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Oddspedia is the place where you can get the most comprehensive information and live information and statistics even when you can't watch a match live. In simple words, all Handball fans will have a lot of fun with Oddspedia!

Handball Live scores & Results

Day in and day out you can enjoy the most comprehensive handball coverage. Simply click on Handball in the list of sports and then choose from the most popular handball games of the day, always with the most relevant to your location at the top (e.g. Handball Bundesliga games in Germany are shown at the top). Of course, not only all live and pre-match data is provided for the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, but also for the other European leagues such as the French Division 1, Spanish Asobal, Polish Superliga, Hungarian NB1 and Danish leagues, and of course for the European handball competitions and international tournaments such as the Handball WM and the Handball EM.

The live scores are always updated in real-time on Oddspedia, with goal scorers, time-outs and cards, time-offs, substitutions and other events displayed within seconds. Stay up to date by activating notifications and selecting your favourite teams and leagues. You can customize your notifications to suit your preferences and be notified when the start time changes when you want to be reminded of a match, or when you want to receive a kick-off and live score notifications. Although most betting sites also provide a live ticker, Oddspedias information on handball games is unrivalled. Just convince yourself by trying out our platform - we are sure you won't want to miss it anymore!

How do I find the latest Handball results?

Handball results from yesterday or a specific date can be found via the calendar navigation. Use this search option to get the handball results of over 5.000 teams from over 400 leagues including special events such as the Summer Olympics. The results of past seasons are also archived so that you can see the results of the 2015/2016 season in addition to the latest results of, for example, the Handball Bundesliga 2020/2021.

You can find the live ticker for todays matches under the tabs "Today" and "Schedules". It includes all matches of the current day as well as the fixtures of all supported leagues with their respective starting times. If you would like to follow the games currently running in the Live Ticker, simply click on the "Live" tab, which can be found to the right of the "Schedules" tab. For the results of the previous day just select "Yesterday" instead of "Today" in the menu above.

The live handball results can be found in the match list at the top of the Handball section of Oddspedia. In today's Handball Live Results you will find all matches. A separate live ticker is available for each match.

When are the Handball schedules released?

Depending on the competition the match schedules are published at different times. Most leagues have fixed dates when the match schedules for all matches are announced. With the exception of a few matchdays, the Handball Bundesliga match schedule is announced before the start of the season for the entire season. The match dates of the Champions League are also announced at the beginning of the season. However, there are still draw dates at later points in time to determine the teams that will play against each other. On Oddspedia you can find all handball games as soon as the betting providers have published their opening odds.

How often are the live score and live streaming updated?

The Handball Livescores are updated on Oddspedia - like all other sports, by the way - in real-time with only a few seconds delay. Furthermore, it is not necessary to update the page to update the results - the results and other relevant game events are always updated automatically.

Handball News

The Handball News from Oddspedia is the perfect source to keep up to date with the latest events from the world of handball. Oddspedias Handball News are a must for true handball fans, because this is not just one of many handball news websites, but the reports on Oddspedia are collected from almost all established news portals for handball as well as a variety of other proven sources. Just in case you are not yet completely convinced to use Oddspedia as your main source for handball news, here are some more details:

Oddspedia provides you with the latest headlines from the leading news sites for handball coverage. Through the most comprehensive aggregation of handball news, we provide you with the latest news from more than 10,000 sports portals. The Oddspedia News Algorithm automatically evaluates the relevance and quality of the headlines and presents the most important and latest news at the top. In addition, the news is not only from national sources, but from all kinds of sources from all over the world. At Oddspedia, the top headlines are available even before the leading sports news sites in your country have picked up the topic. 

The Oddspedia article scanner constantly searches all relevant handball news portals on the planet, which means that the news appears on Oddspedia within minutes of publication. If you decide to bet on the Oddspedia Handball section, you will have an information advantage, not only over other fans and sports bettors, but even over betting providers who don't keep up to date with Oddspedia.

Oddspedia is the website where you can be the first and most detailed to learn about the latest events in the handball transfer market. Follow the latest transfer rumours from many international sources. We are always the first to inform you about possible transfers and rumour mill speculation. So you will always be up to date about your favourite teams and players. Always be the first to know when players with transfer demands appear before the press and experience the competition that takes place on the handball transfer market when several clubs want to sign the same player. And while you are here, you can also check news from worldwide sports outlets for volleyball matches, Aussie Rules matches and basically every sport you can find on our platform.

Handball Odds

As the name Oddspedia already suggests for people with weather experience, Oddspedia is the unsurpassed source for online betting odds. And not only that, because the coverage of handball odds is also unique.

We consider it our mission to provide handball fans with the best and most detailed betting information from the world of handball. And of course, betting odds play a big role when we talk about sports betting. The odds serve as both a reference and an indicator of how popular the bet is compared to other bets. Strictly speaking, odds are numerical values that correspond to the probabilities of an event occurring. Estimates of outcomes and probabilities vary from betting provider to betting provider, and so do the odds.

 By comparing the handball odds at different bookmakers, the earnings can be optimized. By comparing the handball odds, Oddspedia helps sports bettors to place value bets. The Oddspedia Crawler scans the handball betting odds of numerous reputable betting providers so that we always provide you with the best online handball odds. Just take a look at the list of matches and check the best available odds. You can also call up an event to compare the odds and check the odds history of all bookmakers.

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