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UFC Results - Fights Tonight & UFC Schedule

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the biggest MMA promotion. The UFC hosts at least three events in Canada every year and has managed to make MMA one of Canada's favorite sports.

Betting on the UFC is not only fun, but it also provides a way for you to turn your picks into cash. When planning your next UFC wager, doing research is key. This means looking at past fights, fighters statistics and odds for each fight. Thorough research is required for you to make an educated guess as to who will win the next fight. All of this takes time and Oddspedia will help you greatly reduce the time you invest in doing your research. All the information you need is gathered in one place and you can easily access it on Oddspedia. UFC news and UFC schedule for all upcomming fights. For every fight you will find different statistics and where to find the best MMA betting odds available. You can also be a part of the community, post your predictions and comments about the fights.

UFC Schedule & Live Scores Today

In 2021 there were 509 fights in total, within 42 UFC events. This was a step up from 2020 when there were 456 UFC in total. Hopefully the travel restrictions will be lifted soon and the UFC can go back to holding events in Canada again. Nevertheless the UFC schedule is quite busy and you don't want to miss any of the UFC upcoming matches.

Oddspedia provides you with the UFC schedule for all UFC upcoming fights. With all the fight coverage added in one place, you will never miss a fight night and a good betting opportunity.

Select a date on Oddspedia's UFC calendar and you will be presented with all the fights that are going to be played on that day. For each there are interesting statistics, predictions and where to find the best UFC odds for that fight.

If you select a past date, you will see UFC past matches for the corresponding day. This way you can easily check all the UFC results and stay up to date with the latest UFC results from events around the globe.

You can also find live streaming options for UFC games that will be played. This way you can enjoy the fights for free without having to buy ESPN+ subscription and UFC pay-per-view. If you can't watch the fight live, however, but still want to follow the fight, Oddspedia has got you covered. UFC scores are updated in real time from the first round to the end of the fight. This means that even if you are unable to watch a fight live, you can still keep tabs on how it is going and be aware whether you are winning your bet.

UFC Stats & Statistics

Whenever you are making your predictions, you want them based on facts and statistics. If you are serious about making money from UFC betting, you have to set your emotions aside. The information provided by Oddspedia will help you make better decisions regarding your bets.

On Oddspedia you will find results for the fighters' past games. How they compare head-to-head and how their previous matches went. You can filter for which competitions you want to see results from. Select 'All Competitions' and see how that fighter has been performing throughout different promotions or simply check their MMA stats. Naturally, you will also see the current UFC standings.

Extremely useful is the option to view how the odds have moved throughout the time period when bets for the fight have been up. The recent odds differences are always known to seasoned gamblers, who base their game plans on their ups and downs. The ultimate goal is to profit from shifting odds. You must be able to determine whether the fluctuations are reasonable. It's a difficult process that, depending on where you place your bet, can be beneficial. Luckily Oddspedia also provides you with the highest odds possible for every single UFC fight, which makes it very easy to capitalize on good opportunities.

There is one more thing that you would need in order to make an educated guess about who would win the next fight, and that is to stay up-to-date with the UFC news.

UFC News

As important as raw UFC data is, information found in the news will give it meaning and relevance. When you are making predictions and planning your bets, every piece of information you can get might be useful. The UFC news are also useful because you will be able to spot possible upsets or when online sportsbooks have made a mistake in setting the lines.

In the age of the internet, gathering information through UFC news and UFC rumors is easier than ever before, with hundreds of sport news websites at your disposal. UFC news on Oddspedia are aggregated from all major news outlets.

When it comes to UFC betting, social media is one of the better news sources. That is why Oddspedia adds fighters' and UFC officials' posts from Twitter and other social media platforms as well as all the top UFC headlines.

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Oddspedia features a section enabling you to compare MMA sportsbook bonuses tailored for bettors from Canada. Furthermore, we have introduced a specific section spotlighting Ontario betting sites and trusted Ontario betting apps.


Whether you are just getting into the world of UFC betting or you are a seasoned veteran and have been betting on UFC for years, Oddspedia is the perfect place for you. The site is the all-in-one place for everyone who enjoys UFC gambling. Oddspedia offers a full range of solutions. Through the UFC calendar on Oddspedia you have full access to the UFC games today, UFC upcoming games and UFC results for past games. The presented UFC stats and UFC betting statistics are of great help when you are trying to predict the outcome of the next fight. If you chose so, you can become part of the Oddspedia community and leave comments and predictions for upcoming UFC fights. Enjoy the fight via the offered free UFC live streaming options or take advantage of the UFC livescore. UFC scores are updated in real time and you are presented with the scorecards and results as they happen.

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