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The popularity of American football is undeniable, and it is one of the biggest North American sports. Our site offers American Football odds comparison for various bookmakers, line ups, and events statistics. Fans can also follow up on the results to find out the American Football live scores. All this information is available on in real-time.

As the name suggests, the sport was created in the United States of America as a combination of rugby and soccer. Also known as gridiron, the rules of the game continue to evolve and change with each passing year. At the top of the ladder of American Football competitions sits the NFL, which has fans from all nations. Its a highly cherished event, and its annual championship game called Super Bowl is broadcast all around the world. The gritty nature of the sport, even though less violent than Rugby, brings some of the best athletes in all of the sports. It’s a showcase of physical prowess, with competitors demonstrating superhuman strength and agility. But American Football isn’t just a game of brawn - there is also a heavy focus on tactics and strategic approach to each game, right down to the play. It’s really no surprise why the game attracts so many fans and is constantly growing in popularity.      

So, what makes American Football feel different and unique? American Football evolved from rugby, but to a point where similarities are scarce. Yes, the goal is still to outscore the opponent by points, but there are also a variety of changes. For example:  

  • There are 11 players, instead of 15.
  • It’s a start-stop instead of continuous play.
  • Players with possession of the ball are blocked, not impeded.
  • There can only be one offensive pass to bring the ball forward, hence why it’s a game of tactical sets and strategic play.
  • American Football requires its players to use protective equipment, from helmets and gloves to various paddings and armored clothing around the body.  

The NFL Super Bowl  

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle event in American Football and is followed by fans all around the world. Its 2020 edition was watched by more than 100 million viewers in the United States alone and saw the Kansas City Chiefs emerge victorious against the San Francisco 49ers in an epic comeback win. In total it was broadcast in over 200 countries and estimated viewers account to one billion. The widespread popularity of the Super Bowl propels other countries to establish competitive football leagues of their own.  

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American football games, both upcoming or finished, can be found on this page. Oddspedia covers American football competitions from different countries such as the XFL in USA, Finland’s Vaahteraliiga, Austria’s AAF or Canadas CFL. Of course, detailed live scores and full season results are available for the NFL and NCAA as well. Use the calendar on this page to navigate through the matches for a desired date. If you want to see yesterday’s American football results, just click on the previous date. Or if you wish to see tomorrow’s games you can do the same with the first date on the right.

Oddspedia provides a fast American football livescore service. Stay in the game with real-time score changes and game updates. You can also find all NFL matches with live streaming, With live results from more than 20 competitions, you won’t miss any of the action if you stick with us! For any ongoing events, we provide American football livescore details and match statistics such as quarter scores, goal and touchdown notifications, penalties, passing yards and point by point timeline. Make sure to add interesting games to “my matches list” to be able to receive alert notifications with the latest updates. If you are interested only in the NFL scorecards, you can also visit the league page and add it to your favourites. By doing this, you will be able to keep up with all the NFL results happening today, get NFL live results for all NFL Team fixtures, and it works for any other league too. One can quickly choose specific league live scores from the “Competitions” button above the table.  Anyone who loves American Football betting can get all statistical information on the sport from all American Football fixtures or schedules, on

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