System Bets Explained: System Betting Guide And Tips Cover

System Bets Explained: System Betting Guide And Tips

by Oddspedia Experts
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System betting is one of the most impressive gambling strategies suitable for players who love placing accumulator bets. The approach minimises the sports betting risk while increasing your chances of making profits at a sportsbook. This read will explain system bets in-depth and even describe some of the most popular types offered by sportsbooks.
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System Bets Explained

If you are new to the online betting scene, you should know that a system bet is a form of gambling where you bet on a combination of events. This betting system is slightly similar to accumulator betting with one significant disparity. Unlike accumulator betting, you don't need all your sports bets to be correct to make a profit. Instead, you just need a few combinations to pan out to earn some money.

With system bets, you are allowed to make a wrong prediction and still bank on some profit.

With this in mind, a system bet is less risky and has a high chance of returning profit. This explains why this online betting strategy has been popular for the past few years. However, before considering system betting, know that sometimes the profit can be less depending on the qualifying bets.

Difference Between a Normal Bet and A System Bet

With the system bet explained conclusively, you can easily differentiate a normal bet from a system bet. If you can't, a normal bet entails adding individual selections on a bet slip whereby each bet has to be correct for you to win. On the other hand, a system bet involves adding numerous selections on a system bet slip, but only a few selections have to win to return a profit.

When to Use a System Bet

System bets are known to be popular when betting on risky events. In such a case, you only need a few selections to qualify for you to register a profit. It is also one of the best gambling strategies whenever you want to spread the risk and minimise the chances of losing your wager. That explains why it is recommended for both novice players and experts.

Where Can I Play Betting Systems?

You can place system bets on any top sportsbook. Your only task is to make sure the bookie has the best sports betting coverage. Furthermore, you need to confirm the sportsbook's odds. The higher the odds, the higher the chances of a substantial profit, even with a few correct selections.

Placing a System Bet: Step-By-Step Guide

Placing a system bet is an easy task since all you need to do is to load the sports betting site on your computer and follow these steps.

You should know that there are various system bets offered by betting sites worldwide. The kind of system bet you choose depends on your preference. This part will describe all the main system bets offered by sportsbooks for better understanding. Therefore, carefully go through every description to know your options.


Trixie is a system bet containing four bets - a treble and three doubles. To place a Trixie system bet, you need three events. This is one of the easiest system bets since it only contains a few selections. To win, you need 3 out of 3 of your bets to be correct or 2 out of 3.


If you are from the United States, you know something about a Yankee bet since this type of system bet was conceived in the country. The betting system requires 11 combinations sourced from four different matches. A Yankee combination should entail 6 doubles and 4 trebles with an accumulator comprising four events. To profit from a Yankee, you need your combination to be 4 out of 4, 3 out of 4, or 2 out of 4.


A Canadian system bet or a super Yankee requires you to pick five events and come up with 26 bets. To achieve this system, you need to place 10 doubles and 10 trebles. You also require 5 accumulators containing four selections and a single accumulator with 5 selections. To be your bet winning, you need a combination where 5 of 5, 4 of 5, 3 of 5, and 2 of 5 bets are accurate.


Heinz is a complex accumulator bet that requires you to place 57 bets from six matches. The system usually comprises 10 doubles, 20 trebles, 6 five-folds, 15-four folds, and a single six-fold accumulator. To profit from this bet, you need a combination where 6 out of 6, 5 out of 6, 4 out of 6, 3 out of 6, and 2 out of 6 bets are correct.

Super Heinz

Super Heinz system bet contains 120 betting options across seven different matches. To place a Super Heinz bet you need the following combination - 35 trebles, 35 four-fold accumulators, 21 doubles, 1 seven-fold accumulator, 7 six-fold accumulators, and 21 five-fold accumulators on the bet slip. To profit, you need 6 out of 7, 5 out of 7, 4 out of 7, 3 out of 7, 2 out of 7 bets to pan out.


Goliath is one of the longest system bets that require you to place 247 bets across eight different events. However, it is only suitable for high rollers since every line requires a stake. To profit from a Goliath, you need 8 out of 8, 7 out of 8, 6 out of 8, 5 out of 8, 4 out of 8, 3 out of 8, 2 out of 8 bets to be correct.

Example of A System Bet

Since you know how system bets work, go through this example to understand them on different sports betting providers. First, if you wish to place a Trixie bet, select your desired matches, for instance:

  • Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace (Crystal Palace win)
  • Manchester City vs Manchester United (Manchester United win)
  • Leeds United vs Burnley (Burnley win)

Decide which bets you wish to place by analysing the odds and doing your research. You may opt for the following combination.

  • Bet 1: Crystal Palace Win (2.2) and Manchester United Win (2.3)
  • Bet 2: Crystal Palace Win (2.2) and Burnley Win (1.8)
  • Bet 3: Manchester United Win (2.3) and Burnley Win (1.8)

After the matches are complete and Crystal Palace and Manchester United Win but Burnley lose, your bet slip will look as follows.

  • Bet 1: Crystal Palace Win (2.2) and Manchester United Win (2.3) Won
  • Bet 2: Crystal Palace Win (2.2) and Burnley Win (1.8) Lost
  • Bet 3: Manchester United Win (2.3) and Burnley Win (1.8) Lost

If your wager is £10, the total stake will be £30. On the other hand, your cumulative earnings will be (£10 x 2.2 x 2.3), resulting in £50.6 winnings. This means your profit will be £50.6 - £30.00, which is £20.6. Remember, you can always use a system bet calculator to determine your earnings.

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Tips & Tricks when Using System Bets

Placing system bets is not a difficult task, but still, you need some tips and tricks for the best possible outcome. Below is a detailed list of ideas that you should use when placing system bets. The tips will help you place multiple accurate bets and increase your chances of enjoying a substantial payout.

Select the Appropriate Betting System

Always make sure you choose the appropriate betting system when placing system bets. Since you know how system bets work, ensure you opt for the less challenging option. For instance, if you are an amateur player, you should consider a Trixie bet or a Patent bet since they are easy to comprehend.

Detailed Betting Analysis for Each Selection of The System Bet

You must make sure you do extensive research on each event to increase your chances of placing winning bets. To prove the advantage of doing research, take a Yankee bet. You need 2 out of 4 bets to be correct to end up with a profit. However, you may have 4 out of 4 bets correct with adequate research, thus increasing your winnings significantly.

Betting Odds Should Always Be Attractive for Good Leverage

System bets don't work well with low odds like many betting systems, whether you are using free bets paid as bet credits stake provided by the operator or you wager real money. You are guaranteed to make a substantial profit with high odds if some of your selections are correct. You can always use system bet calculators online to determine your earnings after qualifying bet settlement.

Only Bet on Sports You Know Well

You should make sure that you only bet on sports you understand best. Therefore, if a sportsbook does not offer your desirable sport, check other system bet sites. Punting on sports you best understand will make bet research easy, and that is what you want to place likely bets on.

Select Bet Types You Know

Since the number of bets in a system bet is multiple, consider selecting the bet types you best understand. This will ease the steps of placing bets. It will also make research easy. After all, you cannot research what you don't know.

Look for “Safe” Bets (Banks) and Value Bets

The fact that system bets minimise the risk of losing your wager does not mean you should only consider riskier bets when gambling. Try safe bets and value bets whether you are using bet credit stake or real money stake.

Add Risk and Underdog Bets

This trick works well if you are using free bet stakes. On your bet slip, try and add riskier selections and underdog bets. After all, a free bet wager can be won without even using your own funds. That is unlike the case of real money bets. Also, risky bets like underdogs usually hold high odds.

Keep an Eye on The Cash-Out Function

Cash-out is vital when placing free bet stakes or real money stakes on your system bet. With the betting option, you can avoid making last-minute losses. After all, you just need to cash out your bet when the odds are right and enjoy your earnings.

Betting Odds Should Always Be Attractive for Good Leverage

System bets do not work well with low odds like many betting systems, whether you are using free bets paid as bet credits stake provided by the operator or you wager real money. You are guaranteed to make a substantial profit with high odds if some of your selections are correct. You can always use system bet calculators online to determine your earnings after qualifying bet settlement.

System bets are a gambling strategy suitable for different sports. For instance, you can use system bets to place tennis, golf, table tennis, and basketball bets. Furthermore, system bets are suitable when betting on handball and cricket. However, the betting system has been popular among football bettors. That is because it does not limit players to the kind of bets they can place. It is also simple to apply, therefore accommodating. Make sure you choose the right betting site to enjoy the most of the betting strategy.


System betting is one of the easiest betting strategies with a high winning percentage. A system bet is available in different formats to accommodate distinct clients. Moreover, it does not require analytical skills, and if the odds are significant, you will likely enjoy an amazing payout. As stated in this reading, the betting strategy spreads the risk to multiple bets, so you end up earning a profit with only a few correct bets. If you have gone through this piece in its entirety, you should know what a system bet is and some of the tips you can use for the best outcome.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • Applicable regardless of the sport.;
  • Suitable with real cash wager and bet credits.;
  • Can be used to place multiple bets.;
  • It is less risky.;
  • You need only two correct predictions for a return.;
  • Not recommended for new bettors.;
  • Requires a significant wager.;

System Betting FAQ

What Are System Bets?

System bets are a form of gambling where you place multiple bets using a specific system. Each bet is independent of the outcome; therefore, so long as two or more events are correct, you earn a profit regardless of the results of the other bets.

🏆 How Does a System Bet Work?

When placing a system bet, you need to add several selections on the bet slip and wager an equal amount on each selection. If only two bets are accurate, you get a profit.

💶 Can I Put Different Sports in A System Bet?

Yes, you can put different sports in a system. So far, system bets do not limit you to the number of sports you can punt on.

💳 How Can a System Calculator Help?

A system bet calculator is useful when placing multiple bets, such as a goliath bet. It will ease the process of finding your expected outcome.

🤔 Which System Bets Are Played by Betting Professionals?

Professionals always add more betting options on their bet slips. Therefore, their system bets usually include Heinz, Super Heinz, and Alphabet Bets, among other top system bet formats.

Do System Bets Guarantee a Profit?

No, system bets don't guarantee a profit. However, unlike other system bets, it can help spread risk and increase your chances of making a profit in the long run.

🏆 Which Bet Types Should I Use for My System Bet?

A system bet can be used with multiple bet types. However, the most common betting options you can include in system bets are Moneyline or Win bet types.

💶 How Many Risk Bets Should I Put in My System Bet?

When placing system bets, you can put at least two risk bets with high odds. One of the best risk bets is the underdog. You can vary the number of risk bets depending on the system bets you're using.

💳 Which Sports Are Best Suited for A System Bet?

System bets can work well with numerous sports. However, the sports best suited for system bets include football, tennis, basketball and horse racing. You can also use a system bet when placing ice hockey bets.

🤔 How Much Stake Do I Have to Budget for A System Bet?

How much stake you need to budget for system bets depends on the system you plan to use. But overall, system bets usually require a significant wager.
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Last updated 05/04/2023
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