights happening on that date. Furthermore, you will discover different useful statistics for the fighters, the lastest news from the world of MMA, match predictions. The platform also compares odds from the best CA sportsbooks, presenting you with the best odds for every single MMA fight.

MMA Schedule and Latest Results

ММА schedule is quite busy and might overwhelming for the average bettor. Navigate the calendar, provided by Oddspedia and select any date. It is that easy to see all MMA fights for that particular day. This way you can easily see any fights that are to be played or MMA results for past fights.

Since sportsbooks cover all of the UFC events, you will surely find a complete UFC schedule with UFC odds and all the UFC results on Oddspedia. There are many other big leagues you will find MMA schedule and MMA results for on Oddspedia. Such are KSW, Bellator, Oktagon, PFL, among many others.

Live MMA Games Today

If you ever wonder what the fights for today are, Oddspedia has got you covered. You can not only see all the matches that are being played today, but also those that are being played right now. Select any match you wish and you will also see the current score, which is being updated in real time. This option is available for every fight since Oddspedia covers all live MMA games. As an added bonus, you would be able to watch many of these fights live.

MMA Live Streaming

MMA live streaming is huge these days. Understandably, you would want to watch the games that you bet on. Even more so if you enjoy MMA live betting and want to place your bets while the fight is going. In order to do that, however, you would have to browse the internet and look for the platform that offers pay-per-view for that specific match you want to watch. This will cost you a lot of time and, let's not forget, money.

Some betting sites offer MMA live streaming service for their clients. If such option is available for the match you've selected, Oddspedia will show you a Live Stream window. Sportsbooks have specific requirements in order to use that service. Such requirements might be to have an account on their betting site, to have made a deposit or to have made a bet on their platform within the last 24 hours. Once you've done that, however, you gain access to their live streaming services and get to watch MMA fights for free. Having accounts on multiple betting sites would also mean that you can quickly place your bet on the platform that offers the best MMA odds for any given fight.

MMA Stats 

If you are serious about making money from MMA betting, you would have to set your emotions aside. Emotions can easily prevent you from being able to make decisions based on logic and reasoning and becoming a successful bettor will be nearly impossible. In order to win your bets, you have to not bet on your favorite fighter, rather use logic and statistics in order to make an educated prediction.

For every fight you want to bet on, Oddspedia will offer you MMA statistics on the fighters. You will be able to see how each fighter performed in their past matches and if these two fighters have met before in the octagon and how that fight went. A fighter's form plays a big role when it comes to who will win the fight. The MMA stats Oddspedia provides for each fighter allow you to check their form quickly and easily.

There is one more thing that you would need in order to make an educated guess about who would win the next fight, and that is to stay up-to-date with the MMA news.

MMA News 

MMA fighters are some of the most dedicated, hardest training athletes in the world. Competition doesn't end when both fighters step out of the octagon, however. Every fighter wants to be signed by the UFC, the biggest mixed martial arts promoter in the world. To do so, fighters have to prove themselves worthy both inside and outside the octagon, meaning they have to be attracting fans. News on Oddspedia include posts from the fighter's social media account like twitter and facebook. These might not only be interesting to the average MMA fan, but also useful to the experienced gambler. Such posts might provide you insight about how a fighter is feeling or what their chances might be in their next fight.

When you are making predictions and planning your bets, every little piece of information you can get will be useful. Instead of browsing all the different news outlets, looking for interesting information, Oddspedia is offering you a quick solution. On Oddspedia you will find not only athletes' social media posts, but more importantly MMA headlines, gathered in one place for your convenience, from all the major news outlets. Adding this to your arsenal will surely increase your won MMA bets percentage.

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