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Hello and welcome to Oddspedia, home to the best Serie A odds on today’s sportsbook market! As well as being the best soccer league in Italy, Serie A is also easily one of the best and most competitive soccer leagues in Europe as a whole! Full of top teams such as Juventus, AC Milan, Roma, and Inter Milan, betting on Serie A could be an incredibly exciting experience!

Here at Oddspedia, we aim to become the number one platform in the US for all things Serie A-related. Our Serie A experts have created a Serie A dedicated hub that offers up-to-date results and league tables, upcoming fixtures, player statistics, and much, much more. 

Using our platform will open you up to our brilliant Oddspedia community, which is full of like-minded fans of Italy’s biggest soccer league! As a member of the community, you’ll be able to discuss Serie A with other fans, uncovering a wealth of in-depth knowledge, breaking news, and more importantly, betting tips along the way. 

Does all that sound like something you’d be interested in? If the answer’s yes, stick around as we take a tour of the Oddspedia site and show you just what it is that sets us apart from all the other betting platforms out there! 

Serie A fixtures & live scores today

Our Serie A experts understand how important it is to keep up-to-date with all your favorite Serie A action as it happens. Because of this, we have included a section to our site dedicated to showing you all the live scores, fixtures, league standings, stats, future fixtures, past games, and much, much more! 

Serie A consists of 20 teams. Each team will play 38 games per season. That’s 380 games throughout the season, played between some of the biggest teams in Europe, let alone Italy, that you can bet on between the months of August and May! 

That might sound like a lot of games, but thanks to our user-friendly calendar facility, you’ll be able to keep track of them all throughout the course of the Serie A season. 

Want to go back and see what happened the last time Juventus and Roma played each other back in October? Use the calendar to go back in time and see what the score was, who scored, who got the assists, and which players played best, amongst much, much more. Use this information to make your own predictions the next time these two teams play each other. 

Missed kick-off? No worries! You can just as easily bet while a match is in play as you can before kick-off. When you’re watching these in-play matches, you can be absolutely assured that you’ll be receiving all the up-to-date scores and match stats available. We offer our users excellent Serie A odds that are reflective of current stats! 

You can use the calendar on our platform to prepare for the future too. With Serie A’s heavy schedule, it’s always a good idea to know what matches are coming up so you can get your predictions ready in time. Planning in advance has never been easier at Oddspedia. 

Serie A stats, standings & top scorers 

There are a whole host of factors to consider before you even begin to think about which teams to start wagering on in Serie A. You’re going to have to spend a lot of time researching in order to uncover the best Serie A odds and Serie A lines around! 

Here at Oddspedia, we’ve created a section of the site dedicated to Serie A stats, standings, and top scorers. It’s here you’ll find everything you need to know about the league before you start checking out the huge number of Serie A betting lines we have on offer. 

One of the best places to start when considering who to wager on is the Serie A league table. The league table is the ultimate hub of knowledge when it comes to Serie A. 

Here you’ll see where teams are currently standing in the league, how many points they’ve won so far, how many goals they’ve scored, how many goals they’ve conceded, and how many games they’ve won. Are you tempted by Roma’s Serie A winners odds we have on offer? Check out the league table to see where they’re standing to see if it’s going to be worth a wager! 

This section of the Oddspedia platform will also tell you who the top scorers are, which will undoubtedly come in handy when you’re researching your Serie A bets.

When two team’s form and current league standings are too close to call, our handy head-to-head comparison tool will hopefully shed some more light on who you should be betting on. Once you’ve done your research you should be able to make a more accurate prediction as to whether the history of the fixture will repeat itself or not.

This section of the Oddspedia platform will also give you a better idea as to which teams are on a winning streak, and which ones aren’t. Knowing which teams are in form and which ones are struggling could be the difference between winning big or losing! 

Serie A news 

Here at Oddspedia, while we understand that stats and facts can play a big role in deciding which Serie A odds to wager on, we also understand that there is a wide range of external factors that can affect a team and player’s performance on the pitch too. 

Considering how prevalent social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram are in 2021, it’s no surprise that they can have a huge impact on a team or player’s performance.

Our team of experts at Oddspedia are well equipped in cracking down on fake news, rumors, and decoding cryptic tweets. You know that when you visit our online platform you’ll be getting the most reputable and reliable Serie A news in the U.S. 

At Oddspedia, we don’t just look at the social media accounts of players and teams, though. We also examine what the biggest newspapers and news outlets are reporting on Serie A at any given time. We target stories that could create tensions on match day, in the dressing room and in the stadium, and examine each and every pre-match statement, transfer rumor, and shock injury news as it comes. All of these factors will affect and alter our Serie A betting odds in varying ways, so it’s important we keep on top of it all. 

The news section of our platform offers a comprehensive insight into the Serie A league, away from the stats, figures, and data. We ensure that our tipsters are well aware of any breaking new developments in the league, and always have the best inside knowledge that could affect our Serie A odds in any way whatsoever.

At Oddspedia we aim to provide our betting community with as much knowledge, information, and understanding of Serie A and Italian soccer as possible. It’s for this reason that we get all our information from legal, trustworthy, and reputable online sportsbooks only. 

We ensure at Oddspedia that any odds we provide to our customers come from reputable, high-performing, user-friendly betting sites with extensive Serie A betting markets that last throughout the Italian soccer league season.

Two excellent betting sites that we credit to our top results are William Hill and 888. Not only do these platforms offer fantastic Serie A odds, but they also have iOS and Android compatible apps too, meaning you can bet on Serie A on the go if you so wish! 

William Hill is constantly adding and updating the promotions they have available, so it’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled whenever you visit their site. 

Not only do they offer Serie A champions odds, as well as odds on who will win each Serie A game, but they also offer odds on who will finish in the top four of Serie A! The race for the top four and Champions League qualification is a hugely important aspect of European soccer, so the opportunity to bet on it is going to be very exciting indeed. 

888 offers its new sports customers a free $30 bet when you bet your first $10 on any sports game. So if you place a $10 bet on Inter to win the Milan derby, 888 will then credit your account with $30 extra, meaning you can go and bet some more on Serie A!

Serie A expert predictions & today’s free tips 

Our Serie A experts have a deep-rooted passion for Serie A and its associated betting markets; it’s just one of the many reasons why we are so happy to share our free Serie A tips, odds, and predictions across all betting markets with you! 

When you’re researching through our predictions, you can filter through betting markets, kick-off times, and much, much more before deciding on your Serie A betting lines for the day. 

Our Serie A experts can also be filtered by tipster success, giving you a complete overview of how reliable one expert is in comparison to another, or how they stack up when considering Serie A odds in your preferred market(s).

One of the biggest highlights of Oddspedia’s platform is the community aspect of it. Do you like the predictions or odds one of our tipsters has recommended? Let them know! We host a feature that enables you to like, comment, and share any predictions you’re a fan of on Oddspedia.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a tipster? You can research through our Serie A stats, compile your own predictions and share them with the community to see what they think. 

Our main aim is to create an accessible, user-friendly platform that caters to all. If you don’t have the time to filter through our Serie A odds, you can always just check out what the community consensus is regarding what an upcoming match or season’s outcome is going to be. 


At Oddspedia we pride ourselves on offering you the best Serie A odds in the US. Provided you’re over the age of 21 and residing in a state where online gambling is legal, we assure you that you will never be disappointed by the Serie A odds, tips, and markets we have on offer. 

Not only do our Serie A experts understand that player and match stats play a huge role in finding the best Serie A bets on offer, but they also understand that other external factors, such as newspaper headlines and social media, can play a huge role in affecting a team or player’s performance. They take all of these factors into consideration when reviewing over 80 reputable Serie A-focussed betting operators as they bring you the best Serie A odds around. 

Whether you’re looking for the best of Serie A champions odds, next week’s fixtures, or who’s going to win in the explosive Milan derby that’s just kicked off, you know that our expert tipsters and Serie A obsessed community will have the best odds and tips for you. 

Here at Oddspedia, we have created a community of bettors who love Serie A and want to offer the best odds available. If that sounds like your kind of place then we look forward to welcoming you back very soon!

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