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Best Betting Offers US 2022 - Sportsbook Promo & Bonus Codes

If you are looking at joining a new online bookmaker, you will hopefully have one of the best betting offers available to help get your wagering career underway. Betting offers can come in a variety of forms and our team of experts here at Oddspedia have a wealth of experience within the online sports betting industry. 

By taking a look at the most important of details surrounding a betting offer, we are able to develop an idea of exactly what is on the US market at the moment. We can then compare these deals to bring you the most suitable offers out there. Our reviews are also conducted in a uniform format so that each of them is fair to the bookmakers that we are reviewing. These reviews take a look at the most important of factors that bonuses include. You will be able to browse through just about any offer on the market and find exactly what you are looking for, right here.

What To Expect From Our Deals Articles 

You will need to have our bonus review format in mind when you are looking to make the most out of our available reviews. We will be running through exactly what you can expect to find within our articles so that you can browse through our service easier. Our team has also conducted bookmaker reviews that take a look specifically at the operators to give you an insight into what service you can expect to receive once you have signed up. It is highly recommended that all readers use these bookmaker reviews alongside our bonus reviews to get the complete package from each online operator. 

How to claim the offer

The first part of each of our bonus reviews takes a look at what you can do to claim the offer that is available with each bookmaker. Claiming each offer will have a different list of requirements to the next and there are usually certain factors that you will need to keep in mind when you are busy signing up for any of the betting offers mentioned here. We also discuss exactly what you will receive with each promotion in this section, we detail exactly what type of bonus offer you will be receiving and what limits are placed on the promotional amounts. This section is highly important while you are in the process of claiming the bonus so be sure to check back at the information. 

Terms and conditions

With each bonus, there will also be terms and conditions that apply to the offer. There are general restrictions placed on age and location and you are bound to find more specific terms that will apply to the bonus you are interested in. It is very important to go through these thoroughly to make sure that you don’t miss out on the promotion because of a small detail listed in the T’s and C’s. Our team of experts have taken a look through each of the offer’s requirements and detailed each of them in this section, it is also recommended that you browse through them yourself to see if there is a specific factor that could exclude you from the offer. You can usually do this by visiting the bookmaker website and running through the terms and conditions page that is displayed underneath each of the bonuses.

Other offers

While just about every bookmaker on the market has a welcome offer, there are also a number of them that have other promotions available as well. These promotions can vary significantly and you might find that some bookmakers have none at all. We take a close look at the full extent of each bookmaker to determine exactly what offers they have available. This includes a look at online casino promotions and if there are any other bonuses linked to some of their online services. By taking a look at all the offers that are made available by a bookmaker, we gain valuable insight into what you can expect to receive once you have signed up with the operator. This section could also be useful if you are looking to branch out on your favourite betting markets. Be sure to read through a couple of our betting offers reviews to get an idea of what is out there.


All The Latest Promo Codes

Promotions and bonuses change quite often with each bookmaker and sometimes they include a promo code that needs to be typed in at the correct time in order to opt-in for the specific offer. These promo codes are usually in all caps and mentioned in the terms and conditions of the bonus you are interested in. Usually, it will be fairly easy to find the code you are looking for but sometimes you might be unsure of what you are looking for. Our reviews take a look if any promo codes are applicable and display them in the relevant section of each review.

Latest offers

There are so many bookmakers on the market and each of them has their own promotions that are available within their service. It is fairly impossible for any customer to keep up to date with everything that is currently available and this is an important aspect of the service that Oddspedia provides. We have a team of experts devoted to bringing you all the details surrounding the latest betting offers while reviewing them to competitor’s promotions at the same time. You won’t have to visit each of the online operators to see what’s out there with our service.

With the promotions constantly changing, it is very important that you keep up to date with the codes that will allow you to claim each of their rewards. Our pages are updated frequently so if you have read through a review once, be sure to check back when you are interested in a new betting offer to make sure that you have the most up to date information.

Using the codes

When it comes to claiming the offer, you will also have to keep in mind when exactly you should be using the codes. Some bookmakers require that new accounts submit the promo codes while they are signing up while others will require that the codes are submitted when placing a qualifying wager or deposit. Be sure to read through our review carefully alongside the promotion terms and conditions to make sure that you are using the codes at the correct time. If you fail to do so, you will most likely miss out on the promotion altogether. Keep the codes in mind and double-check that you are not missing anything with the available promotions.

Free Bets & No Deposit Bonuses

Who hasn't wanted to play free sports betting? This is why no deposit bonuses have really become popular with sportsbooks, as it is a huge draw for bettors by adding an amount between 5-10 ($ / €) in their accounts. Check here the full list of all free bonuses and receive your money safely.

  1. Get your bonus up to 25$
    20x Bonus
    No code required Claim bonus

    $25 Free on Registration

    No code required Claim bonus

Free Bets 2022 | What are Free Bet Offers?

We aim to bring you the most comprehensive overview of various top-level bookies that offer free bets when you choose to place your wagers with them. Free bets are a great, rewarding tool that can significantly enhance your betting experience by providing you with a generous reward for choosing to bet with your chosen bookkeeper. These types of bets allow you to bet for free, with the chance of receiving cash returns - with no money taken out of your pocket! 

Another bonus of free bets is that you can establish an idea of your chosen sportsbook, sometimes even before having to pay out cash. It’s a great way to build up loyalty and trust with users too, so curating a system that can show you all of the best free bets available is a handy, helpful tool that can not only help to boost your wagers and give you some free play but also help you with your overall choice of bookies in the longer term.

Comparing the best free bet offers at Oddspedia - An unrivaled filtering system.

Our customers can use our site to source out the latest and best free bet offers in the US, provided to them by our reliable and meticulous team of experts. Our team works around the clock to provide the most up-to-date information across the board. They dedicate considerable time to sourcing out the most precise and accurate information they can to bring users the best selection of free bets available. Using this information, alongside a keen eye and specific knowledge in the field, we source out an unrivaled selection of the best free bet offers amongst the highest quality bookmakers around.

As well as providing a wealth of easily accessible and effortlessly digestible information, we make it easy and straightforward to filter down results to fit your specific needs. This sets us apart from other competitors, and we also provide handy lists that section out information that is easily consumable and succinct. 

Being transparent and to the point is something we hold in the highest importance. Providing our customers with authentic, live information that helps them find the best providers by the minute is something we take pride in.

Our overall aim is to create a platform that is host to the very best and broadest possible selection of free bets. We go to great lengths to ensure the information available to our users is of the highest quality, precise, concise, and easy to digest.

Our criteria for finding the best free bet offers - Thinking outside the box and working around the clock

We take quality, accuracy, and care for detail exceptionally seriously here at Oddspedia, and our criteria for finding the best free bet offers is as strict as it gets. We analyze plenty of variables (including those that others may deem less important) to come up with the most accurate and up-to-the-minute free betting knowledge for our users.

Our checklist includes reviewing which payment options are available on the sportsbook, wagering requirements to receive the free bet, and bonus amounts, along with many more variables. Our reliable and diligent sources meticulously compile data day and night with an ultra-careful eye to provide an all-encompassing overview of the online betting platforms we scrutinize.

Our findings are geared towards providing you with the best free bets available across the board; we also make sure that other variables that can affect the usability of the site stack up alongside this too! So, when it comes to free betting, you can rest assured we really do leave no stone unturned. 

When compiling our specific free bet data, we at Oddspedia will analyze the various different sportsbooks out there, ensuring they meet not only user requirements, but legal requirements too. Those of you making use of our free bets can wager stress-free knowing all our approved free bets are coming fresh from legal sportsbooks.

Our experts are trained to a very high standard ensuring that we can provide our customers with the highest level of insider betting knowledge. For example, our experts have the ability to uncover sportsbook offers that may seem reasonable on the surface and provide a high amount of free ‘cash,’ but as we dive deeper and delve into the finer details of these offers we can see that not all is as it seems. You really can rely on us to provide an honest and authentic rundown of the free bets on offer.

With this in mind, it is always worth remembering that the terms and conditions should be read thoroughly before choosing to make use of your free bet. As, unfortunately, most free bets will often require minimum deposit amounts, wagering requirements, and many other hidden terms. Although we do a lot of the hard work for you, we always recommend doing your own due diligence - you never know, you may uncover something we don’t!

It is fair to say that we at Oddspedia take our role very seriously, working tirelessly to uncover the best free bets for our customers. We are fans first, that’s what drives our passion for sports betting, but our work ethic, meticulous planning, and strict set of guidelines is what cements our position as an industry leader, and allows us to provide you with such a comprehensive array of free bets.

Our choice of the best free bet offers in the US - Three of our favorite sportsbooks steal the show.

After looking through a whole host of the best free bet offers in the US, we found a few sites offering some truly mouth-watering free bet offers.

Well-known favorite 888 Bet are currently offering a welcome bonus wherein, upon placing your first $10 bet, you can earn $30 in free bets and receive a $10 casino bonus on top. 

As well as 888, another favorite, FanDuel is currently offering a risk-free bet of up to $1000, meaning if you wager $1000 and lose, you get a $1000 free play! It is an extremely competitive and generous welcome offer, which gives bettors peace of mind on their first play with the sportsbook. 

The third and final best free bet offer we’ve seen in the US from a sportsbook is from the highly renowned UniBet. They currently offer customers based in New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania a two-for-one deal as a welcome offer. When you register and make your first deposit, you’ll immediately earn three free bets worth $10 each, and on top of this, Unibet is offering a 100% bet match up to $500 - again, offering you peace of mind on those first few wagers with a new online platform.

There are a whole host of offers available across many different sportsbooks in the US, which often rotate and change on a regular basis. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Oddspedia for the latest up-to-date information on free bets and more!

Free bets glossary - Understanding the three key types of free bets

Risk-Free Bet

This type of free bet sees sportsbooks offering to refund your initial wager up to a certain $ amount if you lose the first qualifying bet you place. These will usually be given to you as a credit to use across the site or as a free bet to use later on. Keep an eye on the expiration date of these credits, as we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

First deposit bonus

A first deposit bonus is an offer of additional bonus money added to your account when you first deposit into your account and place your first wager. The bonus amount can differ greatly depending on which sportsbook you use, but it can positively impact your winnings and add a substantial boost to your betting account.

Free bet credits

Sportsbooks will often offer free bet credits to their customers, which can be used as free cash towards your wagers within that platform. These are credits that will show in your account as available money and allow you to stake bets without risking losing your own cash. It is important to note that these credits will be non-withdrawable.

Terms & conditions to remember when claiming a free bet 

As with any betting platform, it’s always important to consider which terms and conditions apply, especially when claiming a free bet offer. Free bets are obviously a very attractive offer, and providing this kind of reward will often come with terms that aren’t always immediately clear upon viewing the promotion. 

To avoid being caught out by any hidden terms, make sure you check the betting requirements implemented by the sportsbook before you try to take advantage of the offer, and if you have any unanswered questions ensure you message their customer service team and request a full explanation.

There’s no denying the lure of free bets. Naturally, they are there to entice users and to promote the sportsbooks’ brand, as well as enhancing your betting experience. 

Although a lot of the time, they can be beneficial and boost your wagers, it’s really important to be mindful of any conditions before placing any bets with an offer attached to them. In short, do your due diligence to make sure you can claim the offer you think you are getting without any unwanted strings attached.

Free bet FAQs - Enhance your knowledge on free bets as we answer the most common questions

How can I find the best free bet offers in the US?

At Oddspedia, we compile a comprehensive overview of the best free bet offers to be had in the US. Our unrivaled methodologies into finding the best free bets for you are of the highest quality and bring together a plethora of different variables, which all come together to highlight the very best free bet offers you can get across a wide range of sportsbooks and online platforms. Here at Oddspedia, we make it easy for you to find a prime selection of free bet offers and the best ones to suit your individual needs across the board from all the best-known bookkeepers around.

How do free bet offers work?

There are various different types of free bets, which all provide an opportunity to bolster up your successful winning bets. When placing a bet, take a look across the sportsbook, choose your selected offer, usually between the three main types: free bet credits, first deposit bonuses, and risk-free bets.

These will all provide you with different options, which will all allow you to claim free credit either towards your bet or to use across the online platform. Usually, free bet offers will have terms and conditions attached to them, so it is worth checking these out. For more information on the different types of bets and how they can be used to boost your wagers, check out our free bets glossary above. Most of the time, you can add on your free bet offer to place with an existing bet across many different sections of the site, depending on the requirements.

Do all free bet offers come with terms and conditions?

Most of the time, free bet offers from the main three groups will come with some terms and conditions attached. Often, with free bet credits, you’ll have to place bets with your own cash first to gain free bets to be used later on across the platform. For example, you may see offers that resemble the form of: “place 3 x $5 bets, receive $10 free bet credit.”

With a risk-free bet, you’ll often find that online platforms will refund your initial wager if you lose your first qualifying bet, and the terms on these can vary greatly offering different refundable amounts. More often than not, this will be redeemable not as cash but as credit across the site, so again, it’s worth making sure the offer is as good as it seems before opting to use it.

It’s also worth looking into whether the reward you’re looking into requires things such as higher wager requirements, as well as minimum deposits, as these can often come as part of the terms and requirements when it comes to taking advantage of a free bet offer.

Enhanced Odds

The Enhanced odds, also known as Price Boosts, are one of the most sought-after promotions by bettors within the sportsbooks. The sportsbook artificially boosts a selection and let's you win much more than the implied probability of a certain outcome. Enhanced odds offers are introduced around popular events or sports, such as an upcoming Premier League football match or tennis event at Grand Slam.

Right now there are no enhanced odds for the selected criteria

Enhanced Odds - Find the Best Offers at Oddspedia

If you are familiar with using online sportsbooks, then you may have come across several different types of offers and promotions. In this case, an enhanced odds offer. As the name suggests, when you claim an enhanced odds offer you can apply it to one of your bets to give yourself more favorable odds and thus (potentially) more favorable profits. It really is that straightforward.

All you really have to do to use your enhanced odds offer is select a fixture that you want to place a bet on and use the enhanced odds for that. There may be certain restrictions on the enhanced odds offer which we will go into in more detail later on in this article. For now, though, it's worth noting that many of these enhanced offers will likely limit you to certain fixtures or certain betting amounts. 

Comparing the best-enhanced odds offers at Oddspedia - how to pick the best from the rest

Here at Oddspedia, we can help you pick out the best-enhanced odds offer in the industry right now. How do we do this? Easy, with our filtering system and our in-depth reviews of all the best sportsbooks in the US. Our team of experts work night and day to bring you unbiased and detailed reviews of every sportsbook you can think of. You can then use our filtering system on the site to locate the best enhanced offers currently available more easily. 

Our filter will help to remove all the sites that don’t currently tick off this box right now. Our reviews are always transparent. This is one of the most important criteria that our team sticks to. We hold no bias for any of these sites and as such bring you direct and to the point reviews of these sportsbooks and their promotional offers. 

Our criteria for finding the best-enhanced odds offers - what to look out for

At Oddspedia, we take our reviews very seriously. Our reviews are the building blocks of knowledge that punters can use to better understand all the finer details about sportsbooks in the US. Not only do we cover these sportsbooks with the utmost detail, but we cover it with an objective viewpoint as we seek to cut through the promises and advertising to bring you the cold hard facts about what it is that is actually in store for you.

Firstly, we take a look at what payment methods are available for you to use when cashing in on an enhanced odds offer from any sportsbook. These payment methods are really quite important because most enhanced odds offers are strictly for new players on a site. As such, you need to know that the sportsbook is currently making your preferred payment methods available on the site as you may be using that sportsbook for many months or years to come. 

More specifically, we let you know if there are any restrictions with regards to what payment methods can be used for the enhanced odds offer. We have found in the past that while a payment method may be available on the site it may not be available to use for the actual enhanced odds offer. 

Another important part of our criteria is to review the general scope of the enhanced odds offer. What we mean by this is what can you actually use the offer for. Is it just for one specific upcoming match? Can you use it on any fixture of your choice? All of these questions we consider when conducting our review so we can give you the full picture of what the enhanced odds offer is actually giving you. 

Another vital part of our criteria is to let you know exactly what the wagering requirements are of these enhanced odds offers. We’ll let you know about any concerning or wagering requirements that may be attached to the enhanced odds offer. Although, you won’t generally find steep wagering requirements for offers like these. Furthermore, we’ll let you know how long you have to use your enhanced odds offer as you will typically be given a set time to use it after you initially claim it. 

Our choice of the best-enhanced odds offers in the US - our personal pick for the best offer

If you have ever taken the time to check out a few sportsbooks in the US, then you will know that there is an abundance of them to choose from. And for every sportsbook, there is a bonus offer and additional promotions as well. This makes knowing where to find the best-enhanced odds offers a bit more difficult as you have so many options to choose from. 

With that being said, we can point you in the right direction if you are having a hard time finding an online sportsbook that currently offers quality odds boosters and  enhanced odds. We would highly recommend checking out 888sport. 888sport have been known to offer some of the best  enhanced odds offers and odds boosters in the past. Not only can you find stellar promotions on the site, but you'll have access to just about any sport you can dream of to use your offer with. 

There is little doubt why 888sport is considered to be one of the best sportsbooks in the US. You’ll have no regrets signing up to their superb site. 

Terms & conditions to remember when claiming an enhanced odds bonus - things to keep in mind about this type of offer

There are always terms and conditions to consider when it comes to just about any kind of bonus or promotional offer in the gambling industry. This is just part and parcel of the game. As such, it's always better to know exactly what these types of bonuses throw up in regard to their terms and conditions. 

There is more than one type of  enhanced odds offer. You can get enhanced odds that are more of a minor odds to boost promotion than anything. These can typically be seen as regular promotions and can almost always be claimed by people that already have an account with the sportsbook. 

The genuine enhanced odds offer is an offer that you cannot miss as it will stick out like a sore thumb. These offers are almost always restricted to new players on a site. They will provide players with good looking games that would have had fairly standard odds. For example, where Man City would typically be -400 moneyline against Burnley, your enhanced odds offer may make it +100. 

 Now as far as the restrictions go on your enhanced odds offer, there are definitely a couple to keep in mind. Firstly, the sportsbook may limit how much you can actually win off the offer. The amount will still be decent but when the odds are placed on a clear favorite you won’t be walking away with crazy winnings. 

These offers will also almost never payout in actual straight cash profit. You will take home the money that you would have won on the standard odds but anything extra you win as a result of the enhanced odds offer will be paid out to you in free bets. It's not impossible to be paid out in straight cash but as far as the industry standard goes, we would call it highly unlikely. Taking home a few free bets that could lead to more wins is still not a bad day’s work at the office though. 

That is basically all you need to concern yourself with when it comes to betting restrictions on your enhanced odds offer. The wagering requirements for an enhanced odds offer are never very steep. You’ll deal with more restrictions than actual wagering requirements that you’ll need to complete. 

Enhanced odds FAQ - everything you need to know about this type of offer

How do I find the best-enhanced odds offers in the US?

As we mentioned earlier in our guide, there are so many different sportsbooks in the US right now which can make finding the best-enhanced odds offers tricky. Here at Oddspedia, we turn tricky into easy with our website. We give you all the tools you could possibly need to find the best offers in the US.
You can use our sportsbooks reviews to find the best-enhanced odds offers in the US without any effort. More so than that, you can then filter our reviews so that you only have the reviews of the best sportsbooks with enhanced odds offers in front of you. From there, your search time is cut to almost zero as you simply need to make your choice from the options in front of you. 

Is there more than one type of enhanced odds offer?

Yes, in a way. There are generally two variations on the enhanced odds offer. You will find that some sportsbooks offer regular promotions that include odds boosters. These odds boosters only offer you a minor boost to your odds but don’t typically limit you on how much you can win off of the bet.

The genuine enhanced odds offer will give you crazy odds on a game that was otherwise offering fairly mediocre value. With these offers, you will generally be limited in how much you can win from the offer, as the odds are simply too high. 

Do all enhanced odds offers come with terms and conditions?

Your average odds booster offers won’t usually come with any strenuous terms and conditions attached to them. You can just opt-in for the promotion and then bet on the selected fixture that has the odds boost on it.

The genuine enhanced odds offer will generally give you some more wiggle room and where you can use the odds, but it will always limit how much you can win. Not only that but it will also reward you with free bets instead of pure cash most of the time.

Special Offers

In addition to welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses, sportsbooks can also offer more promotions when you are already registered with them. In the "Promotions" section of each sportsbook you will see various offers each week, which are usually related to the sporting events that will take place over the weekend.

  1. 10% Cashback für Sportwetten
    No code required Claim bonus
  2. Accumulator bonus
    No code required Claim bonus
    No code required Claim bonus
  4. Weekly Reload Bonus
    No code required Claim bonus
  5. Cashback bonus
    No code required Claim bonus
  6. 4.88% Rescue Bonus Weekly On Sportsbook
    No code required Claim bonus
  7. Sportsbook Reload 30%
    No code required Claim bonus
  8. Combo Boost
    No code required Claim bonus
  9. 1% Unlimited daily cash rebate
    No code required Claim bonus
  10. Daily reload bonus
    No code required Claim bonus

Different Offer Types Covered

With so much competition between bookmakers, each of them tries to have different offers available to attract customers. These offers may vary but most of them follow a structure of the bonuses mentioned in this section of the article. You might find that an entirely unique offer is presented at times and if this is the case, we will run through exactly what you can expect to receive in our detailed bonus review.

Welcome offers

Just about every online bookmaker out there has a welcome offer that is available. These welcome offers are only available to customers that are new to the online service. They are usually credited when a customer opens an account and claims the promotion within a certain time period from the opening of the account. Welcome offers tend to be more generous than any other of the bonuses as they can only be used once. After you have made use of the offer, you will need to take a look if the bookmaker manages to offer anything else to existing customers. If you are new to the scene of online gambling, it is very important that you take a close look through our reviews to ensure that you understand exactly what the bonus will reward you with. 

Matched deposits

The most common promotional offers would certainly be the matched deposit bonuses. These bonuses will be in the format of ‘100% up to $500’. The percentage value indicates how much the bookmaker is willing to reward new customers with, relative to their first deposit amount. The $500 would be the maximum amount that you can receive when you are signing up with the operator. There will be a minimum deposit amount that is required to trigger this bonus type so be sure to browse through all of the requirements carefully. 

No deposit

A no deposit bonus is probably the most sought out of promotions that are available on the market. A no deposit bonus allows new customers to claim a number of promotional funds that they can then use within the online bookmaker service. A no deposit bonus allows anyone willing to open an account to experience the full service that is available with the online bookmaker. You might also be eligible to withdraw the winnings obtained from these promotional funds but this will be detailed in the terms and conditions of the offer.

Free bets

You might find that a bookmaker offers an entirely different deal consisting of free bets. This offer can vary quite a lot, at times you might find that the bonus will require no deposit while other bookmakers will require a deposit before you can receive/place your free bets. Free bets allow you to place a fixed amount wager on qualifying sports fixtures. You will then be able to receive the winnings from the bet but it is very unlikely that you will be able to withdraw the free bet funds. There may be a rollover requirement that applies to the amount.

Odds boosts

Some bookmakers have odds boost promotions that are available within their service and this is probably one of the easiest to use offers on the market. The promotion will apply to a fixture that will allow you to take advantage of increased odds than those that are listed on the website. These promotions are fairly common for existing customers and are always listed in the ‘Promotions’ section of each bookmaker’s page. Be sure to keep an eye on that page if you have joined their service to have a chance of increasing your potential winnings. 

Niche offers

It is also fairly common for online bookmakers to have a couple of niche offers. This means that the bonuses available on their site will be specific to a variety of sporting markets. You might find a promotion specifically aimed at the NBA one month and at the NFL the next. Bookmakers usually offer these promotions to existing customers and they can be very useful if you use them correctly. Always remember that it is best to stick to the sports you know, this increases your chances of making some winnings but it can also be beneficial to branch out into new sporting markets.

Benefits of Our Deals Articles

If you are still not convinced of the betting offers that are available, you will probably be considering exactly what the benefits are of these deals. Besides the obvious promotional funds that you are receiving, the promotions that bookmakers have made available may serve as a perfect preview of a bookmaker’s service. Our bookmaker reviews are very thorough but you may want to try out the service for yourself before signing up with the online operator. A no deposit bonus provides you with the perfect opportunity to do this.

Our deals articles are also put together by making use of our tried and tested bonus review format. This format has been assembled by our Editor with the help of all the experts here at Oddspedia. Our team has plenty of experience with sports betting and we know exactly what to look for when it comes to online sports betting offers. Our reviews include all of these factors to bring our readers the most crucial of information surrounding each offer. The format is then kept the same from review to review to allow us to rank the offers accordingly.

Latest information

Not only are our reviews the most informative, but they are also kept up to date with the latest information from the bookmaker. You will find that promotions tend to change every couple of months and most other sites have reviews that are a bit outdated. With Oddspedia, you find the specific details of each offer as they are released to the public. You can then use these details to ensure that you qualify for the bonus and that you can claim the rewards without the hassles of missed terms and conditions. Be sure to check back through our review pages to stay informed.

Each offer will also require that certain requirements be met before you are able to claim the promotional rewards that are on offer. These requirements are bound to change and sometimes bookmakers will change the specifics of an existing offer to be even more attractive. We take a look at the details surrounding each offer and make sure that they are in line with what is mentioned on our website. Bonus offers are a great way to kickstart your wagering career, browse through our reviews to get an idea of what offer is most suitable to your betting style.


With a bonus offer, you can take advantage of the generosity of some bookmakers to increase your winnings. Promotions are not always available but there is usually a welcome offer that is available with each bookmaker. Our team of experts here at Oddspedia have taken a close look at exactly what each of them offers and put them through our world-class bonus review structure to give readers an idea of what they can expect to receive if they manage to meet the terms and conditions. Bonus offers are not crucial to succeed in sports betting but they do provide an easy way to increase any potential winnings that you have lined up.

Be sure to keep our bonus review structure in mind when you are browsing through all of the information and try to get an idea of what you are looking for. There is a large variety of bonuses on the market and understanding the usual promotions are important to determine the quality of an offer. Make sure that you understand all of the bonus types that are listed within this article and take a look at which of them are on offer with the bookmakers. This will allow you to see which of the bonuses will suit your betting style the best. Finally, use this page to find the latest information surrounding the offers out there so that you don’t miss the ideal bonus match.

    )    (       (       (      (            (       (
 ( /(    )\ )    )\ )    )\ )   )\ )         )\ )    )\ )     (
 )\())  (()/(   (()/(   (()/(  (()/(   (    (()/(   (()/(     )\
((_)\    /(_))   /(_))   /(_))  /(_))  )\    /(_))   /(_)) ((((_)(
  ((_)  (_))_   (_))_   (_))   (_))   ((_)  (_))_   (_))    )\ _ )\
 / _ \   |   \   |   \  / __|  | _ \  | __|  |   \  |_ _|   (_)_\(_)
| (_) |  | |) |  | |) | \__ \  |  _/  | _|   | |) |  | |     / _ \
 \___/   |___/   |___/  |___/  |_|    |___|  |___/  |___|   /_/ \_\