Legal Oregon Sports Betting - OR Betting Laws & Regulations 2022

Oregon sports betting has become a popular feature of the Beaver State and in 2021, online gambling in Oregon and sportsbooks in Oregon can both be used. With this said, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do, the taxable income, and all the details of Oregon betting.

On this page, we will detail everything you need to know about Oregon sports betting, online gambling in Oregon and how we got to where we are today with sports betting in Oregon.


Sports Betting in Oregon 

Unlike other states in the country, gambling in Oregon has a bit of history and has been more common than in other places like Indiana, with Oregon betting beginning with race tracks back in 1946. Then, Portland Meadows opened its doors and offered a full season of Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred racing until its closure in December 2019 and even Greyhound racing was held from 1933 to 2004 at the Multnomah Stadium and later at the Multnomah Greyhound Park. 

Unlike other states, sports betting in Oregon has been making moves for a few decades. In 1989, the lottery added Sports Action to their game, where participants could bet on NFL games, as players would choose between four and 14 games in a given week and pick the correct team based on a point spread in each match. This was pretty much a sports way of completing the lottery, although Congress later banned sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, however, a grandfather clause allowed Oregon to continue Sports Action. 

This was when sports betting in Oregon was allowed, and until the 2006/07 season, wagering on sports ended when it became troublesome for the state to host the NCAA basketball tournament, ultimately ending 18 years of sports betting in Oregon.


Betting Tax in Oregon

Of course, tax on your winnings in sports betting is expected in the United States, but this won't take away any of the fun from sports betting in Oregon. In the Beaver State, there is a hold on 8.9% of winnings from every sportsbook win, which is higher than neighboring states like Nevada.

Oregon won't collect a separate gambling tax, however, earnings are taxed as income, which means not all of your winnings will be yours when you win. The Oregon Lottery will withhold 8% state taxes for any sort of net win greater or equal to $1,500. This will then move up to 24% to be withheld for any net win greater than $5,000. Plus, it will not matter if you placed a wager with a sportsbook in Oregon, inside a casino, or through online gambling in Oregon, or through any form of Oregon sports betting, as the sportsbook you placed with will send you a W-26 form to report your winnings and withholdings to the IRS and the state.

A W-26 will be provided for anybody with a win greater than or equal to $600 and it is essential you’re aware of the taxes on sports betting in Oregon, so you know how much to play with.

Betting restrictions in Oregon

Casinos are where some sports betting can take place in Oregon and they can only be legal if the gaming occurs on tribal land and each one must then be federally recognized. As mentioned, you cannot bet on college sports through the state-run sports betting app, Scoreboard, but you can do so at any tribal casino that offers sports betting. This has meant that college sports betting in the state has become slightly unpopular.

Oregon is exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act because the Sports Action lottery once sold parlay tickets for NBA and NFL games. Nowadays, Oregon is one of the few states to have a law specifically covering online gambling, and an internet gambling conviction is classed as a Class C felony.

Despite sports betting in Oregon being legal, the options are very limited, as you can only bet in a tribal casino or through the Scoreboard app, with the latter not allowing college sports. As a result, any form of betting outside of these two grounds is illegal in the state.

Sports betting is one of the popular activities in Oregon. This became the case in 2019 after the court ruling allowed citizens in the state to freely bet on different events. 

The only disadvantage is that Oregon does not have many operators. After all, the only sportsbook or sports betting app allowed in the region is Scoreboard. This operator is solely owned by the Oregon State Lottery, the official regulator of gambling in the state. 

For you to place online bets in different sportsbooks, you must visit the establishments. Fortunately, Scoreboard offers players access to various sports and competitive odds. Furthermore, it offers live betting and pre-match gambling.

Top 2 bookies for Oregon

Current state of play

Oregon are one of the few states with previous history with gambling and bettors in the state saw the return of legal sports betting in 2019 after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was overturned the following year when courts voted to allow each state to propose and create their own laws and regulations for sports betting in Oregon.

This doesn't, however, mean it is incredibly easy to bet on sports in Oregon. The only option as of now is to bet on sports online using the Scoreboard sports mobile betting app after it was launched in October 2019 as it is run by the Oregon State Lottery, who facilitate all sports betting in Oregon. This way of sports betting is very different to other states that legalize wagering in sport. 

Unlike other states, however, you cannot bet on college sports through the state's app but college sports betting is available at any tribal casino that offers sports betting, for which there are nine spread across the state, but only Chinook Woods and The Mill have a sportsbook in Oregon opened up as of August.

Most popular bets in Oregon

Oregon gambling and the sportsbooks in Oregon allow for a wide range of betting. The state has seen sports grow tremendously over the last few decades and with institutions like the Portland Timbers from Major League Soccer (MLS )winning two national titles since 2015, they have become one of the biggest soccer clubs in the country.

The Portland Trail Blazers are the biggest professional sports team that a sportsbook in Oregon will cover, with the NBA side one of the country's most recognisable teams. The famous NBA outfit had one of the most successful eras in NBA history in the 1970s and 1990s in terms of a win-loss record.

Elsewhere in soccer, the Portland Timbers 2 play in the USL Championship, the second tier of American soccer just below the MLS. The Oregon Ducks, Oregan State Beavers, Willamette Bearcats and the Pacific Boxers are the popular college sports teams in the Beaver State. However, do remember that there is no way of betting college on college sports through the Scoreboard betting app run by the state, but you can bet on collegiate teams at the casinos on tribal land who have a sportsbook.

Sports betting in Oregon doesn’t have the ability to bet on an NFL fixture within the state’s app, as quite infamously, there has never been an NFL team in Oregon, despite the many attempts from fans down the years to campaign for one.

Are betting losses in Oregon tax deductible?

If you choose to itemize, it can be deductible; gambling in Oregon won't force taxes to get involved unless the winnings are over $600, but the federal government will tax you. If you claimed gambling losses as an itemized deduction, then you must add gambling losses claimed as an itemized deduction that are more than just gambling winnings taxed by Oregon. You also cannot claim back on any expenses lost whilst gambling in Oregon, such as the cost of food, traveling to the casino, staying at a casino resort and so on.

If you do, however, opt to itemize and claim losses on gambling, you will need to keep track of your credit card records, wagering tickets, how much you have lost and won, where the bet has been placed along with the name of the casino and the date and type of wager.


Sports betting in Oregon has been a long time coming, and with the Scoreboard app allowing a few good options and an easy way of betting, they are way ahead of other states in the country with this app.

There are important areas to remember such as not the restrictions on betting on collegiate sports and the taxable income, all of which won’t stop the fun in betting in Oregon. When all is considered, as long as you remember you must bet through the sportsbook app Scoreboard, or at a tribal casino, there shouldn’t be any major issues when betting in Oregon.

FAQs About Betting In Oregon

Is online sports betting legal in Oregon?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Oregon, thanks to the 2019 ruling that saw the court uplift the ban for this form of gambling. Currently, you can bet on different domestic and international events. 

What sports can I bet on in Oregon?

You can bet on different sports in Oregon except for college football. Feel free to place Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey, and Golf bets. You can also wager on Table Tennis, Basketball, and Tennis matches. Currently, college betting is illegal in Oregon, but a bill is underway to allow wagering on college sports. 

Who can bet on sports in Oregon?

Individuals aged 21 years or older are free to wager on sports as long as they do it on a legal sportsbook. They don't have to reside in Oregon but within the state lines. 

Who can get a sports betting license in Oregon?

An individual or company interested in operating an online sports betting site in Oregon can get a license. However, right now, it is quite impossible given that the regulator accepts only a single sports betting site, Scoreboard.

Can you bet on college sports in Oregon?

Sports betting in Oregon will allow you to bet on college sports, but it is very specific and it’s crucial you’re aware of this to avoid any trouble. You can only bet on college sports in a sportsbook at a tribal casino, and it is not possible to bet on college sports through the state’s sports betting app, Scoreboard.

Where can I legally bet on sports in Oregon and what sports can I bet on?

Legally, sports betting in Oregon in some regard can take place anywhere within the state's borders. However, sports betting in Oregon can only take place on the state's app which can't be accessed through the App Store and Google Play Store; you must download it from the Oregon Lottery's website.

Also, by the power of modern location technology, the SBTech platform that created the app will be able to determine whether or not you're in the state's borders and therefore, allow you to bet on the app when you're in Oregon. You can also bet in tribal casinos that have sportsbooks in Oregon, and there are nine tribal casinos, with two offering sportsbooks: Chinook Winds and The Mill.

Is online gambling in Oregon a possibility?

Due to the Scoreboard app being operated by the Oregon Lottery, online gambling in Oregon is not just available, but a popular way of doing so, with sportsbooks in Oregon not quite as popular just yet compared to other states.

As mentioned above, once you’re out of the Oregon borders, Scoreboard will not allow you to bet and you cannot bet on college sports online, instead, you must head to a sportsbook in Oregon tribal casinos.

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