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Live NFL Scores - Week 14 NFL Schedule

Oddspedia is an essential and unique tool catering to all NFL enthusiasts in search of the best odds and betting lines available. Our platform is an extensive resource packed with everything you could want to uncover those crucial winning NFL betting lines.

Within our dedicated NFL section, you'll delve into a treasure trove of comprehensive team and player statistics. Additionally, you'll have access to schedules, results, standings, and the latest playoff picture. But it doesn't stop there; we provide up-to-the-minute NFL news, NFL predictions, and analysis from a diverse group of seasoned NFL experts.

What sets us apart is our collation of NFL odds from over 80 bookmakers. This enables us to offer you the most favorable NFL lines for live matches, upcoming events, and NFL title odds.

Oddspedia is not just a platform; it's a thriving sports betting community. Here, users can freely share their predictions, thoughts, and tips for all upcoming NFL games. Engage in conversations with fellow users about NFL odds and the latest betting lines, fostering an interactive and vibrant community.

This NFL section is your ultimate guide to secure successful NFL bets. Let's explore the exceptional features at your disposal to ensure your betting endeavors are triumphant.

NFL live scores

The NFL is one of the fastest moving sports leagues in the world. Sunday afternoons during the regular season can involve 10 games taking place simultaneously. If you’ve ever watched NFL Redzone you’ll know that a lot can happen in a very short space of time. Keeping up with everything that’s happening can be an arduous task. If you’re looking for the best NFL betting lines today, you need detailed and accurate information to hand and you need it to be updated by the second. This is another reason why Oddspedia is such an indispensable tool for NFL fans.

The Oddspedia NFL live score page is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date live scores, ensuring easy access to the latest information. In addition to box scores, our real-time updates offer a wealth of essential details and statistics.

Thanks to the user-friendly Oddspedia calendar, finding the NFL live scores you're interested in has never been easier. Our calendar allows you to select ongoing live games, preview upcoming matches, and review key statistics from recent matchups. It's a valuable tool for analyzing past games and examining upcoming matchups.

One of the significant advantages of the Oddspedia NFL live scores page is the abundance of statistical information available. For each live game, you can access comprehensive team and player statistics. This includes headline statistics like box scores and touchdown scorers, as well as detailed drive and scoring summaries. You can also find player stats for passing and rushing yards, sacks, interceptions, and more.

Given that many betting sites now offer specific markets related to individual player stats (such as total receiving yards, rushing yards, or passing yards), having this information readily available can greatly assist you in making informed decisions regarding American Football odds.

NFL stats, standings & top scorers

The NFL is statistical heaven for fans. Very few sports can compete with it in terms of the sheer depth of statistical information it provides. At Oddspedia, we know that NFL fans want a comprehensive range of statistics. Not only because it’s an important aspect of the game, but also because it helps inform decisions on NFL betting odds. 

Oddspedia’s statistics section includes:

  • Standings - Not only can you see the latest Divisional standings, but you can also view the latest playoff picture of how the postseason could potentially look. Extremely useful if you want to view potential routes to the Super Bowl and look for the best NFL title odds.
  • Team stats - Find out which franchises have the best (and worst!) home and away records, run the rule over recent form and take a look at head to head records.
  • Player stats - Every position in the NFL comes with a different selection of stats and it’s all covered on Oddspedia. For defensive players, we’ve got tackle, sack and interception statistics. Whilst on the other side of the ball, we give you the rushing and receiving stats that tell you how well an offensive player is performing. Most importantly of all, our quarterback stats include QB ratings, completion percentages and touchdown numbers. Some NFL betting sites now offer head to head player markets for individual games, with that in mind we allow you to create your own head to head comparison to help you evaluate the markets.

In short, we give you every statistic you could possibly need to make informed decisions about NFL betting lines.

NFL news 

With 32 franchises and a ton of key annual events (the NFL Draft, training camps, the NFL Combine to name but three), there’s always something to get excited about in the NFL. The last thing you want is for an important piece of NFL news to pass you by before you place your NFL betting lines for the week. 

Oddspedia’s news section aggregates the latest NFL news from all major national and local news outlets. All of the writers we collaborate with are experienced, reputable and have a vast wealth of NFL knowledge. So whether you want to get the latest injury reports, find out about the hottest Draft prospects or just read the current NFL gossip, Oddspedia is the place to be. 

And that’s not all, Oddspedia also carries the latest social media messages from players, teams and leagues. More and more NFL figures are using social media, not just to engage with fans, but also to make important career announcements. Having all of that information in one place really helps you stay on top of all that is happening around the NFL.

So if you’re looking to find winning NFL odds, make sure you visit the Oddspedia NFL news page first. It could make all the difference.

Whilst there are a huge array of NFL betting lines to choose from, there are a few that always seem to attract the most attention. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Spread betting

Whilst the NFL is unpredictable, most games usually have a favorite to win. You can place a simple money line bet on who will win the game, however many punters elect to bet on the spread for NFL matchups. This involves handicapping the favorite team by a number of points that means both teams have an equal chance of winning. For example, the Buffalo Bills are playing the New York Jets. The Bills are widely expected to win, so the moneyline has them as big favorites. However, the spread will give the Jets a points advantage, thus making the match odds about even. The best sportsbooks such as Bet365 and 888 will always offer spreads on NFL betting lines and even XFL odds and USFL odds, so naturally, Oddspedia will also give you the best available NFL odds on spread markets.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an internationally renowned sporting event held annually, drawing massive attention. Numerous fans eagerly analyze the NFL winner's odds and make their selections for the Super Bowl prior to the season's commencement. Whether you prefer one of the top contenders or a dark horse, Oddspedia provides accurate information on the most favorable NFL title odds for your preferred team.

NFL odds: Expert predictions & free tips 

We’ve all got opinions on the NFL, but being a genuine expert on the league takes years of dedication and a huge amount of research. Luckily for you, Oddspedia can do some of the hard work for you. Oddspedia’s free tips and predictions are provided by our pool of NFL tipsters, who use their vast expertise to give you the very best NFL odds tips and predictions for the NFL season. For each tipster, you’ll be able to see their track record over the course of the season to get an idea of how accurate their recent predictions have been. 

To make life even easier for you, you can filter our predictions based on date, division and even team. Whether you’re interested in predictions regarding the NFL champions odds or looking for some help in finding the best NFL for a specific game, it couldn’t be easier to find the tips you are looking for.

Oddspedia also has a superb public consensus module. This fantastic tool gives you aggregated opinions from all of our users for each NFL market, enabling you to see exactly where Oddspedia users are placing their bets. 

NFL odds: conclusion

To make a regular profit from NFL betting lines, you need to do as much research as possible. We believe that Oddspedia is the very best place to go for this research. Whether it’s NFL odds, statistics, news, analysis or predictions, Oddspedia has exactly the information you need. Our NFL Betting Guide will also improve your knowledge when it comes to NFL betting.

With the sheer volume of NFL information out there, it can be overwhelming to try and make sense of it all. That's why Oddspedia presents it all in an easily digestible format, so you can profit from NFL odds and NFL betting lines with ease.

Our site is dedicated to providing the best user-friendly experience, and we go the extra mile to ensure you can always find the best value NFL betting lines. We collate markets from over 80 reputable betting sites, so you can trust that you're getting the most out of your bets. To experience all that Oddspedia has to offer, simply check out our NFL site for yourself. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

NFL betting lines: FAQ

Is there a successful NFL odds strategy?

Not really, NFL winners odds are very unpredictable and even the heaviest favorites often lose. The best advice is to always bet with your head, not your heart. You might be a big New York Giants fan, but that doesn’t mean you should bet on them every week.

How are NFL odds calculated?

In the US, NFL betting odds are displayed in American format, with favorites indicated by a minus sign (-) and a number representing the bet amount needed to win $100. Conversely, underdogs are shown with a plus sign (+) and a number indicating the potential winnings for every $100 bet. To gain a better understanding of these odds, exploring NFL markets on Oddspedia is recommended.

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 ( /(    )\ )    )\ )    )\ )   )\ )         )\ )    )\ )     (
 )\())  (()/(   (()/(   (()/(  (()/(   (    (()/(   (()/(     )\
((_)\    /(_))   /(_))   /(_))  /(_))  )\    /(_))   /(_)) ((((_)(
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 / _ \   |   \   |   \  / __|  | _ \  | __|  |   \  |_ _|   (_)_\(_)
| (_) |  | |) |  | |) | \__ \  |  _/  | _|   | |) |  | |     / _ \
 \___/   |___/   |___/  |___/  |_|    |___|  |___/  |___|   /_/ \_\