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Tennis Live Scores

Here at Oddspedia, we know how important it is to stay up to date and in the now when it comes to the live scores of tennis matches. That’s why we give you everything from the actual tennis live scores, detailed stats from the match as they happen and where the players actually are on the court at every moment. Our tennis live scores cover every type of tennis match and tournament big or small. 

You can find tennis scores today from pro circuit events like the ATP and WTP tour. We also cover major tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open and Roland Garros. We even have you covered for the Challenger Tour to see who the next rising star might be. 

Everything you need to know, by the minute

At Oddspedia we put together the most detailed tennis live scores that not only tell you who is currently winning the match but also how many aces have been hit, double faults served and where the players are serving from (ad court or deuce court). 

We also provide you with the history of the fixture between the two players, showing the results in a clear way between the two players in their last couple of meetings. On top of that, you can see the players current ATP world rankings to give you an idea of who the favorite is and why the pre-match odds might be leaning a certain way. You can also find all the current tennis live scores and the upcoming matches with our search bar that will help filter out the rest of the matches for you with ease. 

Tennis Stats

While tennis live scores are a great way for you to check in on the progress of a match and to see how your bet is doing, the real beauty lies in these stats themselves. We give you live in-game stats but it's the pregame stats that are going to help you make your decision on which way to go with your bet. 

Our tennis stats give you everything you need to know about the stats going into the match. You’ll be able to see exactly how many times the two players have played against each other in the past, who has come out on top in these matches most recently and what their current world rankings are. We also show you what their current form is like in general. 

So, what is the relevance of this information? It's simple really, you use the stats that we give you to help you make a more informed decision for your bet. If you see a match that shows a history of one player regularly beating the other then you can play it safe with your bet. But, if the result history shows that there has been an upset or two in the past, you may decide you want to take a punt on the favorable underdog odds. The choice is yours, we simply provide you with the stats and details to help you make the best decisions. 

Tennis live stream - where to watch the matches 

Once you have decided which player you want to go with, we can point you in the direction of a free tennis stream so that you can see how your wager fares. At Oddspedia, we will always try to link you to any available tennis streams that the bookmakers we cover might have for the fixture. All you need to do is click on the live stream option that you see on the match and then click on watch your event live. We will then try to link you to any available live tennis streams where you see how the match unfolds in real time. At Oddspedia, we really try to do it all for you. 

Tennis News

At Oddspedia we give you detailed statistics and information on live tennis scores but we also bring you the latest in what is happening in the world of tennis. We have our own team of expert writers who bring you intricate pieces on the players, tournaments and more. Once you have selected tennis from our list of sports, just click on news and you’ll have access to tons of free news articles on the most relevant and recent tennis facts and rumors. 

While we do have our own team of writers, we largely give you the latest news from the biggest outlets in sports journalism. Our team here at Oddspedia sieves through tons of different stories and we hand pick the best ones to bring you on our site, all from the best news providers around. You’ll find the best news pieces from sources like CBC News and Yahoo Sports. Stay in the know with our carefully curated news section. 

We also try to bring you the latest from the star players’ social media accounts. A lot of information can be taken from what they say at times such as hints towards player trades. We’ll bring you all the updates on any drama or just all round fun that comes from reviewing a few of the social media posts from these players.

Tennis Predictions

At Oddspedia, we provide you with the latest tennis betting tips and tennis predictions. We have a number of expert tipsters who give all our readers advice with the best tennis betting tips. We have tennis tips for every type of punter ranging from experienced to fresh faced beginners. You’ll be able to access tips for the biggest events like the ATP 1000, Wimbledon, the US Open and many more. 

You can find the best tennis betting tips and predictions by using our search feature. From here, you can filter everything from the betting market, start time, competition, tipster success and even accumulator bets. Our search function can help you find exactly what you are after.  You can even have tennis betting lines explained to you if you like. 

Join the betting predictions community at Oddspedia

We even have a betting predictions community where our users can get involved. Hear  you can find an aggregated score of all the most successful tennis predictions made by our users. You can even rate other users’ predictions in the community. This helps to stimulate a community of serious punters who are trying their utmost to put well-thought out betting tips into the community predictions space on our site. 

Therein lies the beauty of Oddspedia, we not only provide you with a space where you can take advantage of our betting tips and your fellow punters’ betting tips but you can also contribute to the community by giving your 2 cents on a sport or event that you know well. At Oddspedia, we are cultivating an atmosphere where all our punters are helping each other to be more successful with their tennis betting predictions. 


So, let’s highlight some of the things we touched on here in our tennis live scores guide. The best chance you can give yourself for tennis betting success is to always keep our detailed pre match stats in mind before you place your bet. There is no such thing as too much homework when it comes to placing your bet so do yourself a favor and take some time get a feel for the stats and match history of a certain match up. 

Always remember that you can find free tennis betting tips and predictions at Oddspedia whether that be from our team or from our community of tipsters. You’ll be able to find something to suit your experience level with us. Check back with us when you are unsure about certain matches, tournament start times or anything related to tennis betting. We have got you covered with our tennis betting comparison tool and predictions. 

Tennis betting guide - FAQ 

How to choose a betting site for tennis? 

While we will always point you in the right direction of the best odds here at Oddspedia, you may have some personal preferences for what betting site you would want to use. We would go for a tennis betting site that gives you access to a number of different betting markets, a strong range of different tour events and competitive odds. You can use our bookmaker comparison here at Oddspedia to help you locate your ideal tennis betting site in a matter of minutes. 

How tennis betting odds work? 

Odds are basically a mathematical calculator that show the probability of each outcome in a tennis match. The beauty of the American moneyline system is that is simplifies the whole concept for you. Instead of concerning yourself with implied probability you can rather focus on what you stand to win or how much you need to bet in order to make $100. 

How to predict tennis results? 

Look, we could never tell you that you are going to become a tennis prophet who correctly predicts every result. Instead, we suggest putting in some research time to better understand the game itself. Take in as many stats as you can, as much knowledge as you can to help you make the most informed decision possible for your tennis wagers. Remember, you really can’t take in too many stats to help you on your way to a successful tennis bet. 

Is it possible to make money betting on tennis?  

Absolutely! You can never guarantee the success of your bets or that you are going to take away heaps of money from a single bet but money is there to be made with smart betting practices. By using our detailed statistics and our selection of the best available odds on tennis matches you can give yourself the best chance for betting success. 

Are there successful tennis strategies? 

Yes, there are definitely tennis betting strategies that can help put some tactical nous into your betting endeavors. However, many betting strategies are frowned upon by bookmakers who may even close your account should they find you are using them. Be sure to read up on some of the betting strategies that bookmakers are not particularly fond of. 

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