National Football League - NFL Live Scores, Odds & Results is your one-stop shop for all the information on the National Football League (NFL). On the platform, you can follow all the fixtures, view the league table and get results of past matches. Besides, it offers team and player statistics to help you make an informed selection for your bets. You can also use the odds comparison tool to get suggestions of the sportsbooks' highest or best odds on any market in the available games. The large betting community on the platform shares predictions with fellow members, while the platform rates each contributor to help in making a choice. In addition, there is regular news on events surrounding the game whether in or out of the arena. 

NFL Schedule -

When you are not in a position to watch all the league matches, Oddspedia offers you updated NFL scores for games today. You can view the scores of the American football matches played yesterday, or the livescores of the ongoing NFL matches today. Besides, if you wish to review the NFL results for any other matches that took place in the past, you may use the calendar on the top right of the page. To access matches on a specific day, click the date on the NFL calendar. The site provides a list of games that took place on that day from which you can explore events that occurred in individual matches.

On the other hand, this website provides you will an NFL schedule of games taking place in the next five days. The schedule has seven tabs that start from yesterday up to the fifth day from today. You can view the NFL's upcoming games each day by clicking the corresponding tab. Each tab contains the NFL fixtures starting time, the name of the teams and the markets available for the game. You may use it to determine when your favourite team will be getting to the field or plan your betting. The number of games may differ. However, you expect at least five games a day at the pre-seasons and group stages with the number going down to about one towards the finals.

Live Scores Today - 11 August

On the live scores section, this platform updates the scores in real-time. Whatever you see on the page is the recent information from the field. In addition to the livescores, the page updates other events such as the top goals scorers, any interruption during the play, best scorers and any substitutions.

Also, our users can access links to live streams of the NFL Games at reputable bookmakers.

Stats, Standings and Points Leaders

When betting on NFL matches, it is important that you make a comprehensive analysis of the teams playing against each other. Past data and current form may give you some insights on the likely performance when the team plays next. provides accurate, updated NFL stats for all teams that play in any league season. It collects this data as the league continues and arranges them in a format that is easy to explore. Some of the data you find on the page include the player and team data where you find the NFL top point scorers in the league, players that make the most assists, overall team form, and details of any injuries. also put a league table on the website. Here you can follow different teams as they move up and down the table. The table has information on the number of games played, points earned, and the number of games won and lost. Punters can use this data to compare the team performance of two sides that are about to play. Where the league is ongoing, the website updates NFL betting data in real-time as events unfold.

The site gets even better. It offers you information about the general performance of teams throughout the seasons. You get to know the team that has the longest streaks whether winning or losing in the season and their movement throughout the ranks. Where you need data to compare two teams that are about to play, Oddspedia provides a head-to-head feature that pits one against the other in the last few matches. The information provided includes the goals of each team and whether it played home or away. All this data helps you ascertain the NFL league performance of multiple teams and provides metrics to help determine how they will face the opponent in their scheduled games.  

Betting with the Best Odds

Bookmakers are not equal. You will find discrepancies in the value of NFL odds from one bookmaker to another. The trick is to get a sportsbook that offers the highest odds for your selection. Oddspedia comes to your rescue by showing operators advertising the highest odds for any selection. The site has incorporated over 263 respectable betting platforms that support more than 100 betting markets. Therefore, when you want a website that works in your country and has awesome odds, look for it here. 

Going for the highest odds helps you make extra cash from your betting as you increase your potential win without increasing the stake. Therefore, before making the next bet, consider visiting the site to see if your bookmaker has odds of the same value as those posted on the platform. If they do not match, you may pick one of the websites with some good odds, sign up and make money from your bets.

Odds Comparison

Your journey to getting the highest odds to bet with could get rough if you were to check websites manually. Fortunately, with NFL odds comparison feature on, you can select an operator with handsome odds at a click of a button. This tool checks all the affiliated bookmakers for odds on various markets. Then, it picks the site with the best odds in each market. You will also get a list of other sites with considerably high odds on the same market.

This feature is available on both the live betting and pre-match section. Head to any of the sections and see the suggested sportsbooks for each market. You will find that odds keep changing in both sections. However, the feature runs in the background to compare new odds across sites as soon as they change. Therefore, what you find on the site is similar to odds on respective platforms. If you decide to bet with any of the sites, just click the bookmaker’s icon and the platform will direct you to the bookmaker’s site. You may then join the site and take advantage of the high odds to increase your wins.

There are hundreds of NFL betting sites across the internet. However, some are not reliable operators and do not give quality services. A number may also not work in your jurisdiction. When looking for betting sites, first check if they cover your country of residence. Where betting locally is restricted, pick offshore bookmakers with payment options available in your country.

In addition, look for NFL promotions or welcome bonuses for use in betting on the league. You may use the Oddspedia betting comparison feature to pick one of the recommended betting sites for your selections. The site shows some of the bonuses available to selected bookmakers. It also helps you find platforms with the best odds for different markets. If you are like many punters who go for the winner markets, pick a website with the best NFL outrights odds for your selection. You will normally find them listed in a drop-down list below the winner market. 

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Gridiron News

Whether you follow the league for the love of the game or for betting, it is good to know when new events come up. Oddspedia strives to offer up-to-date NFL news as soon as events unfold. To this end, it has joined hands with some leading sports reporting platforms. The syndicated news is posted on the site directly from these providers.

Visit the site for the latest NFL updates on boardroom decisions, wrangles, press conferences, sponsorship deals and any other news that is relevant to the league. Besides, the site posts rumour surrounding teams, transfers from the NCAA league, players and league management to give you inside news before it gets to the public domain.

On the other hand, Oddspedia follows teams and players on their online platforms with a view of knowing what is going on in their private and career lives. You will get the NFL social media news on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of players, leagues or teams. New NFL headlines are added now and then. However, you can also read news of past events leading up to the most recent developments. The site arranges the articles such that the new pieces are at the top for easy access.

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