BTTS Explained: Both Teams To Score Guide and Tips Cover

BTTS Explained: Both Teams To Score Guide and Tips

by Oddspedia Experts
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When you pick the BTTS market, you are staking on whether both teams will score during a match. BTTS market may lower risks, especially where both teams have an equal chance of winning the game. This article provides a few tips for betting on the market and various strategies to increase your chances of winning.
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What Is Both Teams to Score?

BTTS is a short form for 'both teams to score'. It means that each team will score at least once during the game. The market is settled at the end of the game. Any game that ends at 1-1 or higher is a win for this market. There are three outcomes in this bet: both teams score, either of the team scores or none of the team scores. Only the first option applies in BTTS betting. If you wish to bet on the opposite, you can bet on the No Goal option, which covers outcomes one or both teams would not score.

It means that each team will score at least once in the course of the game. Any game that ends at 1-1 or higher is a win for this market.

BTTS Betting on Football Explained

BTTS is a popular market among football fans. Most of the time, the bookmaker offers a heading called 'Both Teams to Score' and gives you a choice of 'No' and 'Yes.' If you select yes, you bet on both teams to score, while a no means that one or both may not score. There may be other markets under the title. The number of goals is irrelevant in this market as long as each team scores at least once. Theoretically, betting on a 'yes' or 'no' increases your chances of winning from 33.3% to 50%. It eliminates a third option (usually a draw) from the market.

Other Sports for Both Teams to Score

The BTTS market is almost exclusive to the football market. This is because other ball sports, such as basketball and baseball, use points to grade their matches. Besides, it is hard for the opponents in these matches not to score a hit in the entire game. Therefore, if you wish to place a bet on this market, you have to look for a suitable football game on which to stake.

Types of BTTS Bets

BTTS Yes or No

This market is probably the easiest to bet on in football. You only need to determine whether both teams would score and choose the most appropriate option. This market does not take into account the winner of the game. As long as you get a score from each side, you win the bet. The market is ideal in cases where both teams have near equal strength or are under high pressure to take full points. While odds vary, if teams have near strength on the field, the odds values on either yes or no are usually almost equal.

Yes Icon
Bet ON both teams scoring
No Icon
Bet AGAINST both teams scoring

BTTS + Win

A BTTS+win market is an improvement of the BTTS market that allows players to predict the winner of the game where both teams would score. In the market, you agree that both teams will score and then choose the side to win. The odds for the market are considerably higher than that of the general BTTS market. However, the risk is also heightened as you may pick the wrong winner for the game, especially when both teams have similar strengths.

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

'Both Teams to Score in Both Halves' further improves the market by predicting if both teams would score on each half of the game. For you to win the bet, each team has to score at least once in each half of the match. The winner of the game is not relevant in this case. This market is ideal for most derby games or high-score matches where each team scores more than two goals. Even if there is an increased risk involved, the odds are also higher than in the rest of the markets discussed above.

Both Teams to Score Over/Under

In this market, you predict that each team will score in the match and the number of goals to be scored. It is a combination of the BTTS marker and over/under market. For example, you may predict both teams will score, but the total goals in the match will be over 2.5, under 3.5, or over 4.5. The defining factor is the number of goals you predict for the game. Top betting sites divide the levels into over and under sections from 2.5 goals. Odds may vary based on the odds of each team scoring several times.

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BTTS Tips - Beginner and Advanced BTTS Strategies to Consider

When betting on any market, it is good to find out what teams have a high chance of hitting the said event. In BTTS, certain factors show that both teams are likely to score in the game. Below is a list of some strategies you can use to pinpoint games where each team is expected to score. Additions such as knowing the winner and over/under scores may require additional strategies not on this list.

Teams Who Have Good BTTS Record

Some teams have an excellent BTTS record across various leagues and games. Their scores always end up with something like 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, and 3-2. These are good candidates for the BTTS market.

It is recommended that you look at the past league games or games in other seasons and see the teams' performance. If they do not have significant changes in the form, such as a streak of injuries or low morale, there is a high chance they will still score many goals in their upcoming match. You may also use this strategy to determine what games to bet in the over and under market and the best over/under level to pick.

Two Poor Defensive Teams

The strength of the defence is key to preventing the opponent from scoring. Teams with poor defence are likely to concede goals even if they are considerably stronger than the opponent.

You can tell if a team has poor defence by the number of goals it has conceded in recent games. You may also check if there is a problem with the defence, such as an injury to a significant defender or a frosty relationship with the coach, which would cause them to miss or cause them to play poorly in the game. If you are lucky to get two teams with poor defence, you have a high chance of winning the bet.

High Scoring Leagues

There are leagues known for their high number of goals per game. Here, you have a high chance of predicting that a match will end up with a score for each side. Most such leagues are women's and youth leagues and teams at the blink of relegation.

Some examples of such high-scoring leagues include the Ligaen U17 in Denmark, Australia's NPL Youth Queensland, and the Brisbane Premier League. England's Premier League U18 and Oberliga Bremen from Germany also record an average of four or more goals per match. After taking a high-scoring league, you can zero down to specific teams that tend to score many goals per match.

Consider the Key Factors

Other factors may cause teams to work harder to beat a stronger opponent, apart from being predisposed to score against each other in a competition. In most cases, these factors appear where either side or both sides are jostling for more points on the table, and the match at hand is vital to meeting that goal. Other times, one or both teams are under pressure to perform. They show performance by scoring more goals and against each other. This section expounds on a few of such factors and ways to identify them when analysing teams.

Both Teams Need a Win

Where both teams desperately need a win, the game will likely end up with several goals. Teams may need goals if they are in the blink of relegation. In this case, they hunt the three points with all their energies. If a team is tied to another in the same position on the league table, it may seek to score more goals and break the tie. Besides, teams with a losing streak for some time are also likely to be under pressure to score more goals.

One Team Setting Up For a Draw

One of the teams may also be set up for a draw. This may happen when a team cannot beat the opponent but sees a draw as likely to put it in a favourable position. You are likely to find teams setting up for a draw in group stages as they try to stop opponents from commencing to the next stage of the league.

Derby Games

Derby matches are games between local rivals. Here is an example: a match between Manchester United and Arsenal. These matches are usually highly competitive and end up with many goals from each side. Local matches have a special place in the minds of fans and players and give the winning team some bragging rights. However, it is good to check the form of each team and recent matches and determine if BTTS is the best market for the game.

Compare Available Odds - Get the Best Odds on Both Teams to Score

Once you have selected the team to bet on, it is time to look for the bookmaker with the best odds or an available betting bonus for the market. Bookmakers use different variables when determining odds for each market. Therefore, you will likely find disparities in odds offered by other bookmakers. Make some comparisons and pick the best odds to increase your winnings. There are online tools that may help you make a quick comparison.

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BTTS market is a popular market in football betting for a good reason. It has a higher chance of a win than winner markets, and it is easy to understand. BTTS market also has better payouts than most betting markets with a lower risk. However, to stand a chance of winning a bet on BTTS, you need to analyse the teams properly so that you are sure each has a good chance of scoring. If you have a higher risk appetite, you can increase your potential wins by combining the BTTS market with over/under and win markets. Some bookmakers may allow you to make custom bets, such as both teams not scoring or BTTS+draw.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • Simple & Fun;
  • Research friendly;
  • Good for Accas;
  • High margins (4-6% bookie edge);
  • No Big wins on single bets;

BTTS FAQ: You asked, and Oddspedia Answered

Do extra-time goals count in BTTS bets?

No. Extra-time goals do not count in BTTS bets unless there is a special market offered by the bookmaker which allows it. Bookmakers usually settle bets based on full-time goals. Full-time, in this case, means the 90 minutes of play and the stoppage time. Penalties outside this timeframe also do not count when settling the BTTS bet. If you follow the game online, check full-time goals before contacting the bookmaker if you have queries on the settlement.

🏆 Do own goals count towards BTTS?

As long as the goal is credited to one of the teams, it counts towards settling BTTS bets. This includes cases where a team has scored an own goal. Own goals are allowed in football. However, if the referee disallowed an own goal for any reason, it does not count towards settling the bet.

💶 Does both teams to score market include penalties?

Any scores made during the football game's regular playtime count towards settling the bet. Therefore, penalties that were scored within full-time and stoppage time of the game count when settling the bet. This is because they are part of the general score of the game. However, any penalties scored during the extra time or the final penalty shootouts do not count towards settling the BTTS bet.

💳 Can I bet on BTTS In-Play?

Yes. You can bet BTTS in live games. Most bookmakers offer the market in the live betting section. Like other markets, BTTS odds keep increasing, depending on the teams' performance in the field and other variables. The market may become unavailable when both teams score or one has already scored, and the other is on the verge of scoring.

🤔 Can I bet on BTTS 'No'?

Yes. You can bet BTTS "No". If you pick 'no', you mean that both teams or one of the teams will not score. The No bet is a good choice where a strong team meets a weak opponent. It also applies where one or both teams have solid defences, and the chances of both scoring the game are low. The no-bet usually has better odds than winner markets if teams have considerable differences in form.

Where can I find tips for BTTS?

You can find BTTS tips from different corners of the internet. First, you may check game analysis sites such as Oddspedia and Sofascore. There are also tens of sites that offer tips, including BTTS tips. You may also check the history section and stats page of your bookmaker for information on past performance. However, before betting using these tips, do your research and analysis.

🏆 How do I pick a good Both Teams to Score bet?

You may use a few factors in determining the best games to bet on the BTTS market. First, pick teams with a history of BTTS in their past meetings. You may also bet on high-scoring leagues, especially the Under 18 and women's football matches. In addition, you may go for teams that need goals, are likely to be relegated, or are setting up for a draw.

💶 Can I bet on Both Teams not to score?

You can bet on both teams not to score, just as you would predict that both would score. However, this market is not available across bookmakers. You would typically find the market in bookmakers that allow players to create their custom bets. The market is challenging to predict but may come with very high odds. Therefore, if you can predict it right, you will likely get a good profit.

💳 Which is the best bookmaker for BTTS?

It is hard to determine which bookmaker is the best for BTTS as odds change with the game and other variables. Therefore, a bookmaker may have high odds on a BTTS market for a given game and not the other. It is good to compare odds among bookmakers and pick the one with the best odds for the game in question. Additionally, go for any promotions that cover the BTTS market to increase your wins.

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Last updated 31/10/2023
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