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Ice Hockey Live Scores

At Oddspedia, we make it easy for you to stay on top of the latest Ice Hockey live scores on our site. We also give you the latest Ice Hockey stats and news so that you get a good feel for what is happening in the sport right now. With our Ice Hockey live scores you can also see exactly where the players currently are on the ice, what period it is in the game and what some of the live betting ice hockey odds are.

We make sure to cover all of the biggest and best Ice Hockey leagues around the world including the NHL, the WHL and the QMJHL. We give you all of the latest Ice Hockey live scores coverage right here at Oddspedia!

Complete Hockey Schedule

Our detailed Ice Hockey live scores don’t just tell you what the current score is, we give you all the information on who has scored in the match, how much time is left, and what the current score does to the league standings.

Before you decide to bet on one of the exciting live Ice Hockey matches, you can take a peek at our stats page on the actual game. Here we give you the breakdown on what the history is between these two teams, which team has come out on top more often than not and what their recent form has been like over the previous couple of games leading up to the match.

Take a look at our Ice Hockey calendar to see exactly when the biggest matches are being played, what the team news is and what some of the pre match ice hockey lines are. We have you covered in every aspect of Ice Hockey betting so be sure to visit the Oddspedia site to get the best available odds on Ice Hockey matches. 

Ice Hockey Stats

As we mentioned before, we are not just live scores jockeys. We aim to give you every ounce of important information that we can about the latest ice hockey matches. We essentially breakdown our stats into two parts. One, you can access our detailed stats prior to the match actually starting. Here you can check out the rivalry between the two teams to see who has been getting the better of who in previous matches.

We also give you the teams’ most recent form so you can make an educated betting decision on who is more likely to come into the game with some momentum behind them. Our pre match odds are always the best we can find, so the odds you see on the match build up we have are the best we could find from the 80 different bookmakers we cover.

Our ice hockey stats aren’t just useful before the match starts but during as well. You can see who is dominating the game by observing things like possession stats and who the highest points scorers of the game are so far. This can help you to make some better in-play betting decisions for the last periods of the game. 

Ice Hockey stream - where to watch the action unfold

Checking out our in-game stats is a great way to make some off the cuff decisions about your in-play bets, but another way to cement your assuredness is to actually watch the fixture through an ice hockey live stream. At Oddspedia, we always give you a link to the safest and best quality free ice hockey stream available at one of the bookmakers we cover. You should see our link pretty clearly when you click on the match. All you have to do is click on the watch your event live button to follow the action in real time!

Ice Hockey News

Here at Oddspedia we want to nourish you sports fanatics not just with stellar ice hockey stats, live scores and streams, but with the latest in ice hockey news as well. Our expert team of in-house writers bring you the latest ice hockey headlines that will be sure to give you an added boost for your bets. You can easily access our news by simply choosing ice hockey from our list of sports. From there you can check out the news button in the menu just below the ice hockey heading to find all of the ice hockey scores today.

Curating an informative news feed with the best news outlets

Our writing team is some of the best in their field but with so much news to cover we like to add some diversity to our news feed. What we mean by this, is that we incorporate some of the biggest news pieces from the best US news outlets around. You can expect to find ice hockey news pieces from the likes of TSN, Fox News and the NHL themselves. The news pieces we provide are to the point and easily readable. Check out our news pieces while you’re on the go and start planning your next ice hockey betting endeavors. 

Ice Hockey Predictions

So, you probably assume that everything we have mentioned up till now is our whole offering. You would be wrong, as our team at Oddspedia also offers our users a host of free betting tips and betting predictions for ice hockey. 

You can easily locate the betting tips and predictions on our site by using the search bar. From there you can filter what you want to see such as our betting tips for accumulators, our betting tips for specific matches and much more. Our betting tips and predictions do not discriminate between season players and novice punters. We have something for everything on our site to help you improve your ice hockey betting skills. 

Join our Oddspedia community!

At Oddspedia, we are more than happy to give you our free betting tips and predictions but sometimes it's nice to hear from the other users of the site about their personal experiences and ideas. That is why we let users post their own tips and predictions in the community page on our site. From there they can be rated by other users for how useful their tips have been, growing better ratings as they predict for more matches. 


Ice hockey is an exciting sport to bet on but it can be tough if you are going in blind. Here at Oddspedia we are happy to supply our users with the latest ice hockey bet odds, live scores and streams. And to supplement all of the above, you can always check back with us for some handy ice hockey betting tips and predictions as well. 

Drop in at Oddspedia to rid yourself of the hours you would have spent searching the web for the best bookmakers, ice hockey odds and detailed stats. Check out our site to take your ice hockey betting to the next level! 

Ice Hockey betting guide - FAQ 

How to choose a betting site for ice hockey? 

This is where Oddspedia steps in. We want to make sure that you end up playing on an ice hockey betting site that is going to give you what you are looking for. We personally like to see an ice hockey betting site that offers you competitive odds, some decent promotional offers and a selection of the best betting markets. At the end of the day, you will need to make that choice yourself but checking out Oddspedia with over 80 bookmaker reviews and our comparison tool is a great place to start looking. 

How ice hockey betting odds work? 

The actual process of creating ice hockey odds lines is quite complex but it is not difficult to understand what they mean. Ice hockey betting odds are simply an indication of what the probability is that either team will win or draw. Positive betting odds mean that you are betting on a team who isn’t favored to win. Negative odds simply mean that that team is the favorite of that fixture. Very simple.

How to predict ice hockey results? 

Look we can’t profess to know that there is a hidden formula for predicting ice hockey results or for any ice hockey odds prediction. However, you can give yourself a fair shout at getting a lot of them right if you do the necessary research on the fixtures that you are betting on. You can find all the stats and news that you need at Oddspedia to help you make an informed decision before you place your bet. Research is everything when it comes to making successful ice hockey predictions. 

Is it possible to make money betting on ice hockey?  

There is no reason why you can’t win money by betting on ice hockey fixtures with the right NHL odds today. There may not be a magic formula that allows you to win every single bet but you can, with the right betting strategies, come away with more profits than losses. Be wary of chasing big wins though as this is where you can lose all the money you have taken the time to build up with smaller bets and wins. 

Are there successful ice hockey strategies? 

Yes, there are undoubtedly ways for you to approach ice hockey betting that have been successful in the past. With that being said, we would advise caution against a few of these strategies as most bookmakers will close your account if they catch you using them. Some of these frowned-upon betting strategies include matched betting and arb betting. Be wary of these betting strategies if you enjoy using your ice hockey betting account with the bookmaker you are currently with. 

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