Best Soccer Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

Soccer Live Scores

Keep yourself up to date with soccer live scores from across the world here at Oddspedia. We’ve got real-time soccer live scores from the MLS and all of the major European Leagues, including the Premier League, Bundesliga Serie A, La Liga and more. It’s not only the major leagues we cover though - you’ll find soccer scores today for over 6000 professional and amateur soccer leagues and cup competitions right here. 

More Than Just the Scores

Here at Oddspedia, we know the majority of fans have come here looking for more than just the scores themselves. Additionally, sports fans with soccer betting lines running need to know everything that’s happening on the field at any given moment. 

That’s why we give you all of the details surrounding each match in real-time. As well as up to date scorelines, you can also easily find out the goal scorers, the position stats and other essential details, including red cards and substitutions. 

Additionally, we provide real-time soccer streams in the form of infographics that show you exactly what’s happening on the field at that given moment. Ahead of each soccer live stream kick-off, you can check out the starting line ups and other info, including the match officials, and the weather conditions at the game’s location. 

Every Last Detail in Real-Time

At Oddspedia, we know that soccer betting fans require instant and relevant details on just about everything encompassing each game. That’s why alongside our live scores, you’ll find the current soccer odds for each game as well as the news and stats that could affect the game. We also provide you with summarized match facts that are updated throughout each game. 

Our free soccer stream scores service is fully customizable, giving you the chance to keep up to speed with the games that matter to you. You can set personalized notifications, real-time updates and match reminders for the games that could influence your bets. 

In addition to this, you can also select your favorite teams, players, leagues and competitions. This guarantees that you get all of the information and updates that matter to you.

Soccer Stats

As mentioned before, we’ve got more than just the scores for you here at Oddspedia - we’ve got the stats to back everything up and help to enhance your soccer lines and bets.

At the click of a button, you can find the previous home and away results from the teams you’re watching, including possession stats and likely goal scorers. You can also then look into individual players to assess their recent form and likelihood of scoring. You can also find the current league table and check out the head to head record of the two teams playing. 

A Professional Level Stats Service That’s Open to All

All of this information is essential if you want to find the best soccer bet odds and increase your chances of placing winning wagers. The technology and stats we provide here at Oddspedia is akin to the stuff used by the top betting tipsters and the pro soccer analysts. 

Our real time live tracker shows you exactly what is happening in the match and any given moment. We’ll tell you who’s attacking, where the ball is on the pitch or if there’ a set play taking place. You can also use the live graph to see a breakdown of which team was on top, and when. 

Linking to Live Soccer Streams

If you want to combine real-time stats with watching the game live, you can get linked up to any of the available streams with our recommended bookmakers. You can also keep yourself up to date with the soccer streams, stats and scores (both past and present) through the use of the calendar found in our soccer live scores center. 

You can use the Oddspedia live scores calendar to set alerts for the up coming games that matter to you. Alternatively, you can use the calendar to check back on match stats once the games have finished. Again, the experience is 100% customizable so that you only get the scores, stats and soccer odds for the teams, games and players that matter to you. 

Basically, if you want to wager more successfully on soccer betting lines, Oddspedia is your one stop shop for just that. 

Soccer News

You can find the top soccer news headlines surrounding the game you’re keeping an eye on at the click of a button inside our live score center. As well as the top headlines from before and after the game, you’ll also find team news, including transfers, injuries and all the biggest paper talk rumors. 

On top of that, we’re acutely aware that social media plays a major part in the modern game, so you never miss a beat with all access to the latest developments from teams, players and leagues on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Brought to You From major US and Glob news Outlets

As well as having our own inhouse news team, the headlines brought to you in our Soccer Live Scores Center are pooled from all the major news outlets. As well as the top US sports media outlets, who are at the cutting edge of the soccer game, we’ll also provide you with soccer news from across the world.

It only makes sense that the biggest news coming out of the Premier League is going to come from England first of all - which is why we search far and wide. The moment a story breaks that could potentially affect your game, you can be sure to see it in your feed straight away!

Soccer Odds Comparison - Get the Highest Odds from Top Bookmakers

When it comes to finding the best possible soccer odds lines available, Oddspedia has just the tool you need. Our soccer odds comparison has access to the odds from over 80 different bookmakers online. In addition to that, we cover the odds from over 100 different soccer betting markets. You can rest well knowing that instant soccer odds can be found with accurate precision. 

Why Finding the best Odds Matters

It’s an all too common practice to find one or two bookmakers you like and stick with them. But did you know that by doing that you could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars in winnings over time? 

You might think that the soccer odds don’t change that much between bookmakers, but you’d be surprised at the difference. This is especially true when finding the best odds in real time, as some bookmakers are much slower to pick up on trends than others.

Even finding odds with as little as a 10% increase in your winnings is effective, especially if you think of it across all of your bets throughout the years. Failing to shop around for the best odds means losing out on potential winnings. So why miss out when we’ve made it so quick, easy and convenient here at Oddspedia?

Soccer Betting Guide - FAQ

How to Calculate Soccer Betting Odds?

Here in the US, we use the American odds format, which is specifically designed with gamblers in mind. This is unlike decimal and fractional odds, which are more mathematical displays of outcome probability. If the odds number is positive, it shows you how much you stand to win if you bet $100. If the odds number is negative is shows you how much you need to bet in order to win $100.

How to Choose a Betting Site for Soccer?

The best and easiest way to find a good betting site for soccer is to use the bookmaker comparison too here at Oddspedia. Here’s we’ll find you the best bookmaker based on the range soccer betting markets they offer, the odds and their soccer streams service. If you’re completely new to sports gambling, you’ll also find soccer betting lines explained within our comparison tool.

How do Soccer Betting Odds Work?

Soccer betting odds work by showing you the probability of your proposed outcome, alongside the amount you stand to win for your stake. For example, if you place a $100 bet on team to win at odds of +100, then you stand to win $100 (plus your $100 stake back). 

How to Predict Soccer Results?

You can never be 100% accurate all the time, but you can help yourself to better predict soccer results in a number of ways. Firstly, learn the game, keep up to date with news and get to know the leagues, teams and players. Secondly, study the past results of each team before each game, including the head-to head record and their home and away form. Lastly, carefully study the stats surrounding each team, league and player. Fortunately, you can do all of this under one roof right here at Oddspedia.

Is it Possible to Make Money Betting on Soccer?

Using the term “make money” isn’t quite correct, as sports betting should never be viewed as a means of making money or profit. What it can be, with a bit of effort and studying, is a fun hobby that can result in you winning some money on the side. That’s why here at Oddspedia we provide you with the odds, scores and stats tools to help your soccer wagers to win more.

Are There Successful Soccer Strategies?

Yes there are, with some being complex and mathematical and others being simple. We should point out that it’s worth treading with caution when implementing certain betting strategies though, as many bookmakers are wise to the most common ones and may suspend your account. 

Soccer Predictions

As well as having a pool of expert tipsters for soccer and a range of other sports, you can also find soccer tips and predictions through the Oddspedia community. We offer free soccer odds prediction, betting tips and more for several different soccer leagues and betting markets.

As well as straightforward win/draw/lose match predictions, you can also use our filter search system to find more specific tips. From single bets, to accumulators and asian handicaps, you’ll find expert tips available for each and every type of bet. 

We also have expert tipsters dedicated to certain leagues and competitions, from the MLS, to the Champions League and the World Cup. Our tips don’t just give straightforward advice on the predicted outcome. You’ll also get a breakdown of how each prediction and conclusion was reached. This will ultimately help you to better make use of the tools and stats available at Oddspedia. 

Eventually, you might even start putting up tips and predictions of your own.

User Predictions

The Oddspedia community allows you and other users to share your tips and predictions for the games and soccer leagues that you know best. You can also share your opinion on the predictions of others, which is then aggregate and used by us to provide a public consensus on each prediction. This means that our user generated predictions not only give you the chance to have your say - they also help out your fellow soccer betting fans as well. 


To quickly summarize, there are a few things you should remember when it comes to soccer betting. First of all, you’ve got to know the game, watch the matches on soccer streams and study how it’s played. Then you need to start keeping up with all of the latest social media goings on and headlines with the Oddspedia soccer news.

 Crucially, when the games are happening, you’re going to want to use our live stats and score center to keep up with the need to know info in real-time. When you know which wagers and soccer betting lines you want to place, the odds comparison tool at Oddspedia will become your best friend. 

There’s a lot of aspects to study when it comes to following and betting on such a passionate sport as soccer. Fortunately, Oddspedia has everything that you need, both as a soccer fan and gambler, all under one roof.

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