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Novelty Betting - Get the best Novelty odds

Novelty betting is one of the most popular non-sports types of bets, with many gambling opportunities. This category covers all current affairs surrounding celebrities, nature, the economy, and more. Here at Oddspedia, you will find the best odds and the top markets for your Novelty bets. Keep reading to learn how to place Novelty bets and discover why Oddspedia should be your Novelty betting companion.

Novelty bets explained

Considered one of the most popular categories of specials! Novelty betting entails making predictions on celebrities and current affairs, like the economy, weather, and scientific matters. Some of the most common types of Novelty betting include wagering on alien existence, the first woman to land on the Moon, and more. 

Other times, Novelty betting can spill over to the sports section. For example, you can find a bet for predicting the mascot for the FIFA World Cup 26. With such options, Novelty betting has become popular among bettors across the globe.

How to place Novelty bets

Placing Novelty bets follows a similar format as sports betting with only a few disparities. First, find the right betting site to bet on the weather, alien invasion, the next pope, or any other aspect. After that, register for an account, deposit, and:

  1. Open the specials section and pick Novelty
  2. Go through the selections provided and pick one
  3. Review the Novelty betting odds
  4. Add your prediction to the bet slip
  5. Stake some cash while observing the bet limit
  6. Submit your bet slip and wait for the results

Best Sportsbooks for Novelty bets

At Oddspedia, we make finding the best sports betting sites for placing Novelty bets effortless. We have a long list of dependable sportsbooks offering unmatched Novelty betting services. Our experts have thoroughly analyzed all the Novelty betting sites to guarantee they are legit and secure. We also have actual reviews from bettors that can help you ascertain the suitability of online sportsbooks. Simply pick one sports betting site and use it to place bets.

Types of Novelty Bets

Novelty markets come with different bet types, most of which are mainstays of sports betting. Since the list is long, we will discuss the main options you will come across at different sportsbooks:

Outright Win

Outright Win is a common Novelty bet type where you bet on the winner of an event. You can also use Outright Win to predict the occurrence of an event. For example, you can bet that there are aliens walking on Earth.


Place is a broad Novelty bet type. Unlike Outright Win, this option allows you to bet on an individual or happening ending up in the top two, three, or four positions. For example, you can bet on a player to finish Survivors in the top 3. In that case, you win the bet if the player finishes in position 1, 2, or 3.


Each-Way bet type combines Outright Win and Place bets to form a hybrid. In this case, you can choose a participant in a race to win or finish third. If the player wins the race, you cash in for the win and the placed bet. However, if they finish second or third, you only cash in for the placed odds.


If you are an aggressive bettor who doesn't mind taking risks, you can place Parlay bets. This is where you combine different Novelty bets into one. The result is quality odds. However, you only get a payout if all selections are correct.


Forecast is an intriguing Novelty bet type that you can use to predict the winner and runner-up of an event. There are two types of forecast bets: straight and reverse forecast. The former only wins if you name the winner and runner-up in the correct order. Reverse forecast, on the other hand, wins regardless of the order.

Novelty betting covers numerous sectors and industries. Sportsbooks offer Novelties on religion, rapture, physics, and celebrities. Some of the most common Novelty betting markets you should watch out for include:

H3 Next Pope

The next pope is a market where you predict the cardinal that will be elected as pope upon the resignation or demise of the current pope. The pope's reign has unconventionally ranged from the election date to death. If he dies or resigns, a new pope is elected. 

The process of electing is lengthy and full of politics, meaning anyone on the shortlist can succeed the pontiff. Such predictability has seen sportsbooks provide bettors with markets that allow them to select the Bishop of Rome's replacement. Candidates for this market include Peter Turkson, Christoph Schönborn, and Peter Erdö.

The End of the World

The end of the world betting market provides bettors with two options: when and how it will happen. You can bet that the apocalypse will happen in 2030, or it will happen through a supervolcano eruption - or both. The end of the world is termed a weird and popular bet. Most people often wonder about the essence of making the prediction if you will not be around to collect the winnings.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s next girlfriend

One of the most popular Novelty bets falls under celebrity relationships. For instance, this bet requires you to predict who will be the next girlfriend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is popular for being one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. His charisma makes him popular among women making it very difficult to pinpoint who he will date.

Sportsbooks are taking advantage of his fickleness to create a betting market for his next girlfriend. Some females anticipated to become his next girlfriend include Neelam Gill, Eden Polani, and Meghan Roche.

First woman on the Moon

As the market states, the first woman on the Moon is a betting option where you predict the first female to set foot on the Earth's natural satellite. By 2020, only 12 people had set foot on the Moon, none of them being women. With the anticipation for the first woman on the Moon building up, this bet became popular with significant odds. The candidates for this market include NASA astronaut Kayla Barron and Stephanie Wilson.

Mascot of the Olympic Games in Brisbane 2032

Thanks to Novelty Betting, you can predict the mascot for the 2032 Olympic Games that will take place in Brisbane, Queensland. Currently, there are multiple nominations for the mascot of the 2032 Olympics, including Palm Cockatoo. With multiple options available, you can do your research and bet on one to become the mascot. Note that you will only know the results once FIFA makes the selection.

Alien existence

For decades there have been rumors of alien existence, with some people citing alien spaceships. Others have even claimed the presence of aliens in Area 51. If you believe in the rumors, you can place a bet on this market. The market also has other betting options, such as the year humans will make their first contact with aliens. You can go through some available options and compare the odds.

Henry Cavil odds to get married

Henry Cavil is one of the most charming actors in Hollywood and an eligible bachelor who has never shown interest in dating. This catalyzed the development of the marriage odds for the former Superman star. With the betting market, you can bet on the year Cavil will marry and the person he is likely to marry. This market requires bettors to have amazing research skills to place winning bets. This is because Cavil is known to lead an overly private life.


Novelty betting covers a broad spectrum of markets, not just those discussed above. Additional Novelty markets you are likely to stumble upon when placing bets include:

  • King Charles III to renounce the throne in 2023
  • Scientists to discover a cure for cancer in 2024
  • Sex of the next royal baby

Each of the listed options attracts different betting odds at various sportsbooks. It is advisable to confirm the odds on other betting sites when placing the bets.

Advantages to placing Novelty bets

Similar to other specials, placing Novelty bets has a fair share of advantages. These merits are why Novelty betting's popularity continues to grow among bettors. The main advantages include:

Equal conditions with the sportsbook

It is quite difficult for sports betting sites to determine the probability of an occurrence. They tend to have challenges calculating the odds to have an edge over bettors. Both bettors and the sportsbooks remain on even ground. Bettors who know the topic have the upper hand.

Suitable for everyone  

You don't need to be knowledgeable about a particular subject to place Novelty bets. Unlike sports, novice bettors with zero knowledge about the event can place a Novelty bet and win. Therefore, this type of specials bets is suitable for everyone.

Winning money while enjoying the event

In most cases, Novelty bettors are usually huge fans and believers of the subject. All to say, they get to win money while enjoying the event. After all, immediately after the event is settled, bets paid become available for withdrawal.

Novelty betting strategies and tips

Betting on Novelty is only as profitable as the betting strategies you use. We have compiled a list of top Novelty betting tips that you can use to increase your chances of placing winning bets:

Do an analysis of the event

Analyzing the event before making your prediction is mandatory! You need to do extensive research on each market and bet type. Go through the available journals on the topic and surf the internet for answers. Make sure you only focus on accredited news sites and authentic research papers. Doing so will give you vast knowledge on the topic, making it easy to place a qualifying bet.

Bet on things you know well

Don't just bet on anything. If you want to enjoy amazing results, bet on things you are well conversant with. For example, if you are good with science, weather, or physics, look for novelties in these subjects. By doing so, you will know what to look for when doing research. You will also know where to get the best materials during your analysis.

Follow the latest trends

You need to keep up with the latest trends when betting on novelties. Most markets revolve around current issues and ongoing trends. By following the latest trend, you can obtain useful information which you can use to place bets. The best places to keep up with trends include social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Just do a simple search on the topic, and the platforms will display every trending area to focus on.

Choose a sportsbook carefully

Using the best Novelty betting sites is a strategy on its own. A top Novelty betting site will offer statistics on the market, information on an event, and quality odds. It will also provide you with multiple entertainment and Novelty markets so you don't feel limited. Such options will not only help you increase your chances of placing winning Novelty bets but also guarantee user satisfaction.

Make bets at different sportsbooks

Some Novelties only have a couple of betting markets that you can use to your advantage. In this case, you can bet on all possible outcomes at different sportsbooks. If one prediction is incorrect, you win the rest. However, you still need to compare the odds of your chosen novelty and entertainment markets before placing a bet. Doing so will make sure you make a profit regardless of the outcome.

Be successful when betting on Novelty specials with Oddspedia

Oddspedia is a dedicated gambling resource that you can use when betting on Novelty specials. With Oddspedia with you, you can increase your chances of becoming successful because of the following:

Always bringing you the best betting lines

At Oddspedia, we compare odds from over 200 sportsbooks and select the best Novelty betting sites with quality odds. This means you will always have access to the best betting lines regardless of the markets. With high odds, you increase your chances of enjoying significant payouts whenever you place a winning bet. The best part is that we cover all Novelties, including celebrity relationships.

See full odds history and movement

We have a dedicated page where you can track the odds movements of different Novelty markets. As sportsbooks add the markets, we begin tracking the odds movements. Using our graphs, you can easily tell whether the betting lines are increasing or reducing. From there, you can decide which Novelty bet to place. You can also take advantage of increasing odds in the process.

Get the latest news  

We don't just track odds movements or offer sportsbooks with high odds. Trust us to provide you with the latest news on various novelties. Our experts do extensive research on every novelty market and make relevant information available for you to use. All you need to do is read the latest news to have an easy time doing research. Remember, we collect information from reputable sites and trustworthy media outlets.

Read betting tips and analysis

We have separate Novelty betting tips for different Novelty markets. You will find the ideal betting tips whether you want to wager on an alien invasion or the next pope. All you have to do is go through the betting tips and strategies that apply to the market you are interested in and place your bet. We also provide an analysis of the tips for your understanding.

Check statistics and public opinion  

At Oddspedia, we provide users with ideal statistics for placing Novelty bets. Peruse the statistics and determine how to use the information to your advantage. Also, we have a betting community where you can interact with like-minded bettors. Feel free to ask questions, seek clarification, and share your ideas whenever you see fit. This will help you increase your chances of placing winning bets.

Betting on non-political events is quite popular in Canada. These types of bets appeal to gamblers from different parts of the country because they are simple. This is why Canadians like to wager on the Oscars, Canada's Got Talent, and Nobel Prizes. You don't need to have technical knowledge on the topics to place accurate bets, as you will learn on the Novelty Betting FAQs below.

Bettors are also free to use our resources to compare Novelty odds and do research. Moreover, you are supplied with betting tips for different Novelty markets and bet types. With all these aspects, it is quite impossible to resist Novelty betting.

Legality of Novelty betting in Canada

Canada does not restrict residents from placing Novelty bets. If you are from a province where gambling is legal, you can bet on any Novelty market. You are free to bet on celebrities, religion, science, and space matters. Besides, you can place Outright Win, Forecasts, and Parlays. All the betting markets and bet types are available at top betting sites listed on Oddspedia.

Novelty Betting FAQ

Can betting on Novelty specials be profitable?

Yes, betting on Novelty specials can be profitable. With high odds, you enjoy big wins for every winning bet you place, regardless of the market.

Do all sportsbooks offer Novelty bets?

Not all sports betting sites offer Novelty bets. However, you can find Novelty markets at different sportsbooks listed on Oddspedia.

Can I use my sports welcome bonus for Novelty betting?

Yes, some sports betting sites allow you to use sportsbooks promos to place Novelty bets. However, you must first confirm this by reviewing the promo terms and conditions.

What Novelty markets can I bet on?

Some of the top Novelty markets you can bet on at various sports betting sites include:

  • The next pope
  • First woman to step on the Moon
  • Our first contact with aliens

Which are the best sportsbooks to bet with for Novelty specials?

The best sportsbooks you can use to place Novelty bets include bet365, Stake, and Betway. These betting sites cover multiple Novelty markets. They also guarantee quality odds.

Is Novelty specials betting legal?

Yes, Novelty betting is legal. As a result, you can bet on various Novelty markets without the fear of rubbing shoulders with the authorities.

When is the best time for Novelty bets?

The best time to place Novelty bets is immediately after the markets are added to the sportsbook. During this time, the markets usually have high odds.

How soon can I get my payout?

You can get your payout as soon as the event is confirmed. This may vary depending on the Novelty bet you place.

How can I win real money on novelty bets with no deposit?

You can win real money on Novelty bets with no deposit by opting for betting sites with no deposit bonuses. Using the promo, you can place real money Novelty bets and win actual cash.

How can Oddspedia help with Novelty special bets?

Oddspedia provides users with tools for comparing Novelty special bet odds. Besides, we offer Novelty bet statistics and track odds movement that you can use.

What are the safest online betting sites for Novelty bets?

Bet365, Stake, and 888Sports are the safest online sites for Novelty bets. These sites hold valid gambling licenses and use SSL data encryption to protect user information.

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