2022/2023 EFL Championship Live Scores + Results With Odds and Stats 

The EFL Championship is the second tier of English football. It is the most competitive league in English football as it puts fallen giants from the Premier League against each other. All these teams are working to recover their lost glory. As such, it has become one of the leading betting mediums because it offers real betting value to tipsters.  Oddspedia.com is a one-stop website for those looking for insight on how to make money out of EFL Championship betting. Other essential information on the website includes predictions on the upcoming EFL championship games, the latest news, and the betting odds by various bookmakers.

Oddspedia also doubles up as a sports betting community. It is the place to meet and share with other EFL Championship fanatics your views, predictions, and general information on the league. The community’s interaction is also beneficial when choosing markets and betting odds. The betting experts also discuss how the latest Sky Bet Championship transfers, tactics, assessments, and injuries affect the league's outcomes and predictions.

EFL Championship Fixtures and Live Scores Today - 28 November

The EFL Championship comprises 24 teams playing against each other. As a result, each team must play 46 games by the end of the season. Oddspedia’s EFL Championship fixtures and live scores keep you updated on game schedules. Here, you will find all EFL Championship fixtures for the current season and matches scheduled for today. You can navigate to a specific day using the calendar on the site to see the EFL Championship games and events planned for the day.

Even though Oddspedia classifies the fixtures on a calendar basis, you can check a specific EFL Championship team to view its fixtures for the season and today’s matches. You will also see its results for the previous games.

In the EFL Championship, the number of fixtures varies depending on the time of the season. Most fixtures are over the weekend, and the rest are spread across the week. Some weekends can have more than 15 scheduled matches, which offer unlimited betting options.

Oddspedia’s EFL Championship live score feature comes in handy if you need to remain up to date on the scores of an ongoing match without watching it. It is also beneficial if you placed bets on two games playing at the same time, but you can only watch one. The feature also helps if you are into in-play betting. You can use it to make informed choices when picking in-play betting odds.

Other match information in this section includes the top scorers and point leaders. It keeps punters informed on the players that are worth putting money on in the upcoming football matches. Also, some teams in the EFL Championship are known to perform better in the second half of a match. Oddspedia.com makes it easier for tipsters to find this information by providing separate match highlights for the different halves of the match. All you need is to navigate to the match to see the game of interest.

2022/2023 Sky Bet Championship League Table and Top Scorers

The Sky Bet Championship League Table shows the latest standings of the participating football clubs. You can also use it to check the standing of specific clubs, and their number of wins, draws, and losses. The Championship table also gives information on the number of points for each team. The data helps you to determine if the team will have to give their best in the next match or not. It also affects the odds of each game.

Knowing the standing of a team on the table also helps to make prudent choices, especially in long-term odds such as league winner. In the EFL Championship, like the rest of Europe, the team with the highest points wins. However, when two or more teams tie on points, the team with the highest goal difference wins. Oddspedia EFL Championship stats show goals in ratio form. For example, 35:10 implies that the team has scored 35 goals and conceded 10; the goal difference is, therefore 25.

Also, there is a section for top goal scorers in the league whereby Championship top scorers are clearly highlighted and outright odds.

Furthermore, there are tabs on the Table for:

  • Total  - Current League position of each team
  • Home - League standings based on home form
  • Away - League standings based on away form
  • *Form - See the team’s form with colour coding
  • Outright odds - Who are Favourites to win the Sky Bet Championship
  • Top Scorers - View the current Championship top scorers

*Oddspedia also provides a breakdown of a team’s performances in the last five games. The statistics are vital when working on predictions or trying to determine if a team is in form.

While the EFL Sky Bet Championship is a league of surprises, past performances of a team and its position on the league table. Have a bearing on the betting odds.

Championship Stats - Team and Player Statistics

We at Oddspedia use EFL Championship stats to provide bettors with necessary facts to help in their betting decisions. All the information here is valid, gathered from the EFL Championship’s official website. Oddspedia uses technology to ensure accurate real-time updates on the statistics.

Our EFL Championship statistics focus on team, player and referee stats.

Team Stats

The oddspedia Championship team stats include team line-ups, previous wins, losses, and draws. These stats along with others on this page determine the odds that the respective teams participating in the match will get. So you can analyse all the teams' by possession, goals per match and other stats like Red Cards. Also, you will discover team stats that include:

  • Shots on Target
  • Total Shots
  • Goals Scored 
  • Yellow Cards   
  • Total Cards

Head-to-Head Statistics

Head-to-head statistics of teams use past Championship results to determine which team will have the upper hand when the two teams meet again. Some players are also notorious for scoring against specific teams. Such stats give punters a head start when placing bets on matches or players.

Player Stats

Oddspedia follows players through their profession and how they impact the team. Top goal scorers dominate the list of popular players in the EFL Championship, but not all our stats. We also rank players on the number of assists and appearances. Furthermore, you can view rankings and stats for:

  • Chances Created
  • Goals by a Penalty
  • Missed Penalties
  • Minutes Played
  • Shots  - both on and off-target per match

Besides the above, we provide goalkeeper stats such as clean sheets and shots faced. So, with our Championship player stats, you can view the performance of every player on the team, per match and the season.

Understanding a player’s potential is necessary as betting markets depend to a certain degree on the players. The transfer of a valiant striker, for example, will weaken the selling team while strengthening the buying team. This has a direct impact on the bookmakers’ odds for a player's team.

EPL Referee Stats

Here you can view Championship referee stats and rankings, such as Total yellow and red cards. Plus total cards branded in the 2022/2023 EPL season. Additionally, our referee stats also include:

  • Appearances in this season’s Championship
  • Fouls Per A Game and the current Season
  • Penalties per match
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Betting With the Best Odds

The objective of Oddspedia is to bring together all the best odds for EFL Championship lovers. It compiles odds from over 280 bookmakers. Consequently, it gives bettors several options, from the highest to the lowest. Oddspedia also supports over 100 betting markets with football having most of them. Additionally, it only lists reliable operators with records of offering bettors value for their money. A punter using Oddspedia will have the opportunity to choose from the best EFL Championship odds available in the market. 

EFL Championship Odds Comparison

To make your work easier, Oddspedia ranks odds by their bookmakers for different sports. To find EFL Championship odds comparison, navigate to the EFL Championship, and it will open a page showing the upcoming matches. Next to each match are three sets of odds by different bookmakers. If you need to see more odds, then click on the game in which you are interested. Remember that odds change as kick-off draws closer. Oddspedia updates these changes in real-time.

Oddspedia has an outright section for those who prefer long-term betting, especially on the possible winner of the current EFL Championship season. Clicking on this tab reveals a list of 24 teams in the current campaign and the offers for each team. The next column shows the bookmaker with the cheapest offer. Click on the dropdown on the left of each team’s name to see the other available odds. The number of offers varies from team to team, as not all sportsbooks offer outright betting for EFL Championship.

Oddspedia also has in-play betting offers. Since these are limited to when the game is on, you can only see them after kick-off. Again, it compares the offers of various bookmakers. Its real-time updates show you the available odds as the game advances. In these sections, odds range from 1.25 to 4501.00 depending on the strength of the team and the stage of the season.

Popular sportsbooks on Oddspedia are Bet365, Betway, 1XBet, William Hill, and Betfair. All the betting sites on this website are reliable and trustworthy. However, the number of operators that you can see depends on your current location. It is because some operators are not available in certain countries. You can opt for your favourite sportsbook or the one on top of Oddspedia’s list.

In addition to finding the best odds, you also get to see promotions by bookmakers available in your country. The promotions mainly include first deposit and welcome bonuses. They are helpful if you need to use a new operator for a specific game. Most of the promotions do not require codes.

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Championship Headlines and Transfer News

It is the go-to section for all the latest happenings in the EFL Championship. Oddspedia understands that bettors need the latest news to realise the betting value provided by the league. As a result, it only shares verified news from sports news agencies and authoritative EFL Championship betting experts. The news covers the EFL Championship's latest updates on transfers, player injuries, and team lineups, among others.  

Oddspedia’s headlines cover EFL Championship scores of the latest game, dynamics of upcoming EFL Championship matches, and other newsworthy occurrences in the league. The Transfers and Rumours section deals with ongoing finalized and predicted transfer deals. Editors in this section also analyze how these transfers will affect teams and the players. Grapevine news keeps the conversation juicy, and most EFL Championship rumours often prove to be true.

Besides sports news agencies and bookmakers, Oddspedia also uses social media as a source of information. To avoid fake news, it only makes news out of the content shared by individual EFL Championship players, clubs, and managers. Such information is valid and may impact betting markets as it exposes several issues; from murky closet differences and boardroom wars to player-manager relationships. Other sources of social media news are the fan pages of different clubs. Football governing bodies such as FIFA are also other significant sources of the news on Oddspedia’s EFL Championship news section.

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