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If you’re a fan of sports betting, then Oddspedia is the one-stop shop that you need to help you get ahead. From our sports betting community to our cutting-edge statistical reporting, sports news and odds comparison, you’ll find everything you need to get ahead of the game here at Oddspedia - and all under one roof. Explaining why Oddspedia is such an important resource for any sports fan or gambler is simplee: we offer a perfect trio of convenience, speed and quality. 

Why use Oddspedia? Convenience, speed and quality

None of the three named elements is compromised when it comes to delivering our service. That is to say, everything you’ll find here, from the live stats and score to the odds and sports news, are all accurate and up to date, despite being delivered at lightning speed. We work together with some of the world leaders in sports data technology to deliver our top-quality service.

The live sports and betting portal at Oddspedia combine to provide the perfect one-stop shop for sports fans and gamblers alike.

Oddspedia sports betting community - where sports fans come together

Want to know what makes Oddspedia more than just a comparison tool? The fact that it’s also your number one sports betting companion. What Oddspedia provides is a turnkey offering that covers pro sports and leagues the world over - from the NFL to European soccer and Australian horse racing. 

As the name might suggest, Oddspedia is an all-inclusive sport and betting encyclopedia - however, it’s also so much more than that! The live portal provides you with real-time updates regarding global sports, giving you the best tips to enhance your knowledge and further the potential of your wagers. 

Delivering sports knowledge to the world with real-time updates

Oddspedia is a site without ego that was specifically designed with you in mind - aiming to provide a wealth of knowledge that’s high in both quality and value. We’ve been doing this successfully for years now not only here in the US but for sports fans the world over. 

No matter what niches you may have, we’re confident we have the information that you’re looking for. 

If you were to ask us to summarize Oddspedia in one word, it would have to be ‘convenience’. Since the very beginning, our goal has always been to deliver the best possible information about all things surrounding sports, betting and finding the best sportsbooks.

What leagues and matches are covered at Oddspedia?

As we mentioned above, Oddspedia provides you with live coverage of sports and betting on a global scale. That’s why, in addition to live updates on all pro-American sports and leagues, you’ll also be able to find your niche here - no matter what it may be. 

Oddspedia connects sports fans from all around the world! Here you'll find information on popular North American leagues such as the NBA, NHL and MLB, along with European football events like the English Premier League and German Bundesliga. MMA-enthusiasts won't be excluded - Oddspedia covers all UFC battles, whether small or large.

Oddspedia will keep you up to date on the world leagues for major eSports games such as CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. With a wide variety of sports offered, we guarantee that our gamers will not be disappointed. We ensure you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

The benefits of keeping up to date with live scores

Here at Oddspedia, you can check everything from live and current scores to upcoming fixtures and recent past results, all under one roof. When it comes to live results, scores and in-play incidents, Oddspedia delivers lightning-speed updates that aren’t compromised when it comes to reliability.

It’s not only the scores and fixtures that we offer though - it’s the wealth of other information you can also find on the games. Want to know what time the game’s on, what channels are showing it and what time the game kicks off? You can find all of that information and more alongside our live scores and updates. And what about during and after the game? If you want to know your passing stats, free-throw conversion and scorers as they happen - you’ll find it right here. 

With over two thousand competitions covered, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Sports statistics - live scores for the NFL, NBA and more

In the modern world of sports, everyone is stats-driven - from the players to the coaches, to the TV analysts and you, the fans. The demand for up-to-date and accurate data has never been better, and it’s a tough task to deliver the amount of sharp product and detail that’s required by the modern sports stats consumer. 

Fortunately, Oddspedia is up to the task of fulfilling the ever-increasing need for more stats to be delivered in real time. We’ve partnered with the world leader in providing sports stats and data, which gives you the opportunity to dive into stats in more depth than was previously thought possible. Ultimately, this furthers your knowledge and can help to boost your bets too. 

Boost your bets with Oddspedia stats

With detailed stats to fulfil the needs of fans of any sport, our data also provides you with the details needed to determine the fine margins of each sport. Arming yourself with the knowledge required to better predict the fine margins that can affect the result of any sports game will naturally help to improve your bets.

As well as current past match and league table stats for the NBA, NFL, NHL and European soccer, you can also dip into the performance stats of specific players. With a growing data set of over 140,000 players from at least 30 different sports, you’ll be able to find the points, home runs and passing yards for almost anyone around at the moment.

Keep your finger on the pulse with Oddspedia Sports News

Tune in to what’s happening both on and off the field with Oddspedia Sports News. In addition to providing you with access to our own in-house sports news, we also feature news from literally thousands of media outlets from across the world. Here you can expect to find articles and reports from all the top news websites, magazines and newspapers based both right here in the US and everywhere else in the world. 

In addition to ‘traditional’ news stories, like match previews and reports, you’ll find modern tinges with all of the social media hype surrounding each event. All of this is brought to you in real-time, with breaking news stories coming your way as and when they happen. 

Stay in the loop and further your bets

Keeping up with all the action around your favorite sports and players is important for any sports fan. However, where sports news helps more is when it comes to increasing your chances of placing a winning wager. From key players being injured, to coaches being let go and groundskeepers using the wrong fertilizer: we’ve got the news stories both big and small that could potentially have an effect on your bets.

Delivering the sports news you want

At Oddspedia, we understand that sports fans and gamblers are all unique. That's why we are committed to providing a personalized experience. With our new customization option, you can receive alerts related to the sports, leagues, players, and sportsbooks that you're passionate about.

Sports news is important when it comes to sports betting, but do you know what else is important? Keeping up with the betting industry itself. This is no more true anywhere else than here in the US, where the gambling industry is going through a massive period of change - and largely for the better. 

Since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act back in 2018, multiple states have now legalized online sports betting in some way, shape or form. Is sports betting not yet legal where you are? Keep in check with us here at Oddspedia - if legal betting is coming your way, this is the first place you’ll find out. 

Keep up to rules where you are

Gambling is different in each US state - from the liberal laws of Nevada and New Jersey to the outright bans that still exist in a handful of states, it can be tough to keep on top of things. With the legal and industry news here at Oddspedia, we’ll help you to know exactly what can and can’t be done where you are. 

Things have slowed a little since a large number of Massachusetts sportsbooks went live in early 2023, but we’re heading into another important phase of sports betting legalization in the United States over the next few months. 

Mobile sports betting will be live in the state of Kentucky on September 28. As with every state in the US, Oddspedia has put together a wealth of information to help those in Bluegrass state. This includes in-depth analysis of the best Kentucky sportsbooks, the top sports betting apps in Kentucky and, with pre-launch offers now live, a detailed list of the best Kentucky sportsbook promos.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Kentucky and qualify for some of the fantastic welcome bonuses that are available to new customers, you can use Oddspedia’s articles on the different sportsbook offers to get the best possible deal.

We have also worked with proven experts to put together comprehensive reviews of these sportsbooks to help you learn more about what they have to offer.

It won’t be long after Kentucky sports betting goes live that another big state launches legalized sports betting. A list of sportsbooks are already preparing for a date early next year for North Carolina to welcome online sports betting. While there is still a lot of unknowns, we’ve put together some useful information on the best North Carolina sportsbooks based on which companies are expected to go live in January, 2024.

Obviously, many of you reading this will already be betting from a state where it is legal to bet on sports online. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Pennsylvania sportsbooks, Maryland sportsbooks, Michigan sportsbooks, or any other state. Oddspedia has detailed information on every aspect of sports betting throughout the United States. 

It's always worth checking in on our list of the best US betting sites and the best sportsbook promos in the US to get the most accurate information whenever you need it.

Find the best betting odds with our odds comparison

We’re often asked what makes Oddspedia the most useful tool in your arsenal as a sports fan - and the answer is pretty simple. We provide a one-stop shop with the best NFL odds, NBA odds, NHL odds, or any sports bet, at any given time. While other sites will simply direct you to the best overall site, our odds comparison can be used to find the best betting odds at any given time. 

Being able to compare the best odds in real-time means that you can place your desired bet at the best possible odds and, in turn, maximize your winnings. We use fast and accurate software to check and compare odds on all available sports, across all possible sportsbooks. Our odds comparison library literally ranges in everything from odds on American pro-sports, College football odds and College basketball odds to amateur leagues around the world.

Find the best betting odds in real-time

Think of Oddspedia as the Skyscanner of sports betting odds - a comparison tool that’s designed to be used before every bet you place. When booking a trip, you head to a comparison site and find the best price being offered by any airline at the given moment in time. You don’t just choose the same airline you used last time simply because they had the best price the first time around - so why should sports betting odds be any different?

Oddspedia provides you with the ability to shop around for the best betting odds and information with real-time updates.

Fall 2023 Events

We’re into one of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans in the United States. There is plenty of crossover throughout the four major North American sports leagues, and we’ve also got some big one-off events in the calendar to look forward to!

The NFL season is underway. The long wait for the return of the regular season has been a struggle for NFL fans. The seven months from one of the most memorable Super Bowl games ever to Week 1 of the 2024 season certainly dragged on, but football is back and that’s all that matters!

The games are in full force, and while we’ll look back at that Kansas City Chiefs win over the Philadelphia Eagles with fondness, attention has turned to who will make it to the big game come February 11, 2024. Are you following an underdog throughout the season? Think it’s a closed case on the Chiefs to repeat? Remember to always check the NFL odds on Oddspedia, check out our community NFL picks, and look for the best NFL betting sites before placing your wager.

We’ve also got the business end of the MLB season fast approaching. It’s been an action-packed regular season, but it won’t be long before we get rolling with the playoffs which will then run through to the World Series at the end of October. The latest MLB odds are always available on Oddspedia, and you can check out the MLB picks from our community to help you find an edge in the market. Remember that if you want to get the best value, you need to check out the best MLB betting sites.

There’s still much, much more to come this fall in terms of the sporting calendar. The NBA season gets going in October. Could this be the final season for LeBron James? A rookie season for the ages for Victor Wembanyama? As is always the case, excitement is building ahead of what should be another incredible NBA season. If you want to get ahead of the market, you can already look at the available NBA odds and use the NBA picks from our community to get some early wagers down. If you’re looking for a new sportsbook to start the season, look no further than our comprehensive list of the best NBA betting sites!

Lastly, the NHL is almost back and should provide us all with some fast-paced action. The NHL odds for the regular season are already posted, with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Nashville Predators getting things underway on October 10. Of course, we’ve got some great NHL picks from our community and a list of the best NHL betting sites if you need any help in finding who to bet with.

If you’re looking for excitement outside the four major North American sports leagues, don’t forget you’ve got plenty of soccer action from around the globe. The playoffs in the MLS, all the soccer odds from games across Europe, Champions League futures, and Copa Libertadores knockouts. There are hundreds of huge games taking place over the fall. Guess what? We’ve also got a list of the best soccer betting sites to help you find the right sportsbook to bet on these games as well.

Last, but not least, an event that’s been in the calendar for golf fans for the last two years. The Ryder Cup! The teams have been picked and Europe will play host to the US at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club from September 29 to October 1. Whether it’s futures, head-to-head matchups, or the wide selection of props available, you can find the right sportsbook to bet with ahead of the event by checking out our list of the best Ryder Cup betting sites.

Oddspedia - your latest must have sports app

At Oddspedia, we strive to offer the most comprehensive sports betting platform that caters to the needs of all sports fans. Started in 2013, our mission has been to develop a user-friendly product that provides all the necessary information and tools for sports betting. With our platform, we are committed to bringing you everything you need to enjoy the sports betting experience.

At Oddspedia, we recognize that each person is unique. This is why we don't believe in forcing everyone to consume the same information. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to find the content that you need. You can customize your experience with us by setting alerts for the data, numbers, and updates you're interested in. You can also follow your favorite teams and players to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Numerous sports and betting tools at your fingertips

Our platform isn’t all about bringing you sports stats and information - we also have plenty of betting tools at your disposal. Use our various betting calculators to help keep your wagers on track, or make use of our value bets, dropping odds, and other tools.

At the end of the day, Oddspedia is all about providing you with a fully-personalized experience designed to enhance your sports wagers and chances of winning. 

FAQ sports betting in the USA

Is sports betting legal in the USA?

Sports betting was legalized at federal level in the US in May 2018, with the repeal of PASPA of 1992. This only lifted the federal ban, meaning that it’s still up to individual state governments to make the final decision on legalizing sports wagering. Many states have subsequently made moves to legalise sports betting in different ways. However, sports betting still remains illegal in a number of US states.

Where can I place a bet online?

So long as you live in one of the legal US gambling states, you’ll be able to place a sports bet online and/or in person depending on the rules in your state. Part of the service that we provide here at Oddspedia is to help you to find the best online sportsbooks and gambling sites where you are. The first step is to check if online betting is legal in your state. If it is, you’ll then want to find a legitimate betting site that’s licensed to operate in your state. 

How do I read odds?

First of all, there are a few different odds formats used throughout the world, here in the US we use ‘American Odds’. American Odds consist of positive and negative numbers, and how each work is fairly simple. Positive numbers tell you how much you stand to win if you bet $100. Negative odds tell you how much you would need to stake in order to win $100.

Oddspedia - your sports betting all under one roof

Oddspedia isn’t a site you would simply visit one time in order to find the best betting apps, the best bonus offer, promo codes like the BetRivers bonus code, or a new favorite bookie and then leave again. Getting the most out of this site means invariably coming back, and personalizing your interface so that you’re constantly up-to-date with the newest stats, news and scores that matter to you. 

Keeping your finger on the pulse as a US sports fan and gambler has never been more important, especially with the betting landscape changing so often. In addition to this, the best odds (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB odds, and so on) and the sportsbooks are always going to change. So thankfully, the one constant you can rely on is that you can always find out where the best odds are to be found right here at Oddspedia.

For your sports stats and betting news, be sure to subscribe and check back in regularly with Oddspedia - and join the community!

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