Paroli Betting System Explained: How it Works and When to Use Cover

Paroli Betting System Explained: How it Works and When to Use

by Oddspedia Experts
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Gaming requires strategic betting, influencing how bookmakers and bettors work. The systems predict the outcome and help gamblers get returns from their stakes. Many systems predict betting outcomes, the Paroli system included. It has procedures, probabilities and assumptions that make it stand out. Paroli's most extensive gameplay is progression, increasing the stakes for a more significant winning margin. However, the system doesn't guarantee wins but increases the probability of winning.
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What is the Paroli Betting System?

It is a betting model based on positive progression. Gamblers mainly use it as it targets small stakes and consistently improves the winning probability. Also, the risk of losing is substantially low. If the bettor wins a bet, they should double their stake. The marginal advantage of every initial bet boosts earnings if they win.

Essentially, The Paroli betting system is based on positive progression meaning doubling your stake when you win a bet.

The Paroli system is easy to comprehend. Although it does not guarantee the bettor a win, it improves the chances of winning by a margin significantly if you improve the stakes. Many punters use the Paroli system to predict the outcome of the bet. With every successful bet, the bettor must increase the stake for an even better payout. Blackjack and roulette tables are the standard games that use the Paroli system. It also applies in sportsbook betting, where the probability is 50/50.

History of the Paroli Method

The positive progression model the Paroli system uses originates from Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician. He is also the brains behind the roulette wheel, a method used to settle for a winner on the roulette table. Paroli comes from the Latin word "par", meaning "one who is equal to." Traces of the Paroli blueprint also appear in Victor Bethel's work, with others believing the approach is older. Mathematical historians believe the code existed for over 4 centuries, and Blaise only improved it.

How to Use the Paroli Method in Sports Betting

RULE 1 – Decide Your Base Stake/Unit

Decide on the amount you want to start the cycle with, considering the total amount set aside for betting.

RULE 2 – Double Up After a Win

For every win on the cycle, double the initial bet amount.

RULE 3 – Stop Raising Your Bets after 3 Consecutive Wins

After winning 3 straight bets, revert to the base stake. Probability dictates that winning a bet afterwards is harder.

RULE 4 – Bet Your Base Stake After Losing

The successive stake should be the base stake if you lose a bet.

Example of The Paroli System Applied to Sports Betting

Any sports game with real money has even bets, and a 50/50 chance can use the Paroli system. The sport must also be straightforward and have clear-cut outcomes. In-play bets are popular with this system since the majority have 2 options for every market. Sports games that can take up the system include football, basketball, tennis and rugby. However, they should have the qualities outlined in the Paroli system manifest and follow the processes to the latter. Below is an example of the Paroli system in action and the expected outcome.

The higher the decimal odds, the less you need to bet to potentially break even, the lower the odds, the more you need to bet to break even.

Paroli Betting System Football Example

Winning Bet = Double the next stake / Losing Bet = Keep the same stake


For a £100 bet on a live Arsenal vs Manchester United game, the first stake may be who to score first. If the first bet is £2 on Arsenal and turns out true, the next bet will be £4. If Manchester United scores first, the next stake remains at £2. If the next bet is "both teams to score" at halftime, and it turns out to be accurate, the 3rd bet will be £8.

Other Uses of The Paroli System

Online casinos were the first to test the Paroli system, with roulette appearing prominently. It has the same effect on casino table games, with stake progression at the system's core. Below is an explanation of how the Paroli betting system influences betting.

Paroli System in Roulette

When a player bets on either a single number on the table, their first sake should be a small fraction of the total betting amount. If the bet wins, he should double the stake; if he loses, he should retain the initial stake. The same approach applies to the 3rd bet, depending on the outcome of the second.

Paroli System in Blackjack

Suppose a player is dealt based on the number of players on the table and wins; the bet amount doubles. If they fail, they retain the base amount. The bettor is also dealt on the second bet, and a win doubles the stake while a loss keeps the stake amount. Since most blackjack game places the dealer in the middle of the bet, the cycle is still the same.

Paroli Betting System Variants

As scholars delve deeper into this system, more variants emerge. They give a different approach to the same model. Paroli betting system variants come in two parts, extended and inverted, as explained below.

Extended Paroli

It emphasises the system's gains more as it outweighs the losses incurred. However, it solely depends on the total amount you wish to stake. Double up the stake with every win, while every loss retains the stake value. After 3 consecutive wins, the bettor should stop betting since the probability of winning reduces.

Inverted Paroli

Inverted Paroli assumes a structure similar to the Martingale betting system. It dwells more on losses than wins; if you lose a stake, double your stake to cover up the loss from the first bet. A win signifies profit, and there is no need to increase the stake size.

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The Paroli system is the easiest gaming method and only needs a stake amount and a pattern. A stake win results in double staking, while a loss retains the stake amount. It appeals to bettors who want to try out various betting systems & strategies. To improve the game outcome, especially on sportsbook games, understand the game first before staking.

However, betting is a probability game, and the system does not guarantee a definite outcome. It only increases the chances of winning. For casino betting, the house always has the upper hand. Only bet with excess money, which won't inconvenience you when you lose. Nevertheless, the Paroli system is easy to understand, improves the winning probability and improves winning with every successive stake.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • It is simple to understand and more approachable than the other betting styles
  • If you are lucky to win 3 times in a row, you have maximum profits of about 7X the base stake
  • The system prioritises winnings as the winnings margins are higher than the losses, effectively ending positively
  • The probability of winning 3 times in a row is not guaranteed
  • If you are on a losing streak, you might lose a lot of money if you do not stop in time

Paroli Betting System FAQ

Who was Paroli?

There is unclear History of its development, but gaming historians consider Blaise Pascal as the father of Paroli. "Paroli" comes from the Latin Par, loosely translated to "the equal one." With time, mathematicians improved the idea to create a steady method.

🏆 Is the Paroli Strategy Illegal?

No. The sequence and betting approach is legal as long as the sequence is random. It is a straightforward progression model which does not involve a complex algorithm. Casinos have no moral authority to stop bettors from using this system.

💶 Is the Paroli System Allowed in Bookmakers?

Bookmakers cannot stop the Paroli gaming system. Instead, the systematic increase in stake amount is beneficial to the bookmaker. It only applies if the bettor does not know about bet outcomes. Otherwise, it breaches the T&Cs of most top bookmakers.

💳 Is the Paroli System a Safe Method to Bet?

No betting system is safe since it doesn't guarantee a 100% success rate. However, the Paroli system's model tries to suppress losses by posting more wins, ending up with successes in the long run. It only improves the chances of winning.

🤔 Can I Bet on Football with The Paroli Method

Yes. Football is one of the sportsbook games that have equal winning chances and use real money. The Paroli system helps predict football match outcomes, especially live matches. Follow the betting directions and stand a chance of a good take-home.
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Last updated 23/02/2024
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