Top Sports Betting Apps - May 2022
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Here you can find a table with the best online betting apps in 2022. Check their ratings made by our experts and read our in-depth mobile reviews below. 

Sportsbook Rating Avg. Payout Payout speed Apps support Cashout Live stream Bet builder Bonus T&C More information
93.64% (48 of 230) Super Fast iOS app Android app Mobile app Yes Yes No 100% Bonus on the first deposit up to €/$130! Register Here
93.85% (37 of 230) Medium iOS app Android app Mobile app Yes Yes Yes Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets Register Here Read full review Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company.
93.62% (52 of 230) Medium iOS app Android app Mobile app Yes Yes Yes 100% matched Free Bet up to $/€30 Register Here
93.47% (62 of 230) Super Fast iOS app Android app Mobile app Yes No No 100% up to 122€ Bonus on the first deposit plus 22 Bet Points Register Here
- Medium iOS app Android app Mobile app Yes Yes Yes €100 maximum bonus if you place five €10 single bets. Register Here

Top Rated Betting Apps for May 2022

Over the last two decades, the use of mobile devices and apps has risen exponentially. In fact, conservative estimates now put the total number of apps available globally at just under 9 million.

Sports betting apps may only account for a few thousand of those, but there’s still plenty of choice out there. As with every product, some betting apps are better than others and in this Oddspedia guide we hope to show you how to make the best choice.

Compare the best betting apps at Oddspedia – what we do for sports bettors

For the benefit of our Oddspedia readers we have collated a whole section dedicated to sports betting apps. There you will find all of the information you need on different types of app, apps for different operating systems and some reviews on the best apps for specific sports.

After all, if you are a dedicated fan of the NFL, an app that is primarily designed for horse betting enthusiasts is not likely to give you much satisfaction.

As well as apps, our free-to-read Oddspedia library also has plenty of down to earth guides on subjects like betting, payment methods and bonuses, as well as numerous sports betting operator reviews. But for now, we are talking about sports betting apps, so let’s get started

Betting Apps

Our choice of top betting apps in the US – two of Oddspedia’s favorites summarized

Here at Oddspedia we review literally hundreds of sports betting apps, some are exceptional, most are average and some we really don’t rate at all. Below are some brief details on two apps that we rate very highly and if you want to read the full operator reviews, they are ready and waiting for you on our website.


The main BetMGM app is available to download for residents of these states: Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The app has a ‘state switcher’ function so that you can easily select your place of residence.  

In order to be able to comply with the slightly different gambling laws for each state, the app also has a unique location device installed. This means that although you can perform certain functions such as depositing to or withdrawing from your account, you will not be able to place bets outside of state lines.

There is also a completely separate app for you lucky Nevada residents where there are no restrictions on any form of gambling. The BetMGM apps all work perfectly in both of the downloadable versions, with remarkably lightweight device requirements considering their advanced functionality. You will need Android 4.1 or above and for iOS 10.2 or later as a minimum.


The Unibet app is so consistent with the main website that you will hardly notice the difference between the two. Unibet is currently licensed in four states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Virginia. The operator has created four different apps to match, so you can download the correct one for your location.

As with all legitimate apps, there is a built-in location service installed meaning that any betting you do is entirely legal within your state lines. Unibet is renowned for its excellent live streaming and in-play wagering opportunities and you are certain to find both aspects are a pleasure to use, albeit slightly resource-hungry.

Both Android and iOS operating systems are catered for, with native apps requiring Android 6.0 or above and iOS 11.0 or later to achieve the best results. There is also a mobile-optimized web option if that is your preference, which is suitable for any device and any browser.

Finding the best app for your favorite sport – what to check if you are a specialist bettor

Not content with just reviewing mobile sportsbook apps, our Oddspedia team goes a step further, by reviewing the best apps for a selection of the most popular sports as well. You can take a look at them any time on our website.

Sports selection

A really fundamental point that is easily overlooked when you are confronted with so many apps is to check the coverage of your favorite sport. Although the majority of operators will take the middle lane and offer some coverage of many different sports, you will find some out there who specialize a little more. 

Bet types

If you are content with the usual selection of straight bets, then the majority of apps will fulfill your needs comfortably. However, the chances are that if you have a passion for wagering on a particular type of sport, you will want a bit more variation. Whether it is combination bets or prop bets that are your thing, you need to check that there is a good selection available through the app.


Last but by no means least we come to odds. As a specialist bettor, you will be seeking the best odds for your favorite sport and you may need to look at several apps before you find the one that provides better or at least consistently competitive odds.

Our criteria for the best betting apps – what we check when we review a betting app

All Oddspedia app reviews will provide you with our in-depth and honest opinions. If you are currently looking for a sports betting app, or thinking of changing to a different one, then head to our website to save yourself a lot of time, effort and frustration.

We have consistently found that sports betting apps are almost always available for iOS and Android devices. However, if you happen to have a device that has a different mobile operating system, then dedicated sports betting apps are much less prevalent.  

That is why we also check out how the operator’s mobile website works too. What we are looking for is mobile-optimized rather than just mobile-friendly. The former is created in such a way that it adapts to the device it is accessed from, rather than just providing a smaller version. 

Although the list below is far from exhaustive, these are the three main points that we feel combine to make the best betting app for you:


With the amount of content and increased availability of live streaming and in-play wagering, most apps require a modern mobile device with a fairly high specification to work correctly. If your sportsbook has not provided them, you can always check the device requirements for the app at either the Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android. 

As a further point to note, always try to look for ‘native’ apps, which are coded to integrate fully with your device operating system and will give you a much more intuitive and pleasant experience.


It’s going to be no fun whatsoever if you want to place a quick bet on your favorite sport but are struggling to find your way around your mobile app. There was a time when sports betting apps were often radically different in appearance and layout to the operator’s website.  

Whilst many sportsbooks have addressed this by syncing the two options, there are still some out there that have not and the lack of consistency can be rather frustrating. Also, it is sometimes the case that an operator’s app does not replicate their main platform features, so if you routinely use a certain function, always check that it exists on the app version too.


Although it might be the last thing on your mind when you are looking for a sports betting app, don’t neglect this important aspect. In the US states where gambling has been legalized, the apps you can download from licensed sportsbook operators are always the safest bet. Legitimate operators are hot on security and some use encryption levels that rival the standards in place at banking institutions.

Some sports betting apps will automatically require you to use some form of two-factor authentication login and others offer it as an option. Although you might consider it an inconvenience to use, then just consider the consequences if you were to lose your phone - anyone that picks it up has access to your betting account and your cash.

Football betting apps - finding the best providers for the top US sport 

You won’t have to look far into sports betting statistics to see that football is the most popular sport and NFL wagering is always at the top of any list of US betting preferences. As a bettor looking for a suitable football betting app, this gives you a clear advantage and more than enough choice.

Let’s put it this way, if you are a straight Moneyline bettor, then almost any legitimate app will provide you with odds for NFL games. However, if you want to engage more with the game and enjoy live-betting, then you need an app with a top-class live streaming ability.

Another point to note is that some operators do not have the same availability of prop bets on their mobile apps as you might expect to find on their main sportsbook website. If you like to have a bit of fun with your betting and place a wager on novelties like the color of the Gatorade at the 2022 Super Bowl, then you’ll need to make sure your app doesn’t disappoint.

Last and definitely not least, is finding an app that consistently provides you with value odds.  The most technologically advanced app in the world is no good to any football bettor if the odds on offer are not up to scratch.

Look out for exclusive mobile bonuses – what you can expect as mobile sports bettor

As a general rule of thumb, most operator welcome bonuses are account-specific rather than device-specific. So if you sign up for an account from your PC, but download the app for wagering on the move, you will still have access to the same bonus. Separate sign up bonuses for mobile users are rare.

However, as an existing customer, you are likely to have access to special mobile or live-betting bonuses on occasion. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast way to find out which operators are most likely to offer this type of opportunity in advance. It usually relates to your status as a bettor and the type of sports that you routinely wager on.

Top tips for finding the best betting apps – a quick reminder for all bettors 

  • Always check that your device specification matches up to the app requirements before attempting to download it.
  • Read our Oddspedia app reviews if you are looking for a particular sport to wager on.
  • Make sure that the app is an extension of a legitimate sports betting operation and avoid those that are not.
  • If you opt for a browser-based app, make sure that it is ‘mobile-optimized’ so that you can view it clearly.
  • Be sure that the app has all of the features you like and that you enjoy using it!

Conclusion: bet on the go with top US betting apps

Let’s face it being able to wager on the go is a real bonus for busy bettors. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the US states where sports betting has already been legalized, then you have the choice of some fantastic apps ready and waiting for you.

If you are still waiting for gambling to become legal in your state, be patient. We never recommend downloading a sports betting app that is not backed up by a legitimate, licensed sportsbook operation.

When you make your selection, give some thought to the sports that interest you most and make sure that the app has plenty of betting opportunities for you. Always make sure that your mobile device and network is up to the task too, rather than being disappointed later.

Lastly, don’t use an app that you find difficult or frustrating to use. Remember that betting on sports is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, not one that makes you want to throw your phone out the window every time you try to use your app.

How do I find an app that is legit in my state?

Radical changes were made to US gambling laws in 2018 and responsibility was passed down to state level. This means that individual states now determine what types of gambling are permitted and issue operator licenses accordingly. For you, it means that if you select a sports betting app from a licensed sportsbook operation, you can be assured right away that their app is entirely legitimate.

Which apps work best, iOS or Android?

Most sportsbooks have apps available for both iOS and Android devices these days. In terms of functionality and performance, there is nothing to choose between the two. The most important thing is selecting a native app wherever possible. Native apps are coded for optimal use with your device and are therefore more efficient and intuitive to use.



Are there any apps that suit older mobile devices?

As so many bettors now demand live streaming and in-play wagering, the technologies required to provide a seamless experience mean that the majority of older devices are simply not up to the task. However, that is not always the case and our operator reviews always cover this aspect as well as detailing the minimum device requirements for each app that we review.



Why can’t I place a bet with my app when I’m travelling to a different state?

US gambling laws dictate that your sports betting operator is only licensed to offer betting services to residents of the specific state where their license is held. Once you go outside of state lines, the location service built into your app will block you from betting until you return.  You will still be able to use all of the other functions the app has available, you just cannot place a wager.



Why can’t I find an app for my sport?

The sports available on any betting app will usually reflect those available on the operator’s main wagering platform. We rarely see apps that are dedicated to a single sport, although we have reviewed some that are specific to horse betting. However, that is because the operator does not offer other sports to bet on, not because the app was created separately.



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