Best Betting Odds 2023 - #1 Odds Comparison for US Sporstbooks

Introduction to betting odds with Oddspedia 

Unsurprisingly, ‘odds’ are very much at the forefront of our service and product offering here at Oddspedia. In this section, you’ll find everything from a direct betting odds comparison, to betting tools and beginner guides explaining how betting odds work. 

Shopping around for the best possible odds is essential for any sports fan and gambler. At Oddspedia, we pull together the odds from over 80 US online sportsbooks. As a result, you’ll be able to find the best odds in whichever legal US gambling state you might find yourself in. Better odds, means better value bets, which ultimately means more potential winnings in your pocket at the end of the day. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Sportsbook Odds

Once you’ve used our sports data and betting tools to find the bet you want to place, you can then head over to our betting odds comparison to find the best odds in real-time. We compare the best live odds on thousands of betting markets between all of the available online sportsbooks in legal US gambling states. NFL odds, NBA odds, MLS odds - you name it, we have it! 

Sports fans who are completely new to the world of online betting needn’t worry either. With our tools and guides for all levels, you’ll find betting odds explained in detail, followed by help on placing your first bet.

If you want the best betting odds - Oddspedia is your number one companion!

Compare Real-Time Sports Betting Lines with Top US Sportsbooks

Here at Oddspedia our mission, first and foremost, is to deliver a fully comprehensive betting odds comparison service that ultimately gives more value to your wagers. Our sports betting odds and lines are updated in real-time on our user-friendly platform. This means you can be confident that the highest odds we’re showing you really are best around. 

Even if you are completely new to betting, you’ll be aware that the ultimate goal is to find the best possible winnings for your predicted outcome. At Oddspedia our comparison tool searches your betting lines across all of the available sportsbooks where you are in order to come up with the best possible odds available. Our odds are updated in real-time, meaning that if the odds start shortening or drifting, you can be confident the information in front of you is up to the minute.

Betting Lines Explained

If you’re completely new to sports betting, then we would suggest you start off with our help tools to get yourself up to speed. From getting to grips with betting lines to understanding specific MLB odds or College basketball odds, for example, you can walk through the whole journey with Oddspedia. At the end of the day though, the most important thing about betting will always be the odds. That’s why our ultimate goal is to help all of our users (yes, that’s you!) find the best odds for every betting line. 

WIth Oddspedia, you can secure an edge and get ahead of the game with our betting odds comparison. 

How Does the Betting Odds Comparison Work?

The betting odds comparison tool here at Oddspedia functions in the same way any other comparison site would. The only difference is that instead of helping you to shop around for car insurance or a summer vacation, our tool helps you to find the best possible odds for the bet you want to place. 

Don’t confuse our odds comparison with a sportsbook comparison though - as there is a very big difference. Sportsbook comparisons are used less frequently to help you find a single provider. Meanwhile, our odds comparison helps you find the sportsbooks with the best real time NHL odds, College football odds, or soccer odds, for example, for every bet you want to place. 

Take Skyscanner as an example - it’s a site that you go back to every single time you book a flight. You don’t use it once to find an airline you like and then stick to it for all future flights. That’s exactly how the odds comparison works here at Oddspedia. You can use this service time and time again to find the best odds available with any possible sportsbook. 

How do Betting Odds Work?

Before using our betting odds comparison, it’s important to have an understanding of how odds actually work. Essentially, odds will provide you with the likelihood that the sportsbook has given to a particular outcome. More importantly, odds can be used to determine how much you would stand to win from your proposed wager. Ultimately, the odds are what will help you to decide if there’s any value to your bet, and if it’s worth your while. 

Odds are displayed in different formats across the globe, with fractional and decimal odds being the oldest, and most commonly used. However here in the US, American odds are by far the most common odds form used. Fractional and decimal are the more mathematical displays that will help you to assess the probability of the outcome happening. American odds on the other hand, were created specifically with gambling in mind. They are designed in such a way that you can calculate your potential winnings at a mere glance. You can find out how read and calculate American odds below.

American Betting Odds Explained

With American betting odds, there are two different types of numbers to be aware of - positive and negative numbers. 

Positive Numbers

With positive number betting odds, the number displayed tells you the amount you stand to win if you stake $100. For example, odds of +200 means that you would stand to win $200 with a $100 stake. 

Negative Numbers

Negative number odds ares shorter, and the number displayed tells you how much you would need to stake in order to win $100. For example, odds of -200 means that you would need to stake $200 in order to give yourself the chance of winning $100.

Different sportsbooks offer different odds for the same betting line - and sometimes by quite a significant margin. That’s why our betting odds comparison tool exists to help you shop around for the best possible odds for each bet.

How Oddspedia Helps You to Find the Best Odds

The betting odds comparison here at Oddspedia functions much the same as any other comparison tool that you’ll find out there today. If you’re shopping around on the internet for car insurance, you likely wouldn’t think twice about heading straight to a comparison site. Very few people would waste time scrolling manually through an endless number of individual insurance sites. 

If you want to get the best value from all of your bets, you should treat odds exactly the same. However, a common practice in the online betting world is to use a sportsbooks comparison tool, find one or two good sites then stick with them. While you’d think this is logical, it isn’t going to help you to find the best odds and value for each bet you place. That’s why you want to use our betting odds comparison as well as our sportsbooks comparison.

Get the Best Value for Each Bet You Place

With our betting odds comparison tool, we’ve integrated all of the very best sportsbooks available in legal US gambling states today. Our technology constantly scans their odds in order to display them in detail and up to the minute. 

Like any other comparison site, you can use the search function and filter system to find the exact betting line you’d want to find the odds for. Our tech will then search across all of the available sportsbooks and display the best real-time odds for your bet on the screen in front of you. You can then go onto the sportsbook site itself, sign up, deposit and place your desired bet.

The Importance of Shopping Around

Shopping around and using the betting odds comparison tool requires opening multiple sportsbook accounts. It’s understandable that some people get comfortable with one single sportsbook, however, by doing so you could be losing out on some serious value. Opening multiple accounts with legal US sportsbooks in your state and using our comparison tool will help you to further your sports betting and increase your potential winnings.

How the Oddspedia Betting Tools Can Help You Win More

We are proud of our betting odds comparison tool here at Oddspedia, but it isn’t the be all and end all of our site. In addition, we have a number of other betting tools that will help to enhance your bets, and actually, better your chances of winning. 

We have several specialized betting tools that all combine to make Oddspedia the number one betting comparison site for sports betting fans. Sure, you might know the sports you love inside out, and be able to make solid predictions, but by combining your love and knowledge of sports with our betting tools, you’re almost certain to get ahead of the game. 

You Love Sports - We Know the Industry

By bringing together your passion for sports with our tools to crack the betting industry, you’re sure to have a more exciting and rewarding betting experience. For starters, there’s our betting odds comparison, which scans all of the top US sportsbooks for the best odds. In addition, you’ll also find live updated scores, stats and sportsbook information. Oddspedia’s aggregation technology performs faster than any other comparison site and provides an up-to-date statistical database that can rival no other.

Oddspedia is essentially a toolbox that contains everything you need to get ahead in the game of sports betting. Imagine being able to shop for a car, buy insurance, fill her up and get her serviced all in one place. That’s exactly the type of service that we’re offing for your sports bets here at Oddspedia. We’re not here to simply help you find the best bookie then wave you out of the showroom - we’re taking you along for the ride!

The Oddspedia Betting Tools

Our Surebet tool shops around to help you find bets that are guaranteed to win, by using a mathematical formula to sure a winning bet no matter what the outcome. Our Dropping Odds tool follows trends to help you find better value from the sportsbooks that have been slow to adapt. Our Value Bets tool can be used to find bets where the real life probability of the outcome isn't reflected in the odds being offered.

The Range of Sports and Betting Markets at Oddspedia

Here at Oddspedia, we cover a massive range of sports and betting markets from across the globe. As well as pro American and college sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, you’ll also find European soccer and more. If you’re looking for niche team sports from across the globe, then you can check out our markets on rugby and Aussie rules football. 

If combat sports are more your thing, we’ve got betting markets on boxing competitions - big and small. Additionally, you’ll also find UFC and other MMA competitions. Fans of other individual sports aren’t going to be left out either, as you’ll find coverage of all major tennis competitions. Want to go even more niche? Then check out our betting markets on chess, badminton, and curling. 

Fans of gaming aren’t to be left out either, as we have a range of esports betting markets and games covered. Included in these are some of the major titles including League of Legends, Dota 2, and CSGO. 

What Types of Bet Can You Place

You can use our betting odds comparison on a massive range of betting markets and types. From straightforward win markets to winning margins, Asian handicaps, and more - you’ll find it all here. When it comes to football, you can find money lines, point spreads, parlays, and more. For combat sports, you can pick your winner, go for round betting or select the win type. In addition to all of that, you’ll also find more specific and niche betting types. 

When it comes to European soccer, some of the most popular markets include both teams to score, double chance and first goal scorer. If you’re really keeping up with things in real-time, then you can use our betting odds comparison for live and in-play betting markets.

Sportsbooks Comparisons with Oddspedia

As part of the betting odds comparison service at Oddspedia, we also look to help you find out about the sportsbooks offering the odds. Once you’ve found the best odds using our comparison service, you can then make use of our sportsbooks reviews to find out about where you’ll be placing your bets. 

We review and grade all of the sportsbooks available on our site based on a number of grades and criteria. This includes the deposit and withdrawal conditions, how quickly they settle your bets and how fast your winnings are paid out. In addition to that, we’ll also check out the bonuses, rewards and welcome packages available with the sportsbooks. We use a high level of in-depth research, conducted by experts. This helps to ensure that the information we bring to you is 100% accurate and up to date.

Finding Licensed Operators Where You Are

Online sports betting isn’t legal in all US states, and not all sportsbooks are licensed to operate in every legal gambling state. All of the sportsbooks listed at oddspedia are 100% legal and verified in at least one US state. This means that our comparison will only direct you toward legitimate and legal sites that are licensed in your state. See our full list of legal US sportsbooks for more details. 

In New Jersey, for example, all of the sportsbooks listed on Oddspedia will have a valid license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. All of the PA sportsbooks found here have an in-date license granted by the PGCB. 

At the end of the day, so long as online betting is legal in your state, you’ll find legal sportsbooks you can bet with. If you’re unsure about the legal gambling situation where you are, then check out our legal gambling news.

Looking for mobile betting options? Find the best betting apps available in your state. 

Keeping up with Our Betting Odds Comparison

The main thing to remember about our odds comparison tool is that it’s something you can always come back to and use again and again. No matter what sports betting lines you’re after, you’ll always find the best odds for your bets here at Oddspedia. 

In addition to the odds, we always recommend using the rest of our tools on offer to help increase the chances of creating winning betting lines. As well as all of the comparisons and tools mentioned on this page, you’ll also find the latest sports betting news to help you keep up to date with the goings on. On top of that, we also recommend following our legal gambling news, so you can keep up to date with the changes in online betting law where you are. 

Our goal at Oddspedia is always to provide you with the best quality experience as well as a sports betting community. 

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