A Betting Guide for the Most Popular Sports Betting Markets

With so many betting types and markets available for the online bettor, sometimes it may be difficult to select the correct one. It is pivotal for bettors to familiarize themselves with all of them, or at least the most popular ones, in order to maximise their chances of success. Some of the most popular betting markets include moneyline bets, handicaps and totals. However, each betting type has its formation and specifics, which might affect its uptake among bettors. Here you will find a list of the most popular betting markets and valuable information on them and how they work.

How do betting markets work?

To understand how betting works, you need to know more about betting markets. Betting markets or bet types are specific outcomes of an event. Operators use them to guide you on what decision to make when punting on a particular sport. The betting markets can be accessed either on an online sportsbook or in physical betting shops.

Normally, you are provided with multiple betting markets per match. You can get as many as 1500 bet types per event depending on the sportsbook and sport. Regardless of the number of sports betting markets the operator provides, it is your responsibility to do adequate research on your choices. After that, you need to decide which betting market has the likelihood of occurring within a specific timeframe.

You can buy or sell an outcome of an event. Furthermore, you can make your prediction in real-time to lock in a profit or minimise your losses. The sportsbook generates income by providing fixed odds that are less effective. On the other hand, the only way you can profit is to select the right betting market whenever you place bets. Each betting market is fitted with odds that vary depending on the likelihood of the event occurring. In most cases, less risky events have lesser odds compared to riskier ones.

Why does choosing the right betting markets matter?

Generally, choosing the right betting markets is the only way to increase your chances of placing a winning bet. In most cases, you should pick betting markets that you are conversant with. By doing so, you will have an easy time making your research and coming up with the correct prediction. Additionally, the best betting markets have fewer variables. It is key that you analyse the betting markets before deciding which option to consider. That is whether you are gambling on football, baseball, volleyball, or horse racing.

Besides the above reasons, the right betting markets often come with generous odds. If the betting market you choose is correct, you are likely to pocket significant earnings. By following the criteria, you should have the ability to pick the right betting markets regardless of the sport and bookie. Even though it has become a norm, it is not always true that less risky markets are the right ones. Sportsbooks tend to use such an assumption to dupe you into placing the incorrect bet so that they can make revenue. The only way to pick the right market is through extensive research of sports betting guides.

Football is a popular sport that attracts bettors worldwide. The sport is not just famous because of its competitiveness but due to a wide variety of markets. However, similar to most sports, football has bet types that are more common among punters, for instance:


Outrights is a bet type that entails predicting the team that will win the tournament, championship, or league. For instance, it can be selecting the club that will win the English Premier League or the Bundesliga. The only way you will profit is if the chosen club outshines the rest by the end of the tournament.

Over/Under Markets

The Over/Under market entails predicting the number of goals that will be scored in the match. Unlike other betting markets, Over/Under betting does not require you to be specific about the scores. The spread commonly occurs in the form of Over/Under 2.5 goals.

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap betting market is where one side of the game has a predetermined advantage. Most bookies do so to eliminate draws and to level the playing field. If you back the favourite team, it will have to overcome the handicap to turn a profit. In general, it is a type of sports spread betting.

Both teams to score

The Both Teams to Score betting market is more complex and requires you to be conversant with football betting. You need to predict whether each team will score in the match. Additionally, you have to determine the winner of the event.

Double chance & Draw No Bet

Double Chance is a unique final result betting market that requires you to predict two outcomes. You can choose the Home Team to Win or Draw or the Away Team to Win or Draw. On the other hand, Draw no Bet entails punting on either the Home or Away team to win.

ACCA betting

ACCA betting or accumulator betting is a betting market where multiple selections are compiled into a single bet. To win the bet, all your predictions must be correct. The advantage of accumulator betting is that it often leads to a higher return.

Which bookmakers offer the biggest selection of betting markets?

Every online bookmaker provides you with complete access to various betting markets and market prices. However, it is key to note that some bookies go beyond the average number of betting markets per sporting event.

For instance, you will find bookmakers with more than 1200 betting options while others go past 1500 bet types. Such sportsbooks are designed to accommodate everyone by providing both basic and complex bets. The bookies that offer the biggest selection of betting markets include William Hill, Bet365, Bwin, Betway, and Ladbrokes. Additionally, you will find multiple betting markets on Unibet and Betvictor. Apart from fixed odds markets, the bookies provide live betting markets.

Conclusion About The Online Betting Markets

Sports betting markets play a supreme role in the online gambling scene. As indicated earlier, they help you to decide which prediction to make on a particular sport. If you plan to do fixed odds betting, make sure you choose the right sports betting markets. They will simplify the process and increase your chances of choosing the right possible outcomes. Furthermore, you should consider the popular sports betting markets since they usually have competitive fixed odds. By going through the above information, you should be able to place a bet like a pro.


What is a sports betting market?

A sports betting market is a specific category of bet on a certain fixture or event. You can decide horse race outcomes or the number of goals scored in a match using the different types of betting markets.

What are the main football betting markets?

The main football betting markets include Match Result, Total Corners, Winning Margin, Draw No Bet, and First Goal Scorer. Additionally, you can consider Correct score and Anytime Goal Scorer if you want to place spread bets.

What is the best sports betting market?

The best sports betting market is Match Outcome because it is more common and easy to research on. However, you can also consider Outrights in horse racing since they have competitive odds.

What are market odds?

Market odds or market prices is the number that will be multiplied by your stake in case you place a winning bet.

What are different markets in betting?

The different markets in betting are fixed odds markets and spread betting markets. The former entails selecting whether a team will win or lose, whereas the latter is based on accuracy and margin.

Where is the biggest sports betting market in the world?

Australia has the biggest sports betting market in the world. Currently, the country has millions of punters. Australia is followed closely by other countries such as the USA and Canada.

Which activities do sports bettors prefer to wager on?

Bettors prefer gambling on football, horse racing, tennis, and cricket. That is because they understand the sporting activities better compared to others. Additionally, the sports come with suitable markets.

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